What Will Happen If Trump Wins?

Readers, if you are curious about how weird this country has become, look at the following anecdote I’m about to relate.
I would ask a row of people about the recent political fighting and hate speech, most of the folks excet my buddy Art do not know a thing about anything related to the election. Trump winning an election will result in a brutally narcissistic society gone horribly wrong. Let’s start at the beginning.
How many people were born in the Boomer days? Remember the times when play groups meant playing for a team and not for just yourself? Remember when trophies were rightfully earned? Remember the days when someone actually cared at one point about another?
Well, if you looked at the narcissism charts, the narcissists in our country have grown to a multitude. Trump is probably the most notable of narcissists. First, if he wins, I may be moved to Canada. If that happened, I would probably have to call myself an expatriot. I would hate to do this, but that is what it must be.

Rest in Peace, Prince

Dear Readers,
How many of you watched a super bowl halftime show where Prince performed? Well, Prince was found dead today sometime at 10 something PDT, somewhere in Los Angeles, California. I’m not surprised these days, celebrities are dropping like flies! Here are some facts and figures that might shock you.

1. Musicians and creative artists such as actors and dancers are very likely to contract mental illness and substance abuse disorders. Such musicians include Prince, Robin Williams, who committed suicide. Brad Delp from Boston also did the same thing.
2. Creative artists and musicians are more likely to come from abusive homes or have had problems in school. Many such people include the sci fi actors and actresses who play Star Wars characters such as Ashleigh Eckstein. Then you have people like myself and Shania Twain, who came from a mixed up weird family that did indeed include an abusive husband/father. Jerry wasn’t the best, and this is found in Shania’s book, From This Moment On. Ms. Twain writes candidly about this sort of thing, and I’m proud of her for doing so.
3. Creative artists and musicians do not exactly live a glamorous lifestyle. While these folks have butlers, maids, cooks, and nannies to service their lavishness, this does not compare to the pressure to marry this person, perform this way, do it that way. And your favorite top forty artist isn’t just a glam piece. I’m not kidding. Beyonce Carter probably isn’t very happy inside all the glamor and the pink lace she probably wears.
4. Creative artists oftentimes are the most vulnerable persons in a group of normal people. Look what happened to Michael Jackson. Dr. Murray drugged the poor guy up. And we lost him thanks to Murray’s irresponsible behavior toward Jackson.
5. Most creative child stars are often used and abused for their talents, then when they’re older and less appealing, they are tossed out into the garbage. Sometimes, these child stars end up on drugs of high amounts, in drug/alcohol rehab, or dead because of a drug overdose or suicide. Britney Spears is among thousands of adults diagnosed with bipolar. In Britney’s case, she is also among a large group of child artists such as Raven, Lindsey Lohan, Christina Aguilera, Nick Carter, Leslie Carter (who died of a drug overdose), and many many more child stars who simply stop growing up when they become stars. Being a child star is simply daunting. Think about your favorite actresses from Nickolodeon. Think about the shows like the Sweet Life On Deck, or the Sweet Life with Zach and Cody. What about Drake and Josh? All of these young ones will likely be among the next Rehab clients in Los Angeles County. Just watch the numbers go up like rockets!

