While We Watch Hilary and Donald Play Like Children, …

To be honest, folks, I have three words to say to the man who wants to “lock her up.” Knock it off. The Dems and Republicans are fighting like kids, so knock it off, dawgs. Anyhow, I’ve got a better idea. My thoughts are that I could become the most powerful woman in 2024. Maybe I could, and there are a few issues I’d like to bring to the public eye.

First off, I am champion of disability civil and equal rights. This means that under the Madame President Matthews, you will see a very increased attitude change. I think society needs to have a big old attitude adjustment, and we don’t need old Janet’s hammer for it. What we need in our society is a positively worded “Everybody can become disabled from diseases or accidents, so affordable care for all should be a big entitlement.” As I use affordable, yet some time it can be labeled “strict” care, I know what needs to change. Gabby Giffords, who still struggles to speak, would need some form of care. Someone tried to disable, no, kill Gabby in an assassination attempt gone horribly wrong. Ms. Giffords should know how it feels to have to obey care things and all that, just as I do. And I would have to be clear. All care for disabled adults and children who are foster care clients should be affordable and usable by the client with all their needs met. Liability would be completely outlawed, and automobile insurers would be required by law to cover the disabled person in their car.

Wow. That’s a lot to add to a disability platform. But there’s more. Braille literacy would be the law to teach in all settings, least restrictive setting and most appropriate and optimal setting would be the best for all special education students. One thing I would then outlaw is corporal punishment in school. It is harmful for autistic children, as this diagnosis is so on the rise, I’d have to be absolutely serious about making it illegal for teachers to traumatize their students. Above all, there would be some things I’d have to be very careful to regulate as well.

With genetic modifications, I am not sure this is safe to do for blind folks. I can see where some doctors would insist on enhancing and making it possible for humans to live triple the Aflick limit. But no, I honestly would have to regulate genetic engineering of people if it gets out of control. One thing I’d ban is designing babies before they are born. I’d then only allow exceptions to this if the woman does carry a bad gene that would affect a specific type of kid, i.e. a carrier of ALD. ALD boys go through hell, then die at ten. Maybe if genetic modifiers are legal for these cases and only these types of cases, I’d be more open to that. However, aborting a blind child because of Leber’s Amorosis would be illegal on all nine months or when the defect is found. A parent might ask why they are being forced to keep a blind child. Blind children would be given all opportunities to succeed in all aspects of life. And that’s fine.

As for bioelectronics, they’d need to be tightly regulated so we don’t have a sighted Superman or worse, a sighted Joker taking out the blind Batman every single day. Here’s what I’d do. Most electronic things would be allowed, except a vibrator or things that could be used for torture but controlled by the person’s mind. If a mobster or someone we hate wanted to use a torture device on someone, that would be illegal, especially in the biological electronics whereby the device is controlled by the human mind.

For another thing, I wouldn’t be so bad with cars on the road, but I’d be funding research grants to get more self driving cars on the road. I would have to invent ways for the bioelectronics to be integrated into other things for paralyzed persons. Like, it was mentioned in a book how a paralyzed woman controlled a robotic arm with her thoughts, got herself a drink, then yes, she was good to go. But noninvasive techniques would be the thing to do things with. I would outlaw invasive tech so that we can further think about invasive things as obsolete. However, cochlear implants would be the exception as many hard of hearing folks get these and can use them successfully. Otherwise, if it’s an implant that makes your stomach glow, it’s banned. Period.

Another thing I’d consider is use of bioelectronic weaponry in the fight against ISIS. Or IS, as Ayaan calls the group also known as Isil. The Islamic State won’t be able to use bioelectronic weaponry against us, ever. We’d be using home and military weapons together. Well, I mean like home tech and military weapons together.

What I’d like to see in our progress is something like the skullcaps, but maybe a little cortical stimulation headset thingy. And the headset would go inside your ear, and it would allow you to control things like your Bradley attack vehicle, your guns mounted around you, and all the parts and things to a fighter jet. We’d have mental power beyond Isis’s capabilities. Imagine this example:

Private Jessica Leigh Banaghan is out there in a large Bradley style attack tank with guns and things all around her. She’s patrolling for the night in a desert area of Kuwait, and suddenly, she gets a strange feeling in her brain. She can sense, not just see, but sense an Isis militant group coming toward her … She then stuns the guys dead with a gun, she didn’t even have to pick it up. She stealthily climbs down after the guys are presumed dead, then she turns on her radio, speaking to her other soldiers through voice, code and stuff. Then, it’s back on the vehicle, back to roaming around the desert, looking for more things to do. She is not wearing a veil, the proper dress required of Kuwaiti and other Middle Eastern citizens. Instead, she’s wearing long pants, a flowing shirt, and all that over body armor. Next, she communicates by cortical waves back and forth between her troops, and as she is an officer in the army, she gives commands through mind to mind contact. Next, the troops run out, ambush the Isis camp she has just located, and thus a few women and girls are saved from becoming their next … meal.

This is the kind of military research we should truly be doing, not just “Kill all Muslims.” We should be advancing weaponry and integrating biotechnology into our weapons as well. It’s getting there, but we have a long way to go.

