Why Use a VPN and other weird Matters

Dear Readers,

I think the weirdest matter to take command of today is why some stickers ended up all over a bookstore hosting Drag Queen Story Time for kids. First and foremost, I don’t give a hoot about who the hell is reading to my children, as long as they are learning to love books and be tolerant and awesome people, right? So for the haters who’ve hated on Drag Queen Story Hour, stop it. These people are simply dressing up in drag, reading to kids, and I would read to kids dressed up as characters from a book, including a guy. So what’s wrong with a girl dressing up like that? What about a man in a dress? Any drag outfit is fine with me. Drag queen story hour is not what we and kids need protection from. It’s the bigots who threw vandalizing things on the bookstore property. To the guys and gals responsible for this hatred, hate groups are no match for the love these drag queens have of reading to kids. For Heaven’s sakes, let anyone read to children. Hey, I read to kids at one point, and they came to love when I read Braille books to them. The kids took note. I was like them, loving to read. The younger ones wanted to see the pictures, of course, and they loved hearing the animation. I had the most animated second grade teacher, Ms. Ethel Kozak, who read many a book to us kids while we sat there and listened. She made villains appear meaner, nice people appear nicer, and so much more. Would it have been any different with drag queens? I think not.

Drag queen story hour is something I could go on about, but let me now offer you a tip on traveling in Internet restrictive areas of the world, like China. First, use a VPN such as Express VPN. It has the added bonus of being located in the BVI (British Virgin Islands.) This means you get total privacy while browsing the web, and of course reading my blog entries. Just be careful not to let the Chinese or worse, the Myanmari government see what I’m writing here because it’s none of their damned business. Of course, if you can’t access my blog in really far flung areas of the world, first thing just check your Wifi and VPN settings and make damn sure you’re connected. Secondly, if you wanna read my blog, go to a private space. This is a sacred book, not like the sacred book you might read on Sundays or Fridays. This is, however, a sacred book flooded with ideas, thoughts, opinions. This isn’t a divine instruction manual, I swear to all things good.

Because it is the fiftieth anniversary of the Stonewall riots, I want to bring attention to a really disturbing thing Boston did. A straight pride parade will be held at all, and this is what makes it so stupid: Mylo Yanopolis, that ugly trollfaced idiot, will be mascot and grand martial for the parade. Waht the hell is this thing celebrating exactly? Whites have like next to nothing to celebrate, except privilege, eating caviar and foie gras and steak daily, living large, and keeping black people out of restaurants at all times. White people are celebrated for the Trail of Tears, which wiped out half the Cherokee nation. Now, Cherokees aren’t a nation as much anymore. Blame it all on Jackson who removed so many good people from the land that was owed to them, that they got there first wasn’t a concern. Mary Musgrove wasn’t that important in the eyes of Georgia history either. Ugh. If you read a book on the history of any of the former Confederate states of freaking America, you will find ugly truths that go so far as to block out black and gay folks from history. And we’re supposed to believe that a straight pride parade can be held anywhere? Even in the place where I was treated like a queen, Legal’s Seafood’s hometown? Where the blind get a special transit card for the T? Where people are that sweet and actually dress in their finest for a beach wedding? Where clam chowder is the staple of many a fancy banquet? Why? Boston, what have you to say for yourselves? Mylo Yanopolis is a troll, a liar, banned from all social media, can’t say a word, and you’re letting him spew his hatred across your city? I find it disturbing, very disturbing that any one city in America would allow a hate group to do a parade. Straight pride is akin to allowing Proud Boys and other known white supremacist groups, antigay and sexist groups and others to perform stunts promoting their bullshit. I have always been a fan of civil rights, but these guys? These stupid white nationals are causing Esoteric Quality a lot of pain, stunning my friends in Boston with their hate, and trying to erase the rights of women to do what they want and should for their body and mind health. Alabama is a handmaid state thanks in part to people who avow as white nationals, and of course a GOP led government body that doesn’t give a crap and a district attorney said they would not pursue charges of murder against a pregnant woman who lost her baby? This is all because of white male privileged … dare I say this? Assholes. Assholes, assholes, assholes. I have to write this three times over because there’s no better way to describe it.

