Welcome to Chromevox, People

Dear Readers,
Here I am, writing a blog post from … gasp … Chrome and Chromevox. You guys might think I’m nuts, but I’m lucky I have someone who is a big tech guru that just showed this to me. Holy crap! I’m totally lost.
Okay, I better shut up.

This One’s for the Girls: What Men Should Know

This post is dedicated to us, the girls, and yes, there are things here that men should know about us. We are serious. Over the last month or so, I’ve been downright depressed, waking up crying and not able to think. I’ve been accused of cheating on my last boyfriend, who sadly doesn’t know what I’m about to pen given that he blocked all the avenues of communication, and he doesn’t know that cheating is a serious charge. That there is a serious problem with men who think it funny that we girls will get criminal charges filed against us. Well, we don’t know exactly what to say. I’ll tell you what. This is a list of things men should know about today’s woman.


  1. We don’t take crap from anyone, not even our husbands.
  2. We are not putting up with accusatory things, all that what men say about us.
  3. Don’t call us obsessed.
  4. We’re not gonna submit to harassment charges just because you want us to.
  5. We are often accused of cheating, all that when we’re not.
  6. We’re not whores.
  7. We don’t put up with violence and sexual abuse. We really don’t.
  8. We’re always thinking up new ways we can please you, but do not think we’re gonna please you to the core because sometimes doing so could lead to something we don’t want.
  9. We can’t say we didn’t love you when you break our hearts.
  10. We’re never there if you push the wrong buttons.

Anyhow, enjoy the list. Men, realize that women don’t put up with garbage from you, and we seriously wish that the patriarchal way the justice system works wasn’t so. So please, this one’s for my exes, don’t try to accuse us of harassment or block without explanation or do things behind our backs. We don’t put up with it.

Thank you all.


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