How is the #shutdown affecting me?

Dear readers,

I want to explain a few somethings that some of you may not know. The partial government shutdown must end, and this is why.

  1. The top reason is food. We have to budget $200 per month in real dollars because food stamps are not funded after February. Don’t look at me like I’m entitled, people. Human beings who can’t work for their living must be given compensation in real effort, including food stamps, so as not to exhaust the food banks. Food banks also don’t give you a choice of foods, not like grocery stores. So look here, people, I want to shop at a grocery store and no way am I getting canned junk from a food bank. Luckily, the metro ministries mobile food bank had fresh fruits and veggies, but not every food bank has that. Commodities are for folks 65 or older, which I don’t fall under that category. Work in a sweatshop or DVR run office is not an option and you don’t know my history, so trolls, back off.
  2. We can’t go to the Church nightclub for Ferry Corsten’s show. I’m sorry, we had to budget and tickets to the show did not fall under our budget plan.
  3. We might not live independently together in our own place. Before you spew hateful rhetoric at me, think again. We need autonomy and independence and human dignity like everybody else, but being blind puts both me and fiance at 75% unemployment and for me, I’d earn $.75 per $1 Trenton, my fiance earns. I want nothing to do with a gender pay gap, and working for a nasty CEO is my worst nightmare. FEmales with disabilities face workplace sexual harassment and bullying in the workplace 83% of the time in their lives, and I may expand this to include familial abuse.
  4. We may never see a good leader in government again.
  5. The Handmaid’s Tale may come true, that is if the Democrats get shot by Republican zealots who are dedicated to founding a Christian nation. IF a shutdown were to continue, and on and on, someone could get hurt whether it’s the President, Congress, or both. We must make every effort to reopen this government.

As a blind person, my political wish list is:

  1. Braille literacy for all blind/visually impaired kids. Blind/VI children face a 90% functional illiteracy crisis because of government uninterest, parental expectations, and worse, schools not doing their job.
  2. Try having more blind orientation and mobility/travel instructors. It is a discrepancy between the blind and sighted worlds, having sighted O and M instructors who have no clue what it’s like being blind, ignored, or worse, at more risk of dying because some idiot driver hits them while they’re crossing the street. Blind people teach and do the skills every damn day, so why not use more of these people to mentor young blind people?
  3. Unification of the blind community into one big Congress. Thanks, Clayton for your inspiration. We need a blind assembly that is more unified, devoid of government kickbacks, and agency heads would not be allowed to join unless the agency bends the normal system of DVR and actually gives blind/VI people their lives, their livelihoods, and dreams.
  4. Blind people should be supported in starting their own businesses. This is essential to making us empowered individuals.
  5. Women should wear pants to work. Are you staring at me from a suit and tie, Dr. Jernigan? Women should wear pants to work. Period.
  6. Men who are unmarried should be forbidden to touch or assault disabled females at work. We need to create a safe space for women to do their jobs, people.
  7. DVR should be reallocated to funding these businesses like Clayton’s record company, for instance. IF you’d like to collaborate with Clayton, go to, and email him at for not only this, but his new single Conniving Mastermind. It is freaking awesome.

I think you all get the picture. IF you read this post to the very end, congratulations, but if you’re a hater and want to spew subintelligent rhetoric at me, close this window and find something else to do.

Demystifying the Haters’ Comments

Dear Readers,

I have received hate mail from certain individuals regarding my ex, Jason. LEt me just play it straight: he made racially charged comments about Africans and black people and AIDS or HIV, and I have some stuff to say on that matter.

  1. Regarding the comments about Africans and HIV/AIDS, the black population accounts for over 50% of cases, but it is also going down year by year because of HIV care and community awareness, and it’s down in those folks who inject drugs. See for more details.
  2. On the comments that Mexicans are freeloaders, think again. My prior caregiver was Mexican, trust me, and she worked hard to provide for her family which consisted of three daughters and a grandson. Now two grandsons, of course. I’ve seen Mexican cantinas where the Mexican population hangs out, and these people just want an escape from violence and poverty like everybody else, not to freeload and that sort of thing. I’m sorry, but the use of the word “beaner” is also in play and it’s harmful to Mexican immigrants who genuinely want to get a better life for themselves and their children.
  3. Women should be under a man. Whether this means that women should be owned or under the authority of males in a sexual way, it makes me sick to hear a comment laced with this sexist and misogynistic rhetoric. Jason believes women are not fit to lead, but boy does he not know that women are more fit to lead than men. Women are more at risk of being subjugated, but if given the right training and voice in their education, girls can run the world. Right, Beyonce?
  4. Regarding comments about Asian women and other types of human beings, did you get the picture? Too many racially charged comments I have to dig up in my memory bank and debunk what this man says.
  5. HE doesn’t like kids at all. Doesn’t anyone know that?
  6. He is also highly homophobic and transphobic because of his treatment of a friend I actually met who is transgender, and he made fun of another schoolmate who came out as transgender. Transphobia and homophobia have no place in this country or the human race as a whole.

