Scottish Doctors will be able to prescribe medicinal cannabis to patients from NEXT MONTH from 1 November 2018

The following is a shared post from a brilliant Scottsman who found this information, and I’m super happy because I have friends who might need medicinals later on.

Scottish Doctors will be able to prescribe medicinal cannabis to patients from NEXT MONTH from 1 November 2018

Scottish Doctors will be able to prescribe medicinal cannabis to patients from NEXT MONTH from 1 November 2018
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Dear Girls

Dear Girls,

I’m writing you all this letter because, well, it was International Day of the Girl child. I want to give you some … well, women’s wisdom. There are many things you will encounter in life, life as it happens, and you can dream of any future you want.

First, to the little ones, when you grow up, your body will change, boys will tease or perhaps try to win your affections, and stop you from dreaming, but here’s my tip for you all: quit playing too much with Barbie dolls. Try Lego blocks instead. Legos allowed someone to build a Braille embosser, a type of printer that prints the dot code that blind people read. You could play with Barbie if you want to be a fashion designer, but remember, you are building the future we will all live in, so don’t worry about clothes, boys, and jewelry. Pick up your Legos, then get out your big girl power tools and go build something. You could make a robot or design a piece of furniture. Build your houses! Build the earth and its villages!

If you’re not that great at building things, I see no problem in decorating. You could decorate people’s parties, weddings, etc.

And speaking of weddings, to the big girls, the teenagers, don’t get married at a young age, even if your mom says so. It’s not good for you to marry until you are eighteen, no exceptions whatsoever. The AHA Foundation and other nonprofits are working together to end child marriage in the U.S., which ruins lives every year. So if you want to build the future, put aside your wedding plans until you are an adult, and if the partner, male or female, is what you desire. To the ones just starting to explore the wonders of womanhood, don’t be ashamed to tell your teachers that you’re on your period, or as my fiancé jokingly calls them, comas. Every time I say something about it, a joke is mutually shared. Don’t be frightened, the cramps from Hell will soon pass. Don’t be afraid to down a little Midol if you need to.

And to girls in India and Africa who are ashamed of menstruation and can’t go to school, keep going to school, and fight hard for your education. Why? Because it matters, and books matter. So read good books too. Put don the juicy Fifty Shades novels, and pick up some good ones, like the Giver, or the entire Giver series. Maybe the Dragonriders of Pern series will tickle your fancy. Read about Lessa, the badass weyrwoman who defied all the guys on Pern and said, “I’m out of this being the lone queen, and I’ll go wherever I want.” Read about other badass females like Keladry of Mindelan who wants to be a knight, and she became the Protector of the Small. Read about Bekah Cooper, the police lady in the same place as Keladry, but she worked right there in Corus, Tortall, a world created in the mind of, you guessed it, a female author. There are plenty of ladies who defied men and got lots of points for doing it. I think Lessa deserves a few brownie points for at least changing things on Pern. Oh, and should I add Menoly? The dragonsinger? She defied her parents and hold mates and became a singer, a female harper. That makes things so much better when women speak up, do what they want, do as they please. When men rule the world, all they’ve got is bloodshed, war, fights, and then they want to jack off on girls that don’t like them. Oops.

If anything, girls, you are like the daughter I never may have. So make me proud, stand up, and be as badass as you want to e.

Thank you all.



Because of Brent Cavanaugh

Dear Readers,

Abortion by force, sterilization, and murder. Think about those three things for a moment. Those things happened in Germany. In the 1930s and 1940s. I have read countless disability rights memos regarding the treatment of such persons in the decades I mentioned. Unfortunately, because of Brent Cavanaugh and Donald Trump, we are on our way to becoming the second Nazi sympathizing, white Supremacist America we dread. As a blind woman, the risk of sexual assault, rape, or murder could go up dramatically for me and countless others. Autistics could be classified so they would have to die because according to one quote from the Donald, “America is a business, not a charity.” Is this the America we want? Refugees with disabilities came here so much, but the Donald wants to ban disabled refugees. He wants to ban Muslims, Syrians, different countries and vet like crazy. He called African immigrants people from “shithole countries.” Is that acceptable? People from Norway would accept these same Africans as their own, so would the Dutch. And they’d accept blind people.

