And It Seems The War Never Ends

Readers, I told you all in the last post that obscenity laced comments are not allowed. Also, I got this comment from someone, again posing as an ex and a dear friend, under the following email:
This is unreal. Sir, you were told not to write here. If you write one more unbelievable comment, I’m going to file complaints. I’m going to spam every single illegitimate email address you could use. I want to know who the hell you are working for so I can give this guy notice that you are an antisocial narcissist, something that your God, Trump, promotes,
Here’s your comment, right here for all my readership to see.
Okay, fine Beth, not Krispy Kremes. How about f***ing crunch wrap supreme with bacon? You eat that s***! You sit on your ass, whining about how you have no money, you need food, you need clothes, you need a f***ing BrailleNote, yet, you, somehow, have enough money to stuff your face with, wait for it, a crunchwrap with bacon and a burrito! And KFC yesterday? You eat out all the f***ing time! You have some f***ing nerve! Taxpayers pay for you to stuff your face with Taco Bell! Un, f***ing, believable! Oh, and what about this s***ty blog? Dear readers? what readers? The money you spend to keep it running could buy you food! Or clothes! **Sir, I keep a blog for your information because blogging would enhance my brand. Thank you for dissing my blog, and above all, thank you for telling taxpayers what to pay for. If you think this is amusing, taxpayers are paying for me to get sick at food bank prices, nothing. Taxpayers should get the priority straight and not pay for the military to go out and kill and kill and kill. Do you think the disabled are more important than a bunch of liars? Well, you’re not exactly a blind guy, are you? You are illegitimate, a liar, and no, I do not eat Crunchrap supreme. You are obviously one of my FB friends, so shut up and quit reading my Facebook page. It is for friends only obviously. I can’t check in and write the rest of the LEGITIMATE friends without you causing problems. So guess what? Get the hell off my Facebook page. You obviously don’t know. Listen up, you rotten boil sitting on my leg, my boyfriend and I are actually getting out of the house. And for this, you reward us with bad language and bad commentary about how we shouldn’t eat out at all. Guess what? We didn’t *exactly have safe foods to eat, and we also did not have a real way to haul stuff up thirteen floors to our top floor apartment. It is not the safest building in the world, and you should see the fire code violations this building could get if it does not allow stairs in it, which it does not put into any view. Wheelchair users have fun on the elevators, but what if such people get caught in a house fire/apartment fire? I guess you don’t care, so guess what? I’m amping this up. I’m going to tell my ex’s mom when I get finished with you. If you ever so much as use someone’s name, whether my ex’s or my current boyfriend’s I do not care, you will lose any privilege you have of using the Internet. Here comes the next bit of absolute trash you wrote.**
You clearly are full of s*** and need to get your f***ing priorities in order!
And guess what? I applied for my f***ing job independently! The application was 100% accessible! That’s right, rehab didn’t do jack s*** for me! You could too, if only you would stop f***ing finding the negative, the worst case scenario in every! F***ing! Thing! I may be an asshole, but I’m trying to f***ing help you! You don’t need to be poor! Stop using your blindness or mental disability as an excuse!

Here’s my bit here. Sir, you’re not helping and you never have. All you do is sit there cussing through the comments and making it look like I control the Internet, and I do not. I realize this is freedom of thought, freedom of speech, but we clearly need some form of protection against guys like you who want to sit there and hurt me like a piece of glass in the garbage that sits on the floor. Go to Hell, you don’t exist, I don’t know your name, legitimately. I do not know who you are, never knew who you were, and about that job? I hope to God you’re so fired like in Trainwreck where Amy’s character is fired. I hope you get fired for the use of profanity as highlighted here. Do not, and I’m gonna say this again, do not mess around with me. If you think this is fun, watch the cops. They’re coming to your door next comment you make regarding my Facebook page, use of profanity and obscenities included. You will lose your privileges of use of the Internet. You may be an adult, you high and mighty scumbag, but guess what? Everything is a privilege still, that including the use of a blog to vent your feelings. Even I know that.
First of all, do not tell me what to do with your taxpayer money. I’m not staying cooped up in an apartment stealing things from taxpayers. Second of all, keep all the names of my friends off your comments. Got that? Otherwise, you’ll be sorry. More sorry than safe, I’m afraid. This is no threat, it’s a promise. I know because you just resist every time I ask you to stop. Readers, if you all wish to comment, please refer to the rules before. Do not if you are friends with me block me at any point because I don’t find that amusing. Sir, as for you, you haughty rich scum, you need to get your priorities in order. Clothes would need to be fit for me, and I have no friends who can critique clothing and the best matches and all that. Sorry, that’s why I rarely go clothes shopping. Now, here’s how people lose use of the Internet: use of obscenities, porn related crimes such as chatting with teenage girls for sex, and threats. Again, I’m not threatening you, I’m promising that if you write one more comment, I’m getting your IP address and using it to track you, then you’ll be sorry you wrote any of the comments. You’re not trying to “f***ing help” me. I’m poorer than the rest of this world, but get this: I don’t drive a car. But I don’t need a rich scumbag commenting on these posts in illegitimate email addresses either. I’m actually venturing into self-employment thank you. My boyfriend and I are planning a business, but since Social Security keeps goofing up my boyfriend’s address, we’re having issues. I’m not going into it since all you do is yell and throw obscene commentary at me. Now, to all the rich scum of the earth, either move to Europe if you’re not happy with what your taxpayer dollars go to or accept what we as Americans fought for. Thank you for flying with WordPress, yall, and as for the scumbag who comments under my best bud’s name, … well, don’t make threats or play the part of someone you’re not. Thanks.
Beth Taurasi,