Next time you hear that another Prince or Brad ends up dead, remember these facts and figures. They are not surprising, but they shocked me when I heard them. I was floored by my poor idol Shania’s abusive childhood when I read her book, was downright horrified by Britney’s hospitalization, and worst of all I was saddened by Prince and Robin and all those other people’s deaths. Robin Williams came out with great voices and movies such as the jeenie in Aladdin, based on a Thousand and One Nights tale from the Arabian Nights collection as told by Cheherezade. There’s more. Williams was also the lead role in Bicentennial Man, a robot’s tale of understanding for one’s humanity. The Dead Poets’ Society truly inspired my middle school years, and Williams played a lead role in it as well. I never saw the Hunt for Red October. Let’s move on to Brad.
More than a Feeling, Mr. Delp was a true legend among others. Brad sang Higher Power, which contains the Serenity Prayer, something the AA and NA folks would regularly chant at meetings. Higher Power and More than a Feeling are both Boston’s greatest hits in my opinion. But Mr. Delp’s vocals will be truly missed.
Spears, I’m sad to say, is under what’s called a permanent conservatorship. Her children are not to inherit her money, and Mr. Spears seriously has no idea. Britney is now a ward of the state of California, prone to her father’s exploitation of her estate. I refuse to allow my father to do this and when I marry Kahili, well, our estate planning will be what it will be, autonomous and on our own, not handled by a rich loony tune with no idea on what subject the plans will be about. We will likely give some things to an eldest child, if we should have one, and depending on what family matters bring us, we will find an heir for a highly valued jambe drum, an African ornate instrument that is sacred to Kahili and given its value, he wants me to have it should something happen to him. Personally, I’d play it while he’s not able to. But I wish he’d play it now, and I care deeply.
What does this say about Prince? The moral of his story, as it unfolds, is always have a will planned or a living will. Please, all ye who read this, understand that every person whether rich or poor should have a living will. Remembering Terry Shiavo was a hard thing for me, and the lessons we learned from that case are perfectly clear: put medical instructions in an advanced directive such as a living will. I would like either Kahili or an eldest offspring to be in charge of medical stuff, and the instructions are perfectly clear: do not put me in a nursing home if I should fall to dementia or Alzheimer’s, period. I am insistent on having in-home care from family and a possible CNA if the time should come for this. That should be done if Kahili is dead and I his widow. First things first, always think about what you want, plan a living will, submit it to Probate if possible, and get it sealed and sign it with all the dotted I’s and crossed T’s. It is not something anyone should get out of.
I hope you all learned something from this.

Things I Am Thankful For

Hi, readers.
I’m typing this blog post on … wait for it … a gifted keyboard from my loving and wonderful boyfriend, my precious love, Kahili. I”m thankful I have him in my life. It’s been weird lately with us, and having an emotional being as a boyfriend can be to soe people a daunting and impossible thing. For me, I think empaths are wonderful and awesome, no doubt they are different It’s not always the spiritual stuff, but empathic beings are amazing at a lot of things, including reading other. Kahili’s emotionality is not something I loathe at all, rather I’m blessed by it.
Now, in light of the things people have said lately about being unemployed, I will post five things I’m thankful for at present.
1. I am thankful for Kahili, spending time with him and loving him. I am thankful he doesn’t have to worry about being burnt out all the time coing home from a workday of more than seventy hours t a place like Arc Call Center/thrift stores, selling Arc donations like he’s John Doh. At Arc, they don’t allow the working folks to talk about their work and the actual roboticism of the place at all, so work these days at all places is a mystery.
2. I am thankful I can have dinner whether at a table or at a desk with my love. Kahili is a sweet and lovable guy who makes e smile when we’re both happy and when particularly I get depressed.
3. I am greatly blessed by the coming of summer rains. I can’t wait to hear the sound of rain pitter pattering on the windowsill, like the windows outside. There are memories of books like “Listen to the Rain”, a children’s book that truly teaches all the aspects of rainy days.
4. I am thankful that at least I have the gift of true musicianship, and this is demonstrated when I was sitting on a bed after having watched Pitch Perfect. We were watching the groups singing, and an idea came to me. I took the melody to My Favorite Things. I added and threw some of the notes around, remembering that the song was just beautiful when sung by Mary J. Blige among others. I was reminded that music is a universal language that speaks much louder than organized ballsport, football, soccer, and math/English tests could ever do. Unlike all of those, music brings people together, and unless you’re in the A Capella competitions, choir festivals, etc., you truly get a more peaceable experience with music.
5. I am thankful for the ability t write and not use excessive profanity, abusive language, and a lot more. True ability to write is demonstrated by the use of appropriate subject matter in all paragraphs, sentences, and all that stuff. Millennials have a tendency to forget Dr. Indent. Remember that little guy you put at the top left corner of your papers? If you’re a sighted grade school alum, you would remember what I’m talking about.

So readers, please take the time to add to this list of what Beth is thankful for. And here’s a hint: keep five things in mind each day and write those five hings in your head, and yes, share them freely with others. Five positive things. That’s all you should talk about.

Want a TabletBut Can’t Spend More than a Hundred?

