The Right Wing Roundup: Who’s Nuts and Who’s Not Nuts ??? In Defense of Being a Liberal

Dear readers,

In the case I’m about to write about, there is a real problem. My friend Hailey Hoopes from Florida has come across many aims and goals from other Floridians, mainly to roll back the rights of women. One such right winger is Brian Atkins, unfortunately a Trump supporter, someone who doesn’t get it. Hailey said he’d known the guy since three years old, and he turned all Trump and gloom for women. This is a problem because right wingers don’t understsand what their actions and opinions do to us women, especially those who are prone to becoming the handmaids of tomorrow. It is very important that we root out the Sons of Jacob and other groups presumably wanting to establish a Christian society for women and men alike. Why? Many hate groups disguise themselves as churches, and they ban gay and lesbian folks from attending. Hailey chose not to attend church and rightfully so. She won’t attend because of exclusivity and patriarchal values she doesn’t agree with.

So, in the spirit of what just happened, I’m going to do a segment once a week called the Right Wing Roundup, where I put right wing folks in the doghouse, where I present the danger of the entitled privileged class, where I also present where the entitlement stems from.

Here are the names of right wingers that are on and around the social body.

  1. Brian Atkins, a right wingnut from Florida, has mocked and made fun of my friend Hailey for being who she wants to be, and being what she can be to stop the patriarchal danger of things. I wouldn’t be surprised if Brian is a guardian of Gilead sometime in the future.
  2. Jud (name has ben changed for legal purposes) mocked and made fun of me for asking for donations, asking for a wedding, etc. He called me entitled, but in the prior post where I discussed Jud’s abhorrent treatment of others who are black and such, I also said he might be saved in the pandemic but Trenton won’t be. This could be a national fallout if Trenton has to die for being black. Jud doesn’t deserve to have a high healthcare score because of what he did to me and my partner, potentially putting us in danger of dying from either homicide or #covid19.
  3. Donald Trump is a right wing nut who is in the white house, and I don’t know if he even cares that disabled people will die of starvation and being unaided during this hard time. What he wants is a rich man’s playground where all are rich and white, that is all.
  4. George Winslow (name has been changed for legal purposes)and his crony Jud violated my friend Clayton’s ever so forceful viewpoints on police brutality. George believes I’m the entitled one, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy doesn’t just have a handmaid, ofGeorge, under his damn blind eye during the next fifty years.
  5. Jason Owens is a right wing nut who doesn’t give a damn about me and my sexual integrity. My buddy Angela blocked him on everything, on Facebook and RS Games, which seems to do something about her boyfriend but not her. And when a guy threatens her girlfriend, Angela tries to show them the transcripts, but BraveBoy, the username of that account, is not banned. They ban all the wrong people, it seems, but they’re the only place I can get Cards Against Humanity. Jason Owens’s username is UMMMM, a dumb flagrant mock of a prior skype name I had, um1um15. What is with Jason and the word um? I don’t get it.

That is today’s Right Wing Roundup. If you guys have any information about these right wingers, please send them to me. I’m going to round up a few more next week, and tell you guys who these people are, what these people are doing, and how these people’s views affect us as women and as left leaning liberal folks. Liberals aren’t just liberals, we believe in the rights of all, all people, men, women, blacks, Mexicans, all. We don’t like to put one race over the others. If my Trenton does die because there aren’t enough vents for him to live on, I’ll make sure they take a white patient off the vent so that Trenton can breathe easy. I don’t want any more people to die from this as much as anyone else doesn’t, but Trenton now has a slight cold, and I hope it doesn’t morph into corona virus #covid19. Jud doesn’t get it, he might live in Iowa, but he doesn’t get it. He just doesn’t. Neither did George, Jason, or Brian. These guys should be monitored for signs of joining hate groups and rallying against the rights of a group. Here’s another thing. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jason was recruited to the Sons of Jacob or … a more realistic group would be the Soldiers of Oden, a group that purports to be a Nazi sympathizer group. I’m sorry, but the men I mentioned are all right wingers, and they’re all nuts, and Brian should count himself among those guys for making fun of Hailey. In total, I think I’ve named four of them.

In any case, I want all of you to put these guys in the doghouse, and don’t let their beliefs out of their kennels. I wouldn’t be surprised if, for example, a girl steps out of the house of George and says, “I’m ofGeorge.” Ugh, a handmaid called ofGeorge would scare me. And for those who don’t know, Brian’s Dabel useranem is bobsagot1. I’m sorry to say also, but Florida boys are proving to me every day that they’re all losers, most of them anyway. I know a guy who baits scammers, and he’s not much of a loser, nor a loser at all. My buddy RJ would stand up for me if need be, but he’s been Catholic for a while. Florida is a mess right now. So is the rest of this wretched world. Ugh.

To help me and Hailey out, please comment respectfully here on the blog. Please make sure you do not refuse identity on this blog, as doing so will get the comment trashed. Please use a legitimate email address and name and website if applicable. Thank you.


Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

4 thoughts on “The Right Wing Roundup: Who’s Nuts and Who’s Not Nuts ??? In Defense of Being a Liberal”

    1. Definitely, and I outlined three ways to register hate groups as what they are, not deserving of government funding and we’d discourage Americans from donating to these funds every Christmas and such.


  1. I’d be real careful about mentioning people’s real names on public blogs without their written consent. This (as well as posting screenshots of people’s social media comments without their permission is considered slanderous and those people would be well within their rights to take legal action against you. Acts of slander are also against WordPress’s terms of use, and they reserve the right to take your blog down without notice if you’ve gone against any of their terms. Next time you write about other people you know, you’d be wise to either get their written permission, use their initials, or use a fake name. Any good writer knows this. Also, don’t let your political views, or anyone’s response to them) make you feel so angry that you can’t think straight and consequently lose your wits! Although they may express strong opinions, good writers do this in a way that is smart, factual, intelligent and doesn’t hurt or harm others. Maybe you could work on that?


    1. The thing is I had permission to share the screenshot from my buddy. The guy I mentioned who had the sister that died, and we’re friends and all. Btw, I received a threatening phone call that said the person would damage me if I didn’t remove said post. Etc etc. I can’t stand people who do this, and please, don’t support these individuals because threats aren’t fun, threats are stupid, and threatening to kill someone is below the lowest of low.


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