There will be more in Part II of my platform but first, have a sip of beer and behave yourselves, guys.

Are We A Security Issue?

Dear Readers,

It is with a huge problem I wrote this. First of all, it is vastly difficult to find a few civilians in town to at least give us some guidance on things. However, my bf Trenton and I are being targeted by multiple folks and at a Marriott, we’ve also been targeted as a security threat. Why? We were asked to leave the building. This is absolutely horrendous. We deplore and condemn Marriott’s actions because we feel we’ve been tossed aside and underserviced because we are not rich people. There you go.

Now, look at what is going on in the recent headlines. Police shootings of black people, police being shot by black people. But Trenton is no harm, no threat, and Marriott or some other hotel we wandered into must have thought wrong. I have a buddy who works the hotel section in Miami, we do not need this targeting. We want to be treated with respect and validity, like first class citizens who for one reason or another, do not have money. Period. Can somebody just turn off the economical inconveniences that money has been doing? And somebody take color away from the sight of all people, all of this because of the way blacks and whites hate each other. Thank you.

Who Is Your Hero?

Dear America,

Who is the true hero of this country? Is it the guy who founded this nation? Is it Andrew Jackson, who looted and polluted textbooks for years? Or was it Abraham Lincoln who freed slaves? No, none of these men are heroes because of things they did. In fact, America, you are kidding yourselves.

The hero of the day is you. Yes, you. Why is this?

If you’re black, you’ve contributed more than white people to the work and the music and culture of this country. Where did jazz music come from? So what if it’s boring ass elevator muzak and other things, it is still an American art form.

It is you, the filmmaker who is safe to make films against honor violence. It is you, the blind guy or gal wanting to read books. It is you, the First Nations persona who wants to get off the drug ridden reservation that your family was forced upon by white settlers.

Guess what? All of us in the U.S. are heroes, but if the Republican candidate for the Presidency has his way, only white persons will be considered heroes!

We are a nation of immigrants, so respect those around you. Korea, China, Japan, Vietnam, Iraq, everywhere else comes here, and we are all their hero. Lady Liberty is the true welcome for all Americans, and she said with her crown and smile that all could come. Emma Lasarus said it best, “Bring me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” Not so we can divide them by color. Those are today’s heroes.

Braille Books, Coming to a Library Near You: The Portable Books That Is

Imagine that you could not read your favorite books. I love books. I’ve always loved books, books are my lifeblood. They are something I cannot shake from my existence. I cannot imagine life without having read all the Children’s literature I could have read. I read everything from the Gingerbread Man, Is Your Mama a Llama?, all of the books in the series known as the Baby-Sitter’s Club, so many more. Guess what? It has been a huge problem lately because I have not touched a Braille cell in a while, and you know how I feel? Sluggish, anxious, like I should have had a heart attack when my Apex broke its Kernel whatever. Now, I have the greatest news to report, and this could be huge!!!!!!

Right now, as it stands in AMerica, about 90% or more blind kids are not fully literate or functionally literate people at all. The largest problem we face as blind people is that “Braille is expensive” says one person or “The textbooks won’t come in Braille or on time” may say another. A third may pout and say, “But there’s computer speech programs.” Well, I have a word for this, and though it is colorful, it’s the best word here because Braille rules and you know it does. To the teachers who think Braille is expensive and does not serve a purpose, to the ones who say that speech synthesized shit is better than Braille, here’s my word: bullshit. Don’t pull out the deck of EZ See Playing Cards, folks, that is not a lie. All this is about to be called bullshit because guess what? We have finally gotten the cost of Braille down to $500! For a display, this is enormous.

The company called Transforming Braille Group has given us a great opportunity. They teamed up with Orbit Research, the makers of calculators for all we knew, and they came up with the Orbit Reader 20 cell display due out in October. Transforming Braille group’s not sure it knows what it’s doing, though.

Imagine what huge leaps and bounds this invention will do for us. Let’s reverse the digits in that 90% illiteracy rate among American blind children, and go with only 9%. This tiny number could be defined as cognitively impaired people who truly cannot read because they are unable to process the information.The 91% literacy rate would be about the majority of children who just have to learn Braille. Now, Braille doesn’t have to be so expensive, and one more thing, no more bulky textbooks. Think about it.

With your new Braille displays, students will be able to read Braille and not carry a large hulking bag of books at all, including for elementary school. With recent cases of rucksack palsy and other problems among the general population with backpacks laden with books, this is a huge plus. Until this time, the textbook on time rate was incredibly slow, so it was understandable that teachers could say that Braille books are nonexistent or not practical. But with the now almost ready Orbit Reader 20, you may never hear that old story of textbook late times again. Imagine the life of a blind person in America changed by this invention.

One year at four, the blind student is first introduced to Braille, small books, pattern books, okay. But then, she goes to a school to learn to read. While reading, she learns contracted UEB Braille and other forms of Braille, but then she says she loves books. A few generations ago and up to this point, our little blind student, now six or seven, would be late on textbooks. However, with her new Orbit Reader and an SD card containing the textbook material, she will be able to succeed in school above her classmates, all because of her own effort. By ten, she will learn math skills, and again, no more late textbooks. Her shoulders will not stop being the broad and set things they should be, thanks to a loads lighter load, no pun intended. The girl then enters high school, and again, no late textbooks and she may be able to take tests on a pc computer with her Orbit display hooked up.

