Dedicated to all my transgender Friends: You Guys Rock!

Dear readers,

This is so cool. I got to watch a documentary recommended by my transgender buddy Davina, and she sent me the link to this documentary but it was easy to find on Netflix. I watched it thinking, this? A family in Colorado? Well, I’ve got news for all of you. I loved what I saw, both the dark comments and the highs and lows of the family were amazingly in full view. Only problem? No audio description, so yeah, I was assuming things. The Mathis family of Aurora, Colorado, not far from Denver, have triplets and an older daughter and a younger daughter. Their transgender daughter Coy is seven or eight by now, I forget how old this documentary is. I want to say I think Coy is like any other female child, who needs genitalia to dictate who you are? Though I’ve always been a woman, was assigned female at birth and all, I have totally embraced my transgender friends in the chorus and stuff. I want to make another thing clear: if Coy grows up and gets her confirmation surgery and good affirmative care, I want to see that girl in the Denver Women’s chorus or Soar Youth and Adult choir. Either choir will do, and it’s amazingly awesome. The choir at Soar is rather accepting of all types of people, and we have a gender fluid person in our tenor section, which is awesomeness. Coy’s story does say a lot, and I learned a bunch of things from what I saw in the story, but here’s the big thing I learned: in Colorado, you can use whatever restroom facilities you want. Even students can do this as well. My friend Christine, who has indeed received affirmative care and such, can do whatever she wants, even if the Trump administration wants to ban her from joining the marines. Who cares? If she wants to, she should pick it up. She could join the navy, the army, or whatever. However, we need a governing body to back this up.

I feel like I can be whoever I want in a world that doesn’t want me to exist, and sometimes for trans people, that’s the case. I have lots of friends who would agree, differences should be celebrated. While I think Coy is amazingly cool and all, she should probably read the Mighty Rebecca comic book. The Mighty Rebecca marvel comic is about a transgender superhero, someone who fights evildoers like the other Marvelites but does them for the sake of LGBTQI+ rights and such.

Okay, before I get crazier by the moment, let me just say a big thank you to the families of transgender folks, the ones who will accept their kids as they are. I can totally agree with the families who say that their child can be who they want to be. Here’s the thing I don’t like. The GOP and their anti transgender agenda, the Bathroom bill in NC, all the crap I got from friends in the South, like Georgia and such. I hope we elect better people who can do better things and represent the people who want to see good things for transgender people. I will for the future reference of this blog write some more about the Marvel Hero project. I liked Unstoppable Adonis. He is blind and plays football, and has dreams of going into the NFL. Good luck, I say, and I’ll write a story about him and other Marvel heroes in another post, but today, there’s more to come.


  1. I’m going to compile a list of things to do for disabled people in churches, with links to other blogs and books and other resources.
  2. I’m going to write about the Marvel Hero kids, and other people who are adults making a difference in the world.
  3. I’ll show you guys some more stuff and documentaries. If I find something cool, I’ll write about something cool. That’s just who I am, I write about something cool.


Compassion IS Low in the United States

Dear readers,

Recently, the showing of a nativity scene with the holy family in cages went viral. I don’t think it’s a clear abuse of the Christmas family, but let me tell you one Bible story it does depict and let you decide what we should do if the Holy Family came to us.

Remember the old story of King Herod? He was a ruthless and yet a very great king, but then again, all the good kings end up dead in ancient history. Herod had palaces, great big buildings built for his family’s greatness. He was so ruthless that he wanted to be the only great king of the world, so when Jesus the Child Christ was born, Herod decreed the killings of Judaic boys born between the last two years, but there was something Herod did not know. An angel had come to Joseph and Mary and the child, according to the story, and said, “Take this kid to Egypt.” That’s a paraphrase, mind you. But the angel warned that Jesus was in danger of being massacred by Herod’s soldiers. Well, they left as soon as they could, and Jesus grew up as usual.

Now, I think the whole thing about Herod was needed because in the Nativity scene in California, it shows a possible outcome of Jesus and his family at the border of a United States proper. IF we were to exist, what would you do if you saw the scraggly peasants and the little one not knowing that he was the Christ, son of God, or whatever else you might believe? First of al, there was a homily done by a priest I knew back in the day, was it a deacon? I don’t know. In the homily, he told a story of being recognized. He used Bing Crosby, so people would understand what was going on. Jesus might walk across the border as an old peasant, but would he be required to show ICE his ID? What if he had none? That’s the question. I’m sorry, but here’s my two cents.

I would let Jesus and the parents cross the border if they were fleeing Herod, which in the nativity scene, I think that’s what we should focus on, not the fact that the Holy Family are in cages. Imagine what would happen if Jesus and his parents, Mary holding the bundle in her arms, were standig at the border of the United States, and what if Mary or Joseph asked you to let them pass, and told you an angel had said they had to leave Israel because of … suppose it was Netanyahu and his cohorts not believing Jesus was Jesus? Or was it a Herodlike fiure? Imagine this for a moment.

King Herod was a ruthless demigod, but what would happen if we processed and hemmed and hawed around the fact that this was the Holy Family? We’d be screwed, all right. We’d be screwed to the fullest extent, and Trump could very well be compared to Pontias Pilate, the guy who ended up crucifying Christ in the end, spoiler alert.

Now, here is something that I would never consider about the story of Jesus. He was probably born the way all babies are born, but the special qualities he possessed were enough to label him a charismatic. This was the first time a Charismatic Jew had upended the teachings of Pharisees and the Sanhedron hated that. Old Law Judaic ways would never be the same, and there are Messianic Jews who believe Jesus is the Savior of the world. So how would we identify him? Well, look in the book of Revelation, but more importantly, look at the stories you wil likely hear this Christmas.

Have a good Christmas, and happy holidays.