Hey Readers.
How many of you have always felt you wanted a tablet? Well, what about those days you browse Best Buy finding only iPads and variants of that for $300 or $200 which you know you will never afford … that is if you still have to pay bills; or you might find those Android ones, and if you’re blind, Android tablets aren’t as great as the phones, but have you had that feeling you just won’t ever have something to use for college on a decent budget, and that this item was worth buying? Well, so far so good with the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 5. The fifth generation of Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet comes complete with VoiceView, Amazon’s own take almost on TalkBack, which for you nerdlings and nerds alike, that means you could possibly root Google Play to the Amazon tablet itself. But I won’t go into details, otherwise nerds might kick my butt.
Anyhow, Kahili and I designed what we wanted our tablets to look like, not so much with color as with apps. Yes, Kindle Fire has apps.
With VoiceView, you can do better things, and it gets better and better. It allows you to do Skype, write on Facebook of all things, tweet, play the famed DiceWorld, and all kinds of stuff. There’s plenty of other apps, but aside from games, I’m told that Kindle has finally learned to behave! Goodreads and the other social networks Facebook and Twitter connect to your Fire. Remember, yall, make sure your Wifi connection works super good. Also, VoiceView works differently than the other mobile screen readers, so it takes a bit of getting used to. I have always hated typing on Fire’s or any tablet’s or phone’s screen. Especially if you cannot take the incorrect letters out of passwords. Ugh.
Right now, I think it’ll take a bit of getting a good voice dictate thing to work with the Fire. You have to do a bit of fiddling with keyboards, but Kahili and I are fixing to try and work that bug out ourselves if possible.
Nerds, in case you want to have it your way, please privately ask me about the Play store root thing. I really don’t think public blogs should talk about this too much or Amazon might kick royal butt.
Thank you for being the cool dudes and gals you are, and for your info, the Fire HD 7 inch is $50! So yeah, for those on a budget it is well worth the buy.

And It Seems The War Never Ends

Readers, I told you all in the last post that obscenity laced comments are not allowed. Also, I got this comment from someone, again posing as an ex and a dear friend, under the following email:
This is unreal. Sir, you were told not to write here. If you write one more unbelievable comment, I’m going to file complaints. I’m going to spam every single illegitimate email address you could use. I want to know who the hell you are working for so I can give this guy notice that you are an antisocial narcissist, something that your God, Trump, promotes,
Here’s your comment, right here for all my readership to see.
Okay, fine Beth, not Krispy Kremes. How about f***ing crunch wrap supreme with bacon? You eat that s***! You sit on your ass, whining about how you have no money, you need food, you need clothes, you need a f***ing BrailleNote, yet, you, somehow, have enough money to stuff your face with, wait for it, a crunchwrap with bacon and a burrito! And KFC yesterday? You eat out all the f***ing time! You have some f***ing nerve! Taxpayers pay for you to stuff your face with Taco Bell! Un, f***ing, believable! Oh, and what about this s***ty blog? Dear readers? what readers? The money you spend to keep it running could buy you food! Or clothes! **Sir, I keep a blog for your information because blogging would enhance my brand. Thank you for dissing my blog, and above all, thank you for telling taxpayers what to pay for. If you think this is amusing, taxpayers are paying for me to get sick at food bank prices, nothing. Taxpayers should get the priority straight and not pay for the military to go out and kill and kill and kill. Do you think the disabled are more important than a bunch of liars? Well, you’re not exactly a blind guy, are you? You are illegitimate, a liar, and no, I do not eat Crunchrap supreme. You are obviously one of my FB friends, so shut up and quit reading my Facebook page. It is for friends only obviously. I can’t check in and write the rest of the LEGITIMATE friends without you causing problems. So guess what? Get the hell off my Facebook page. You obviously don’t know. Listen up, you rotten boil sitting on my leg, my boyfriend and I are actually getting out of the house. And for this, you reward us with bad language and bad commentary about how we shouldn’t eat out at all. Guess what? We didn’t *exactly have safe foods to eat, and we also did not have a real way to haul stuff up thirteen floors to our top floor apartment. It is not the safest building in the world, and you should see the fire code violations this building could get if it does not allow stairs in it, which it does not put into any view. Wheelchair users have fun on the elevators, but what if such people get caught in a house fire/apartment fire? I guess you don’t care, so guess what? I’m amping this up. I’m going to tell my ex’s mom when I get finished with you. If you ever so much as use someone’s name, whether my ex’s or my current boyfriend’s I do not care, you will lose any privilege you have of using the Internet. Here comes the next bit of absolute trash you wrote.**
You clearly are full of s*** and need to get your f***ing priorities in order!
And guess what? I applied for my f***ing job independently! The application was 100% accessible! That’s right, rehab didn’t do jack s*** for me! You could too, if only you would stop f***ing finding the negative, the worst case scenario in every! F***ing! Thing! I may be an asshole, but I’m trying to f***ing help you! You don’t need to be poor! Stop using your blindness or mental disability as an excuse!