Imagine being the same girl in Lesotho. In African countries where literacy is especially low, it is even more important that blind children learn to read a simple book at the appropriate age group. The little girl in my example will have the same thing, but for this example, she being in Lesotho, Ethiopia, South Africa, and other countries whose literacy is questionably low and who feel that blind children come last, the new Orbit Reader will literally wipe that smile off the parents’ faces when they think it okay not to allow the girl to be literate. The question here is how to get Braille into the hands of blind children everywhere, regardless of what country they’re in.

Japanese children may not have many problems getting this in their hands, as Japan’s technological advances are even more so than America’s. Sad, right? Can somebody please tell me why!

But what about children in Pakistan or Afghanistan? Both countries censor books, ban certain music in places, and harbor extreme Islam in other spots such as the current Swat Valley. While we managed to throw a bunch of those folks out, it is still questionable and unsafe for girls to go to school, and boys as well. I have a message for Pakistani and Afghan parents considering your blind children. Send both sons and daughters to school, and let them feel the dots on the Orbit Reader themselves. They will soon be able to read better than you will. Perhaps a demo with Malala is in order? She doesn’t know what’s happened, and books are so cool they just make you want to read them over again.

Imagine for a moment what it could have been like for me had this happened earlier. But think. The Giver by Lois Lowry, not only is it a favorite piece of literature for me, it is also a bulky single volume of Braille that spans about a foot or more wide. It’s about 11×11 paper and about four inches thick. Do you think I carry this now? With the new display, I will no longer need to remember! Books are almost a thing of the past replaced by tablets and computer technology, but the prize of literacy will never really be replaced. Malala herself reads a tablet.

While it is clearly impossible to truly predict the results of the new Braille display’s reach and lasting impact, I’m predicting that blind children all over the world will soon be able to read Braille in any language, and learn math, and we will take over the world. We will take the sighted bullshit by its horns. And if anyone becomes blind, it will be a thousand times nicer to teach that person Braille. Who wants a Braille class with me now? Braille anyone?

Are you Grateful for What America Can Do or Not?

Amid the terrible political rants and uncivilized campaign strategies calling for one person to be locked up, we do have to realize what our problems could amount to.

Imagine a world where your viewpoints are illegal. Imagine having to worship the Dictator or “Great Leader” as it is in North Korea. We in the United States do not even come close to the North’s isolationist policies, and worse, the North kills disabled people in the city of Pyongyang. It is not safe for anyone with blindness or any form of physical or mental impairment in the North, so of course the inconsistent uncivil way of thinking is the worst thing yet, right here? Really? Okay. So if you guys aren’t grateful for your ability to express your viewpoints, what about that Hilary sticker you’re wearing?

Imagine a world where women must wear an abaya, or worse, must cover everything. Look around you. All the girls look like ghostly black ringwraiths. Ugh, do I want to be told that I must be in these big shrouds of black? No. And imagine if I were forced to marry someone who does not like things I do. Ladies, imagine if your husband told you that the Internet is off limits. Guess what? Most Saudi husbands are like this, not allowing their women on the Internet. And this is Saudi Arabia. If you think that the political jealousy going on here is bad, and if you think the Trump or Clinton shirt should be illegal, then put on your abayas, and go off to Saudi Arabia, where women are under lifetime perpetual guardianship because of their sex, and forced to wear this type of clothing day in and day out if they’re outside the house. If you think it’s fun to joke about women, women in political office that is, then ladies, bow down to the King and don’t complain if a King told you what textbooks to read, whom to marry, etc. We in the U.S. absolutely would never want a King involved, no we wouldn’t.

And if you think jailing political opponents is fun and laughable, go to a world where when you get put in jail, you are asked to pay a fine, a bribe to the police. Imagine being a Somali refugee, as if that’s bad enough, but picture yourself stopped by a uniformed officer. Then, he asks you for an ID, then, if you can’t provide a proper ID, you get shipped to the jail for a night or two. And picture your mother having spent bribe money on groceries, and that’s fine, right? Welcome to Kenya. There have been multiple jail terms for political descent in Kenya, and the worst thing about it is the forcible way that this country abused my ex. Welcome to a country where being Muslim is on top of illegal, it’s grounds for the principal of your high school to hit, cuff, slap, and falsely imprison you against your will. Deq, my ex, went through this, and if you think that it’s bad enough, he could not graduate high school there because of a forced religious rule saying the students must attend church. For the Islamic students, this is barbaric. Kenya is not the only country with such barbaric practices.

Welcome to Khartoum, Sudan. Population: a mix of Christian and Muslim, once home to Miriam Ibrahim, age at one point 21, and she married a Christian man. For this, she was sentenced to death upon the birth of her baby girl. Human rights campaigns then had Miriam released from jail. She is now out of Sudan, safe and sound. But for how long!