Honestly, what’s sickening is that Brent used disabled kids to make himself look like a saint. You know what? Nobody’s a saint. Not even I am a saint, but at least I don’t go around praising dictators, raping girls, and calling Africans and their countries “shithole.” Trump must be voted out of office, and so should the white male elite. Why? Because if this strikes you as weird, I want to live.

I want to live with my fiancé, my husband that is, and have kids with him, and my fiancé, or should I say husband to be, is black. His ancestors came from the very countries that are pronounced with an expletive by a man who doesn’t know how to run a country. My ancestors might have also come from those countries too. So think about it. I want to live.

I want to breed, live and breathe free so my kids don’t necessarily have to sing a national anthem composed by a planter or plantation owner, so that my children don’t have to say the pledge of allegiance because this country’s gone to the dogs, and I want my children to have an opinion. I won’t be living in a red state like Texas, which chose to remove Helen Keller and Hilary Clinton, two prominent women, from the social studies curriculum. Texas also backed the expulsion of a black student who didn’t stand for the pledge. No, I won’t be reciting a pledge of loyalty to a regime at this time. I want a country where if you like who’s there in the White House, then you can do what you feel. This country reminds me of a place in the book Messenger by Lois Lowry. It’s like a village of the broken, one where all the people tossed out of one community were taken in and given the skills they needed to survive, but in Kira’s village, the handicapped and the weak are shunned, women are banned from reading and writing, and those with gifts are exploited by the Council of Guardians. Ugh. The United States is certainly reenacting the book’s close to ending part, the part where the people don’t want outsiders, the part where the guy sits there and lusts over a lady, the part where the thorns of the forest go up around the village border, and the only way to save the village is for Matt or Mattie to, spoiler alert, die in the process of healing the village. Only then does the village realize its duty to the world at large. Then, you must read Son, which is about Claire, a birthmother who gave birth to a boy previously mentioned in the Giver itself. The United States certainly could become what my middle school English teacher calls “Hitleresque.” Such a very awful thing could happen to us if we don’t realize what the founding fathers were after.

The Framers of the Constitution and other revolutionaries listed in history envisioned a country where religion was not forced, where freedom of speech and the press were valued, and where the tired and poor could come and live no matter what. We struggled, of course, to end slavery on plantations in the South, but even with zero places legalizing slavery, we are now showing no sympathy for the survivors of human trafficking as it is. Donald Trump doesn’t want Braille on the elevators on his tower hotels, yet the weird thing was that a doorman opened a door for me so I could walk through with a guide. Trump obviously doesn’t care that girls are not objects to be played with, or so we think. If anything, Donald Trump would like an all white nation with all the rights held by men, not women.

Guess who was ranked as the most trusted world leader according to the Pew Research Center? Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, a lady. So why not us? Why don’t we have Elizabeth Warren run for office? And put an end to all this nonsense?

As a disabled woman, I know the importance of the first amendment, and I have the right to write what I’m writing because it is so in the First Amendment. As a disabled woman, I have had sexual jokes told about me both on Skype and here on WordPress. I will not allow such jokes to be told again because I’m no sex object. Disabled women are frequently devalued and their babies are stolen from them. Might as well admit this: we’re on the way to becoming what Angela Merkel’s Germany used to be. Remember this Uncle Ben phrase from spider Man 2001 or so, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Obviously, the Donald has great power, but no responsibility. Let’s show him this at the polls in a month so that this Big Don falls out of favor with us.


Dear Readers,

Consider this a Part 2 of the #metoo story. You’re all wondering why I didn’t report this. Well, some of you are not on Facebook, but I will be happy to tell you a few reasons why I didn’t report what happened to me.