Here’s my bit here. Sir, you’re not helping and you never have. All you do is sit there cussing through the comments and making it look like I control the Internet, and I do not. I realize this is freedom of thought, freedom of speech, but we clearly need some form of protection against guys like you who want to sit there and hurt me like a piece of glass in the garbage that sits on the floor. Go to Hell, you don’t exist, I don’t know your name, legitimately. I do not know who you are, never knew who you were, and about that job? I hope to God you’re so fired like in Trainwreck where Amy’s character is fired. I hope you get fired for the use of profanity as highlighted here. Do not, and I’m gonna say this again, do not mess around with me. If you think this is fun, watch the cops. They’re coming to your door next comment you make regarding my Facebook page, use of profanity and obscenities included. You will lose your privileges of use of the Internet. You may be an adult, you high and mighty scumbag, but guess what? Everything is a privilege still, that including the use of a blog to vent your feelings. Even I know that.
First of all, do not tell me what to do with your taxpayer money. I’m not staying cooped up in an apartment stealing things from taxpayers. Second of all, keep all the names of my friends off your comments. Got that? Otherwise, you’ll be sorry. More sorry than safe, I’m afraid. This is no threat, it’s a promise. I know because you just resist every time I ask you to stop. Readers, if you all wish to comment, please refer to the rules before. Do not if you are friends with me block me at any point because I don’t find that amusing. Sir, as for you, you haughty rich scum, you need to get your priorities in order. Clothes would need to be fit for me, and I have no friends who can critique clothing and the best matches and all that. Sorry, that’s why I rarely go clothes shopping. Now, here’s how people lose use of the Internet: use of obscenities, porn related crimes such as chatting with teenage girls for sex, and threats. Again, I’m not threatening you, I’m promising that if you write one more comment, I’m getting your IP address and using it to track you, then you’ll be sorry you wrote any of the comments. You’re not trying to “f***ing help” me. I’m poorer than the rest of this world, but get this: I don’t drive a car. But I don’t need a rich scumbag commenting on these posts in illegitimate email addresses either. I’m actually venturing into self-employment thank you. My boyfriend and I are planning a business, but since Social Security keeps goofing up my boyfriend’s address, we’re having issues. I’m not going into it since all you do is yell and throw obscene commentary at me. Now, to all the rich scum of the earth, either move to Europe if you’re not happy with what your taxpayer dollars go to or accept what we as Americans fought for. Thank you for flying with WordPress, yall, and as for the scumbag who comments under my best bud’s name, … well, don’t make threats or play the part of someone you’re not. Thanks.
Beth Taurasi,

The Rules for Commenters Please Note …

Hello readers,
This, in light of recent events, is a list of rules that all are required to read. If you wanna comment, please take note of the following rules:
1. No way will I allow obscene commentary on any posts here or your comment will be disapproved and spammed.
2. There is to be no disrespectful commentary on the blog.
3. Please comment nicely on things that are relevant to the post i.e. if the post is about environmental issues, please only keep the topic to topic focused. Do not put your political trash in such comments.
4. Here is a rule that I’m going to enforce strictly. No more pro Donald Trump commentary at all. In fact, nobody is allowed to even promote the narcissism of that selfish brutality he likes. Please refrain from discussing Trump presidential promises, of which none apply to the blind and those with true physical handicaps.
5. Do not disrespect anyone’s political or religious opinions, except if you want to impose Trump on me. Do not Trump anyone in my blog. I do not put up with Trump at all. He is not going to get the nomination because of his actions and his alone.
6. Parental tones of voice are strictly forbidden.
7. Bullying other commenters on this blog or my blog is absolutely not allowed.
Now readers, take these rules seriously. There’s lots that go under some. I don’t want sexual harassment, and that goes under respect. Any questions? Please feel free to ask.