If you think that Hilary or any Islamic woman should face jail for being a descent instigator against the so called Trump presidency, we Americans are clueless. Try sitting in a Sudanese or Kenyan jail and then you’ll change your mind. Men are beaten and sometimes have bones crushed. Ayaan Hirsi Ali once wrote that prison brutality and bad conditions are nothing new in Kenya and other countries, and she’s right.

If you think that we shouldn’t publish these blogs and posts, imagine a world where publishing works against government or family is truly illegal. For the longest time, I was beyond punished for publishing work that goes against my parents’ abusive edicts. However, my parents violated the U.S. Constitution’s freedom of the press. I can’t tell you how many times I was told I could not use my email or Internet connection to even chat with friends. I could not even talk to others because I was accused of “plotting to escape.” Well, imagine a world where the press and cell phone calls are illegal. The freedom to express here comes with a cost, and Malala Yousafzai knows this well. Afghanistan and Pakistan have banned Malala’s works because so many people there are Muslim, and they don’t think girls should attend school. It is plain and simple funk when it comes to publishing blogs about girls going to school. Imagine Malala’s reaction to any number of American teenagers saying that a troll is going all over their blog. The trolls would be attacking the people in the blog posts. Imagine if Ms. Yousafzai saw what Ivan Soto wrote, and imagine what kind of reaction she’d see from my end. Just picture it. Ivan wrote abusive and defamatory comments, probably trying to get a rise and or get me off the net, but Ivan’s no government official. And let’s hope Ivan gets deported, only he should be deported. Why? If he wants me off the Internet, well, he’ll do it to others. He’s done it to others, and that leads me to say that trolling and harassment is illegal, right? Wrong, not if you’re Twitter and you are making money, right?

So if you’re a website like WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, etc., what then is your job? Should my blog go under a harassment claim? Well, no. But the comments Ivan wrote are trolling ones, and should have been flagged. I know the guy should have been flagged, but WordPress or Twitter would not do anything about it. Republicking trolled my friends and I on Twitter with minimum success, but thankfully the Twitter account was suspended. We hope this bad boy learns a lesson, but being a troll in Pakistan and Afghanistan may be to some boys a fun thing to be. Why? Imagine Malala having to endure the same attacks. Thankfully, she’s in a freedom borne country, the United Kingdom, though she travels a bunch. Malala does, however, have a lot to contend with had she stayed in Swat Valley. Sadly, had she endured every sexist joke on the planet, it could have gotten worse. Malala was shot, almost killed, because she believed girls should have the freedom to go to school. So if you American ladies are complaining bitterly about schoolkids not studying for their exams, please feel free to remind the kids that they don’t have to worry about militias shooting up their classmates on the way home.

So the moral of this post is simply be grateful for what you American naysayer currently have. You have the freedom of thought, freedom of worship, freedom of the press. And it’s all here, within boundaries. Do not hurt your opponents and don’t you dare try to hurt someone else. A success story from Leslie Jones, Ghostbusters reboot star, aired on CBC Radio last night. She finally got good news. Nero, a troll on Twitter who went viral by posting vile comments and video about different people, was permanently ousted from his throne on Twitter. Nero went by multiple usernames, so I won’t say which one got the permanent ban. Let’s just say that Nero is someone who I’m glad I never even got kicked by. The Big Guns and other Conservative crap that pulls up on Twitter is nothing compared to Nero’s chronic harassment of black women, disabled people, etc. He will no longer be allowed on Twitter again, and yes, there is a need to do more about guys like Nero because I’m sorry, but playing your celebrity fiddle should not make Nero burn to the ground. Ivan will probably go next, and hopefully soon, because as a visually impaired Internet troll, and fifteen years old turning sixteen, Ivan has already amassed a few dozen victims. He has written things that might have come off badly or well to some or others, but most comments he makes are vile and stupid. As a blind person, Ivan should have had remorse for his actions because he targeted a visually impaired or blind population, mostly adults. I am almost 30 and writing about a guy half my age. Why does he think it’s all right to keep going? Twitter needs to do more about people who abuse their freedom of speech, and celebrity should not be the key to doing so. Although it is good that Nero’s gone, who will go next?

We’ll see soon enough.

A Public Service Announcement for the Good of the Nation

Attention, all Republicans and Democratics alive, all people of the American north, south, east, and west, read this here. I am not going to take any more bashing and I will not support people who are gonna fire propaganda at me anymore. Hilary Clinton is a good person, and it seems none of my Facebook friends are getting this. People think Hilary is a bad person just because she’s weak, but they’d say it if a hamster was in the nominee spot, so what the hell. But I can’t see how any person with half a brain can elect someone who is clinically unable to handle defeat and more so, clinically insane! Someone who says women should not have rights, someone who wants to ban ethnic and religious groups, that guy isn’t who we are. And because of the fighting and lack of positivity in both parties, I will not be doing any donating or anything unless I know for sure that my life will be wrecked. So yeah.

What Politicians Are Not Doing Correctly

Remember the bygone days of your school’s student counsel elections? What was the purpose of this era of student government? Do they have any voice at all? Well, let’s just say that running for student government positions teaches basics about civics and American democracy, but there’s something to be said of today’s 2016 Presidential election campaigning etiquette. There is none.