Think about all the statements here. IF you stick up for someone who holds to misogyny and bigotry, something’s wrong.

R. Kelly: Thoughts and Feelings About the So Called Documentary that I Confess I’ve Never Seen

Dear Readers,

A lot of us have come to know the singer known as R. Kelly, supposedly the leader of a sexualized cult where women are abused and told what to do. R. Kelly was acquitted on 21 counts of child porn or something like that, and I remember he had been adjudicated in the late 90s for something related to sex abuse. Here’s something very important I’d like to say:

Alia, the hip hop star who tragically passed away in a plane crash, was blamed in a recent BET article by R. Kelly for lying about her age upon her illegitimate marriage to Kelly. Alia was fifteen, but blaming the victim is a very important pointer that could brand R. Kelly as a sexual predator. I’ve been blamed as well, but not by Kelly himself, but I recognize the pattern of behavior anywhere.

I wonder, however, if R. Kelly had been Caucasian, would this scandal have been any worse? Perhaps, but sexual predators come in all colors. Kelly’s victims do need a voice, but so do all sex abuse victims. R. Kelly is a grammy winning singer, but he blames a dead woman, ALia, for lying about her age. But are there any other traits R. Kelly possesses which could make him a sexual predator?

LEt’s see: he didn’t take responsibility for trying to marry Alia, fifteen at the time, and he felt entitled about it. But what will happen in the investigation is anybody’s guess. Kelly does not seem to have deviant sexual behaviors, but where’s the evidence of power and control? Predators who prey on kids, boys and girls alike, have problems with power and control and not having a healthy balance of both. Does R. Kelly have problems with this?

I need to see a history of sex abuse in R. Kelly’s family history. Was he sexually or physically abused as a child? Does he have empathy for people? Kelly must not have empathy, or if he does, the big book says he has to misuse empathy. Many of the questions here are unanswered. Therefore, the only way to guarantee R. Kelly is a sexual predator is to …

  1. LEt the investigation unfold.
  2. Allow the victims to speak out. Listen to their stories.
  3. Meet R. Kelly through the TV set, or perhaps look into why people are blaming Kelly and attempting to mute his music.
  4. Not mute Kelly’s music if the scandal proves untrue. Lady Gaga might have said she will never work with Kelly again, but I need to see evidence that Kelly is really a sexual predator.

Let’s go over the ten traits once again, and I’ll tell you what, more than half of them will go unanswered.


  1. Blames others or circumstances for failures, takes no responsibility for actions: The BET article should speak volumes about this. And the answer here is yes.
  2. A sense of entitlement: I bet a lot of rich people are entitled, look at their drinking habits.
  3. A need for power and control: NOt sure if that’s Mr. Kelly.
  4. A badly impaired self esteem. Really? R. Kelly? A badly damaged self esteem I have not seen yet.
  5. A troubled childhood. I want evidence here.
  6. A history of abuse. If this guy was acquitted, then why is he under investigation? Was he molested as a kid? Some child molesters had great upbringings, so this is still hanging in the balance.
  7. Inability to have intimate relationships with adults. ANdrea Kelly is adult, I assume, so this might be false.
  8. Deviant sexual attitudes and behaviors. Where’s the pornography?
  9. Lack of empathy: Again, where the hell is the evidence?
  10. Drug or alcohol abuse: I don’t know how many singers have this trait, but musicians should never be branded based on this trait because musicians and actors and artists have a 70% likelihood to abuse drugs or alcohol. Predators sexually abuse while doing drugs and alcohol, so maybe Kelly does, or he doesn’t. I will post updates as I research Kelly’s past life and abuse or lack thereof. There simply isn’t enough evidence to pin Kelly the label of predator, … yet.

Thank you all very much for reading.

An Important Note to Readers

While some of you accused me of false accusations of rape and murder on the blog, you did not know the names of the victims in this case. I can’t reveal those names due to privacy concerns. Those victims, on the whole, are my friends. I’ve been friends with people who’ve dealt with the monster I’ve written about and trust me, I’ve seen it all on Skype. A bunch of my friends and I would have told you that Jason is dangerous. HE mentally destroyed girls and women, faking that everything was all right, and those girls and women had more health problems under Jason. To stick up for such a man is tantamount to bigotry and sexism against girls and women with disabilities, his preferred target. I won’t get into details here, since I’ve written my own personal story about him, but anyone sticking up for this man should think about the women who were humiliated, ashamed, and undoubtedly almost killed under his intimacy. A guy on my Facebook repeatedly showed little to no support for me because he was entitled, Conservative, supported bigots and misogyny, which doesn’t belong here in the blogosphere. Neither does misogyny and bigotry belong on my Facebook page or Twitter.

