The Year End Rap Up: 2016

Dear Readers,

2016 had its highlights, downfalls, etc., but the most notable things that happened in this year were as follows:

In January, I was dating someone, but he broke up with me two weeks after we got together, which was both unfair and almost the most awful thing you could do to someone. I must, however, report that the issue was worse than I thought. I was chased out the door like a sick dog, banned from CCB property, and told not to come back. Boundaries were placed unfairly because of the safety of students and staff, however, there was no need for such things. I wanted closure, answers, and a reason for all that happened. I’d like to say there was no apology from staff, so I won’t be associating with the NFBCO except in terms of NFB NEwsline which I sometimes use to check on TV guide listings and political news and other news, which I no longer watch TV for news at all anyway.

February, I was browsing Twitter when I came across a tweet from Trenton. Trenton and I ended up meeting in the middle of the month, and we hit it off pretty well. I’m glad to say it started out good for me and Trent, but then things got weird. His mom at first didn’t approve because of rushing, but I think she came around realizing that housing is altogether impossible, and I wanted a truly independent life for Trenton and myself. We are currently in the process of moving to a different apartment building, and we will have to let Food Stamps know about this move, and we will do the same to social security because of the issues our building has. The building is poorly managed, us having a broken up microwave and no working microwave till January or afterwards. This is unacceptable, the work order not being done till January because the microwave had been broken after my buddy Shawana noticed the lights were starting to die. Well, they died, and the heating element broke too.

March was the month Trent and I officially moved into my apartment, our new apartment, but the church called Sovereign Grace Community Church in Westminster lost faith in me as a Christian due to their scriptorial jibberjabber about not living with a man who is not your husband. Okay, I hate to write names in my blog, but let’s just be frank. Glynn McKenzie seemed like the friendliest and most Godly and caring person on the planet, and for his pastoral staff, Keith Daukas and Tony Walsh, to have made such a terrible error in interpreting the scripture given my situation with my family, this is unprecedented. For those two men to make up false convictions about Trenton breaking up with me were quite unacceptable. I was and still am scared away from church because Grace is unaccepting in its “godly” interpretation of my situation. I don’t honor parents who abuse, and God should know that even to forgive that abuse could be an incentive for them to keep abusing. My dad behaved better than Mom as I’ll reveal in December when it came to Trenton’s Merry Christmas wish, but still.

April was spring, and with it grew the showers and May flowers. But we did hear from the grandmother, who wasn’t happy. Honor thy father and thy mother. That was the grandmother’s altogether all too familiar slogan when it came to the way she wanted everybody in the family to be treated. Okay, then what do you do when your mother doesn’t approve? He’s 32 years old, not a child anymore, so should be doing the following things: owning a house, having a family, doing a job, raising said family, and having adult things to do at said job or going to coworker picnics and Christmas parties. Normal stuff like that. But we have no normality.

May got better. We planned to change my phone carrier, but then I think it was this month I figured out that QVC denied me a Q Card based on false ID evidence that I was “deceased.” Ugh. I’d like to ask that the credit bureaus please change that to I am alive and kicking, and give me that stupid Q Card. I’m going to do a thorough investigation against the bureau for not correcting this, and use of Indians … like India people instead of Americans to discuss American credit law. This won’t go away unless something happens.

June was boring, except when we got T Mobile. Trenton had better credit, so we bought our current Galaxy J 7 phones for 2016, and we are thinking of jumping to S line phones first. IF that is what we do, we hope these new phones have Nouggot. If so, we’ll be happy. Hope the Talkback updates do their stinkin’ job.

However, I must say July was really boring. We’ve begun to notice that our finances were taking a turn for the worst. That was awful. Anyhow, we ended up having to rely on food banks for food and something horrible happened the next August month.

In August, we had a homeless man show up, and thinking we could try to be nice to this man, we offered him a place to stay temporarily, but no, he took advantage of us. I also switched mental health providers because of the failure of mental health services I had to provide couple and therapy for families. Couple therapy would have saved Blake and I a lot of heartache, and because we had a friend stay the previous month, Ulysses Garcia, that is, I should have mentioned, we were beginning to feel awkward. But Phillip eventually got kicked out and told never to venture on the premises again. Fine, we thought, but the damage was done. I now have no suitcase, so I’m going to have to buy another suitcase that rolls so I can put a luggage tag on it. Possibly after we get our new address I’ll buy a new suitcase set.