The Denverqueen 2019 Gift Guide for Everybody this Year

Dear readers,

What is on your family’s gift list this year? If you think these gifts are nothing but trouble, they’re not. I am recommending these based on experiences from Christmas pasts. At Christmas and for a family or loved one’s birthday, please keep these in mind. I would post links on Amazon but I would have to flip from Window to window and paste and copy those items like crazy. So these are simply gift ideas, and with that, sit back and relax.


  1. For the nerd in your life, cool tech is always an option. However, tech can be expensive and unwieldy, so save up your money before you plan to invest. Why not try an all in one solution? I have a power strip from Beztek that works wonders and has USB charge ports for all my USB chargeable crap. I plan to buy one of those for Trenton. Now, if that’s too much, there are smart plugs and outlets, like outlet surge protectors. There are all kinds of ways you can help the nerd in your life conserve energy and charge their stuff. The Beztek strip I have includes wireless charging, a must have if you run out of spaces to plug things into. The nerd in your life will thank you.
  2. Also, for the nerd in your life, if they like Star Trek and Star Wars, watch for DVD releases at your local retailer of Star Wars, the original series, or the inferior prequels if you insist on galvanizing the entire universe. There is a new show on Disney Plus called the mandalorian which is about a guy who’s a bounty hunter, who goes out and gets people and such. It takes place five years after the fall of the evil Empire. When the deathstar is destroyed, all hell breaks loose. And the Mandalorian’s people have to protect and do things for clients. Disney plus is available for tablets, phones, and smart television sets so get ready to be amazed. The service is $6.99 per month, or $69 a year, so it’s cheap for what you’re getting, and includes audio description for you blind people out there.
  3. For that book reader in your life, there’s a new book out by the author of the handmaid’s Tale. It’s called the Testaments, and it takes place fifteen years after the events in the Handmaid’s Tale. Guess what? Ladies, be prepared to get ‘er done. That’s what the Testaments tells us. And it’s about how a dystopian regime like Gilead ultimately falls. I won’t tell you exactly how it fell, but read the book and get your copy on Kindle or at your local book retailer. And if you have missed the Handmaid’s Tale, get into the Hulu show, using Hulu Basic ($5 per month about), and it is also audio described for blind audiences. Also on Hulu basic, you can get an assortment of movies and a few horror shows. But I’m focusing on the dystopian book nerds in your life.
  4. For that makeup artist in your life, here’s a few tips. For starters, make sure the makeup and beauty products you buy are appropriate and present a chic but natural look for your makeup sensation in your life. Boy or girl, you should still allow them to wear makeup. However, be careful of cheap buys from high end department stores, and watch the Consumer Product Safety commission and your local news outlets for recalls if any concerning makeup products. Many companies also sometimes test their products on monkeys and other exotic animals, something I don’t exactly do well to support. My man says I look good without makeup, but beware what makeup does to your face depending on the skin solutions you deploy. It makes teenage girls look like they’ve gone out and done some pretty grown up things, but a natural look that enhances a girl’s or guy’s appearance is fine, so long as it’s not heavy. Mascara is difficult to put on, especially for me because it gets everywhere if you don’t do it right, or you start crying and your eyes are a mess.
  5. For the physically active guru in your life, smart watches and fit bits are a great solution. Have you ever wondered how much your caloric stuff is burnt every day? Have you wanted to track your cycles, for you female people out there, or wanted to try and improve your health? Well, fit bit and smart watch solutions are everywhere. I would suggest the Apple Watch series models 3 through 5, and make sure it supports Apple Watch OS 6 or higher. Why? It’s more than just a fitness thing. It will also act as a wrist communicator, a weather tracker, a calendar, all that and it has Voiceover on it. For a blind person, you can read a map direction route on it, but I haven’t delved into that yet. You can get the watch series 4 or 5 and it’ll do electrocardiograms, ECG readings on you that are FDA approved. Series 5 has fall detection, so you people who are fall risks or are extremely active can use this to alert the appropriate peoples that you fell, and get help right away. I have the watch series 5, and love it.
  6. Have you wanted to ask your AI assistant, “What am I holding?” Echo Show 8 and 10 inches supports this feature. It is sold by Amazon, so you won’t miss that much. All you have to do is look for deals on the Echo Show.
  7. For that pack rat in your life, I always love a good bag or purse. My bag and purse collection is growing, but my wallet collection needs a bit of love. My wallet phone case is a good example of a phone case that doesn’t break your wallet period. Although a lot of my friends like Otter Box, I hate to say it, but there are a lot of phone cases from Caseology and other companies like it that are a ton cheaper. I want to get Trenton an iPhone case, but since there are so many choices and too many options, I will start with Caseology and feel my way around for something that costs less than $20. Those Otter Box cases are great, but cost $40, and I still have the one that carried my SE. Sadly, it’s the one that caused a bit of a halo effect on my iPhone SE when I went to give that thing away. Poor thing. So if anything, my phone case budget is set at $20 and I want lots of stuff for that price. For Trenton, though, he at least can have a caseology case for that much or less and all that, but I’m tempted to get him a wallet case like mine, in purple and such.
  8. Are you a scrapbooker? Well, not too many people are, but digital photo albums and paper ones too make a great gift just for you. If you’re a memory collector, feel free to digitize your photos and keep them in a keepsake book or scrapbook if you want. Scraps of memory or things you did in the past are great things to share with family and loved ones for generations to come.
  9. For that fashionista in your life, there are a variety of ideas you could do with style and clothing, but beware Amazon ships the clothing from China. Ewww, it’s bad quality, believe me I tried one thing for my friends’ wedding and it ripped open right at the end. Ugh. Anyway, if you don’t have any money for a Macy’s dress or a Victoria’s Secret outfit or lingerie, there are a million ways to buy clothing that don’t involve a designer tag. As Gretchen Wilson said in her song, she don’t need a designer tag to make a man want her more. So Walmart or even Target will work, but beware if buying gifts for foster children, stay away from the Arc or Goodwill. Kids need to look smart and professional at school, so as to ward off bullies. This way, they don’t feel like they are secondhand. Adults can choose to look professional on a budget without looking secondhand too. However, kids are extra picky about everything, especially clothing when they get older. Bedsheets and towels are great wedding gifts, but I wouldn’t consider them Christmas gift material ever depending on the situation at hand.