I don’t wish violence on anybody, but any white supremacist like the guy who trolled me years back certainly needs a wake up call. These stupid white people who tramp on my rights, the rights of my fiance and his family, the rights of all citizens not born in Gilead, these people are going to possibly become what the Handmaid’s Tale foretells. They will be church leaders, forcing women to have sex with them in exchange for babies born of their own blood, and they will send all women deemed unfit and impregnable to their stupid little colonies in the sea. The unwomen, as Atwood calls these people. Black women will not submit to handmaidhood, but rather if they are seen, they will probably end up where all the un-women ed up, in labor camps. I don’t say this to threaten, hurt, or doom people. It is a prediction I’m seeing in Alabama, and we need to stop it before it is too late, and straight pride parades are held everywhere. In all cases, white and straight men should not be holding a parade to celebrate their nasty privilege that has held sway for the entire life of this country.

We have a Juneteenth parade in Denver, sadly I wasn’t there. But Juneteenth is a celebration of the emancipation of slaves in the former Confederacy and so on. Trenton would have likely been enslaved had this never come to pass. It was a courageous Abraham Lincoln who freed all the slaves, but white people are trying to do what they did in Reconstruction era history, vote out colored government officials. We won’t let this happen, and the LGBTQIA community will not stand for Gilead, not its flag or its holy books or its torches or its hoods or its forced servitude both physically and sexually of all young women who are white. We will stand for the United States of America, its stars and stripes, and the pride flag, the trans pride flag, and yes, the flag stands for freedom, freedom from all constraints on abortion, freedom from sexual servitude, freedom from forced marriages, freedom from unneeded guardianship and conservatorships, freedom from pain and suffering as a result of who you are, the color of your complexion, or character. I will never stand for Gilead, only the U.S. ANd I will never be classified as a handmaid, not allowed to read a book, write this blog, or sing songs of love and heartache, and I will never submit to Commander Jason in any way. I have a man I desired, and from the beginning, I desire him. Over all men, he is the best I’ve had, and I don’t want any other. As for the name Commander Jason, I could be talking about Jason Kesler, an avowed white supremacist. I could be talking about Jasons or Franks or Freds or Bobs in all the old Confederacy states who want and desire a child, but can’t have one.

Guess what? There’s a thing called adoption. Let the adoption agency do the work of finding you a child. This way, I can remain Elizabeth and not OfJason. Or worse, OFred. Or Ofsteven. Oh, I could name many guy names in here, but it stops here.

I could be known as a Martha, in charge of cooking and chopping, but I won’t let some commander Fred ruin my career. Nobody touches my friends, nobody. Nobody messes up this country, whose states number fifty, not two and one. Religious fanatics must keep their fanaticism to themselves, for it is not welcome. Do I wish the holy book said, verily I say unto you, leave my women alone! Don’t use free and forced handmaid’s work to get a child, don’t use us as vessels for breeding, don’t talk to us if you can’t stop hating us. Don’t mess around with women who are in relationships, don’t get on top of comatose disabled women who can’t even say no. Just don’t.

In any case, I’m pooped. The power blinkd eight plus times, more than sixteen times and it is rather hot as an oven outside, I could bake in here.

Hatred has no place in a land of freedom, so we must follow that principle.

Thank you.


Some news you readers should know

Dear Readers,

Esoteric Quality is back in business. Except I have to call out Twitter for hypocrisy in suspending his right to post for weeks on end. I can understand high profile supremacists and conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones being suspended, same with all the other people who supported InfoWars. But Esoteric Quality must be allowed to speak his mind. This has been happening too many times since Trump took office, and in some people’s minds, priority. Trump blocked me on Twitter, which he isn’t supposed to do because he’s a world leader and blocking your opponents on Twitter is pure censorship. I would like to thank Clayton for popping in and texting me unexpectedly when he did, and I celebrate the accomplishments we can get done together. As for Twitter, let this man post. Revoke all suspensions, and do not do it again. Putting Trump opponents in time out for being who and what they are is appalling. Stop persecuting Esoteric Quality and his friends, permanently let him post, and indeed, suspend Trump and his tweets. I don’t want Trump tweeting any more conspiracies and lies as much as the next guy, but him being a world leader does not put him above your terms of service, which Clayton is following. You accuse him of violating every paragraph of the terms because you can, because you have a bro out crush on Trump, not any empathy for the activists who are working hard to secure a better and safer world for disabled people’s existence.