Anyway, next came September. By then, we were shook up over a violation we received after Phillip not only doped around in our home, but subscribed us no doubt to porn channels called Too Much for TV. Ugh. I called Comcast and told them that this man was buying things he shouldn’t on my TV. I wasn’t aware, but now I have a parental lock on my television. I know, I don’t have kids, but I can’t take chances with anyone at all, not even guys in our home. I’m okay with Shawana watching Free Form and stuff, at least she has a brain in her head and knows that porn sucks and is wrong. Jamil, her new boyfriend, is awesome from what I gather and probably not a porn hub subscriber, which is fine. Trenton says he has no need of porn, and neither does the rest of the world. Porn is like prostitutes on camera, all that sexual crap should be tossed up in the dumpster. I had a crappy birthday, only receiving $100 to spend at Walmart. I’m going to be honest, Walmart hates my caregiver, and my caregiver hates Walmart. I’d rather have Visa cards so we can do other things and go to other stores with said gift card, even go out to a restaurant or two for my birthday. Maybe Olive Garden or something, but no, a walmart gift card!!!!! For heaven’s sake, my family should know my limits, but they don’t listen to little old me.

October was awful. We were scammed close to the end of September by a Craigslist asshole from California. He wanted $16,000 dollars or so maybe subtract a zero from the ones, but $1600 for what he called a shipper. Liar. We were devastated as we wanted to sell my laptop, a windows machine that was currently broken at the time. Windows absolutely sucked ass and needed to be reformatted but by whom! Thank God Edward saved the day. Eddie decided to buy us a Chromebook, a beautiful HP 14 G4 with 4 GB ram, 32 GB SSD storage and micro SD expansion card space. I’m typing this to you on that now.

November had its ups and downs. However, Donald Trump won the presidential election. But here’s the kicker: Trump could block grant housing and Medicaid expenses, so I planned on being involed with CCDC, but the trouble was transportation, and I was recently invited to a new member orientation. Sadly, though, I can’t make it because of the cold, caregiver issues, and Trenton and I need to save our money. Ultimately, I feel a bit isolated because transportation costs skyrocket, and there’s no nonmedical transit that works. My caseworker, well she’s ours now, says she’ll work on getting Metro Transportation and Airport to help with nonmed expenses. That would help us to do stuff more, and we could use the shopping or going to the mall trips. Maybe we could even go to the movies, I don’t usually do that. But we watch descriptive ones at home, honestly.

December, ah, December was a fine month. REally. Shawana came to visit us the previous month, and we decided to take away a few things. She was practical in her way of showing us how to save, but the big thing was the cooking. We got our beautiful precision induction cook top, the gold edition, from Natalia, Trenton’s mom. She has since been supportive and we had two dinners at Grandma’s house, she being the cool one. I must say though, most grandmothers are conservative about the idea of marriage.

