I Voted! And the Importance of Help America Vote Act

You can’t see the ballot in front of you, so voting absentee is an invasion of your privacy. What do you want to do? When you go to a polling place, you should be able to vote secretly, and with the accessible voting machines, one would think this is possible. However, many polling workers do not know how to use the voting machines or how to set them up. Now is the time for more training for poll workers so we the blind can vote in secret.
The NFB has announced via its newsline service that there will be a hotline for those experiencing problems at the polling places, so if you are blind or visually impaired or a poll worker, do realize there is that hotline. I believe that it is up to blind Americans to vote in secret. Though Trenton and I voted, we were assisted by a nonprofit and it was no secret. I kept pushing the agenda of a secret ballot, but for blind people, the secret ballot is almost an off limits dream. Poll workers in Florida recently got a call from a buddy of mine because they were untrained and not exactly able to say they had an accessible voting machine, which that’s against the law. The election commission will deal with them, of course, and my friend will hopefully be able to cast a secret ballot like everybody else. I must say that whether you’re working or not, cast your ballot. Mahatma Gandhi, an Indian activist for peace, once said, “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” Well, Americans aren’t going to be that unless we vote, cast a completely independent secret ballot. The poll workers must be trained in how to deal, and accessible voting machines must be available to blind voters. If not, then how do you expect us to be the “change” that America needs to see? Blind people can be effective change agents, but we’re prevented from it by barriers that we don’t put in front of us, rather it is the fault of family and well meaning friends, or so we think. Politicians will also be the worst examples for us and that also includes NFB insiders. If we can’t take over the White House, storm the internet with blog posts in support of independence for blind people, rat out politicians who don’t support us–like Old Mr. Donald, right?–we will ultimately be second class forever. So here’s what we do: step 1 is to go vote.
Step 2 is to petition.
Step 3 is to exercise our rights to assemble such as that done by the NFB and ACB. Both organizations are good examples of people assembling and doing this for a need’s basis. The blind need associations that actually give a damn about inside situations, however, and ACB seems to understand that. The free i-bill is an example. Currency reading is to me more important than the latest tech toys and the Internet of stuff! Why is it also more of a priority to make bullying and trolling more accessible than ever? We should close all those doors, not with negatively worded resolutions, but with positively worded ones geared toward educating blind youth and adults about bullying and online behavior. I’ve been trolled more than three times, and it was by the same guy, and it was consistently pro Trump. This means that politicians should also get in on the fray. No bullying should be the slogan, the mantra, the whatever. This should mean that internet sites like WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, and others should take it seriously, even if I’m not Leslie Jones, the famed Ghostbusters star. Stardom should not decide the fate of internet trolls. I should, and with one simple report. Suspended Twitter accounts like Republicking should remain as such, and so should any other Twitter account that this troll, Ivan, has used. If you violate the rules, things should be done about it. And if you’re a minor violating the rules, a parent phone call should be made by the violatee. In my case, I was going to inform the Sotos that their son was acting highly inappropriately online, using disposable emails, commenting furiously inappropriate crap on my blog, attacking myself and my future husband, who is African American. Let me be clear: Trump inspires too many Ivans in this world, and they carry more diseases than houseflies. The diseases aren’t what you think, more like negative connotations. A vote for Clinton is a vote for real change, change within the responsibility of Americans and our nearly 300-year-old democracy. Trump can’t jail Hilary Clinton, in fact she’d have to be impeached and the trial would have to result in a guilty verdict by the Senate. It would clearly be partisan politics at work. So guys, think about what you want for this country. Do you want me to seriously move to Canada? Do you want me to have to stay in a world where I’m not respected because of blindness? Do you want me to be second class forever? Then if you do, Trump world is where you belong. Clinton even mentioned the disrespect the GOP nominee has for disabled people, lying about his treatment of women. Clearly, this guy can’t run a country. We’re not gonna put up with it, and hence my vote was cast absentee. It was the easiest way I could cast a vote. But I want more access in voting, let’s do online voting. And there should be security measures in place, not captchas, that allow blind people to vote absentee online. Clinton might support these revolutionary causes.
If you are following this blog, I’d like to extend a special welcome. Please feel free to comment, but do it in a constructive and nonpartisan way. Due to the heated political atmosphere, Make America Great and Trump’s supposed support here is not allowed. Why? Take a look at the previous comments, I had to lace the profanities with my own spin. The man who wrote those comments was disgraceful.
Now, I hope to celebrate a woman in the White House. You with me? Who’s with me? Put your vote out there, but think before you vote.

