Mental Patients Aren’t Caricatures or Jokes: Check and Sign the Petition

Some of you may think this is weird, but six retailers are now selling “gone mental” costumes for Halloween. What message does this send? It is clearly offensive and distressing. I and about millions more are diagnosed with mental health conditions, and there’s a reason such diagnoses are confidential, according to the Health Insurance Privacy Act. I am not wearing ripped clothing, blood all over, or a straitjacket. Please read the following, taken from Mental Health America’s Petition to remove the Halloween costumes about mental illness.

Halloween costumes are meant to be scary or funny, but costumes such as “Gone Mental” that caricature individuals in psychiatric hospitals are neither. They are offensive and harmful.
Individuals living with mental health conditions are not costume characters. Mental health conditions do not make someone a serial killer, covered in blood and dirt with ripped clothing. Costumes like “Gone Mental,” “Happy Hill Asylum,” and “Psycho Ward” contribute only to stereotypes and misunderstandings that all individuals living with mental health conditions are violent and scary.
In fact, people living with mental health conditions are more likely than those without to be the victims of violent crime than the perpetrators. Psychiatric hospitals are not haunted houses. Though imperfect, they are places where individuals go for treatment (and wear their everyday clothes, not torn and bloody outfits or straitjackets).
One in five adults in the United States will have a diagnosable mental health condition in any given year, and 50 percent of Americans will meet the criteria for a diagnosable mental health condition sometime in their life. Unfortunately, these conditions often go untreated until a crisis stage because people are afraid of being associated with negative stereotypes. Consequently, people do not get early care and are often at higher risk for having more serious detrimental health effects – even dying 25 years earlier than individuals without mental health conditions.
So it’s time to stop perpetuating the myth that those with a mental illness are dangerous and scary. Not only are these Halloween costumes themselves misleading and harmful, but the names and labels associated with them are stigmatizing. This video from Mental Health America of Franklin County, called “Stop the Crazy Talk,” demonstrates the impact of labels like “psycho,” “insane,” and “lunatic.”
Costumes such as “Gone Mental” serve only to perpetuate stigma and discrimination against people living with mental illness. This means that individuals are often afraid to get help until they are in a crisis stage – until they reach Stage 4.
Spirit Halloween has already graciously removed “Gone Mental” children’s costumes from their inventory thanks to grassroots advocacy led by Gayle Ayres.
It’s time we ask other companies to follow suit and remove these offensive and harmful costumes from their inventories.
People with mental health conditions are people, not costumes or jokes. They are our mothers, our fathers, our siblings, and our children. It’s time we stand up and speak out for dignity and respect.

Helpful Links:

Stop the Crazy Talk. If this link doesn’t work, use the link in the petition site.

New Show, New Station, New Name, New Friends: Life Gets Better Every Day

Hello, class, I have a pop quiz for all of you:

How many of you remember the old store Scottie’s? Some of you may remember the phrases for Scottie’s and WinnDixie, we’re getting better every day, or getting better all the time. Well, we have done some major making over at the Denver Delights Studios Incorporated, otherwise known as my sexy brain and my awesome apartment, don’t know when. First, new name for the show: The Friday Night Royal Flush. Who knows what that is? Yes, raise your hand. Ha ha.

Just kidding. A royal flush is for those who don’t normally play five card stud, it is when you have ten, queen, jack, king, and ace all in one row and it is either the same suit or color. In other words, here’s an example: ten of hearts, queen of hearts, jack of hearts, king of hearts, ace of hearts. Or you could use hearts or diamonds to make a flush. But you must have the same suit or color. And they can be any combo, but you must have only the royal cards present in your hand. There, that is a royal flush.

Next, new station: KJSC Radio Network has proudly accepted me as a new member of the greater team. I have made friends with a young guy from Florida who is syndicating and producing my awesome show, and our producer is from Arizona. Plus we have DJ hosts from Arizona and New York and Florida and and and. Yes, that brings me to another thing: no more weirdness, new friends now. Yes, I want to say that we have new friends.