What do we hope to accomplish in 2017? Well, here’s what we want to accomplish. Termination of guardianship based on the reasoning on any grounds for getting the guardianship. My parents used this to abuse their powers, so they could still dominate and authoritate as parents, but still they don’t realize they’re both gonna die. My dad won’t be getting his nursing home bills paid by me, for sure. Mom? She’s the one the bandmates of mine in high school dug the dirt on. My mother could have been the one who started this mess, and she should pay immensely for it. She used me as a maid or servant in the house, threatened to kill me, and otherwise garnered rights over me to stop marriage for me and Trenton, which we were told to go forward with anyway. Florida may not recognize my marriage, but I want to become legally and spiritually married in the state of Colorado, even if we’re gonna lose $300 in our total monthly income, so what? The church and God mean a lot to me, but even a nondenominational church could be too ultraconservative for our tastes. Daukas and Walsh, for instance, are too conservative to handle my case, and should know that honoring a child abuser is not right. God doesn’t always change people and he purposefully didn’t change Pharaoh Rameses II, the one who didn’t let Moses’ people go. In response, when Moses said those famous words, “Let my people go”, God sent ten plagues meant to teach Rameses and his family a lesson. The straw that broke the camel’s back I think was Rameses saying he was God. This was what happened: God sent those plagues, beginning with hail, boils, flies, frogs, gnats, three days of darkness, all starting with the bloody Nile river, which was so crimson it was never to be the same again. Then, he sent rain, killed all the livestock of the Egyptians and spoiled all the crops with locusts, but worse, he killed the firstborns of the Egyptians and anyone else who did not put the lamb blood on the post of their doors. That included the son of Rameses II. God is greater than any guardianship, and if he has to send mini versions of the plagues to teach my parents a lesson, even if it was only one, I think that might do the trick. Because my parents want restriction, I want freedom, and I want personhood and first class treatment from all people, period, including the legal system. I believe that if God is greater than the guardians who claim they’re guardians over me, then God can do good and rather destructive things to teach DAd and Mom a lesson. Maybe Danny Taurasi might not die like the little son of the Pharaoh, since he not being involved was innocent anyway. However, there has to be a lesson taught here. My father and mother abused scriptural practices and provoked their child to wrath so they need to be punished.

I suppose the flu might work. IF they don’t give up after they initially get sick, the flu could become incurable. I don’t know what God has in store, no one does. But God has all power and sole control over every last piece of dust on his or the planet he/she created. I believe that God could have a female side, not this patriarchal masculine stuff, not just that. Honestly, women have more power than men. Why? Because women learn to cope and work with childbirth pains, a feat that men are not physically able to do.

The wedding will happen. And God is in control.

Happy New Year, readers, and remember, trolling will not be put up with next year. Inauguration day will ultimately be canceled if Trump is impeached. No excuses, now we have to fight. Fight for our rights to be people, not slaves.


Christmas: What Does It Mean?

So this Christmas, Trenton and I received a pretty cool set of stuffs, including chocolate which we shared upon arriving home and from Mother, we received a precision induction cooktop gold edition. It gives us better opportunities to cook without need of a stove and the stovetop we’ve used for ever is too much to clean. Cleaning the oven was the worst thing caregivers refused to do, including one who claimed she had to take a Medicaid class in order to do it because I was a Medicaid client. Ugh. Well? The PIC gold should do the trick with regards to cleaning because it’s easy to do. But Christmas isn’t about getting things at all, it is about the giving of love and family relations and joy to others. In a religious sense, Christmas should be about the birth of a savior, Jesus Christ, a king born to a peasant woman named Marium, or Mary as most people call her. Sadly, nobody would give as much if a girl was born. This clearly shows the discrimination against girls in some regard during Biblical era family life. However, Jesus shows us that girls and women are indeed special.

Jesus showed us also that the handicapped are special, but what would he have said had he looked at this world today? 80% of females with disabilities are ten times more likely to be raped or abused either by family or other disability community members or even nondisabled male counterparts. Tina (name has been changed for privacy concerns) dated a guy who was abusive and said guy is only a small fraction of the guys who are spoiled due to male preference. Jason and his family have been known to be abusive, including toward me. Jason made fun of Tina’s illnesses or BPD and bipolar diagnoses, and worse yet, he made fun of every quirk and thing he saw in a girl. It’s the fact that there are too many Jasons in the world, compared with the number of Josephs, Joseph being the foster father of the Christ Child. There are too many Jasons compared to decent men like those men I dated after I left him.

Blake is a decent guy, and he realizes that there are more women abused who have disabilities than able women. Because of the high rate of abuse of females with disabilities in America, and even around the world, there is a high number of mentally ill people with disabilities. Many females grow up treated like inconveniences, even a burden could be mentioned. Jesus’ love could save these women, but face it, there’s still a high rate of abuse of females with disabilities. Out of ten females with disabilities, I can name eight who’ve had sex outside of marriage, a few that might have been pregnant outside marriage and had their baby removed, more having been raped as teenagers. Jesus would be angry and would truly want to flood the world. But would he flood the world at the mention of gay marriage?