Third Debate: Hilary Haunts Trump’s Tyranical ‘Tude

Dear Readers,
The third debate is over. Hilary will win, no kidding, no matter what you GOP people say, because I don’t want the leader of my country to be a guy who gets away with assaulting young women and journalists, judging women and girls for their looks, and destroying Alicia Machado, just calling her an eating machine was wrong. I have a few words for Trump:
First, get your hands off all women, except Milania, and only with her permission. If she even says no, don’t touch, period. Second, you shouldn’t have run because you said all this bad shit about Hilary, saying she shouldn’t run because she’s dishonest. Well, there’s one thing worse than being a liar: being a complete douchebag and playing with women like we’re damn sex objects.
To Mrs. Clinton: I applaud you for being you. If Trump wants to put you behind bars, well, let’s say that dirty old coot will be behind bars faster than he can love himself even more. Anyway, you’ve got work to do, Clinton, and Trump will need to give it all up. I’m a blind female who’s been abused and maltreated verbally and mentally by my family, and they won’t leave me alone. The last thing I need is you turning us females disabled or not into childbirth receptacles.

Third and Final Debate Analysis Prep

Dear Readers,
If you watched the last two debates, you’re a brave soul. But the third debate is tonight, so please note I will be tweeting about it on Twitter.
Follow me @ms_denverqueen on Twitter and I will just use the hashtag #thirddebate just to be broad. Others may use the hashtag but that’s fine, so long as they can follow what I’m writing. I’m expecting Hilary to win the debate because she’s been prepping for it and all that stuff. Trump? Nope. Losers never win, but I better make for darn sure I vote.

Good News for Me

I got the bank’s back when it comes to finances at this point. The scammer’s lost more than he gained at last. At least Wells Fargo has my back, and they took care of a claim I put on the money. Ugh. Hate when it all happens. Ugh ugh ugh.
As for the election, I feel that Clinton does indeed have a strong chance of winning, but Trump? He’s dangerous. The assaulting women and the way he probably treats poor Milania is anything but good. Ugh.
Clinton is now leading and I’m happy because a woman will be elected President, no kidding.