Those are ten ways you can impress your fam this year for the holidays. If you want to research these items, most can be found on Amazon under the brand names like Beztek and Echo Show. You can also ask Alexa to search for said items I just mentioned, but if you want to donate to charity, use the smile page of choice on Amazon’s smile website, and don’t forget to choose a charity of choice.

Thank you,


Myths and Facts about Christmas

Dear readers,

As the holidays draw near, I’d like to ponder a few questions of what the holidays are really all about. First and foremost, I hear a lot of people putting Jesus first, which for Christian circles that is a good thing, as his message is about tolerance, love, and inclusion, but what expense is spared to exclude or not tolerate difference? A lot, I would assume. And it begins with the origins of our current commercialist Christmas season. Let’s delve into the Yuletide facts and myths pronto and I’ll show you what I know about this stuff.


  1. Myth: Jesus was born Dec 25, in about the year 4 C.E. Oops, what’s wrong with this? Fact: Jesus’ birth might have occurred around spring or fall, but whatever season he was born at, it had to be date harvesting season for the Middle Eastern countries, according to the Islamic, Judaic, and some Christian sources. I like the Muslim way to describe Jesus’s birth, and it demonstrates what Mary had to do to get through labor and pregnancy, even while being a virgin. Or not. Could she be a virgin? I’ve questioned this a lot, and scholars might suggest in one TV show I watched that she could have been raped by a Roman soldier, which is quite plausible, given the Roman law said that all girls in the Roman Empire had to get knocked up and have babies with Roman men. Or any men, for that matter, and that included Jewish or Judaic ones.
  2. Myth: Mary was a virgin, and Jesus was born without contact from a man. Qur’an sources say that Mary and Joseph did not actually marry, but then who fathered the child? Mary’s birthing of Jesus as a virgin has to be mythical because of one simple thing: where’s God in the picture? Perhaps this is a simple cover up because if Mary was raped by a soldier, which is altogether quite plausible because of what I mentioned about Roman law above, the virgin’s womb and birth of a child by virgin could be completely a myth so that Mary doesn’t feel so bad or get stoned to death, as in her community, only a virgin could be married off and virginity in the bad old days was a man’s business. Girls’ virginity was often sold to the highest bidder, and if there was a Joseph in the picture, he would have divorced Mary because she was pregnant out of wedlock, and how could Jesus be any God’s son? According to Islamic sources, God has no son, so where do Christians get this idea? Fact: Still to be seen whether Mary was indeed raped by a soldier of a Roman legion, but that is possible.
  3. Myth: There’s no such thing as Santa Claus. Now this can be seen whichever you look at it, whether child or adult. I personally believe there’s a Santa in every one of us, each of us both male and female. Santa, as the Spanish like to say, actually means a female or feminine form of the word “saint”. This might be written as “Santa Teresa.” Oops, but that’s a language issue right there. Santa Claus might have been the patron saint of children, St. Nicholas from somewhere in either Turkey or Germany. Austria and other European countries commonly celebrate the feast day of this saint, but where do saints get their miracles? It all goes back to the whole God thing. If God can work miracles, then where do saints come from? Fact: the Santa Claus thing probably did originate from this St. Nicholas guy, and there are many parts of this legend told around the world. In the Netherlands, for example, Santa rides aboard a white horse, and the horse grazes on hay and carrots which the Dutch children are taught to put inside a wooden shoe. No, I’m not kidding. Now, on to the next point.
  4. Myth: Christmas is a Christian holiday. Fact: It’s not. Christmas usually falls around the Winter solstice which Pagan folks would celebrate in the sense that they hail the birth of the sun. Not God’s son, but the star that warms the earth and might possibly burn it day after day.
  5. Myth: Jesus’s birth is the greatest story ever told. Fact: I don’t know, but I do know this. If Mary’s virginity is called into question due to cultural and familial circumstances, then where are the three kings? There were many kingdoms from far away. I think the greatest story ever told is the creation of the universe, and scientifically speaking, the Big Bang hypothesis might as well beat the book of Genesis any day. You can’t make a world in seven 24 hour rotations unless you’re like me and writing a book. I’m extremely skeptical about this idea that the world was created in 7 24-hour rotations of a single planet. And there are billions of stars, and so much in the way of galaxies you can’t shake a stick at it all. The stars and galaxies and perhaps planets are numerous, so the seven day creation story is indeed a mythical thing that people used to shut women up. See next item.
  6. Myth: Women are the weaker sex. Fact: Actually, no. We’re not. And there’s a second point to this myth. The story goes that Eve had lots of labor pains and the God of the Bible says that “out of sorrow, you shall bring forth children.” What that means is what it says, pain in the belly while a woman is giving birth. And after this myth was written and codified in a book, some sexism arose, even more so after Christianity and the Crusades. But let’s face it. the Hebrews had women giving birth under the banner of “sorrow” and a male God, Jehovah. This is where we land here. The Hebrews believed they were the chosen people, still do today. Judaeo-Christian values specify that women are the so called weaker sex, and the Bible, Torrah, and Qur’an all sanction unequal rights for women and men. However, according to a Jewish cantor friend I ran into several times, the Torah might have mentioned that men lying together could get stoned, but not women. The reform Jewish culture has progressively thrown out the core of the Conservative doctrinal dogma of woman being weak, men and women not having homosexual relations, and so much more. Transgender people are well accepted in some reform Judaeo-Christian circles, but since the time of Christmas, Christians have tried to convince people that women are the weaker sex. It’s happened ever since organized religious beliefs came to being, even before Judaic things happened, and before the Torah was probably codified on scrolls. Don’t get me started. Women still got different treatment even in modern Christian churches, and my experience speaks to that in many ways. I’ll write more on that later, but back to Christmas.
  7. Jesus was risen from the dead, and it occurred on Good Friday. Again, a myth. Jesus was crucified by the Roman Empire governor Pontias Pilate, but there’s something even weirder about this part of the story. Jesus being born in the spring or fall is correct, but he probably died thirty years later, and it might not have been in April or May. The resurrection thing is still in hot dispute by scholars, archaeologists, and the like. The shroud of Turin has no visible carbon dating evidence of Jesus’s DNA which could have included a flake or two of skin, and nobody can find the man’s body anywhere. So does this mean he is truly the son of a deity? Again, Islamic sources conclude that Jesus, or in Arabic is known as Isa, is not the son of the fiery deity known as Allah or simply the supreme God of all the Abrahamic sects.
  8. The Nativity Scene Myths: Okay, get ready to throw away your Nativity scenes. Why? Because the architecture of such is wholly inaccurate in a lot of ways. For one, when Mary went to give birth to her son, and when in the story, her husband Joseph took her to Bethlehem on this historic night, the little boy was born in a stable. Okay, that’s accurate, but the stable should look something like what I’m about to describe: Bethlehem houses and inns were situated on top of a barn cellar, not necessarily your average one level stable area. The barn cellar would contain all manner of sheep and goats and donkeys and horses and the like. Jesus’s mother gave birth in something like a basement, and the roof would not be visible from that level. The above ground level would have to be the inn or housing dwelling of a Bethlehemian shepherd or house keeping man and his wife and children. Who knew how many would be kept there. An angel and three wise men are always included in the Nativity scenes, but let’s see if you can guess how and in what room the wisemen would have to go to see the prized baby? You guessed it, down, and they’d have to board their horses and such or camels if applicable in the barn cellar, not just a barn on the level with the house. Yes, the whole idea of the stable is great, but the look of such a nativity scene is almost inaccurate because of archaeological evidence and scholarly work that appeared somewhere in history recently.