Here are the amendments you can make to the “terms.”:

1. No person shall use Twitter to incite violence, terrorism, and hate.

2. Any white supremacist, antigay, antiwoman, and other antis who wish to incite violence through Twitter will b permanently suspended from the system.

Thank you all for your cooperation in reading this, and I stand with Clayton as he tries to get his Twitter back in business. Please make sure you know either myself or him before you message or text because that is probably the only way he can be reached. If you’re on Mewe, you can find him there as well. Plase follow me there on Mewe as well, at the following link:


Strange Among the Different: A Review of the Album by Will and the Tribe

Dear readers,

Time for a music review. My friend Lavender and her band, the Tribe, put out a fresh set of songs in a beautiful album, Strange Among the Different. First, let me tell you guys a bit about the tribe.

The tribe is run by a guy called Will Darkangelo, minister at the First Parish Church of Fitchburg, a Universal Unitarian church with a big twist. UU churches support LGBTQI+ and … bonus, they support the disabled. I would find one in Colorado, but can’t seem to get the man to join me at church.

Anyway, Will and his band have done some incredible mentorship opportunities, and Will and his husband, Jamie, adopted Lavender, whose recent singing has gone viral. Lavender herself started life in challenging circumstances, under a different name, in a Laos Asian family that didn’t quite understand where she came from in blind and autistic circles. Lavender rose to become one of the Tribe’s most important singers, and still sings today.

IF I want to get to the meat and potatoes, here’s a summary of the album I want to review here.

The Tribe has a great set of original sounds in their original compositions as well as covers. One of my favorite songs on the album, oddly enough, is a song Bobby McFerrin wrote, Don’t Worry, B Happy. Even Will as he sang gave Mr. McFerrin the credit for writing the song, which is well deserved. Bobby has done some incredible work over the years, and it’s refreshing to see the Tribe put a new spin on his work.

My favorite original has to be Lavender’s own composition, Will I Ever. She has a crystal clear voice, ringing out as she sings of the passing of two of her Tribe friends. This band is so close, but I might add that in all their recordings in the album, they sound like they’re all having a lot of fun doing things together. I think the most original cover they’ve done besides the Don’t Worry Be Happy song is the strangely different version of Colors of the Wind, from Disney’s Pocahontas, which though the film is not my favorite, the song is better in all ways. Will’s tribe version of this song sends a powerful message about difference, the same message conveyed in Vanessa Williams’s title version. Of course, I forgot the original name of the Virginia Algonquin girl who is associated with that song, but Pocahontas, as I’d later come to know, seemed more memorable to the British explorers who did not speak the language, but they settled Jamestown in 1607, and the real story of the girl is written by the famed John Smith, but that’s another story for a different day. The Tribe made it known that Colors of the Wind is certainly not going away any time soon.

I think the most interesting song they did was one called Fortunate Son, and to round out the most interesting, we still have the Star Spangled Banner. One can tell the harmonies throughout all these songs were carefully constructed, and yes, I loved the beats. They were, as one guy might say, really groovy. Sick, groovy, full of passion and light. That’s how I’d describe this album. It is, indeed I have to add, not too strange, but still, among the different when it comes to music.

Note: I sadly don’t have a website for Lavender but if you want to check out the album, it is available in iTunes, Google, and other streaming services such as Spotify. Just search Strange Among the Different by Will and the Tribe, and you’ll find it. I’d love to acknowledge all of my friends and supporters here in the blogosphere, and if anyone wants to read this review, feel free.


Hateful Comments Are Not Allowed!!!