What about transgendered issues? My friend Joey’s former CCB roommate came out to him as a trans male, and that has never bothered him as a Christian. Both Chris and Joey are like brothers, best friends, etc., and even Joey has come to understand the trouble that lies ahead for transgendered young people. Today, you are told to go to the bathroom where your birth certificate label is shown, male or female, no matter what, in the Carolinas. This is atrocious, but thank God Denver gets it. We have a strong LGBTQIA community where the gala choruses were held. My friend Ulysses can testify to the strength of Gala’s efforts to help with trans issues, and they know what issues to tackle. Gala presented them with a song, sung by one gay men’s chorus, called Testify, which sums up how even disabled people feel. Ulysses tends to lean toward female tendencies, though prefers the pronouns “they” and “them”. More gender neutrality is their creed.

Unfortunately, Christmas means that we should be spreading peace and goodwill to all men and women and others alike, including the disabled and LGBTQIA people. However, we still don’t have a clue how. Manger scenes and Christmas trees don’t do it enough. Let’s explain what Christmas truly could mean.

A young single mom loses custody of her kids in court, but the man acts like a fool and gets arrested simply because he is selfish and wants the kids back. So a family pays her $4000 or more to start over in her town after saving lives, working hard, and being forced out of her apartment almost. That is the plot of the movie Christmas Secret. If you haven’t seen it, go see it, download or purchase it and see what I mean.

A child is diagnosed with Leukemia and wishes to meet Mickey Mouse, or perhaps she wishes to be a princess. Either way, the Make a Wish Foundation raises money and grants her wish. I donated to the KJSC Radio Make a Wish foundation, and it is making a difference, a $700 plus difference, in a child’s Christmas or the last days of a child’s life. My friend Carrie Loveridge died years ago, died of a strain of leukemia and she got a wish to meet Michael Balton. That was her wish. It was granted to her by the Make a Wish Foundation. Many teens in those days also got the chance to meet N. Sync or the Backstreet Boys as wishes, wishes that would carry these young lives forever. Twin boys went on a Disney cruise together, knowing that one would die of cancer. That was a wish also.

All of these things are positive ways you can make a difference during the holiday season. But as 2016 draws to a close, I’d like to further make sure we all know that trolling and political musings about how great the GOP is won’t be spoken here. REason? Too divisive, I don’t mean censorship here, but it is too divisive and I was attacked by a teenager who, thank goodness was robbed of his computer network. There are fifteen year olds who can code and create things on computers, something we haven’t seen before. In my day, you did not code at five years old, period. But I have a strong recommendation for all the teenagers who wish to gripe and groan at me. Don’t. Trump will likely be impeached for his misdeeds and we will have to pick someone else, and the government will likely fall in the hands of God. Christmas will continue to happen year after year, but we need to think positive and think carefully about who we talk with about things online. The way we address each other is also important. Christmas means a lot of positive miracles, a lot of great things happening, but in 2016, it should really mean love is in the air, family all around, and wishes for children who want them.

Bad Teachers: a History of Shameful Corrupt Practice in American Public Schools

Gary Gregor was on the outside a regular teacher. He went to work every day, taught the students, and … had sex with one of his students? What, you ask. What brings guys like Mr. Gregor into the classroom? A recent USA Today investigation found there are many teachers who are simply “bumped” to other school districts with no problems. Bumping is also known as “passing the trash”. Because of cases like Deborah LeFavre and Mary K. Letourneau, now Mary Letourneau Fualaau, people are majorly tough on teachers and their screening, but are they?

Here’s a link to the USA Today article I found where the investigation was done. You will be shocked by a lot of things. For one thing, teachers’ backgrounds are not being tested enough. My buddy Blake had to do background checks like crazy just to get jobs, and they have no problem passing him. Background checks are important because they look for problems in the person’s past. Things like predatory behavior can be detected but there are problems with people reporting this stuff.

So, without further adieu, the link:


It’s terrible the way public school teachers have been passing through the “trash heap” without problems. The world famous case of Mary K. Fualaau is exceptional, but one can find cases like Gary Gregor to be almost commonplace.