Christmas is quite a holiday as you can guess. But what should we really be celebrating? While I believe in the aspects of God being female, there are people who would kill me for saying so. Male godheads are known to the male creators of such gods to be tyrannical beings that demand that anything less than he conform to a behavior undesirous of the persons being demanded of. let’s try breaking down what we should be doing during the winter holidays. Giving gifts is great, but what if your child subjects are Jewish, Wicca, or any other faith or rather what if they’re atheist? Here’s what I think we could try doing in place of the so called Winter holidays.

  1. While I am skeptical of religion, I do think being bonded with Jews, Christians, and Muslims is highly important to historical contexts. I don’t hate any of these people, let’s say this right now. However, the Christian and Abrahamic God no longer appeals to me personally because of patriarchal nonsense and the rules for governing a woman’s body and sexual behavior, which could damage a woman if she’s raped by a man, known or unknown. Spend a day or week with a person who celebrates Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights. You can ask any questions you like, including things about the candles and menorah and the dreidel game or any other weird and wonderful pastime you can think of asking about. Talk to your friend about the legends behind the origin of Hanukkah, and parents, always read stories like this to your children. Talk about the Jews’ steadfast faith and zero tolerance policy for the king and his Greek god worshipping being forced on them etc. Break it down to a level that is understandable to your child’s age, and add more when appropriate.
  2. Spend a day with a Muslim family. Parents, if you’re curious about Muslims, do your homework. Allow your kids to play with Muslim children, but be as skeptical as anything still lurking in the closet. Don’t be afraid of the religions your child will come across, and feel free to read stories and books as before, but about Islam and the Muslim faith. Like the Judaic peoples, Muslims are most of the time steadfast in their beliefs, and stronger ones are so good at what they do that they sometimes know a few hints that you might not know about the Qur’an and the Haaddith, and feel free to educate your child about the why’s and ways of Islam, and the five pillars and such. Be careful with girls, and teach them that to wear hijab and other things is a choice they can and cannot make, and it’s up to them.
  3. Spend a day feeding the homeless folks. There are many people who don’t have homes, but don’t have a church or religious org looking out for their best interests. Feed those people a delicious Solstice meal, a Christmas dinner, or prepare them a Hanukkah present or something of this nature. When one feeds the homeless and heals and visits the sick, they’re still doing good deeds whether they believe or not in a deity for credit.

The props of Christmas are also a wonderful thing to think about. If you have kids who are curious about things, there are a few stories to consider. Talk about the poinsettia plant, and the legend behind it. Talk about the origin of Christmas trees and lights, and talk about different gift giving traditions around the world. Let the kids decide what they want under their Christmas stuff and in their stockings. That, by the way, comes from Sweden. Also, if you want flying reindeer, that’s a different part of the story. Reindeer are actually dangerous farmed animals in Scandinavian culture used for everything from hides to meat to milk and transport. Flying reindeer would have to have wings, honestly.

I’ll write a few things about Christmas safety here now. Keep your pets away from this blog, … kidding. If they could read, they’d discover that poinsettia plants and certain Christmas things are dangerous to their health. Mistletoe is actually a parasitic plant, but so is holly and ivy. Yes, we all know the song about the holly and the ivy. But keep in mind where these plants come from and how they grow. I love a good sprig of holly every once in a while, but you can’t eat the berries. Don’t let your cat or dog nibble the berries, ever. Holly and mistletoe are cute and all as decorations, but here’s another fun fact. Kissing someone under mistletoe actually came from Celtic tradition. For this reason, you should probably consider putting the fake mistletoe up for solstice festivities. Okay, I’m getting really drowsy, so I better pop off to a long slumber.