1. He had his weapons drawn. The man known under stolen DJ names, and whose Skype ID was jasondo374, that man had his weapons drawn. You guys might be wondering if it was guns, but it wasn’t. It was worse. He had recordings in which I was supposedly asking about the weather while we were supposedly making love. This man used the recordings as revenge porn to get off, attempt to break other relationships, and turn former friends online against me.

2. Nobody would believe me. The big question I’d be asked would be, why are you harassing my precious little angel, that being a question his mother might ask. I was threatened and harassed for reporting the things Jason Doh did and was sent a very nasty email. Jason thought it was funny to send it, possibly pleasurable to see me suffer and bad things happen, who knew! But this young assailant was disabled, and so the other question I might be asked would be, since Jason is disabled, why could he do this? Because he’s human, like everybody else. No matter what his heart looks like, no matter the presence of eyeballs, he still had a brain, albeit half of one as it were. This young man also resides in a racist, ableist state, Georgia, where it is rumored that there is a lot of racism going on, but hopefully a Stacey Abrams can shut the white elite up. We need this because of a man like Jason.

3. He is entitled, spoiled, and lacks remorse. If I reported him, the racism would persistently send the wrong message, that Jason is a sweet innocent angel that doesn’t do anything wrong. The truth is, well, Jason went on to abuse and knock he hell out of several women, including friends and loved ones I met online. The blind community should be ashamed of itself for overlooking survivors like the victims of this man. The survivors probably won’t be able to report because according to Jason’s own mother, he is supposedly above the law.

This kind of mentality must be rendered unacceptable by the majority. Here’s a few things we can do to stop it:

1. As my friend Ray would say, disability is no excuse to commit heinous acts.

2. Disabled people should have equal access to lawyers, public defenders, etc., if accused of a crime, and the same goes for accusers such as all of the survivors I speak of.

3. No attack on a woman’s reputation should ever ensue when she reports a sex crime or sexual harassment or degrading verbal abuse.

4. There should be a mandatory prison sentence put in place no matter what a judge might want for sex offenders, even disabled ones. For instance, for child sex crimes, the offense should be a mandatory sentence of 5 to 10 years if found guilty. Let’s say the child was under twelve. The sentence would be 10 years minimum, and any additional years would be added if the severity of the crime is such. If a child is abused or neglected or sexually abused and neglected emotionally, the sentence should be a mandatory 10 years. If the child is pregnant, the sentence should be a mandatory 20 years minimum plus no contact with the victim or her child. No visitation, no joint sessions or custody would be allowed. Since the father in this case is a rapist, there should also be an automatic sex offender classification and registry.

I do think child molesters should all be registered not only as sexually violent predators, but also as child abusers. Double register for these people would mean they could not have or adopt children, could not contact children, and would not be allowed to reproduce or attempt to. In this manner, I think the child abuse and sex offender registries would serve as a partnering deterrent for those who wish to commit heinous acts of violence against disabled girls, able girls, or any girl for this matter. We need to get tough on those folks who feel entitled to commit acts that would damage others, cause them not to trust, and so on. After hearing Christine Ford’s testimony, I am reminded of how awful sexual assault is for women, and after seeing so many of you all’s posts about why you never reported, I felt it was necessary to talk about the system, why it’s broken, and what can be done to fix it. The root of the problem here is also raising responsible and not spoiled children. Whatever happened to rocking and cuddling our babies, holding our children at night, and telling them that it’s okay to have a hug or two? I will now explain the difference between sexual harassment, and not sexual harassment. This should be a no brainer.

1. It is sexual harassment if a hug emphasizes thrills, lasts a bit too long, and if a guy tries to then grope a woman’s or girl’s boobs/breasts.