People, if you’re going to stick up for a man who could’ve killed my friends, said “You’ve signed your death warrant for being friends with Beth”, and so on, you don’t have empathy. I don’t talk to him anymore, I only hear secondhand information about him through friends and old schoolmates, one of which doesn’t play around. This is the very last time I’m going to say this, maybe the first and the last. Don’t think that sticking up for predators with disabilities is a good idea. My fiance is disabled, but he’s the greatest because he treats me, his mom, and other women with respect and love. Now I do only wish he’d understand how politics and this government bickering is affecting us, but oh well. I can’t change someone.

And you can’t raise a man. A man who acts like a boy cannot be made to act like a man. Felicia might think she’s changing Jason, but really, once you hit 25 yers old, you can’t change. You can’t change, and raising a man is difficult, and I’ve tried to do it before with my ex, my last long term ex. But trust me, you can’t raise a man, period, and Tim Tebow is probably more of a man than half the men out there. He’s lucky I’m not with him. Of course, I don’t think sports players are a good idea in my book. But if Tim Tebow wasn’t remotely half the man he is now, that little miss he has would not have said yes. I made the mistake of going out with a man who not only acts like a boy, but expects people to be friends with him for threat of death. Know this, dear readers. You all have NOT signed your death warrants by reading or not reading this blog. To the victims of Jason, I won’t write his last name here, I won’t reveal names like I said, but feel free to come forward with stories and interviews with me if you’ll be so kind. If you are a sexual abuse victim, and you’re disabled, please come forward and call any hotline that does this sort of thing. The Domestic Violence Initiative for Women with Disabilities in Denver is an example. My Somali ex worked for them once. If you have such agency near you, feel free to contact them and talk about your story. They will listen.

20 terrifying facts about the dark web

Dear REaders,

Just a thing or two. Don’t use the dark web and sell people’s info, and don’t use the dark web period. You’ll understand why in this video. Imagine what this world would be without so much trafficking, which is covered more than once here.

Finally, new ep of Song of Salt and Poo

Dear Readers,

Finally, what’ve I been looking for? Yep, new episode of A Song of Salt and Poo. Thanks, Jeff, for the weird intro. It looks like Jillian is an Alex Jones fan, as you’ll see in the video, and there’s still pics of … shit, for lack of a better way to say it. But Jeff will explain it all.

Proposed Legalization of Sex Workers: How Should We Best Go About It?

Dear Readers,

First of all, I apologize for not writing in the new year. It has been weird and altogether scary with the man’s grandma being in the hospital, us not seeing her for New Year’s, and even more, the mom looking for a job. Oh it’s also been fun because there are haters of this blog who flatly accuse me of alleging someone rapes and murders someone without evidence. Well, there’s plenty of evidence if you interview the girls involved, which is what’s happening with R. Kelly.

What would stop guys like R. Kelly from a possible life of child molestation? Well, there’s not much you can do about child molesters, except for prison and rehabilitation, particularly if they haven’t acted on their darker sides. But there is something we can do to cut down on the number of rapes.

I propose we legalize, with some regulations in place, prostitution all over the nation, not just in parts of the Vegas strip. We’d need a plan in place to make sure human trafficking victims don’t slip through the cracks. Here’s what it would look like.

1. Prostitutes can be either male or female, of the age of 21 or older, and can perform any number of sexual things for a certain rate decided on by the person themselves.

2. Prostitutes who work independently of any whorehouse, or in the males case it might be the same, would keep 100% of their earnings. If a prostitute chooses to work in a home with others, they’d only take a 20% pay ut from their earnings to support the house and or company they work for.

3. Birth control would be compulsory for all females. Males would be told to use a condom, and this would also apply to male customers. Let’s say you’re a male prostitute, though. In this case, you’d have to use a condom with all female customers to prevent STD’s.

4. If a prostitute is being hurt or assaulted, they would get protections. All prostitutes, male and female, according to this proposal, would have to report their assault or attack as soon as is possible, but because of the special circumstances of their work, they may need a longer statute of limitations.

5. All prostitutes must be licensed, and would have an ID number on a printed paper that certifies they’ve completed a certain number of months, years, or whatever of basic sexual safety training that would include knowledge of STD’s, pregnancy prevention tips, and much more on service and hospitality. Prostitutes must if anything learn how to be hospitable as they do in Spain. They do have a whole college for prostitutes there, so why not do the same here?

6. All LGBT people would be welcome to take jobs as sex workers. And yes, I’d strongly urge any LGBT customers as well. Depending on the customer, you might have a good experience.

If we regulate and legalize prostitution, we’d cut down on the number of trafficked sex workers across the country. I personally feel that this might also cut down on the dope cases we have flooding our southern border, but don’t quote me on that. I want to see it all happen before my life ends here.