What Is the Matter with Trolls and other matters of the POG?

Dear readers,

There are a few things wrong with this picture. A few things may include who’s been trolling me with racial slurs. I think the big break came when none other than the terror of the blind community, mistress of the dark herself, the New York sort, became aware that she had no problem with me, yet her exes and operatives in her group might have terrorized my friends with racial slurs, homophobic catch phrases and such. This girl’s ex, I’d like to say, he may have probably done the trolling, and had knowledge of my Swarm check ins, called my then fledgling boyfriend Trenton the N word, and then some. This guy is probably Mexican, like the prior suspect I wrote about, but is not Ivan Soto as previously thought. The guy I think is a person of interest in the trolling case that bears my name is a guy that I didn’t even know existed, someone named Ramon Salazar. Sounds like a gag out of a Pirates movie, but isn’t. Remember, the Pirates 5 movie has the title in the otherworld that is “Salazar’s Revenge.” He had probably dated the girl I am speaking of years before, thinks he’s successful enough to vandalize my good name, and he could probably be the reason I was called bitch, written about with “fuck” with fifty times that caliber of evil. I could probably interrogate Mr. Salazar with impunity, but I’d like to know how Clayton got a hold of the guy, but he and his ex at current, M.P.R., are both blocked on his end. I’d like to know how for one, someone like Ramon could have gotten a hold of my swarm check ins. Was it M.P.R.? Or was it someone else? Someone knows Ramon enough to tell him every place I checked into at that time, and at that time the relationship with Trenton was indeed fledgling, just beginning to warm up indeed. So I’m wondering, who is Ramon and why is he taking interest in defacing people? He called his ex an illegal alien, so it struck me as possible that he was the one who called my boyfriend the N word, and said that because of my disability and mental illness, I should be shocked and made to shut up. Those words haven’t left me yet, and I still tore those things apart. Ivan, if it wasn’t you, I apologize. But I have to see what this Ramon guy thinks he’s all about, but I’m sure he breached my ability to trust people with his trolling attitude. His ex, M.P.R, certainly spends her life trolling and criticizing others, but she is behind something trashy I wrote about years ago. She has accused me of “not bathing”, which is low because by the way, I took a shower hours ago. And before anyone gets into a tizzy about how this girl is innocent, she should be truly expensing her energies fighting the evils of guardianship, and I’ve done so with the help of a psychiatrist who said, quite bluntly, that her physician’s report states I don’t need a guardian. Period. So I hope the thing was dropped, and I hope my parents will be proud of themselves when they find their wallets half empty instead of full to the brim with moneys and things. Their grandkids from me will need all that money for medical care, housing, and other things I can’t get because the system is so unfair and unjust, not equal in any way. The rich kids get better schools, the poor kids get bullied to the point of death. That’s how it works, and I intend to break the system down if so for my children’s safety and livelihoods. My parents don’t read this, and shouldn’t be reading this blog because this blog will one day be published as a book, a memoir of stuff I’ve been through. This blog will be the key to my parents’ understanding of their daughter. If I died in war, that blog would go down in history fifty or a thousand years later as something to be remembered. I’d have the whole thing printed out so that the Aunt Lydias of Ardua Hall don’t have to mess around with my life. But they could hide the secret writings of a woman so fiery and intense that it costs men their lives.

Now, let’s get to the meat and potatoes of it all. I’m pretty sure we have a problematic thing called impeachment going on in the government. Why is that, you ask? Because of a five letter word I don’t want to discuss, it begins with T. Mr. T. is a complete asshole with no sense of empathy, as I’ve written before, but Mr. T. is being impeached for reasons that he is so hell bent on winning that he enlists the help of foreign powers. Well, if I was to run against him, I’d have to say, if you have nothing positive to say about yourself, your agenda, your rivals, don’t run again or at all. Mr. T. has no idea that I have the secrets to his downfall. We need a strong empath in the White House, period, someone who loves and cherishes life itself, loves all people and will do anything to end violence in the world. I won’t do arms deals with Saudi Arabia, since they don’t like women escaping or leaving the country without a guardian, a mahram. The guardian male controls the woman’s every move, and now husbands can denote what their wives do thanks to an app. I’d ban that app, and with Saudis, I’d cut them from trading with any American company unless they show that women have the rights owed to them as females, guardians of life itself. If they continue to ban churches and synagogues, then I won’t work with a kingdom that not only does that, but bans women from walking around outside the house, let alone drive without their husband or guardian’s permission. Female guardianship is to me as evil and senseless as any human right I’ve lost through the years. I will gain back my rights, after all it is unfair what my parents did. They claim they wanted to “protect” me, but in fact, they wanted to abuse. My bandmates from high school who died or are still lurking about confirmed all this information. Mary was instrumental in saying something before it got worse. Her husband John is not in favor of my brother, Danny, getting all the attention. And for my want of attention, I got secluded or punished in some other way. Sorry, mom and dad, had to let this out. I can’t keep things bottled up in here forever. And the government can’t keep Mr. T. safe for long. He will one day be sitting in a Lemony Snicket book of his own, as the Count Olaf character, and maybe he should suffer the same stuff as Count Olaf was made to suffer, that is before he got away and tried to marry Violet. Those of you who did not see the Lemony Snicket movie would be advised to read the books first anyway, but the Baudelaires were indeed good people who found themselves in … a series of unfortunate events. Olaf and Mr. T. aren’t far apart in common goals with each other. Mr. T. hates everything, is afraid of immigrants, doesn’t own a pet dog or cat or anything, has no sense of humor, and above all, is a mean and nasty fellow who doesn’t need a wife in the first place. Melania his wife needs to find a better husband, not for his money, but his heart should be what she looks for in this guy. Baron will have to stop acting like a spoiled brat and find a better father figure. The Mr. T. in the White House will one day be in a run down house with nothing, nothing but the flies that flitter about his kitchen, no maids, butlers, or cooks, no foie gras or steak, nothing at all. He’ll have to do his own cooking, and if he gets old enough, someone in his kinship network will have to put in a request that he be in a rest or elder care home. He will fall into the elder system, and no, he won’t have his children about to help him with that many things. Ivanka his daughter will have to change her name, and it won’t be Ivanka Kushner either. Ivanka will have to do something drastic to keep her good name. One, I think she could find someone else to love. For two, she could disown this patriarch of a father figure. This guy’s going to be removed from office. He has caused me to think that the republican grand old party is really the POG, the Party of Gilead. Really, I’m not kidding. These people believe that women should not rule their own bodies, that a man should make all the decisions by law for a woman. That is not the case. I will rule my body, and Trenton does not tell me what to do with it. I will get pregnant someday, somehow. I will keep my kids to term if I choose at all. And even more, I will choose what my kids do and what they learn about because public schools obviously can’t handle black or biracial kids, even going as far as disposing of Huckleberry Finn for heaven’s sake. But really, I hope the impeachment releases more information than we need to think. This way, the Ramon Salazars of the world can stop trolling and threatening me with shock therapy.