Dear friends,

I want to make one thing clear. Victim blaming and speaking against my chorus friends will not be allowed anywhere, whether on my blog or on my pages which include, but are not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Mastodon, and Mewe. So if you want to write something like I posted earlier in my Facebook and it was a screenshot of my post plus hateful words spoken about black people and LGBTQI+ individuals, you will be out of my circle. I can’t fathom why anyone, including the woman who wrote the hateful piece of crap on my Facebook, would even go about doing so. Here is some of the misinformation she’s written about me and my chorus friends:

1. She says homosexuals are pedophiles. Bullshit. None of this is true. Pedophiles are specifically a type of child molester who is genuinely sexually attracted to kids. This is dangerous, and can be treated with counseling and meds like anyone else would do it. Pedophiles sometimes abuse girls, some boys. Some abuse both. But pedophiles do not care if a kid consents, and the behavior of such is that the molester, including a pedophile, grooms the child for sex in slow deliberate or perhaps whirlwind steps that include subjugating the child subject so that they have to let the adult abuse them in the end. Homosexuals are and I repeat are NOT that way. I’ve spent so much time with these people, and the thing that differentiates them is something that even someone without a psych degree can learn: consent. Gay and lesbian and bisexual or whatever else you are is fine with me, and teens should know that this is okay. But this girl who wrote the hateful comment, if anything, should be asking herself why she would misinform a more progressive public about LGBTQI+ individuals. What on earth is she thinking?

2. She blamed Michael Brown for his death. Wrong. Michael Brown died because of the error of the cop, and no black boy deserves to die. None. Black lives do matter, including that of my fiancé, who is black, my fiancés family, his mom and grand mom, and many other African Americans who might distrust the police. There has been a NAACP travel advisory on the state of Missouri, which my fiancé and I follow in case the cops want to shoot one of us for drugs. No, that is not what they should have done to Michael Brown and Alton Sterling and Stefan Clark, and so many others. Shooting a black unarmed man should be a felony murder charge, automatic life imprisonment, and restitution for the families involved. This hateful woman doesn’t know that Danielle Jacobs, who died soon after revealing she wanted to live authentically as a male, was shot to death by the cops because they were disabled and mixed race possibly. The cops saw them pull a knife out, but finished the suicide job not knowing that that was what they wanted. Their brother lives with that regret every single year. HE has to wake up with nightmares, he has to find a place that will bury her properly, his poor sister had Evangelical uncles who damned her to Hell. So her brother had to bury her, and had to speak up to get a settlement which amounted to more than 80,000 big ones because the cops screwed up. And this man, mind you, is not the only one who’s had a tussle with the Mesa police department. And Mesa is hardly the only place with no regard for disabled human life.

3. She discriminated against my support of Gala Choruses, incorporated misinformation from the old testament into it, stating that homosexuality is “an abomination in God’s eyes.” Uh, wrongo. What happened when we said pork was an abomination in God’s eyes? And shellfish? I sure can’t give up the crispy bacon. But the homosexuality part? Jesus did not say this, and true Christians should understand that damning people to Hell for who they are is the greater sin. So what if you liked it when the riots broke out in NYC? That fifty year old problem became the Gay Rights Movement, which turned into my friend Christine living as she wants to be, her authentic self. She is a loving and very happy woman, transgender and all, and has the rights of every human being under her being. She can do whatever she wants, use whatever bathroom she wants, do what she wants and eat wherever she desires. I enjoyed shopping with her. Where’s the misinformation in that? Nowhere. The movement resulted in my friends Julie and Sena, both proud out women who’ve married their desired partners, one is not gonna stop her work and she’s an extremely outgoing awesome lady I’ve come to know as a friend, a mother, and she and her female spouse have found a great balance. Julie is a bookworm, I think, and I’ve gotten to know some great things about her. She recommended one of my next book adventures I’m going to dive into. In no way does this movement mean sin. The misinformed idiots who really don’t get it are going to have to reevaluate themselves, and put themselves in the shoes of the LGBTQI+ individuals and black people they hurt every day with their words.

I’d like to thank my chorus buddies for standing with me, for telling me things will be fine. The ignorance and hatred toward these individuals is paramount in the girl’s comments. I was, indeed, mistreated for being disabled and born out of wedlock. She blames me for this. This is another classic case of what we call textbook victim blaming. I have had sexual jokes told about me, namely by an ex. That ex went on to hurt nine other girls around the country, and he could harass and even rape women around the world online. How is that, you ask? Well, all you need to do is grab a mouse or keyboard, microphone, a webcam, and then the question you would ask is, “Can I see your titties/private parts on cam?” This guy could do it without a cam, as he can’t see, but he could still ask, “Will you make me aroused?” He could do anything to harass women and talk homophobic and transphobic comments. HE has alienated many people who could have been his friends, and one such is a transgender who came and stayed at my house once so they could go to gala choruses. I support the work of the Denver Women’s Chorus. The hatred and ignorant comments stop right here. My friends are amazing and I won’t stop loving and caring for these people, and their world is as much mine as it is their own. IF anyone wants to comment here in any way, the blog or Facebook, please be respectful and don’t spout misinformation about anything from shots to homosexuality. It is important that impressionable young minds who read this find nothing but true statements here.