Last Debate Time: Analysis

Dear Readers,
Who did not make fun of disabled men and women during Presidential campaigning? Who did NOT joke about sexual assault and did NOT brush it off as “locker room talk”? And who, above all, has her head on her shoulders? You guys might call this woman a liar, but Trump is dangerous. He’s dangerous because of the rhetoric, jokes about women, and he won’t shut up. Trump is dangerous to mentally ill people and their healthcare privacy protections, and he’s even more so to blind people who, eighty percent of the time, are hard to place in a run of the mill job.
Hilary Clinton gets my vote, and yet people are snagged by the narcissistic rhetoric and fake modesty of Trump. I’m officially endorsing Hilary because she actually gave us a small mention, and we disabled communities all over the world crave this. If neither candidate is appropriate, think again.
I would run, but one, the Constitution puts me at age 30 in the ineligible category of persons too young to run. I was born in the U.S., fine, but what about those who see the country’s problems? Most of these are the Somali immigrants, Mexicans, Italian immigrants, etc who truly have more to bring to the table than born white kids. What about a blind person! Okay, here’s my party agenda. I’m a staunch Democrat for obvious reasons.
1. I envision a country where all are welcome, no extreme vetting, and if you commit the crime, you do the time, so banning Muslims wasn’t in my agenda anyway. We must educate the public about the possible reformations for Islam, and Ayaan Hirsi Ali has written extensively on the subject, I’ll stop there.
2. I will clean up the Rehabilitation Service Administration, and create a whole new system for blind persons in the country only. It will be headed by a blind person who’s been through the system, suppose I tap Blake for this since he was a victim of joblessness as a result of lack of employer education about Blake’s abilities. The Department of Vision Works or the Department of Blindness Affairs I might call this department. The BLindness Affairs department will handle all things blindness, including streamlining employment discrimination claims and all forms of rape against blind women will be prosecuted by people in this department, all being lawyers who practice criminal justice or federal disability law. We must enforce disclosure agreements, employment law, and all laws regarding rape and incest for disabled females who are blind. Together, through this new cabinet department, I will formulate strategies for decreasing the abuse rate of disabled females who are blind, of which I can name a few who were raped or sexually assaulted. To protect these victims, I only said this to prove a point but all victim names are not mentioned outright in this entry.
3. I will not allow a pipeline to be built on Native American sacred land, and plan to pardon Jill Stein because of her efforts to protect the environment, even if her party is not going to win the election.
4. I will push for more police transparency and accountability. I will work to end the striking down of black people just because a white officer said so. My husband, by this point being black, deserves to live in this country without incidents, not die at the hands of corruptible human beings called the Southern male or female police forces who don’t receive adequate training and supports from black leaders themselves.
5. I will outlaw incompetence of all disabled persons who are deemed aware of themselves and their surroundings. Therefore, the only person subject to limitations of competence and civil rights will be those like Terry Shiavo and others with vegetative states that cannot be reversed. This will also mean guardianships of just blind people will be outlawed. I won’t allow the states to make this kind of decision because if I get the right Congress, they’ll know my story. I’m going to write it all down for the world to see, and I will expose the deep darkness within the corrupt state government bodies that allows predatory guardianships to occur. Obviously, the states don’t know how to treat people with disabilities. Call it unconstitutional, but I will need to set many blind or physically disabled victims free of abusive family or strangers or agencies that claim these people should be marked “inferior.” They should not. Part of disability integration will be to close down all group homes where people who are blind are being held, demand an end to guardianship and forced acceptance of inferiority, and I will say this moreover, I will only allow group homes that respect the civil liberty of all people. I will also introduce to Congress legislation that will allow all formerly incompetent people to be rehabilitated to full potential through blindness training or other forms of training depending on disability. These persons will undergo a load of encouraging and uplifting and learn to take care of themselves. If they meet and marry someone in their community, further legislation will prevent the rehabilitative communities and homes from incapacitating women, stating that they can’t consent to sex. Disabled women can have sex. How do you think the blind thrive? And how do their kids arrive? And how on Earth did your parents arrive in the world without it? Trenton and I have a purely consensual relationship based on trust, love, and respect. Trenton is someone who would never hurt me, so don’t make it look like that.
Besides providing the Amish with support for gun rights, I will also ban voter ID laws, making voting rights important. Not only this, but I would work with Congress to improve upon education, healthcare, and other services of importance to Americans all over the place. Thank you for voting Beth Taurasi as President … in 2028.