Is Seeing Heresy: The Show I Have Suddenly Become Addicted To

Dear Readers,

With the release of Apple TV Plus and its amazing awesomeness, I have something good to write here in the blog for a change. For one, I am pleased to announce the service has AD, or audio description for all sorts of shows. The content includes an animated show about helpful monsters, called “Helpsters”, a post apocalyptic adventure story involving blind people, a show about morning shows–go figure–, and so much more to come. Some people say I’m crazy but I have become very addicted to this new show, starring Jason Momoa and company, and bear in mind the guy did Game of Thrones, so this has to be good.

See is a show unlike any other. According to the folks at Apple who spoke about this in WWDC last summer when they introduced this thing, blind people were consulted, which is a far cry from what usually happens in a show like this. Blind people are accurately portrayed doing ordinary things in the woods, something I would never imagine happening. For one, some of the people use dogs, something I’ve seen firsthand. Other people use sticks, but since we’re talking about a decimated post apocalyptic adventure that depends on surviving the wild, trendy looking white canes are not necessarily the thing to have here. Let’s take a deep look at what this is about.


In this show’s plot points, we. have a lady who is blind giving birth to babies. That’s ordinary. A queen sends witch finders to find the babies, and this is something interesting. The babies are born with the gift that is considered heretical in nature, the gift of seeing. This is the centerpiece of the story. Jason Momoa plays a character who defends his tribe, a wandering band of warriors and such, from the queen and her frightful witch finders. We have blind people doing various things to survive the wilderness and rule government and all the things ordinary sighted folks keep from us head on. Now, this might make sighted people question themselves, “Why are we hurting blind people?” In the backstory, the deadly virus caused its surviving victims’ blindness, and humans simply stopped seeing centuries later. But think of this: sighted people might question the logic behind this because let’s look at the reality of blind people, sighted people think blindness is heretical, and I’m not trying to overgeneralize the sighted, but the blind are considered a curse in some parts of the world. Rosemary Mahoney did some extremely accurate research, in person in Tibet to be exact, which proves the point. IF you’d like to take a look at what she found, her book For the Benefit of Those Who See: Dispatches from the World of the Blind is a must read. While the world of the show See is ten times the opposite of our current state of affairs, it shows us a dire warning and some valid points. Here are the points the show makes about vision, and some of my own, that might validate the warning of this masterpiece.