Bad Coments Part 2: May Be Explicit, Read With Discretion, Or … Might as Well Say It, WHoever Wrote This Does Not Know Anything!

Dear Readers,
Below and broken down is yet the second of two comments, here from an illegitimate email. The email I received this comment from is from a spammy and questionable source, so please bear with me. The email is from http://www.trbvn.com, and it had a number. Here is the comment, broken down, and remember, readers, all explicit words are starred and written such that even the little ones don’t have to hear it.
Beth, I don’t owe you an apology. No one owes you s***. **Yes, sir, you do. For what I’m about to reveal to my readers, yes you do. You will not write obscene words in my blog, period. I must know more. Why the obscene gestures?**
There are plenty of people with multiple disabilities who have jobs. You can’t be a singer? Find something else! This is f***ing America, we have countless options to try and succeed yet here you sit, f***ing mooching off of society and feeling sorry for yourself! **Excuse me? I have no reason to even believe that this is real. I am not mooching off of anything, but when I’m finished with you, well, I hope you’ve read the previous comment, because sir, you’re so fired! Also, again, I had to star out more obscene words. How many times do I have to yell and scream? No more bad words. Don’t give me lip, sir. Do not give me lip at all, nobody gives me any lip without paying the piper. The only one who is allowed to give me lip, btw, is my boyfriend, Kahili. So there you have it, and if you try to say another thing, … okay. Also, do not ever say I can’t be a singer. You can’t be a writer, okay? Try something that doesn’t require you to sit there and cuss people out and accuse me of feeling sorry for myself.**
You’re making f***ing excuses, you f***ing c***! You like sitting on your fat a** all day b****ing and moaning (yes, fat, if you were going hungry you wouldn’t be f***ing fat now would you Beth)? **I am not fat, thank you very much. Nobody looks at me that way, and you are probably the most disrespectful piece of trash I’ve ever seen write something this selfish. I have to eat three square meals a day like everyone else. And just for your info, I don’t know anything about Crispy Cream Donuts, I haven’t eaten a donut for a great while. I don’t eat Crispy Cream. Also, it seems you will disrespect my name, right? Okay, here comes the next bit. I’m going to break it down, but before I do, listen closely to what I’m about to say. Do not forget the old sayings you learned in school, including not to bully others. Thank you.**
Denver Queen? More like Drama Queen! This is why Donald Trump will end the SSI, SDI and other related programs where we coddle the poor, reward them for smoking crack and/or eating Krispy Kremes or other similar activities all day, every day. Donald Trump is poised to win this year and will force you to change your ways, so why not get a f***ing head start? You don’t even have to miss an episode of Law and Order, you can apply to jobs using this thing called the internet! Online! You don’t have to lift your fat smelly a** off of your couch! You can do it with one hand, your other stuffing Krispy Kremes into your mouth.
**Listen up, again, I have no desire to eat Crispy Creams. And no, we don’t reward the poor for smoking crack. There are plenty of your rich snotty friends who do the same. Look at Jay-Z, AKA Shawn Carter, husband of Beyonce Knowles Carter, and he’s also in the Illuminati, a Devil worshipping cult. This is madness! And no, I’m no drama queen. So I guess you agree that it’s okay for Donald to win this election when he’s been hate baiting and assaulting women, especially by way of his own campaign manager buddy. No, Donald Trump will lose because Americans are not going to put up with the garbage of violence, abuse, and hatred. We see this on a nongovernmental level. While the NFL has instituted an anti-domestic violence initiative for player conduct, I think such a good initiative should be free fo racism and throughout all professions, including singing, politics, and being a rich snot. As for applying for jobs on the Internet, most of the jobs that I have seen require inaccessible app processes and no, they won’t hire unless … well, think of the word experience. Yes, you need experience doing the work asked of you. So I really don’t have the time to sit here and break down any more of your trash. Please refrain from further posts and comments on my blog. And no, if you want to bother me again, I have some news for you. I have friends, buddies, people who actually stand up for good. And I want to see Trump get dumped, which is exactly what he’s going to do.
So long, crackhead who has written obscenities in this blog.
Readers, I will be looking at other topics. Please stay tuned.