2. It is not sexual harassment to tap someone on the shoulder, hug them in times of crisis or grief, or massaging the person’s back if they ask. Proper massage technique should be done if the person wishes it, so a good and gifted massage therapist might do that trick or them.

3. It is sexual harassment when you tell jokes about a woman’s genitals, or a girl’s virginity, or a woman’s ability to use said genitalia.

4. It is not sexual harassment when a guy complements a girl on her outfit, her hair, or discretely says, your bra strap is showing. I had an embarrassing moment with a bikini top I’ll get into later in another post, but it was the discreteness of finding out about it though I was a bit blushy about it. Had a young boy said it like this, “Hey, Beth, your bikini top is off, may I help you secure it?”, I would be more than open to that.

So there are many other subtle differences between sexual harassment and just innocent playing around. Dr. Leigh Baker, author of Protecting your Children from Sexual Predators, and another handbook for child abuse survivors, also has an extensive chapter on telling the difference between abuse and just plain play between kids. Sometimes a man and woman will get pretty wild, but the key to this is consent.

For instance, if I find a girl who is interested, I’d tell my fiancé, hey, let’s do a threesome. And if she consents, one hundred percent of course, it’s not harassment. If a young adult or full adult does not consent, none of this works properly.

I hope you guys are well informed as to not only why I didn’t report, but why we need to change the system and what harassment is, for real. ANd thanks in advance for any respectable commentary.


For the billionth time, church is out, and a new single from a good friend …

Dear Readers,

I’d like to start this blog entry on a positive note. Esoteric Quality is about to release his second single, entitled Conniving Mastermind, and let me tell you, it’s a huge improvement inn the beats and vocal volume. The content of the song speaks loudly about everything from pathological liars to women to colleges to … well, everything. Anything that could be associated with the word, conniving mastermind, is associated with this. I won’t spoil it any further, but please stay tuned to your favorite iTunes artist accounts and charts, new singles, etc., or go to to check out Esoteric Quality and his bio and all the music he’ll be working on, and I’m proud to say I helped him with his bio. I wrote it in third person as it should be, and he collaborated with me on it, which is cool.

Now, I’d like to turn your attention to some previous stuff I’ve written. I know some of you have been concerned about spiritual health and enrichment in my case. But sadly, I’m not going to church, temple, or mosque or anything for any reason. Religious organizations simply don’t hold themselves and their governing bodies accountable for enabling ableism in their ranks. Therefore, go back a few posts and read what churches, temples, and mosques should be doing to protect disabled people. I should add that mosques should accept service dogs, regardless of religious objections, because these animals serve humans in ways humans sometimes aren’t willing to serve each other. And for you Catholics out there, St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals, who else?, he would not object to guide dogs in the nunneries, convents, and Catholic churches because believe you me, I heard a story of Pope Francis blessing a man’s guide dog for the service she did, I think it was a she. So otherwise, go look at why churches and religious orgs should follow the Americans with Disabilities Act, and read through every point. If I get thrown in to the Potter’s House, who cares? But I do care about my physical health. Spiritually, I can’t be associated with religions that promote second class citizenship of women, blind people, and other such disabled and different types of people.

News – Monkey bites kid at restaurant in…you guessed it…Florida

Dear Readers,

It’s definitely not every day that a kid goes home with a bite from of all things an exotic pet. The lesson here is keep your exotic pets out of restaurants, and don’t invite them in in the first place. Carabbas Italian Grill in Florida should be ashamed of itself because monkeys, birds, and other animals simply don’t go into food eateries. Guiding dogs are an exempt species, but not exotic pets, people. Below in the link.

News – Monkey bites kid at restaurant in…you guessed it…Florida
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LEt’s Talk Reality About Entitlement

Dear Readers,

Recently, I wrote here that education in AMerica should be free. Well, we pay for bills, we pay for houses, and certainly taxpayers pay the education bill whether their children attend school or not. What would a world be with people who accepted this as reality?