So what’s this show going to be about? Well, first of all, I’m considering deleting the old page. I’m thinking how do I do that? Plus I will be setting up a new separate page on FB for the show. If you search KJSC Radio network, please be free to look them up on Facebook. They are like the only other thing that is the most awesomeest thing in the world.

We also have a little reminder for all of you:

If you’re drinking and you know it, do not drive.

If you’re drinking and you know it, do not drive.

If you’re really hanging over, and your action surely shows it,

If you’re drinking and you know it, do not drive.

KJSC and other radio stations should advertise the following: my simple little song plus the following ad:

KJSC reminds you not to drink and drive, and if you do drink, please hire a DD or as we call it designated driver. Please obey law enforcement and drink responsibly, and do not drink if under 21 or experiencing pregnancy or other health problems that interfere with drinking. I think we should have such an ad on the station around Christmas and Blakc Friday. Maybe I’ll come up with a song about black Friday. I’ll do the same thing, use a simple children’s song and get the message across that way. Seems nobody really knows how to remember stuff unless it’s a picture, a song, or a few good words.

I’ll close with this: Join me on the Royal Flush every Friday from 10 to midnight Eastern, follow the link below and have at it. We promise you we will do clean and wholesome content and we will not play rap and other club things because not all of us like it. It’s considerable and that’s what we choose.

Also, when making requests, no rap, no songs that depict drugs, sex, and other vice is allowed. Now, you are all welcome to play poker, but on the Royal Flush, we play music, not monetary poker.

Listen live for the appropriate link on your player, or you may use iTunes, oTunes on BrailleNote, or I Blink Radio app I believe. Thank you all for the weirdness.

Where Is An Update?

Holy crap. I am tired, tired of being woken up at four in the morning by the weirdest stuff. Holy holy crap.

Okay, so I’m wondering if updates are being worked on that will make Windows apps readable no more unlabeled buttons.

There is one feature I’d like to see on NVDA. I’d like more synthesized voices, but of course not Eloquence. But what I’m thinking, well, why not have Cortana’s voice? Siri’s voices are all over Macs, so why not do the same thing with Windows?

Oh Lord, I am so tired! Four in the bleepin’ morning, and I can’t think for a moment.

I have a friend who can be the nicest but drives me nuts, but then again, I was meant for people to drive me nuts. Ugh.

Maybe I’ll get cancer or a heart attack because of all this being driven nuts and stuff.

Also, I want to make one thing clear: Bernie Sanders is not what we call a socialist. Some people really need socialism to live. Handicapped individuals, those who would otherwise be begging outside, need Socialist measures in place such as free healthcare, free and appropriate and least restrictive education, and so on.

Nobody mention the DPRK. No questions. Just don’t talk to me about it.

Ugh, have a headache. .. phew! I”m probably drunk. … No, not from alcohol, something else. Let me make something else clear: Beth doesn’t drink beer, wine, or liquors. I have honestly never gone into a liquor store and never plan to do so. So there you have it, my tired and weird morning.

What is UP with Boehner?

First of all, for blind readers and those using screen readers, the Speaker’s name is pronounced “bayner.” But here’s the funny part: it likes to pronounce the current Speaker emeritus’s name “boner.” Boner? Oh really. That poor old man, the son of an Ohio barkeep. Really? A boner? … Just hilarious. My screen reader always has pronounced it “boner” instead of “bayner.” It’s just crazy.

Well, in any case, Boner is resigning from Congress. Ugh. I wanted to take a few sticks and write “boner” on them and toss them in his direction. Okay, I just have to almost explode with laughter because honestly, Mr. Boehner does not know that I’m typing this blog on a computer that clearly hates his last name. Should I configure the speech dictionary? Or something?