The Legal Update: Scams and Guardianship News That We All Need

Dear Readers,
It is apparent that too many people wish to take advantage of me as of yet. A scam artist on Craigslist almost had me nailed for debt. The CL scammer sent me a bouncy $2400 estimated amount, and then instructed me to wire him $1600 which I refused to do. I won’t wire that much for shipping, and the con artist who did this will probably roll in a grave of mud because I didn’t follow his instructions. Ugh. Trenton and I desperately needed money for power and food, and yet a scam artist wanted a plush life for himself in India, I should’ve added to his text communications.
One thing I wish I could say to him was, “Go fuck that child prostitute you married, or was that another fucking joke you made up? Either way, you won’t get ruppees for what you did, sir.” I understand Indians are poor eighty per cent of the time, but scamming for the money is dishonest. This man is Matilda Wormwood’s dad on steroids.
For the guardianship, I’m going to tell a judge point blank. There is no justification for it because I live on my own, have community resources and suppports, and do not wish to open a criminal case of arranging kidnapping. I’d like my family to be arrested for conspiracy to kidnap a disabled adult living on her own. In my case, it would mean trauma and Trenton’s nightmares would become a reality. The Donald and his bigotry does not help matters, for he would end HIPAA. My parents violated this law as it is in order to write the guardianship reports, and they refused to support me financially until I could find meaningful work. This includes multilevel marketing, sorry to all the traditional workloads. Working at home would be a good option, so companies such as Blogmud (www.blogmud.com) could be viable options. I would prefer working with Blogmud via Chrome OS or a real computer, which I lack at this time. I need a computer so I can do the editing portion, though a buddy offered to edit it via Google Docs. It is a Talkback issue, but still, editing and proofreading is important in writing.
I would do Blogmud and transcription only part time, therefore marketing Legal Shield and the product it sells is viable financial support. DVR has fallen apart so far, rolling all disabilities into one service provider, but the blind don’t get adequate and meaningful job placements. And what is a “placement” anyway? Sitting there, answering phones is not a job in my humble opinion. If you have something more than, “Company incorporated, how may I help you” to say during your job, however, then I see viability. Let’s take my bud Jessie for example. He’s a guy who does reservations for a living at a big hotel chain. That’s all well and good, but what if he puts in hour after hour and doesn’t get a raise? He’s lucky he found this job, and he still has supports from family. Hispanic families are phenomenally more supportive than my own, sadly. No bad things to say about Jessie, but if you’re John Doh in the reception desk at some boring place like the lack of job placement that is Arc Thrift Store Call Center, you’ve got a pretty big load to do for peanuts. I feel terrible for my former Arc friends, those who worked there and didn’t succeed. Even my buddy Art couldn’t get a job there. The atmosphere wasn’t to his needs, and there wasn’t enough other jobs for him to find.
Should I remind any Florida judge of Blake? My dear friend Blake’s almost had a job story comes to mind every single time I think of a job placement. Blake worked his big butt off finding a job, and I’m not saying he has a “big butt”. I’m saying he worked his butt off so hard, he must have had to do it a million times, I’ve seen his progress from applying for job after useless job to suddenly being let go! Let go! I wouldn’t put up with that. Currently, in my Legal Shield conference calls, there is a really awesome dude called Michael B., from Oregon. I was connected to his awesome voice by phone, and he has a big employment discrimination problem he’s trying to work out, and I wish Blake could meet this guy. Mike B. is a really good guy who was let go from his job because of blindness or other disabling factors. Could his former company have found use for him? I’m sure if they only gave him a chance. That’s why I’m hesitant to find a traditional go to the job thing. I’m never working with an organization that audited itself and aligned with a client who would sell ITS equipment for a game system. Or would send another client to the Caribbean for a university degree! Unless that degree proves useful, that should never have happened. Favorites are another problem in the DVR sphere. I was not invited to any meetings in which I was given any sort of praise. No praise was given for my job skills, and they were so picky about my dress, appearance, and things that were rightfully not to be brought up. Bedsores on my body should indicate something wrong with my apartment but I was ashamed. I couldn’t say I had bedbugs at the time, and I wasn’t sure. Therefore, I had a disastrous report written about me in my firsst “trial work experience program.” I’m done with “appropriate workplace behaviors” being emphasized and my constant judgment and criticism for my outspoken nature could never land me a job. I’m not working in corporate America, not ever.
Therefore, the guardianship is not justified. I will not put up with bullshit from scam artists, con artists, and other types of people. Therefore, I want my readers to know that since I’ve seen what Legal Shield can do for me so far, and they advised me on the money issue, I will not tolerate trolling. Here’s what trolling looks like: Ivan Soto, age 16. If anyone writes in my blog like he did, your comment will be spread out there for all readers to see, profanity and all. And if you’re under eighteen and choose this route, I promise your parents will be getting a phone call. All I say are promises, not threats, and for the safety of my readers, please refrain from diluting or dismissing my frustrations as I’ve had quite enough. Every dollar counts, and the last thing I need a while later is a criminal case against me or my love.

Dress Codes Promote Sexual Misogyny

Dear Readers,
Imagine you are sending your child to a brand new school, and you take home a binder with all kinds of info. Imagine next flipping through all the memos in the binder till you find the following passages, the dress code. Bear in mind that the child in your vignette is female.