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

4 thoughts on “And It Seems The War Never Ends”

  1. Beth,
    Don’t let the bastards get you down. Apparently this particular individual has no life and is miserable on top of it. So, he seeks to lower you to his level.

    I had to deal with this kind of cyber-bullying back in the late 1990’s. Back then, I reacted a lot like you did today and all it caused was more problems. What I did was a bit more creative. I found their IP addresses and wrote abuse complaints alleging excessive use of profanity, harassment and threats. I would also quote their own TOS back to them. Most of the cyber-bullies that came after me ended up losing their internet (and in 1 case, one was jailed for issuing death threats).

    My advice here: take a step back, calm down and then get creative in how you deal with the problem.


    1. I was thinking about this. If I find the guys IP address, I’ll probably end up reporting him but I don’t know where. I’ll probably end up reporting into WordPress but I wasn’t sure where. I do need to find his IP though and thank you for letting me know this. I am so going to make sure this guy gets jailed or loses his internet for the excessive use of profanity and I have starred out all the profane words just about. At least I get to Star out the profanity because it’s my blog and I choose what to do with it. Thank you very much for your kind and supportive gesture. This is exactly what I’m going to do. I swear I’m going to find this guy’s IP address and I’m going to get him so good. I hope the guy learns a very good lesson about true freedom of speech and it is not the freedom


  2. The military protects the rights of all citizens. They are those that are willing to do violence so that others can live peaceful lives. They are the ones willing to die to defend the constitution. Having a strong military protects the citizens of this country from those that would do us harm. People like you have the right to say what ever you want because of those men and women that as you say “kill, kill,kill”. The soldier above all prays for peace. Please think about that before you talk down to the military.


    1. While I have nothing really against the armed forces and all of that, I do have something against some of the stuff that I covered in previous replies and didn’t previous posts. The guy that I was talking about or that I was going back at was using excessive profanity and did not really have his priorities straight. At least the Armed Forces fight for something. The military has kind of gone beyond just violent killing, were indeed combat. We’ve sort of gotten into this thing where the military is doing something called nation-building. So I think they combined occupations of the armed forces are indeed necessary, however, is that the only thing this country should be doing? While I do think the country does need to get some of its priorities straight, if the only thing that one young man in this country can hope for is military service, it’s very sad. I think that this country needs a little more economical stability. Which means, in any sense, this young man that I assume would be the next generation of young men, if anything he needs a better school, better books, better literature that does not exactly up old narcissism and or insipid text as the law. For more information about the lack of literature in school, please read the language police. It Is by an educational historian who has been looking into the issue for years. There is also a more recent text called reign of error. That text is extremely awesome. And there are many good things in that text that I would totally take into consideration. Now I have nothing against the military, only against what the government wants to do to the military. I think the government’s kind of overstepping what the military is even capable of. With Donald at the helm, we may have something even more to worry about. I think that Donald may be playing Halo with this country and I don’t know exactly how. I think that the current state of the military is just fine. At least they can fight for us, but I think some people don’t know what the military is fighting for. I have nothing against people going into combat to protect other people but not just going into combat. We need to be able to go into a sort of priority mode when it comes to education of our children, keeping the workforce today with better economical opportunities for all, and we need to be able to teach forward-thinking students how to think forward, not how to be narcissists. I think that schools these days do not know what they’re talking about. Not all schools, not all of them. Just some.


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