  1. First and foremost, the spoiler alert for this point is in effect. The Queen made a point in a scene where she stopped and met with officials that vision caused people to burn whole states, and I might add that the gift of light caused so much crap with humanity. She prays a modified version of the Lord’s Prayer, something with “For thine is the power of the darkness” … and so on and so forth. She wants that light vanquished, and for some reason, there are warnings of this in real life I can almost see from a few miles away if you catch my drift.
  2. Another issue with vision in our world? Racism, prejudice, and discrimination are a big no no in this new world. But in our world, blindness is feared, but think of its benefits. Not that being sighted is bad, wrong, and evil, but in our current state of affairs, we’ve created a world far more visual and racy than what we’ve imagined. For example, I would never have known that a friend of mine was black because he doesn’t give away that information, talks with what we consider proper grammar, and for another thing, I can’t see the complexion he possesses. My own fiancé is black, but none would know it. Vision allows people to discriminate against everybody from black to female, and if you see a color you don’t like, you can sit there and try and vanquish it. If you’re blind, color would never matter. But there’s another catch in the next point.
  3. While the sighted fear blindness, the blind themselves are incoherent. This is something Mr. Momoa and company never understood nor would they get. Blind community members fight amongst themselves, some being apologetic for sighted ableism, others being more radical and considerably militant. The militant blind try to smear the pride of those who aren’t in line with their teachings, which is a sighted thing as well. Sighted churches and established religions and cult groups try and emphasize the point of light being good and dark being bad, and it gets to interesting new heights.
  4. The symbolic sacred healing of a blind man in the Bible has up to this point been bothersome for me. Perhaps the blindness as curse thing has been ancient, but in See, the sight as curse thing shows us what can happen if sighted people get carried away with themselves. Here’s another sub point to make: blindness allows the other senses to come full circle. As a sighted person, if you are sighted and reading this, you’re probably not letting the words wash over you with a piece of audio or feeling the words in Braille on a display, but you are visually seeing the words dance across your screen. We’ve created the world of complete visuality, and it makes a big difference in the lives of blind people. Blind people don’t get access to urban employment, can’t do many occupations by choice, or are crushed of their dreams by well meaning but stupid professionals who say, “How are you going to perform this task blind?” We think that to be a police officer, for example, you have to drive and handle guns. That doesn’t always ring true. Police work can be done in other sub categorical things like forensic analysis, crime scene tech, and so much more that goes into law enforcement and protecting people. You could train dogs for the police, and training a dog is fun. You have to have a good keen sense of animal behavior, but that can be taught without vision. Look closely at the dogs trained in See. They guide their handlers, just as guide dogs do in our current world. They are very important animals throughout the history of mankind, period.
  5. With a world of visual stuff, we often lose our ability to appreciate music too. When Sputnik went up in space, the whole world was like, “AAAAAAAHHHHHH, we need science and math. Like right now.” The problem with science and math today is it’s made into visual concepts, and people require visual aids. Close your eyes for a second and listen to the chimes in See, descriptions included. Spoiler alert: those chimes are a sound cue for the blind warriors to follow a trail. The trails in our current world have visual markers, but has anyone tried the braille trail in Colorado Springs? There are other Braille trails out there, but orienteering is a great skill to have, so keep this in mind. Visual stuff dims the appreciation of sound like the chimes, and feeling things like the message ropes in the show. Try for a moment to imagine the livelihood of a blind musician. They have blindness and can still read music, in Braille of course, but written language somehow became more basic in the world of see. One thing I’ve learned is that the Queen’s attendants, spoiler alert, actually had good voices singing, and blindness does not play a contributing factor, but it does give me attention to detail about singing. Let’s try and imagine my choir directors, and think of what might happen if they became blind. They’d have to close their eyes, of course, but they’d have to learn to pay close attention to what each sound set means in the room where the choir sits rehearsing. For example, an “ah” sound that is pure in nature makes a different sound than the bright “ah” vowel that comes with bad pop singing, or perhaps laziness on the part of some singers. An “oo” vowel becomes pure when the right sound is made, which is not a visual thing at all. Vowels can be dark or light, and the tone color becomes frighteningly obvious to someone if they learn to use and adapt the way they do things without sight. With sight in the picture, however, things get real annoying.

I’m going to tell you my last impression of the last episode in a future blog post, so stay tuned. And make sure you have your thinking caps on while reading this stuff and analyzing the show. I enjoy it as much as anyone else, but let’s be clear. I don’t believe sight is heretical, but it can be a deadly form of misused privilege if given the right leverage. Sight has indeed put humanity in a box, a visual box, and I feel that with time, and understanding, people will come to realize that skin color and complexion, appreciation for auditory things, and other blindness specific things might become more second nature to those wishing to survive a deadly viral outbreak should this come to pass. Funny I had a dream about a species or subspecies of human that was all blind, and they feared lights. This is sort of a dream come true for me, and I hope you guys like what you see in this spellbinding story.

To get Apple TV Plus, first you might want to make sure you own a couple of new Apple devices. Secondly, make sure you follow the prompt banner thingy you might come across in the Apple TV app, where the plus service is, and make sure you confirm payment details with Apple Pay, which on an earlier model phone, you can do with a home button touch, or with the new phones Ten or later, with your face and the side button, located on the side of the phone opposite two buttons known as the volume buttons up and down. For those who are confused about how to hold the phone in the event of face recognition, the speaker holes and lightning port should face down, and the camera thing should face upwards. Hold the phone gently about six inches or more from your face, at least until the thing makes a click and haptic is felt. If either of those happens, your home screen should pop up, but in the case of apple payment confirmation, you should hear a double ding to confirm. I hope this helps a lot of my iPhone lovers in the area get on board and enjoy this stuff.

For more information on streaming services, another source of stuff is Cord Cutters’ News. It’s on YouTube, and there are new issuances of the news clips every day except Sunday, so you can enjoy news regarding streaming stuff and cord cutting, which some of you might want to consider as cable companies noticeably hike prices like crazy and take channels away. Ugh. One day, cable will go the way of the dinosaurs of course. It might happen, so be on the look out.

After well over ten months, exactly twelve months, if you own a new apple device, your Apple TV Plus service will be $5 per month about. It’s trying to compete with Netflix, and doing a good job.

Thank you all for reading.


Gypsy’s Story: My First Impression of the Act

Dear readers,

It might not surprise you that I’m writing this. I watched a Dr. Phil podcast regarding Gypsy Rose Blanchard, the young woman who is now being held in prison for her mother’s murder. Well, honestly, I could have been in the same boat as Gypsy if it weren’t for a few things: common sense, the client assistance program, and of course, support from blind orgs at the time. Gypsy may not have been blind, but I had some inkling that my parents used the guardianship as a poor excuse to continue the Munchausen by Proxy crap that a late band friend had picked up on. The late Marie Mannigan picked up on the Munchausen before I could say go, and if it weren’t for her, I would not have figured I’d have to not call my parents as often as I should. I now live in Colorado with a loving significant other, and Gypsy is in prison, but our stories are almost alike. Almost, but there are still a few stark differences.