Not one person would say what this one guy said on Twitter. Sadly, this guy is blind, developed a few apps the community claims to use, and treats his customers like garbage. And this guy said my education post was entitlement. Well? Let me take you on a journey into a world where girls don’t go to school, where young girls are sold as brides to old men, and where agrarian society laws and norms rule. Where disabled girls are born, there is death, lack of nurture, and neglect so the little disabled girl or boy dies. In Mexico, a baby boy was prayed over so he’d die. In Tibet, many young men and women are abused and their land holdings are confiscated for being blind. You call me entitled? I’m further from it than you, Mr. Negative Comment Man.

What entitlement does to people in general is a dangerous thing. It makes them act like the Donald, who swears up and down he didn’t “grab ’em by the pussy” but he truly said and did just those things. It makes you act like the twitter user who called me Lady Madonna, and in no good effort to insult me, he shut up when he learned from Clayton Jacobs, the man known as Esoteric Quality, that Madonna herself is a justice advocate, women’s rights person, and definitely a musical innovator in the ’80s. So what has to give? The comment of course.

As well as the money, the apps, and all the bad crap that is ever spoken to me on this blog.

While I have supporters like Clayton, who read this blog and see the points where experience and knowledge collide, there are just as many haters like the twitter man. I won’t name him unless anyone in the community is interested in the Lady Madonna hashtag, which to me was a poor choice of insult not only because it went against me, but against a royally rich singer who makes it her mission to fight women’s inequality in the world. Madonna was seen as bad for little kids, but who knew she’d come out on top? Who the hell knew!

Entitlement is a dangerous word for disabled people because it denotes privilege, most of us not having it. Six figures in your salary? Don’t count on it unless you’re the arrogant blind person in Alabama or Texas who said that his clients were paychecks and the attitude he held was awful, and he was looking for his own clients on Vorail. ANd the other six figure earners are people who don’t usually talk to the lower class strangers like myself, who is tirelessly blogging hour after hour after freaking hour to open the eyes of the blind to their own toxicity.

One man in the Disability Wisdom group I’m in, when I brought this up, said that people think they can use the words “entitlement” or “entitled” to shut another person down if they don’t have anything healthy and nice to say. Well, this twitter user didn’t have anything nice to say. What he doesn’t understand is that without free education, it is proven that girls would stay at home and wait to be married, boys would be favored, and girls and disabled children would likely die at birth or before age five due to childhood neglect. This happens in India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and countless places in Africa and Southeast Asia. Imagine life in Laos. You could be killed by order of the King if you were blind or disabled. Don’t scream entitled at your blind or disabled neighbor if you don’t know what the neighbor went through. Ahmed Chaing was a Sudanese blind guy who went blind in a tiny village, and he had nothing to wear or spend on food or anything else, didn’t have a job until he reached America. HE wrote eloquently about this in an NFB publication, the Braille Monitor, but there’s no arrogance in him. Sudan is a poorer Muslim country, but most disabled people in places like Sudan, Somalia, and Somaliland are simply left in the hills to die, but a girl is not rejoiced over either. Most schools for the blind in Africa, for example in Lesotho, become orphanages for the blind girls and boys alike because parents don’t think their kids have potential for their agrarian ways. Tibet’s Braille without Borders, founded by a renowned German blind tibetologist, graces Lhasa but then parents sometimes won’t look at their child again after placing them there. Blindness is higher incidence in these countries, and yet education is billed. ANd what happens when you bill a poor farmer and his wife trying to sell their crop? The girls end up as bait so their brothers can go to school.

We have mountains of evidence suggesting all this, yet the man responsible for the entitlement hashtag is not seeing it. One, he’s a male. Two, he lives in privileged America, and Three, he’s probably Caucasian and has arrogance written in the way he treated his customers. I’m a fighter, and I don’t take this stuff well, so before you write that I’m an entitled blind person, check your privilege at the door. Think of who else you hurt with your comments and statements, and go quietly. Thank you all for reading.