For Girls: No young lady at our school is allowed to wear dog collars, piercings on any part of the body, sexually provocative messages on T-shirts, sports bras, or dangling earrings. You must wear modest clothing, and your earrings must be no bigger than a quarter, one earring per earlobe. Boys are not allowed jewelry. Girls are not allowed makeup, any colored nail polish, or anything colorful on shoes, notably a heel higher than an inch and a half, or a brand or logo bigger than a quarter. Only Catholic crosses will be allowed on the neck.

Now, add to this long list of don’ts the fact that boys can’t have long hair, must wear a belt, cannot have pierced ears at all, and must wear the prescribed boy uniform. For girls, it is obviously a pinnafore jumper in the younger grades, then laer a wraparound skirt with a primitive look for the remaining grades 6-8. The same jewelry standard is held for boys, but they can only wear Catholic symbols such as a Cross or Crucifix around their neck.
Believe this or don’t, this is an actual dress code based on several schools I’ve attended. Most of this is based on that of St. Teresa’s School. But we don’t need to look far beyond the pricey private school regimentation to see how sexist the uniform actually is.
For one, prohibiting boys from having long hair puts them in a patriarchal sphere of influence. All students have regulation gym outfits, no visible sex differences in the markings. However, most schools with dress codes are promoting a culture of rape, misogyny, and uniformity and regimented vigor that is not even seen in the Army or other military branches.
The restricted dress for both sexes promotes the dastardly discrimination against transgendered males and females. Suppose I don’t want to have long hair, and so I cut it short. Nothing is said. But if my brother’s hair was to his buttocks, the school would send either boy home with orders to cut their hair short! Had my eldest younger sib, for instance, wanted to express that long equals cool, he should have been allowed to do this. STS and other private schools’ dress codes are obviously promoting boys’ rights over girls. Public schools like Titusville High School always emphasize girls’ dress over boys. While Nancy Jo Sales writes that girls wearing sexualized clothing impede their own cognitive functions, there is a bad double standard that must be upheld seemingly in all schools. It’s okay for boys to go after girls for wearing what appears to be “sexy” clothing. While this is not an issue at STS and private high schools like Melbourne Central Catholic or even Pope John Paul II High School, it becomes a question of acceptance in public school land.
In the land where school is free, a certain color scheme might work, so writes Brian Crosby. In his famous book, Smart Kids Bad Schools, he even suggested all teachers and students dress in work appropriate clothing. He points out that students should not dress like they just got out of bed, but that going to school is like going to work. For instance, I can picture Mr. Crosby dressing in a snappy suit, hair slick back, all his stuff ready, and then he’s ready for work. It’s an office job, so dressing in a snappy outfit should be expected. The tux just goes overboard. If any male teacher wants to dress in the style of a pink polo and a hula skirt, so what! So long as they’re dressing in a way that expresses themselves appropriately.
The only sentence I’d put in any dress code is this: All staff and students should dress in a way that is fitting for a work setting i.e. business casual or a bit less formal, but that expresses the feelings of the students in an appropriate way. No sexual harassment will be tolerated for female dress, and any boy caught harassing a girl will be given a mandatory parent education conference for his first offense. That is all, no long lists of don’ts. Crosby advocated a positively worded set of rules in a dress code, and in so doing, his vision inspires and moves me to think that if I’d seen the dress code above, I’d have told my mother if I knew what I know now that “STS is a highly sexist and antifreedom school that only promotes a single religious framework. Jesus would never turn his back on people for not wearing pinnafores or pants.”
Here’s another subject I’d like to cover briefly. Pope Francis is the man. Why? He is saying that transgender Catholics and other different people should be accepted because Jesus would never turn his back on them. No kidding. It doesn’t matter whether you are a Jew or a Catholic, Hindu or Buddhist, you should be welcome at the altar of a God or spiritual deity, whatever his name, Buddha or otherwise, who accepts all persons as equals and should love you the way you are. No matter how you dress, you should come to the altar of God, and even the public schools have forgotten this.

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