Things I Am Thankful For

Hi, readers.
I’m typing this blog post on … wait for it … a gifted keyboard from my loving and wonderful boyfriend, my precious love, Kahili. I”m thankful I have him in my life. It’s been weird lately with us, and having an emotional being as a boyfriend can be to soe people a daunting and impossible thing. For me, I think empaths are wonderful and awesome, no doubt they are different It’s not always the spiritual stuff, but empathic beings are amazing at a lot of things, including reading other. Kahili’s emotionality is not something I loathe at all, rather I’m blessed by it.
Now, in light of the things people have said lately about being unemployed, I will post five things I’m thankful for at present.
1. I am thankful for Kahili, spending time with him and loving him. I am thankful he doesn’t have to worry about being burnt out all the time coing home from a workday of more than seventy hours t a place like Arc Call Center/thrift stores, selling Arc donations like he’s John Doh. At Arc, they don’t allow the working folks to talk about their work and the actual roboticism of the place at all, so work these days at all places is a mystery.
2. I am thankful I can have dinner whether at a table or at a desk with my love. Kahili is a sweet and lovable guy who makes e smile when we’re both happy and when particularly I get depressed.
3. I am greatly blessed by the coming of summer rains. I can’t wait to hear the sound of rain pitter pattering on the windowsill, like the windows outside. There are memories of books like “Listen to the Rain”, a children’s book that truly teaches all the aspects of rainy days.
4. I am thankful that at least I have the gift of true musicianship, and this is demonstrated when I was sitting on a bed after having watched Pitch Perfect. We were watching the groups singing, and an idea came to me. I took the melody to My Favorite Things. I added and threw some of the notes around, remembering that the song was just beautiful when sung by Mary J. Blige among others. I was reminded that music is a universal language that speaks much louder than organized ballsport, football, soccer, and math/English tests could ever do. Unlike all of those, music brings people together, and unless you’re in the A Capella competitions, choir festivals, etc., you truly get a more peaceable experience with music.
5. I am thankful for the ability t write and not use excessive profanity, abusive language, and a lot more. True ability to write is demonstrated by the use of appropriate subject matter in all paragraphs, sentences, and all that stuff. Millennials have a tendency to forget Dr. Indent. Remember that little guy you put at the top left corner of your papers? If you’re a sighted grade school alum, you would remember what I’m talking about.

So readers, please take the time to add to this list of what Beth is thankful for. And here’s a hint: keep five things in mind each day and write those five hings in your head, and yes, share them freely with others. Five positive things. That’s all you should talk about.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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