Bad Comments Beware Part 1: The Disgrace is Not Me

Now, readers, I’d like to know what http://www.completeshithead.net actually is. What the hell is this guy doing! Here’s a breakdown of the comment under the email “fucker@completeshithead.net” and I will tell you all, that is not a legitimate email address. That’s a red flag here. Now, listen to this, yall. Check this out!
This is a god damn disgrace. It’s so hard for people with multiple disabilities to get jobs! No, it is not, you stupid c***! Stephen Hawking, ever hear of him? Probably not, since all you do is bitch and moan and complain that the world owes you something. *For your information, I have heard of Dr. Hawking, but he was lucky and had a super bright mind. Like how many of us has a science based weird mind like his? He’s much too into space and I don’t mind so much, but reading his work scares some people. Like the world isn’t gonna get sucked into a black hole, okay?*
Guess what? I don’t give 2 shits that you have a “mental” disability, and neither should the rest of the world. Suck it up and move on. *Well, you need to look into the life of someone with a mental health disability. Try going to counseling when it isn’t convenient for your boss. Ask my parents how many things they had to miss or skip due to counseling. It is not easy ** for any parent or patient with mental illness to live. It is not easy at all when you’re alone or have had to live with family, no transportation, no way to hang around with real friends instead of the virtual idiots that like to cause drama. I’ve been there, done that, and now for once, I have something I bet you don’t. I have an actual real boyfriend, someone who actually exists! And that I’ve met!**
I’m sorry if the first time you’re being told this is by some angry asshole, but you may not be a singer. Whether you like it or not, singing really is about the looks. **No, singing is singing. Looks are for modeling and dancing, obviously. You are warped, as my parents would say. Totally and completely warped. Let’s see just how warped you are.** Listen to any Top 40 radio station. Do you hear talent? I don’t. I hear money, sex and drugs, pulled off by hot girls and handsome dudes who drink, smoke and fuck each other all day. If you don’t fit that characteristic, then I’m sorry, singing is not in the cards for you. Not everyone is cut out to do everything. You may need to settle for less than your dreams. **Listen, you idiot, I’m going for all of my dreams, and my dream is to one day wake up in a safe world where guys like you don’t exist! Also, the talentless singers don’t always exist on Top 40 Radio stations. Classical pop is great, and I’ve heard better music than you have, sir. Also, you do not have any taste in music, I gather.**
While it’s true that many blind people aren’t hired because they’re blind, this is not a universal excuse; and, in fact, you could take an employer to court if they pull this shit. Frankly, though, I’m getting the sense that you never even bothered applying for a job, on the premise that “I won’t get it anyway, I’m blind!”
You disgust me. **I disgust who? No, you disgust nobody but your own foolish self. I have not been given opportunities to apply for jobs, and Rehab failed to make careful note of the real Beth. Now go to your room, sir, because as Diana from Train Wreck says, “You’re so fired!”

I had to spam two comments and I don’t know if one of them is truly Blake. Whoever you are, I’m looking for you