As for my blaming everything on my mistreatment, the victim blaming, that stops here too. I’m going to pass on going to church, all this because churches don’t cater to blind individuals who are in relationships outside of a wedding. They are too strict and won’t help you if you don’t follow their rules and doctrines. Forget that. I should be entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Why? Because hell, it says so in the Constitution, and I was denied this in Florida because of lying ass parents who do not get it.

So now I live in Colorado, and am struggling to find happiness, but who gave me that happiness? Yep, Soar choir and DWC. If anyone thinks it’s a sin, it’s not. Let people be who they are, don’t blame victims of mistreatment for their mistreatment, and stop vouching for white cops who shoot unarmed black men. Black lives do matter.

Thank you all for your support, and to the DWC sisters who might see this, you go get ’em. I will have to blog again later.


Stonewall Riots:The Dangers of Living Authentic Selves in the1960s And Earlier

Dear Readers,

As promised, a full review of the Stonewall documentary from the American Experience. Let me start with how outraged about the propaganda bulletins dealing with homosexuality. Just imagine someone saying this about blind people. “Blind people have a disease called blindness that is contagious, and they are happy in institutions.” Now take out the blindness and institutions, and add the following in the same sentence: “Homosexuals are diseased, they are happiest when in straight marriages, jail, and being shocked.” What I just wrote is just a scratch of the surface of what LGBTQI plus individuals went through in the 1960s and earlier. Before the Stonewall Riots, LGBTQI individuals were treated like … well, a disease waiting to end the world. We’ve been obsessing over the world ending since the human race began, so this idea of LGBTQI individuals being diseased is awful. There was plenty of propaganda in this video to sift through, and in any case, the rage and anger at the mistreatment of LGBTQI individuals translates to women, disabled people, etc. I could come up with many weird stereotypes people still hold about blind people, but LGBTQI individuals faced many weird and awkward and outrageous stereotypes from the straight society. One of the ones they still face is the idea that homosexuals are pedophiles.

Unfortunately, someone on my Facebook is prey to this stereotype, she believes that homosexuals are pedophiles. This is about 100% not true. Pedophiles, according to the mental health community, are attracted to and have fantasies regarding prepubescent children. Some abuse boys, others girls, some others abuse both. But those folks don’t count as LGBTQI and their “love” harms children. Christian hate groups have recently been talking about executing LGBTQI+ people, and this is hateful and disparraging. In the 1960s, homosexual sex between consenting adults was illegal, but to go further than this, executing friends and neighbors, this is awful.

The Stonewall Riots brought about change, and made people realize that homosexuals have rights too and should be recognized. Another weird stereotype, outrageous as it is, is that it is natural to love the opposite sex, but unnatural to be gay or bi or queer or whatever. Well, that is also 100% untrue.

I’ve spent ten years of my life wondering about this, and the dawn of my Stonewall Riots moment, which I’ll write about later, came in Tallahassee ten years ago.

The American Experience documentary showed people being arrested, and now I also know where the Village girls thing came from. During the Riots, or should I say the Uprising, some queer and gay guys got together and acted out a Rockettes kick routine and said the following, “We are the Village girls, we wear our hair in curls. We wear our dungarees above our scabby knees.” They did this routine to show solidarity with one another as the police went on and on trying to pull the people from the bar. We actually acted that one out in the Quiet No More piece we did in DWC, or Denver Women’s Chorus.

The entire documentary showed people that were actually there, and the people interviewed were diverse. One guy who was interviewed was the morals head of the NYPD. Seymour Pine did not fire his weapon at the patrons in the Stonewall, and he ordered his men not to fire unless he did, so it is said. Mr. Pine’s apologetic way of addressing this stuff was palpable in the whole thing.

Now, I’ll tell you guys how I can relate to such a moment, my Stonewall moment.