  1. Gypsy was born non disabled, normal, and what we’d now understand to an abusive mother. The father was okay, and he was cool. but the mother? Well, she was a piece of work.
  2. Gypsy used a feeding tube, I did not.
  3. Gypsy had a long list of fake medical ailments, but mine was primarily caused by a parental abuse situation. My mother wasn’t willing to take a disabled adult, and she slapped me in the face, and I told her off for slapping me in the face. Gypsy would probably not be that brave.
  4. Gypsy wasn’t in psych ward, but I was.
  5. Gypsy was told she couldn’t have a long list of food and rinks, but for me, it was a long list of people I couldn’t be with, especially black and Hispanic peoples because they were different, and my parents refused to let me go to prom unless I had a patriarchal escort. Boo to this.
  6. Gypsy was emotionally abused as I was.
  7. Gypsy was taken advantage of in the thousands and millions of dollars, and DD, or Claudine Blancharde actually used that disability she faked to her advantage. She had Habitat for Humanity build her and Gypsy a home, all without the construction requirement it seems. I don’t know if DD actually did do the sweat equity, but that clearly isn’t fair.
  8. For me, my parents seem to have done some therapy shopping, finding a therapist who would force their daughter to accept control, period. In Gypsy’s case, it was doctors. DD went shopping for doctors who would cut Gypsy’s salivary glands out because DD didn’t want Gypsy tasting food. Ugh, I’d like to if I could punch DD in the nut holes but someone did it for me. One, you do not ever go doctor shopping if there’s 100% nothing wrong with your child. Blindness is also not a crutch to find other things wrong with your child either.
  9. Gypsy walked and ate behind her mother’s back. Serves the mother right. I watched Joey King walk and eat as Gypsy behind her mother, Patricia Arket’s, back. It was amazing, and Joey King does some pretty good acting if you might know. Gypsy and I both did the things our parents said we absolutely couldn’t and shouldn’t do. Gypsy also couldn’t date and couldn’t have a boyfriend, but now look what happened. She’s got Ken, and Ken loves her to the moon and back. I have Trenton, and Trenton loves me to the moon and back. We both triumphed over things, but in two very different ways. Gypsy had to go to jail because of her mother’s murder, but I’d go to jail too if it meant that my parents absolutely had to be killed because of their guardianship. I wanted freedom, total freedom to do what I wanted and marry and buy a house like other adults, and my parents totally made up the mental health and PDD and autism issues I supposedly had but didn’t. Munchausen by proxy is a very serious illness, so here’s what I would do to spot it.

First and foremost, think about the medical things the parents are telling, especially to you doctors out there. If a parent over exaggerates medical issues, it’s probably something to investigate. Talk to your child patient, your young adult patient as well. If the patient’s mother doesn’t want you to, odds are something is wrong. Do not tell a blind patient or truly disabled patient that a parent must be in the room with them. The parent must be out and out of sight, out of mind during all appointments. Make sure that you as a treatment provider explain to the patient’s guardian, caregiver, or parent that you are a medical expert, someone who’s been to school for 8-12 years, done residency and other types of work to specialize in the care you give. Make sure the parent knows that you will see the patient, and if the parent does not wish for you to talk to the patient, that it is the doctor’s obligation to look into the situation. The system must help the patient, not the other way around. Munchausen by proxy is a dangerous condition, and in Gypsy’s case, DD had to die because of her lies. Who else would have died? Why, Gypsy of course, she would have been cut up and torn to pieces by that woman if not for her own brain that fought and flew from her mother. This should not have to happen. Dr. Phil would say that there would be no excuse for parents to act this way toward their children, and he is a father of two grown adult sons. They’re successful in their own way.

For doctors experiencing problems with Munchausen by proxy patients, first follow some of the steps above, and if it gets worse,

  1. Take a deep breath, be mindful of the patient’s situation. Keep your med school materials handy, and if possible, do your homework.
  2. Call the police or if possible, adult or child protective services.
  3. Show the social workers all the medical records that the parent faked, this way you can keep the workers up to speed.
  4. Establish, if possible, a client centered practice with your patients, especially if they’re able to voice what’s going on. However, if a patient is nonverbal, make sure you learn your ASL and sign language of some sort so you can tell the patient what’s up.
  5. What happens if the mother tries to consult surgeons? If a mother or father tries to do anything, whether it’s amputation without necessity or removal of a body part without first being consulted themselves, warn the surgeon of what is happening. Again, call adult or child services and alert them with medical records, and see if they’ll investigate.
  6. If you must, record the appointments, and if you have a transcriptionist or med secretary, make sure all this is recorded on paper so you have access to the evidence. Turn it over to child and family services if this gets any more out of hand.

Social workers may be bombarded if anything with calls like this, so below are some steps for social workers. I may not be a social worker, but as a victim, these steps are very important.


  1. First, listen to the caller and take down any information you can, as you might have been taught before.
  2. While an interview happens, insist that the perp not be present in the house or proximity or you will have them arrested. Come up with something creative to separate the perpetrator suspect from the victim. Talk to your victim.
  3. Ask yourself, while talking to your victim, does your guardian/caregiver let you in on any of the medical symptomology you have or the victim has? Does the doctor insist on talking to the victim? What does your caregiver or guardian think when you do basic things like eating, dating, or even bathing yourself? Ask questions, get answers as much as you would like to.
  4. Make sure when you leave the interview, you put this as a priority, depending on whether the victim’s life is in jeopardy. If their quality of life is at stake, make sure the stakes are higher for the guardian or caregiver so that they know they cannot doctor shop, remove body parts, or worse, lobotomize, or therapist shop in my case. Brainwashing is a common problem with ableist parasitic guardians or caregivers. Watch for the signs of brainwashing. They include a two different things that you see in the victim. The victim might respond differently with their caregiver around than the times they’re alone. This is surefire brainwashing.

If you are like me and you’re a victim of Munchausen by proxy, make sure you know what is happening to you before it’s too late. My best advice is, do your homework. If you feel you’re not autistic, PDD, or allergic to something, tell your caregiver, and if they do not let you use a digital means to do your work, call a social services hotline immediately and report them for Munchausen by proxy. This might be a hard decision to make, but it’s your life we’re talking about.

I wish Gypsy had had access to this information before she went haywire and her mother found dead in the house. This might have been what DD needed to see, and she might have been put in jail for medical abuse/neglect if not for this information.