For one, I don’t want my little sons, should I choose to have sons at all, with someone who would sit there and demand trust. Predators groom their victims with all kinds of methods, including Eric Romig’s method of texting inappropriate and romantic messages to his students. The USA Today article points to another teacher who had sex with a fifteen-year-old student, and he had been bumped to her district from somewhere else. Teachers should not get a “graceful exit” with a severance package and all if they’ve abused their trust powers. I am not supporting preadtors in schools. Face it, I’m a very young woman, thirty, but I know what I want. It’s not the flesh and what not of a teenager. I’ve already got a man.

If I were a teacher, I would want a background check, fingerprint scanning, and all that jazz to protect my potential students. With some social work classes, I would like to say to my students, “If you have any problems, please feel free to talk to me, even if it involves another teacher touching you or something.” I would even have bits and bytes on my teacher desk about being proactive and making sure that sex predators don’t try to manipulate my students. I would be the whistle blower and report any problem teachers or even the principal if needed to authorities if there is any sexual misconduct. I would have to take my students seriously. And I might have an opportunity to practice my skills as the helping person I can be. As a teacher, I would also encourage parents to be involved in the child’s life, and if not, I would be happy to talk to parents. But face it, I’m not the predator that Mary K. was at the beginning of her relationship with Vili Fualaau. Teachers like her get all the attention, but what about the male teachers who could have molested your son? What about the private youth counselors and pastors who could do the same? We live in a sexualized world that does not need to touch the children inappropriately. Trenton and I are a couple who realizes that children don’t need the sexiness. Children should not be exposed to ovaries or ovum at the second grad level, but they should be told how babies are made at some point in their lives. But they need a healthy exposure to sexual terms and other writings that give medical and scientific information about sex, even if they’re disabled in some way. As I am blind, one would think sex was out, but nope, it’s not. Children don’t, however, need to be sexually active. It’s unhealthy for children to be active this way. They should be physically active in sports, not sex. So teachers and coaches who do these things should be careful as not to seduce my daughters or sons should we have children. I hope to have a daughter because I have a lot of unfinished business to take care of. I am certain that my future child/ren will be safe with me and Trenton as parents, blind or otherwise, and we will work with PFML and other organizations to establish ways to keep our children safe even at piano lessons, cheerleading practice, and softball practice. It doesn’t matter. We will learn tips and tricks, and we should, at all costs, keep our kids safe. I won’t be sending them to public or private schools due to the biracial nature of the beast, and worse, public and private schools discipline students of color a lot higher in the rate than white students. This is stupid and I don’t put up with it. But a female student could particularly become pregnant due to a teacher who is a predator. If the teacher crosses the line, I could end up blaming myself and feeling helpless to stop the crime before it gets worse. A male student could contract STI’s from the teachers or teacher who molests him, and he could never trust adults again. That’s what happened to the victim of Gregor, she said she could no longer trust someone again.

I don’t want this happening to my children or child, it would be too damaging, and because of our blindness, we could be to blame.

Please read the article linked here, and tell me what you think in the comments section. Please be open minded.

It’s Almost Christmas, and This is What Sant Should Bring Me

Dear readers, bloggers, and the like,
Santa Claus is not a myth. There’s a Santa Claus in all of us, and this year, Santa brought me something I wanted for a long time. Trenton is the greatest gift I could get. I truly believe people should realize how special he is. When we first met on Twitter, we were really hitting it off pretty well. But we learned a lot together, and that’s how I wanted it. Now, I’m watching Are You Afraid of the Dark, an old Nickolodeon show my brothers would not watch because they were chickened as heck.

Dear Santa,
Thank you for the gift of Trenton. I only have one wish this year: give my family a bag of rocks and some ashes in their stocking for being manipulative and stupid with me. Don’t let my family visit my website, which has been hand coded with this blog in it. And show them that Christmas should not be about material things, and that I should be the priority. They should not have spent all their money on Italian goods and services, taxes to Italy, etc., they should truly have been at my CCB graduation. Show them what it is not to really understand the true meaning of Christmas. And it’s Christmas, not Xmas. Although JFW thought X meant Christ, which is weird. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter, and understand that my family has lost it when it comes to the magic and mystery of Christmas. You know we’re all God’s children, but don’t forget me. I’ve been good this year, barring none, and my illness, an illness of the mind you would probably never be able to name because the elves wouldn’t get it, it does not exactly allow other people to think highly of me. So for Christmas, I want to be free of it, free of my family, free to be myself in a world where I have to pretend to be sighted and normal just to survive. And one more thing, I want a working microwave in my apartment so I can heat up your favorite sausages or bacon, more like Tennessee Pride sausages. And I want to have warm brownies ready for you this Christmas Eve.