From Trump being called a racist to Clinton being told she’s a vicious criminal, this is not real campaigning. Especially on the side of Trump, we also have a case of academic dishonesty. Let’s say Hilary is more qualified because for one, she’s not attacking her opponent with this much nastiness, yet Donald Trump is starting to make me wonder if he even tried going into student associations for civic thinking. Student government has rules and regulations concerning campaigning. For instance, Rory Rowan, former SGA class of 2005 officer, and I ran. I lost, but there was no blabbing off about Rory’s achievements, but above all, Mr. Rowan did not attack me on any weak points and make them look like I wasn’t qualified to run because of blindness, for instance. Attacking an opponent’s disability should never be allowed, either in adult campaigning or in student governing bodies, not at all.

Real political campaigns should include why you are best fit to run and do the things you want without having to attack your opponent. For instance, here’s a sample campaign speech you could try for your next civic election in school or in your corporation or any place. Hilary, if only you could use a sample like this one to teach Trump how to be a political campaign master. But no, he chose to attack you and call you a vicious criminal. Now, let’s try two samples. Sample 1 is a good sample you can use and I’ll leave some things blank in both samples. But the second one is something of an example of what never to do or say in your campaign.


Sample 1: Civic elections for a position of office in something, with positive only viewpoints

Hello. My name is (name) and I’m running for (office) of (organization). I am best fit to run and be in this position because I have learned how to work with a board in the past. I have many credentials that include Junior and National Honors Society, governing bodies in my middle school, and among other things, I was a representative in my high school, and was able to form good bonds with the community. (You can use this section to name all honors and awards you’ve won, things you’ve done to make you qualified, things you’ll do for your organization.)

As President pro tem of the Honor Society, I was able to clean up most of the town’s dirtiest places, make the community stronger again, and plant good flora and fauna around our offices. As (office running for), I will … (here, tell the audience what you will do. Make a draft of your campaign promises. Let’s try and be civil here.)

I will encourage my constituents to be one with each other, and we will keep our town clean. I will make every effort to make all places in the town disability friendly. Thank you for your time and consideration, and vote me for (office running for.)


Sample 2. The campaign speech you don’t want to be caught with.

This sample contains things you should never say in your campaign speech whether you wrote this or you’re a speechwriter writing for Trump or Clinton. Please pay attention.

I won’t actually write much template work here, but there are things you can’t say. Among them are:

My opponent is a criminal with a record for hard time and bad crime. If you’re a juvenile reading this, never ever ever talk about your opponent if he or she was in juvenile hall. It is absolutely awful.

My opponent is incompetent because she is blind, and blind people are … I left the ellipses there because some of you might think attacking a blind person is okay. But it’s not. Attacking an opponent for his or their congenital disability is absolutely off limits. If Hilary herself was disabled, what then would make this campaign fun? Well, Trump would attack her disability, mocking and making fun of her the same as he did with the reporter. This is Donald Trump, someone you don’t want in the White House.

My opponent is retarded or any bad word associated with race, disability, or religious slurs. Do not ever call a Muslim student a “towel head” or a Catholic something worse. When running against someone with disability, do not use the forbidden R word. Censorship anyone? No, it’s called civilized campaign stuff. And we’ve forgotten it.

Now, let’s see if Clinton will beat Trump, and if Trump thinks he’s qualified, then where are the manners of either candidate? Just wait, Trump will attempt to sue Clinton for winning against him, but you know what? She will have won fair and square. I hope she does because nobody, I repeat nobody, should ever attack anyone while doing a civilized political campaign because of a person’s records and so on. Trump could try to have Clinton arrested, but sadly, the made up jibberish the GOP wants you to believe is called not being civil. None of my friends are paying much attention to an election. I’d be happy to run a campaign of civil political good times with my buddy Joey, but bear in mind, I would not go after race, religion, or any other things. I would simply say the following, using sample 1:

Hello, my name is Beth Taurasi. I am running for President of the National Federation of the Blind, and as president of said organization, I feel it is time for a major overhaul. As the President, it would be my obligation to open the public eyes to the reality of current living conditions for blind people, including students and unemployed professionals alike. As the President, I feel that a male candidate for this same position is only living the dream of old timers who are unaware of the living conditions of today’s young blind people. There are thousands of blind people who could benefit from better housing and a meaningful job, but so many employers are not listening to us because of the past presidencies of males, males who are rich, successful, and altogether religious and uneducated on the matter of what it is like to live in this time period. While I’m not completely attacking these folks, it is an obvious disconnect for the ones who could elect a male president, or someone who is so much older than I am. There are many more blind young people and children to think about, and Mr. Oldman isn’t thinking of the unemployed young folks. Not at all.


If perhaps my buddy Joey was not my opponent, suppose he was vice president. Whoa. Even if he ran against me, I would not be attacked. I suppose he’d uphold things, but then put his own spin on some subjects. It’s about bringing out the things you have, not what your opponent does not have.

