Rest in Peace, Prince

Dear Readers,
How many of you watched a super bowl halftime show where Prince performed? Well, Prince was found dead today sometime at 10 something PDT, somewhere in Los Angeles, California. I’m not surprised these days, celebrities are dropping like flies! Here are some facts and figures that might shock you.

1. Musicians and creative artists such as actors and dancers are very likely to contract mental illness and substance abuse disorders. Such musicians include Prince, Robin Williams, who committed suicide. Brad Delp from Boston also did the same thing.
2. Creative artists and musicians are more likely to come from abusive homes or have had problems in school. Many such people include the sci fi actors and actresses who play Star Wars characters such as Ashleigh Eckstein. Then you have people like myself and Shania Twain, who came from a mixed up weird family that did indeed include an abusive husband/father. Jerry wasn’t the best, and this is found in Shania’s book, From This Moment On. Ms. Twain writes candidly about this sort of thing, and I’m proud of her for doing so.
3. Creative artists and musicians do not exactly live a glamorous lifestyle. While these folks have butlers, maids, cooks, and nannies to service their lavishness, this does not compare to the pressure to marry this person, perform this way, do it that way. And your favorite top forty artist isn’t just a glam piece. I’m not kidding. Beyonce Carter probably isn’t very happy inside all the glamor and the pink lace she probably wears.
4. Creative artists oftentimes are the most vulnerable persons in a group of normal people. Look what happened to Michael Jackson. Dr. Murray drugged the poor guy up. And we lost him thanks to Murray’s irresponsible behavior toward Jackson.
5. Most creative child stars are often used and abused for their talents, then when they’re older and less appealing, they are tossed out into the garbage. Sometimes, these child stars end up on drugs of high amounts, in drug/alcohol rehab, or dead because of a drug overdose or suicide. Britney Spears is among thousands of adults diagnosed with bipolar. In Britney’s case, she is also among a large group of child artists such as Raven, Lindsey Lohan, Christina Aguilera, Nick Carter, Leslie Carter (who died of a drug overdose), and many many more child stars who simply stop growing up when they become stars. Being a child star is simply daunting. Think about your favorite actresses from Nickolodeon. Think about the shows like the Sweet Life On Deck, or the Sweet Life with Zach and Cody. What about Drake and Josh? All of these young ones will likely be among the next Rehab clients in Los Angeles County. Just watch the numbers go up like rockets!

Next time you hear that another Prince or Brad ends up dead, remember these facts and figures. They are not surprising, but they shocked me when I heard them. I was floored by my poor idol Shania’s abusive childhood when I read her book, was downright horrified by Britney’s hospitalization, and worst of all I was saddened by Prince and Robin and all those other people’s deaths. Robin Williams came out with great voices and movies such as the jeenie in Aladdin, based on a Thousand and One Nights tale from the Arabian Nights collection as told by Cheherezade. There’s more. Williams was also the lead role in Bicentennial Man, a robot’s tale of understanding for one’s humanity. The Dead Poets’ Society truly inspired my middle school years, and Williams played a lead role in it as well. I never saw the Hunt for Red October. Let’s move on to Brad.
More than a Feeling, Mr. Delp was a true legend among others. Brad sang Higher Power, which contains the Serenity Prayer, something the AA and NA folks would regularly chant at meetings. Higher Power and More than a Feeling are both Boston’s greatest hits in my opinion. But Mr. Delp’s vocals will be truly missed.
Spears, I’m sad to say, is under what’s called a permanent conservatorship. Her children are not to inherit her money, and Mr. Spears seriously has no idea. Britney is now a ward of the state of California, prone to her father’s exploitation of her estate. I refuse to allow my father to do this and when I marry Kahili, well, our estate planning will be what it will be, autonomous and on our own, not handled by a rich loony tune with no idea on what subject the plans will be about. We will likely give some things to an eldest child, if we should have one, and depending on what family matters bring us, we will find an heir for a highly valued jambe drum, an African ornate instrument that is sacred to Kahili and given its value, he wants me to have it should something happen to him. Personally, I’d play it while he’s not able to. But I wish he’d play it now, and I care deeply.
What does this say about Prince? The moral of his story, as it unfolds, is always have a will planned or a living will. Please, all ye who read this, understand that every person whether rich or poor should have a living will. Remembering Terry Shiavo was a hard thing for me, and the lessons we learned from that case are perfectly clear: put medical instructions in an advanced directive such as a living will. I would like either Kahili or an eldest offspring to be in charge of medical stuff, and the instructions are perfectly clear: do not put me in a nursing home if I should fall to dementia or Alzheimer’s, period. I am insistent on having in-home care from family and a possible CNA if the time should come for this. That should be done if Kahili is dead and I his widow. First things first, always think about what you want, plan a living will, submit it to Probate if possible, and get it sealed and sign it with all the dotted I’s and crossed T’s. It is not something anyone should get out of.
I hope you all learned something from this.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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