The Viability of Families of Persons with Disabilities: What Experience Teaches Us

Dear Readers,

I want to ask you all a very important question. Which family is the better family? On one hand, Trenton’s family asks me what I want for Christmas, the grandmother being the one who asked, and on the other hand, my dad tells me that Trenton would have to purchase his own plane ticket in order to visit me and him in Florida. Which family is better? The one who manipulates you and tells you that your boyfriend isn’t welcome? Or the family that asks you what you want for the holidays? Which is better?

Which family advocated for the person with the disability’s needs? The one who found their daughter incompetent because of their abuse or the one who managed to nurture their son’s interest in technology? The one who didn’t want to change HIS phone plan because “I’m the father, I’m in charge”? Or the family who openly accepted their son’s blindness, bought him a talking cell phone, and allowed him to have more minutes? You guessed it, Trenton’s. All these questions are not only to provoke thought, but to make you think about what family truly is for someone with a disability.

I want to say that my fiance’s family has been so supportive more so than my own, so much so that a surprise is in the works for the holidays. My family? Forget them. They won’t welcome my own fiance with open arms, and I can’t get this out of my head. The same father who married a mother with a codependent sister! The same father who married a woman because they both shared the love of rockets and engineering. Well, call it social engineering if you’d like, but this is the same father who demanded the password to a MySpace account while I was in the early twenties! Old enough to drink, but not only incompetent, but not “competent” enough to make choices about social media. This is the same set of parents who went ahead and had two younger siblings who, for all intent and purpose, I don’t speak with. They will likely be in charge of medical decisions for my father and mother, both at risk for stroke and nursing home care as a result of ossteoperosis, which is a common problem with women in their sixties and older. My grandmother, smart as she is, prepared for this by making her house handicapped accessible. The thing is she won’t be able to access transportation in order to access her healthcare if she doesn’t have someone to drive her in a handicapped accessible van, if that ever were to happen. The same goes for my mom. My mom’s home is located in a golf course community, and while some neighbors had a huge driveway built in to accommodate their ailing Nana, my mother doesn’t have that luxury or accommodation. As for me, I’m in a better position than both mom and grandmother because I live in a place where the second oldest independent living center is located. Atlantis Community Center is amazingly awesome and they help Trenton and myself with housing, and they have a daily living center and a financial planner and all that. But what makes them special is the founding of their center. Adapt, which is a group that advocates for transit for persons with disabilities, was one of the foremost instruments in making buses accessible in denver. One of its members was arrested 30 times or so because of civil disobedience, but this lady proudly displays her clippings in the museum at Atlantis Community Center. There are other members I’m sure who’ve been to jail multiple times, but the jail visits paid off because now our buses are accessible and also talk. Yes, our buses talk! If my mother took the time to ride a bus in Denver, she’d see how she could easily get off a bus. My mother is sighted, but if she needed to, she could use a wheelchair on said buses. And the stations are located almost everywhere, and within a quarter of a mile from us. Trenton and I live in a location that serves us and the surrounding community. Our buses have wheelchair ramps and lifts, so if a seventy-year-old with bone loss wanted to board the bus, she could. She could easily have the ramp lowered for her, and the driver would gladly put hr in the front. Disabled passnegers should always ride in front in my humble opinion because of safety reasons. I was taught this while using Brevard County’s SCAT bus system. It used to be called Coast Area Transit System. Now, it’s Space Coast Area Transit so far as I know. But my mother would have a much easier time in Denver than in Brevard County in Titusville. There is, for one, no buses there. Second, curb cuts being the only other thing accessible, she’d have to have a van or car she could drive. There’s also a disconnect in care for disabled people in Titusville. Nursing facilities or skilled nursing homes are almost the top of the list of “cure alls” for the elderly in Florida. This is not a good thing because nursing homes can be very depressing and a lot of the patients are heavily medicated for the nurses’ benefit sometimes.