But with Boehner gone, the Republicans could shut down the government, but we don’t know. I wish that a Government shutdown would simply be off the table. While I’m in many instances pro life, I do not think in terms of the baby one hundred per cent of the time. For instance, as I’ve said in previous statements, the mother’s health and life should be considered, and not only her physical health but mentally, she needs to be prepared for childbearing and then raising the child. This means a teenager should not absolutely have to carry, for instance, her own father’s child. There are indeed products of incest running around, but those babies often have huge health issues, genetically they are mutated in places, etc. Products of incest sometimes can’t live as long as regular people made of two different sets of genetic materials. I have also read and reread articles and storied images have appeared in archaeological excavations where in one, or some others in Ancient Egyptian Pharaohnic periods, there would be brother sister marriages, and all or most of the products of brother to sister relations would be either dead or disabled in funny ways. For instance, King Tutankhamen had a wife, who yes, she was his sister. His sister and wife had several babies with him, all of which, sadly, were dead. This had been a huge Dynastic problem forever. The Queen Hatshepsut had a husband, but he wasn’t as closely related. She had an able set of kids and stepkids, but they lived due to the genetic diversity within the pool selected.

I’m saying clearly that if a woman is forced or is somehow having babies with her brother, father, or any male relative even cousinage, she should choose whether to carry a product that could potentially be riddled with defects or die right at birth as Tut’s queen’s babies did. I would never want to carry the products of my own blood relatives, it would scare me.

And yet Republicans want to cut off that lifeline. By making it illegal to fund Planned Parenthood, we are not just making women into childbirth receptacles, but we are doing a huge disservice to poorer women likely to end up in dangerous positions. IF I was indeed raped in any shape or form, I would have to go to the Rape and Crisis clinic, and I would take the Morning After pill regardless of what my parents think. I would indeed never share sexual details with family because of their Catholic roots whereby marriage is the only context in which sex is even allowed. I’m sorry, but what if something happens? Am I to just be a marriage piece? No. Well, the next step in healing from a rape would end up being finding out if I’m pregnant, and if I am, I would have to make a hard decision. If this happened in the next six months, I could never have the baby and I wouldn’t want the child to regret me at all. I would possibly have to abort the pregnancy due to either the rapist was a sadistic psychopath or the father was a blood relative who was jealous or something. The only children I would let live are that of my current husband/boyfriend if any, and I’m not saying there is one, but right now, babies are out of the question. If I am a rape victim, I would have to get all the trust back about sex and such, that and I’d have to get counseling. Ugh. I would have to go to a rape counselor because trust me, it would haunt me whatever the result or decision I make.

Republicans simply do not care about women, they have even been quoted as saying, in one or two places, according to Naral Pro Choice America that women are “lesser cuts of meat.” Excuse me? This is the greater public talking. How dare anyone say that of my fellow sisters and moms and aunts and all that stuff. We are under no circumstances less than anyone, don’t give me “the baby’s beautiful.” Oh yeah? We may not think so because we were forced to have said baby. I hope and pray that all my potential babies are joyful entrances in to this world, and that I can show my children how to be good citizens in this world. And of course, how to be the best sports, like Peyton is. He’s just way hotter than any qb I’ve ever seen or watched play.

My left hand, alas, is numbed up a bit, so time to quit. God do I have Carpal Tunnel syndrome? Might not surprise me if I’ve played piano and typed on keyboareds for God knows how many years of my life. Someone get me a botox injection. Ha ha.

Ex Boyfriends Are Weird

So while talking to an ex of mine I get along with, I found three things out:

  1. He looks like he could use a job.
  2. He might be useful at the mall because of the pillow beard he has.
  3. His beard may be the size of a typical black Santa claus. I’m sorry, but my ex is weird. Weird as Hell.
  4. IF my ex were th be a mall Santa, then I would be his elf. Well, I don’t know.

For one thing, my ex is weird enough that I can throw him around in a pool and he wouldn’t care. But my Somali ex as Santa? Oh no. Christmas is in three months, so why am I writing this?

Whoa, okay, so I have a few tips for those considering taking their kids to see Santa:

  1. If you want the child to sit on the old stranger’s lap, be sure the guy has had a background check, okay?
  2. Secondly, if your child says he/she is uncomfortable sitting on this particular mall Santa’s lap, heed the child’s terror because truly, well, he could be right. She could be right.
  3. On a more humorous note, Santa is a psycho. … Ha ha ha. Santa hasn’t gotten the jist of “Take your meds.” Santa on meds would be a bit scary.