Letter to Hilary Clinton

Dear Mrs. Clinton,

I know it’s strange that you would dare stare at this, but if you come across this letter posted here on my website, denverqueen.com, I would like to inform you that yes, I do not stand with the GOP. My parents do. Some guy I know called Bill does. Too many of my Christian friends do. But I don’t.

Hilary, you do not realize how important a win for you is to me. It’s my whole life. As I was born blind, I could have had nothing. My family could have easily chosen to abandon me so easily because they seriously can’t handle a disabled child. But dear Hilary, I know your daughter now has a healthy and bouncing baby boy, a treasure she would kiss and play with regardless of whether the boy develops autistic tendencies or not. I trust you, Hilary,  because let’s face it. You and I have the same parts, no joke. I totally get how it would make you feel if someone said you belonged “in jail.” This is not political campaigning. This is truly shaming because of your gender and because Christian white males are becoming no more than a pile of misogynistic creeps who’d like nothing better than to not only throw you around like a rag doll, but to have the “noble” right to sexually assault their spouses, call us women lesser cuts of meat, etc. Let me just turn the tables on the bad boys. Would you like to know a secret, Hilary?

First off, Donald Trump is a lesser cut of meat than me, and you ask why. Well, I don’t watch pictures of myself over and over again. I enjoy playing my music, but don’t think I want to do it to make people pay me for ticket sales. Yes, I need money, but I just want people to realize I put my heart and soul into the music. Trump, for the love of all things holy, is a lesser cut of steak to me because he thinks he’s all that. And he probably never grew up watching the Nickolodeon sitcom style kids’ comedy show either.

Rush Limbaugh is also somebody you oughta know I would do anything to see off the air. The guy made brazen and nasty comments about free birth control. But really, Hilary, he has no idea. Rush doesn’t care that my fiance Trenton and I are simply not going to have kids at this present time, maybe later, but then he didn’t realize that the women taking birth control don’t just do it for pregnancy prevention, they do it for health and medical things like regulating periods. And this misogynistic thought of “do not have sex until you’re ready for kids”, that is so Bill. I can’t tell you how many Bills, not your Bill of course, but so many guys just don’t get it. Some women just want to have fun, right? But then we have medical issues, and don’t tell me Christian owned businesses should tell me not to take something contraceptive.

Even my buddy Blake agrees. Blake is Christian, too, but for heaven’s sake, Blake would have never gotten me pregnant if it wasn’t healthy. Sex isn’t about babies only, it’s a bonding mechanism, and what the Bill and Teds of this world don’t know could hurt their chances of staying on this planet. The misogyny has gotta stop. Some women don’t have vaginas and uteruses, and some women don’t have good ovaries, and if they wish to have sex, let them. If we wish to be able to bond with someone we care about, a kiss, an embrace, and by God that all out bed session is all fine and dandy. But Hilary, I am honest. As long as you keep your husband in check, hey, it’ll be entertaining to watch as you make this country great again.

Donald wants a wall? Well, Hilary, I want a rainbow. Meaning I want people of all colors living together, enjoying each other’s food and culture. Hilary, I miss the days when schools taught us how to say “I like you” in Spanish. I literally break into tears thinking about how “me gusta” from Sesame Street just doesn’t sound the same anymore, all that if Trump built a wall. He wants to ban and deport Mexicans, but then what? My caregiver, a lady of middle age with a few kids, one being pregnant and she’ll be Grandma soon, this woman is so strong and amazing … and Mexican. This lady cooked the best darn Spanish videllos ever, and don’t get me so happy about the enchiladas.

Donald wants to ban Muslims. But I just want to praise God in any way I please. Donald obviously has not read Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s book, Heretic. Three sets of Muslims, and Medina Muslims are the ones to blame for all of our recent Terror attacks. Hilary, your buddy Huma Abedin is Muslim, right? So please, if Donald even mentions this again, let’s make HIM the victim of some female misogyny. LEt him wear a veil and get beaten a few times, and give him no hope of having love. Arrange his marriage to one of those Slovenian girls but let the girls have their way with him. I have a secret longing to see guys like Donald feel our pain, the collective pain of harem wives and many prostitutes and so many modern teenage girls slut shamed in school. Need I say more?

But above all, Hilary, I want you to better the lives of those with disabilities. I am blind, I love my blind boyfriend, we want to be married. And yet, we can’t find jobs. My wish in life is to wake up in a world where I can get a job not because I’m blind, or because my name sounds funny, or because I’m pale as a ghost or black as a pile of ash, or because my hair is brown, red, or blonde, forget the way I talk or walk. Who cares. I’d rather get a job because I can do what the job description entails. But I’d like to take it a step forward: I want guys like fifteen-year-old Ivan Soto permanently banned from the polling places on Election Day if he even so much as trolls my blog. Ivan wrote horrible things about me, you, my fiance, mentally ill people, etc. And don’t tell me white people contribute more to society. Honestly, black folks have done more. Who invented peanuts and crop rotation? Who invented ice cream? Who did all this? Black people. And what white people have done is horrendous.