Why, then, do I write this? Seems it is lost on my parents why employment is almost not viable. I cannot get a job that is meaningful anywhere in the country. Why? Well, I have three words for you: we get fired. And not because we disabled people do anything bad. It’s because we’re disabled we get fired.

I’ll use a couple small anecdotes to prove my point. Katy, age 30, is currently working a grueling customer service job. Who knows how long this will be because her job requires her to get donations from others, beg and plead professionally in the nicest possible way, and answer phones, etc. Katy lives in a big city, so she has access to transportation. However, she has to worry about people and her anxiety. The only job open to Katy is her anxiety. (I’m not using this woman’s full name for privacy reasons.)

Because of her blindness, Katy needs JAWS to interact with the software she uses to track stats, call people, etc. Customer service is one of the highest in demand markest, but Katy trained for this so she could pay her bills. Only she got training because DVR in Colorado along with an auxiliary agency recommended her for a position. Besides her blindness, Katy gets spent easily because of anxiety. She has to deal with people yelling at her on the phone, telling her to “Put me on the no call list” and possibly cussing her out. Of course, a machine makes all the phone calls, she told me in a phone conversation.

Katy’s employment history is anything but pretty. She worked at a restaurant, but was underemployed because of her disability. Now, she’s overworked, overdone, tired every day, and spent. My heart goes out to the workers who have to face this.

Being employed has its drawbacks as well. There was a man called Larry who was employed, but he said that he barely got a raise. My own caregiver barely got a raise while working with myself and Trenton as our primary care provider. She’s been great with us so far, but we really wish she was paid better to do the work.

Next thing about employment I want to cover is how short the job can be for a blind person. My ex and best friend Blake only had a job for three days before he was let go for safety concerns. There are too many Blakes out there to count. My buddy Joey may find it hard to get a job after college, indeed most millennials find it hard. But a disability compounds the issue greatly. Joey could be asked, for instance, to show a driver’s license and not a state of whatever ID card. Joey can’t drive, so a license is a barrier to employment because driving is not the essential part of the job. Dr. Arielle Silverman, who does extensive study of blind people and training and such, has done lots of research study which I’m proud to say I’m part of. I feel that helping Dr. Silverman out is essential to others learning about how big this problem is.

I think what Silverman’s literature and papers on blindness can show is the following: how big is the problem, what is the problem, and what can be done to solve the problem. Most of the unemployed blind, however, come from unsupportive families, something I don’t know if there’s a study on or not.

Employment should not be a ticket to competence. Due to the national economic crisis and my overqualification for a choral job upon receipt of a university degree, I should not have to abide by any judge’s order.

My family is clearly not the family I want to say I come from. Joey once told me his parents wouldn’t even be that bad. His mom, thank God, told him to apologize for the premature breakup, but things have gotten better between us. As my family wouldn’t have accepted any color but white, any religion but Catholic, any marriage but a marriage of convenience, I’m seriously done with them. I’m done. What’s sad is that they treated my dear love like a pile of crap. Just because he doesn’t have a job doesn’t mean he can’t emotionally support me. I’m supported as much as I can be, and in the economic crisis, I can’t get a meaningful job that is ripe with upward mobility and professional compensation. My family should be a loving group of people who listen to the weakest, not the strongest member. I think it would help if we had more literature on how family support and the right kind of outside agency support can help a person’s chances of success.

Jaws for Windows is a Murderer: a Fascinating Take on the End of the World As We Know It

Most blind people might take this entry as a critique, but let me state, clearly and plain as day, that I thoroughly enjoyed JFW is a Murderer. It all starts with a typical screen reader conference, but as months and years went by, the creator, who shall remain annonymous, began borrowing, in a matter of fact way, the way the world would end in the Bible as a way to end the JFW series.