Next couple posts I’ll talk more about Halloween, and when Halloween comes, we will have some serious tips on what to do if God forbid you saw the Somali ex I dated at your dorstep dressed as Father Christmas for Halloween. Who dares to do that! Hahahahahahahahahaha.

The Pope’s Speech to Congress: Thoughts

Let me summarize the speech the Pope made to Congress in a few simple words: it … was … awesome. One thing that caught me was the Pope’s stance on the death penalty. It is truly medieval to put people to death at all, and the Pope said it was bad or ungodly by way of his speech. Here I am with two weird guys, weird men I know pretty well. My boyfriend is sitting here with us, weird as always. But regarding the Pope’s speech, it’s truly amazing that Papa Francisco, a.k.a. Pope Francis, stands by the conviction that life begins with conception and ends with NATURAL death. The Pope said stuff about climate change, but yet I don’t know if Congress will act appropriately as the Pope has spoken. He can meet with President Obama, but Mitch Mcconnel, the butt wuppin senator leader from Kentucky of all places, will roll back women’s right to choose whether to carry the spinning image of their rapists. He wants to shut down the government and make it known that we cannot play with life itself. Well, true. I like this stance on life beginning and ending naturally, but things happen. Things go wrong. You can’t count on one thing to end all life, all things end in their due time. However, the Pope’s thoughts are clear. What was he saying about marriage and the family? Yes, relationships are called into question, but the Holy Father did not include disability marriage penalties. He should include a way for us to end the marital penalty for disabled people to marry and such. His Holiness should have in any case stated that all of us, including the disabled, should dream big, have families, and think of a bright and prosperous life. But no, he didn’t.

The Catholic Church Saints: My Thoughts

When you walk into a Catholic church, say, one called St. Theresa Church or St. Margaret Mary or maybe Holy Father or whatsoever, what do you think of?

I think of the many diverse saints and so on who made the church and the Faithful what they are today. I am a far cry from sainthood, and will probably never be a saint. It will never happen because I’m not exactly Litt Miss Virgin Perfect that so many other Catholic girls who are saints are. Let’s see: the best saint in my opinion was St. Maria Goretti, an Italian young girl who was almost raped, but worst, she was killed by some guy who was thinking bad thoughts and didn’t know God. But here’s the weird part: st. Maria came to her adversary in a dream, carrying fourteen lilies and he converted to Catholicism. He’s the reason she was canonized. Well, canonization of a disabled saint should be this new Pope’s priority. Pope Francis so far has cleaned house, served the poor, and canonized a Latino as a saint, but he should also canonize someone blind or whatever unless I must be ignorant about who’s blind and a saint. I’m sorry, but since a lot of churches fear blindness as a malady, there is a tendency to exclude them. Blind people often don’t have access to the Word of God, access to the Liturgical parts of the Mass including the ability to lector and read to others the Word of God.

Catholic sainthood isn’t my ambition for many reasons: nobody’s perfect, I hate perfection, I am blind, not exactly the Church’s definition of “pure”, and I believe that purity and virginity as defined by Christians in some circles hurts young women who aspire to get jobs and take careers. For more on the thing about purity, I’d read The Purity Myth by Jessica Valentin. She’s read lots of scholarly works on virginity and purity definitions, and then goes into a chapter on porn. It’s a really feministic work of art, and if you are a woman who’s had it with the way men view us, read this book.

Those are all the reasons I do not aspire to be a Catholic saint, will never be, but my name will still be written on God’s heart.

Let me kind of change gears a bit. I have a few requests for this Pope Francis. He’s so beloved, but wait till he challenges what the church does on a daily basis.

  1. I have a really big request for His Holiness the Pope. I ask that he do a study on the inclusion of disabled congregants and ministers in the Catholic mass.
  2. I would love to see the Pope clean up the way disabled women are treated, and for once, I want a Catholic clergyman to approach me and my fellow disabled people as people first, to be spoken to as people.
    1. I want a blind woman to be canonized a saint, any woman the Pope sees following the rules of miracles. That’s all.