\I went to the LGBTQIA bible study to find wonderful and accepting individuals who understood my difference. While LGBTQI+ individuals still get lots of hate and backlash today, particularly from Christian groups, some other groups want my class of individuals, blind people, not to exist as well. Florida, of all the states in the union, decided to allow a Make America Straight again campaign to occur in a church built on hate. A Tennessee lawman preached for the execution of gays, which I hope earns him the revocation of his badge. People don’t seem to get it. Stonewall for the LGBTQI+ was for me my day I left Florida, and said, no. I resisted as much as I could in being asked to come back, and now I’m active as an ally in the Denver gala community. Tallahassee doesn’t have a gay men or gay women’s chorus, but then there are people who actually give a crap about us. What disgusts me today is that people think homosexuality is still a form of sexual deviance, even though in the psychological community, it is not. Pedophilia and homosexuality have both been around since recorded time, but homosexuality has become recognized as something taht happens between two consenting individuals. Children can’t consent, and anyone who thinks pedophiles should be given the right to have sex with children, well, it’s not good for the kids involved. Leigh Baker has studied sexual deviants for a long time, probably retired by now, but her book shows how predators, particularly pedophiles and situational child molesters, operate and abuse. LGBTQI+ individuals are 100% not that way, and they don’t make others the same way. Love itself can be a contagious thing, and the good energy the Pride folks put out is contagious, but not their attraction to one another. In any case, I better run to bed now. For your information, the American Experience documentary is based on a book by David Carter, available as a bard audio book, called Stonewall. Ii’d recommend reading this book, and I wish schools would read this book as a module for history because civil rights of all people are important.


Upcoming Blog Posts: Stonewall Uprising and More

Dear readers,

If you are classified as LGBTQIA or anything under the sun really, you should probably read this. I am proud to say I’ve been an ally for ten years, and upon watching the American Experience documentary on the Stonewall Uprising, I’m floored. What if this had happened to any other group of people? I mean, blacks, women, antiwar people? And yet, the gays were the last of the major groups of that decade of the ’60s to get their rights, period. Stonewall was/is an inn and bar in Greenwich Village New York City, a place where you could dance with your partner and really be yourself. But when the cops busted down the club, the guys and gals in the gay movement fought back, and the whole American Experience documentary was about this, but I want to hold back in writing a full on review of the documentary because there is more to it than just the Stonewall Uprising. I want to make you guys aware that homosexuality was seen as a disease, a mental defect curable by shock treatment and sometimes lobotomy. Lobotomy is dangerous and Rosemary Kennedy is one high profile victim of such, but she’s hardly the only one in the club. Many people tied to have their homosexual children shocked out of it, lobotomized or worse, castrated surgically. It was awful. And it didn’t help that in the documentary, … okay, I’ll just say this. There were full on propaganda bulletins about who homosexuals were after, what they were, etc., and most if not all of these things were harmful to the current generation of LGBTQIA + individuals. Of course, we still hav a long way to go. LGBTQ+ youth still compose the largest group that contemplates suicide. The Trevor Project does lifesaving work to help these youth recover and find the strength to live, provide them with resources for shelters and so on. So many LGBTQ+ youth and adults are homeless, and has anyone watched Boy Erased? You should, for it is a serious thing about a Christian family that sends their child to one of those ministry camps for beating out gayness. Well, it won’t work.

Anyway, the propaganda films I’ll go into more detail in over the blogosphere later. But I will warn you guys, the content of these videos is quite interesting to say the least, and still harms the people it was intended for. It made people look like monsters, and I have so many friends who identify as LGBTQ+ and I make up the A in that. I forgot the I, but the + … not sure.

Anyway, imagine if someone said, don’t hang around blind people, they’ll make you be blind too. Imagine if someone said, people who are unable to walk should learn that walking is the best way to live. Imagine if someone told you that your illness is contagious, meaning depression. That’s the gist of the propaganda of the 1960s that was spreading around and I’ll try and find some of the archives and share it here.

Thank you all for reading, and don’t forget the Trevor Project if you know someone who is LGBTQI who needs help in finding life, shelter, food, etc. A note to homeless shelters: discriminating against transgender and otherwise lesbians, gays, and bisexuals as well as intersex individuals is not something I support. Please do your part in helping these young and adult lives become bright and sunny, by offering them your roof.


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