The second, third, and fourth installments are anything but typical screen reader audio project. These installments remind the listener of a horror movie but in complete audio. The story is told, quite frankly, from the point of view of a very injured Alex MacIntosh, better known as the Alex voice on apple devices. The whole series is a fight between him and JAWS for Windows, most famous for its use of eloquence screen reading technology for the blind. I would like to say that when I heard this whole project, bit by bit, the suspense was so great I could not wait to see the final battle. But the middle parts just keep throwing cliffhangers at you, the listener, getting you ready for the next parts in Episode 5 parts 1 and 2.

The part 5 of the series contains lots of borrowing, and a common theme in literature is used to bring this series to a close. Spoiler alert: only one small clue here. Part 5 is a ripped page of the book of Revelation, and the creator puts his belief in the Lord right in the middle of the battle lines. It is amazing what God can do for those who seek him, and the characters in the series are no different than all of us. Though the things these folks did were obvious, things like one was a stripper; one was a thug; one was a brother of a thug; lots of other things, we oftentimes don’t see the inner meaning behind this series installment pair. I, for example, have issues with relationships ending on me, and I might have done a few things wrong in school, was maltreated by family, whatever, but there are things that I still have to overcome. One character, my personal favorite, was Silver, voiced by the KeyNote Gold synthesizer found on BrailleNote products by HumanWare. Silver’s character is portrayed as a bad guy turned good, and … spoiler alert, he gets a special surprise from the Almighty himself as well. Don’t worry, you’d have to understand why Silver changed sides and became the kind of character you’d never guess made the series what it is, a thriller, horror story, and apocolyptic work of art. I say work of art because many books and pieces of media and things we see depict the Apocolypse.

Let’s use an example of a book by Rodman Philbric. The last book I read of him, oddly enough, depicts a post-Apocolyptic world in which genetically improved people rule the world, and “normals”, and yes even the ones with disabilities, are not allowed in a place called Eden, where Proovs live. Proovs are the perfect, the ones who survive what’s called the Big Shake. Let’s go a step back, though. In the last installment of JFW, Alex and JAWS are standing in an area of an open bridge, as described by Robert and Jasmine, both played by British synthesis voices. Both adversaries were fighting so hard it seems like the earth shook. Imagine a world after the quake, after the fight had gone.

In the very last installment of JFW, there are also a few key phrases that for those who aren’t aware, come straight from the Bible, and the phrases frequently go back to a common theme: “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” God says this again and again to Alex and his friends, and God is voiced brilliantly by possibly the author of this awesome audio project. Of course, this is also a spoiler, but I wrote this to show how this series has some relation to the Bible’s version of the End of the World. Of course, what of those left behind?

Of course, the Bible tells of an antiChrist, come to attempt takeover of the world. The Antichrist, according to the Left Behind books, is a hybrid sperm baby called Nicolae Carpathia. Carpathia is supposed to be the Chosen Child, the son of Satan, someone who will continue to worship Satan. Of course, Lucifer is also depicted in the JFW project just as he should be in all forms of literature, just as evil and weird as he is demonic. THe whole thing just rocked the walls as I was hearing Lucifer or Satan direct JFW to murder Alex, the whole battle was also a reminiscence of a Viking battle as well. Being that it was a battle involving dragons, I wandered to the battle of Ragnarok.

Has anyone ever truly understood such a battle? We’re talking dragons, monsters, and all the demons you can think of, versus the Einherir heroes of Norse old. Oden, or Woden, the Norse head god, is charged with protecting the world, but when Ragnarok happens, according to Norse mythology, everybody, good and bad guys, will die. Asgard, the Heaven in Norse, will explode and be made new again. Midgard, Earth in Norse mythology, would also be made new. The last battles in the JFW series were both a detective work full circle and a beautifully crafted sort of one on one Ragnarok, but each side had its army. Good always wins over Evil, but that’s the case in most forms of even basic literature.

I’d like to thank all the collaborators on the JAWS for Windows is a Murderer project for bringing delight to listeners everywhere. I’d also like to say that exploring the characters’ personalities is a joy and a half. I hope this project is placed in public for those who want to hear it without having to download it on Dropbox. Not everyone has that. So I give this series a 5 star rating, and even my fiance enjoyed the series. We both want to see more people exposed to the master craftsmanship of this highly entertaining work, and I’ll just say, there are more audio projects where this team is headed.

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