Hilary, I’m sure your family is progressive, but the general history and background of Caucasian Americans is abysmal. Old Chris Columbus, the guy who sailed in 1492, killed so many because they don’t look like you. His unsanitary sailors and seamen brought not only the bad days for the Arawak Tano people, but they brought so many microscopic armies of diseases that killed off so many kinds of people. My native Florida suffered bunches. Let’s not forget that the Ais, the Timucua, Tequesta, and many other tribes were decimated to extinction. Thanks in large part to Caucasians, they all went out of the list of persons to admire, and then some. And Caucasian have a large problem with stealing, and white privilege is making it seem more real. This kind of privilege allows the history to look darker, and the people have actually done a lot of “landlifting”, as I might call shoplifting other people’s land. Ever seen Chelsea fight with your son? See when Chelsea sat down and then the boy walks up to her demanding her place on the sofa? That’s a smaller scale situation of sorts that if taken into a larger perspective, that’s what white people did to black folks, First Nations, many others. I deplore and condemn Andrew Jackson for his misdeeds, he knew in his dead self what was coming to him. He’s off the $20 in favor of Harriet (Araminta) Tubman, born to Ben and “Old Rit” Ross, known also as Harriet Ross. Ben was Mrs. Tubman’s dad, and he was great. I always thought Tubman had it all right when she freed everybody, and as is written in her epitaph on her stone: “I neb’er run de train off de tracks, and I never lost a passenger.” No kidding.

But if Trump gets the trophy, we’ll all crash. And he’ll lose all the passengers, and I am counting on you. Please read this blog. You don’t know how much I do care about this country’s future. Do something better.

While Donald wants a wall, I want a rainbow. Many rainbows. While Donald wants to ban gay marriage, I want him to feel the love and realize what pain he’d cause if I couldn’t marry because I’m either disabled or gay. What ever.

Just win for me, okay? Do you get it? HEar me out. I love you, and kiss the grandbaby for me. And all of us.

And do give Chelsea and the son in law a hug. Your family owes it to you, and all of us.


Beth Taurasi,

Denver, Colorado

Racism Is Everywhere

Imagine you’re a Native American (or First Nations as it is currently called) and you are stalked by two employees. You are accused of shoplifting when you clearly weren’t shoplifting. You were actually just browsing.

What if you wanted an apartment? As an African descent person, you could be offered different deals than the white guy behind you. Sadly, racism in Canada is exposed in an hour long video I found. Please feel free to subscribe to CBC News, and take a look at the marketplace. IF you would like to watch this video, go ahead and give it a try. Leave a comment, let me know.

Summer Camp for the Disabled: A Rumination Station

Ah, the dog days of summer. You are looking forward to going to a beachside resort, or you’re wanting to hike in the woods, or go chase squirrels off your porch. Any sort of thing will do, but when a family member is disabled or blind or what have you, the choice becomes, “What can this person do?” Well? In this post, I’m going to take a close look at the lives of some campers in a disabled people camp, and we will tell you, what you’re about to see is a shocker.

Ruth Ann was just 8 or so, and she attended the now defunct Florida Lions Camp. She was a cabin mate of mine in Cabin 12. Cabins had numbers or letters, and it seemed like a camp, but look deeper.

When Ruth Ann grows up, she doesn’t have as many options that allow her and other disabled adults to keep adult autonomy. Children and adults with disabilities face a very tough choice in the matter of camp.

Julie Morales would write frequent status updates on Facebook about her experiences at camp. What we see in the posts is anything but fostering adult independence. Julie sometimes says things about the kind of food offered, but when she wanted to go swimming in the camp’s pool, she and her husband, yes that’s right, her husband, were told they could NOT go swimming due to short staff needs. Oh the wonders of disabled camp. This puts the staff in charge of her, something she probably doesn’t want. Ugh.

How many of you adults with disabilities have faced the same story? Think about how many adults with disabilities have to bend to the wishes of counselors, something kids do. Let’s take a look at a sighted kids’ camp, and we’ll tell you, the quality of these camps is ten times better.

I’ll tell you a bit about my experiences at FSU’s Chorus Camp. To start, I had a teenage roommate, and we both had some girly fun, no counselor lived with us. Secondly, we were able to eat with a thousand different girls, all of this taking place in a dorm with a kitchen right below the bedrooms. Then, there was barely any sighted counselor problems, we did not have so much rigid structure! But we did have rehearsals, something you would expect from camps with musicians in it. I was thoroughly able to bond with the students, we being musicians. Something to take note of: there was a professor there that later became a very handy teacher and we’ve crossed paths again and again. Dr. J. Bowers, the best of all the chorus teachers, is someone I’d never not pause to honor. She is like one of those energy bars you can eat, and never eat another thing again. She had so much to offer the campers, and still works today with chorus kids. She crossed paths with both myself and a Maryland All State chorus member who is also blind. She has had nothing but the gold standard of teaching in mind, and I believe that with people like her in the chorus programs of all college and university camps and so on, we could create better musicians and singers. With the kind of energy Bowers brings to the table, we see that there can be a way for disabled musicians to bond with those who don’t have a disability. I had to sadly drop out of the tribe, the Seminole territory being far from inaccessible now that I’ve moved to Colorado for independence training and skills that sadly, no one at FSU could adequately equip me with.