Dear readers,
I am extremely mad right now. Nobody tells me what to do, who I’m going to be, or what I’m cut out to do. First of all, to the successful blind person who thinks he is successful, I want your supervisors email address right the hell now. I will not exactly B the one to listen to your stupidity. Do you not know what it is like to have to go to appointments every day and have care every day or appointments every day and care every day? Sounds repetitive, but that is exactly what a lot of my friends with disabilities have to deal with. Do you realize that some of that care and appointments does indeed affect employment? There is a lady that works at Atlantis that has to have care due to her muscular disabilities. There are people at that same place who not only have care but cannot speak for themselves. How would you like to be one of those people? Stop angrily posting things using the four letter f word and 4 Letter other words and stop it with the c word as well. I will not be called names on this blog so I would like to know, who the hell are you doing trying to hide behind my ex boyfriends name? Blake would never do something like that to me. I’m sorry I’m writing his name here but whoever it was was hiding behind Blake. Somebody is hiding behind my ex-boyfriend. I am going to tell him exactly what you said. Blake would never speak like that nor would he use the GD phrase as well. In other words, “this is a goddamned disgrace.” that is not Blake’s language and that does not exactly add up to the way he talks. I know Blake better than that and if I know Blake, I know that he would never speak like that. Don’t give me that it’s a poor excuse to not be employed. You try being told to go to counseling and go to counseling. What if I try the DBT program? DBT is a commitment for a year. I cannot exactly get employed not anywhere if I have to tell an employer but I have to have care twice a week. Do you honestly think an employer is going to put up with that? Do you honestly believe that an employer is going to believe that an employee is honestly needing to be off twice a week to read mail with someone else? I will not pay someone like you to sit there and cussed me out on my blog. So the next time you are commenting on my blog, I want the following: I want your supervisors email address and it has to be legitimate and you cannot use a ten minute email. If your name is someone called Joey hagemeier, you need to tell me. I don’t want to hear any more of this garbage from anyone. And I mean anyone. If you truly want to know what will happen to you, listen up.
I want a legitimate supervisor’s email address and phone number so I can tell this person what kind of an angry bastard you are, and that you’ve been pilfering my blog with profanities and obscene gestures. You have written evil things about those with disabilities, making false judgments where they don’t belong. God, you know judgments are not allowed here. Why don’t you sir go to work and confess to your boss that you’ve been a bad employee and let the boss decide as well! Otherwise, I’m gonna pull a Diana from Trainwreck, and I’m gonna give you the verdict:
“You’re so fired!” Yes, you’re so fired! And when you learn that profanity and obscene wording is not allowed here, then perhaps you will have to put in a thousand applications and get rejected just like the Blake you tried to pander off of. Think about the real Blake Tucker. He’s a great man, and he would never speak to that horrifically low level as you did. Thanks, and remember, you’re so fired.
To the rest of you readers, please refrain from obscenities and rude manners on my blog. Please do not make judgments and if I see one more, just one more, I’m gonna figure out who the hell you are. …

I had to Trash A Comment: Here’s What I Will Not Allow On My Blog

Dear Readers,
I am not going to go too far into this. However, I will not be blamed for being poor. Poor blind folks are poor 85% of the time. Getting a job especially with mental health disabilities in play is almost altogether impossible. Luxuries? A queen? I am definitely no welfare queen, however, I will also not be cussed out in any comments on this blog. Successful Blind Man said some nasty commentary on my blog, and I would like to just say one thing: before you cuss me out, tell me what to do, get a job, etc., you try suffering psychological abuse at the hands of your parents, not knowing if you will live another day with friends or not, and try having your parents declare you incompetent to marry the men or man you love, or in your case a woman. Try being told you are unemployable because of mental health disabilities. No matter where you turn, you are told that being a singer is not for you because you don’t have the right look. I am not into looks, and the word “fucking” and “ass” in every “fucking” phrase of that comment you made was absolutely disgraceful. I demand an apology from you, and if you are an ex I dated, you will also stop lying about me. I don’t know who exactly you are. But if you are the person I think you are, you are a disgrace to humanity. You are telling people how to live. I cannot get a job in some bohunk call center earning less than a beginning teacher. I’d rather teach music, and I’ll be doing some of that thank you very much. If you’d like to use the F word throughout a very important blog, then do me a huge favor. Go say all that you said in your previous comment to a pillow. At least the pillow isn’t gonna write this post to you. At least the pillow isn’t alive.
So, if you call yourself successful, then look here. Stop looking down and being a snot to people who have other disabilities. I’ll be happy to share your comment in a future blog post. Maybe I should share it with my best friend who has been friends with me in Arizona for years. I’ll have to give only one detail about us: we dated for two years. If you’re gonna laugh at me, lie about me, etc., then … well, I hope you realize that you judged someone who has multiple disabilities. Your comment will be in Hell for life.
As per the rest of your readership, well, you readers should know that I would indeed advocate safe foods. Welfare people don’t deserve their welfare. We have an overinflux of disabled people in the United States. Welfare recipients have more than tripled due in large part to the economy and inflation, someone please do the math. Blind people are often not hired because of poor employer attitude. It is not our fault. Now, will any successful blind man or men sit here and make fun of me here and now? If you are an ex, sir, I suggest you … I would say this but I don’t want this blog or any blog suspended for this matter. But any judgments you make about me I will share with your boss. And then, you will be in the same boat I am, so shut up.

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