The lesson here is that a subject based summer camp could work for your child. For instance, a blind person could attend a science camp, but with some accommodations. It may not be feasible to do a camp with others who have disabilities not sponsored by consumer groups like the National Federation of the Blind. They offer YouthSlam, a camp for young blind teens that focuses on science, tech, engineering, and math. The “stem” professions as they are called boast high demand, and NFB based science and technology camps can teach these youngsters about ways they can be innovative. There is a huge difference in this camp. One thing I would notice as well as the next guy is that this camp is geared for the blind.  Science can sometimes be visual in the way it works, so a science camp for blind youth is essential. If your blind nerd child wants to be a programmer, this camp is perfect for this.

However, what about fashion and modeling camps? What about cheerleading? When you gave life to your child, was it ever on your mind that she could not cheer with other girls or that he couldn’t play football? I wrote much earlier that cheerleading and football are unimportant aspects of our society, and depending on your town, it just isn’t worth trying to force your son or daughter into a walled up cell called “I can’t cheerlead or play football.” Cheerleaders are often the seductive female figures in sports, so what is the point! Dance camp could be more appropriate.

We oftentimes wonder what our disabled adults can do. When your child ages out at eighteen, he or she cannot attend a regular camp. So the next question is an obvious one, what do you and your adult with disabilities do during the summer? What can be done to ease that person’s boredom? I wouldn’t recommend the kind of camp Julie and others attend, it being too supervised and not fostering adult independence.

What kind of solution could work? Well? Here’s a proposal.

I remember reading a status from my buddy Reina, a gifted programming nerd who also works a full time job, has multiple disabilities, and is so insightful in many areas. Reina was married once, then got rid of her husband, then she decided to go with someone else. Reina currently has lots of these posts up. One of these informative posts had a string of comments, commentary that actually offered a solution to the adult camp brouhaha.

One user says she’d like to see a tiki bar and a beach setting for a camp. That totally tickled my fancy when I saw that and then some. Just imagine all those adults with disabilities being allowed to sip some margaritas and sex on the beach and other kinds of rum beverages on a beach setting, the tiki umbrellas flapping in the breeze. The most ideal locations for this type of camp would be the coastal areas of Florida, anywhere from Miami Beach to the Ponte Vedra beaches around St. Augustine and so many other places. St. Augustine has lots of sites to see, including Castille de San Marcos, the Spanish Coquina fort famous for its choice of the tiny shells as construction bricks. Imagine the safety the Spanish had with this big wonder. Now, put that beach camp nearby. You’ve got a really great site for a really awesome camp.

You could also put the same camp in California’s coastal areas, Hawaii, and the Caribbean, but we’ll let you decide the cheapest location. The Caribbean is not always a friendly place for disabled folks, not always inclusive toward LGBT folks either. Try Antigua and see what that does.

I would not recommend Jamaica because of the expense and the frequent tourism there, worse off for gay people, the thought that Jamaica is dangerous for them as well. Jamaica, while it is a beautiful country full of fun and cultural differences, must conform to inclusivity to make the cut for this camp. It is the third poorest country in the world, so no wonder I wouldn’t pick it. Aruba is fine, but beware the possibility of another Natalie Holloway. Joran Van der Sleut, a young Dutch Aruban boy, was suspect in the case, this involving a mysterious disappearance. Awful, right?

Antigua and Barbuda is a beautiful dual island nation that is situated in the same sort of area. It is a beautifully inclusive area in many ways, and I can tell you that I’ve met several Antiguans. Antigua does not rank as poor as Jamaica but it does have some touristy places. If you’re looking for tiny villages, this might work. And yes, fun in the sun. And it is part of the British commonwealth, so the Queen or other British monarchy reigns as head of state. Britain has a good history behind it. Right next door to Antigua and Barbuda sits St. Kits and then the Grenadines. Whatever island we situate this camp on, it must be inclusive, fascinating, and pristine, fun in the sun.

Suppose you want a more mountainous region. I’d suggest Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. Imagine this: you walk to a wooden cabin, some electricity, some form of signal, and then you just have one or two cabin mates, and then you got it. For an adult with a disability, this might work if they do not have heart problems stemming from congenital defects because the altitude could get the person dizzy even for average folks. But the mountains could be a great place to hang out. Imagine a few cabins with logs around a river, some woods, and some hiking spaces. You got it. And remember that the trails have to be wide enough to fit wheelchairs, but it would work with all that pretty scenery.

You could try the area of Maggie Valley, a picturesque location in the Appalachians, or the Great Smoky Mountains. Both regions are great choices, but think about the inclusive nature of each. Would you want your LGBT adult with disabilities to be told which bathroom to use based on the fact that they were born the opposite of who they are? Do you want your child with disabilities to be looked upon as an idiot or something? In Colorado, we boast a few different metropolitan sites, including a community center that helped get buses accessibly fit for wheelchair users. Go figure I chose Colorado.

For all people, think about the camp you want your member of the family to go to, and just let your mind wander. WE hope you enjoy the rest of the summer.

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