As Crazy As This Gets: Why Women Must Take Leadership Seriously

Content warning: strong language and sensitive subjects.


Dear readers,

It is with great pride that I say, well, I’m a leader. Please do not say to any woman or girl that she is “bossy” or “a bitch.” Please note that I’m neither. I’m a leader, and there’s a good reason why. We have guys like Courtland Sykes who think women should be traditional homemakers, and honestly, though I like to cook when I get the chance, I don’t want to make that a career. And I certainly won’t make dinner for the first guy who asks.

Let’s think though, and pray and meditate about this. Career women are indeed good people, and there are plenty of good and bad people on both sides of the aisle. However, there’s one dude you have to watch out for.

Nathan Larson is a self professed “insole”, involuntary celibate man” and a white supremacist, a pedophile, and worst of all, an advocate for repealing the nineteenth amendment. We in the Denver women’s chorus worked so hard on this and we won’t stop upholding the amendment but this guy? He wanted to repeal it. He believed women were to be as property, first of their fathers, and then their husbands. This is antiquated thinking, and we must make sure the guy doesn’t rise up, and Wikipedia has responded very well to Nathan’s editing and weirdness regarding women as property by banning him from wikimedia pages. He’s been repeatedly blocked and banned from a lot of sites, and just because he ran for government office, that doesn’t make it okay for him to think this way, write this way, or even worse, keep going in the usual I hate women way. He doesn’t think women should vote! What does that say about our politics today?

I’ll tell you what it says. It means that Mr. Larson and Mr. Sykes can both go down as commanders of Gilead, and they can totally rot somewhere. I won’t say where, exactly, but shouldn’t there be a law in place that says what public service is and isn’t? Here are the qualities of a good public servant, and please read carefully because Nathan Larson and others like him do not fit the bill.

  1. A public servant serves all the people. This includes minorities, women, people of different races.
  2. A public servant does not have viewpoints that endanger the lives of females, minorities, and other groups, including those with disabilities.
  3. A public servant is not someone like Donald Trump, who takes millions and doesn’t care what happens. Even if his daughter Ivanka has a fashion line, it doesn’t matter. She wonders why her fashion and perfume lines have plummeted with regards to sales.
  4. A good public servant does not endanger people’s lives where all things are concerned, including during pandemics and war. Are you reading this, President Trump? You endangered our lives and forced the economy to shut down. Our country is at war with a virus thanks to you calling it a hoax.
  5. A good public servant works with others of differing views, but cautions those views regarding women and other things as dangerous. I would work with Republicans, but not on viewpoints that are abhorrent to women and girls, including if someone wanted to make polygamy legal and such. In Utah, the view of polygamy there is fresh on my mind. But if I were a public servant, I’d never ever want to kiss a man’s ass for anything. Not even if he told me to.
  6. A good public servant acknowledges the religious views of all around them, and without begging the question of why they believe what they believe, they simply work with the other side of the religious aisle. Yes, Evangelicals, but there is a catch. If Evangelicals want an end to gay rights, I certainly will say, I can’t work with that. If a radical anabaptist person wants me to ban transgender folks from attending school and church and among other things, diminish their rights to sports and other recreation, I’m going to say, this is outrageous and I can’t work with that. However, I would acknowledge scripture that actually promotes love of all neighbors, and Jesus would never, ever, ever want to exclude people. If he were the son of deity, not the son of man, he’d be coming back. However, in scriptures, he is himself called the “son of man”, and his mother was a woman called Mary. Her Aramaic name being Mariam, this woman came to this world “without sin” according to the Catholic scriptures. However, there is a catch to what Jesus would have done had he actually come back. Imagine Jesus finding Evangelical hate preachers on the street. He’d shout at them to get gone, and he’d also tell the hateful ones they are not worthy of him, period. Just like in the Scriptures and Bible stories, Jesus would include transgender, gay, lesbians, and other kinds of people seen as unworthy of him because of who they are by the Evangelical establishments. A good public servant would acknowledge this.
  7. A good public servant has no major criminal record. This would mean Nathan Larson would not be allowed to do public service in government because of his dangerous agenda. He lost the election in Virginia, and now he doesn’t have custody of his daughter by a prior ex spouse, who he admitted raping. He wants to end the Violence Against Women Act. Or he wanted to, but thank God he can’t do public services, and he won’t. It’s kind of hard to do things when you’re blocked and your websites are taken down, right?
  8. A good public servant does not target others for telling the truth. Jud Dwire (name has been changed) and George Winslow (name has been changed) are both guilty of this, targeting me and this blog for telling the truth. I personally can’t agree to take any posts down from this blog regarding those men because they agree with dangerous viewpoints on police brutality, women, and other things. If they associate with conservative views, their view of women is called into question. Would you vote for Nathan Larson or these other guys? I wouldn’t, because public service should be for someone with empathy, poise, and concern for victims of violent targeting such as what I experienced. See below.
  9. Empathy makes a good public servant, and that is more important than anything. Mr. Larson doesn’t have empathy for his ex spouse, who committed suicide after the birth of their daughter. He showed little to no empathy in his political agenda, and some of his writings are pretty scary to say the least when it comes to women and white supremacy. We can’t have white supremacy in government, period. That means David Duke would not make a good public servant because his agenda speaks loudly, “I have no empathy for blacks.” While it is important for all humans to live in harmony with each other, it is also important for all children to learn that whatever color they are, they must have empathy for that color of skin, curl in hair, whatever weird trait the child might have. Let’s move on.
  10. A good public servant uses their personal story to inspire and not cut others down. I bet Nathan Larson wasn’t sexually abused as a child, and neither was Courtland Sykes. Either of these dudes were brought up by good and caring families, but why they broke and started having these weird viewpoints I’ll never understand. Larson’s story is neither inspiring or motivational, not in any way, except if women don’t speak up, he’ll try to end their rights. The Handmaid’s Tale could open its wide and ugly mouth to the nation, and we’d be swallowed up in Atwood’s book instead of our own reality. Nathan and Courtland are both men who should be considerably clueless as to how their stories don’t inspire. My story, however, does inspire. I spent fifteen years of my life trying to fight guardianships and have spent another few other years being targeted by trolls, hate speech ones. My public service may not be in government, but I would hope that Jud and George leave me alone and pursue their own states’ public offices, and I would watch as they both lose the election.

These are the ten things that make a good public servant, and yes, there are asides. However, when you vote in the November election, you must take this into account. Known bigots should not be voted for, including white supremacists and ableists. You should do your best to keep the Trumpists out of office, and we need to dismantle the administration’s rights to end transgender rights period. Reason? Transgender rights are human rights, and so are women’s rights. A woman has every right to say to her husband, “Don’t touch me because I’m ill” as well as “Fuck you, you’re being a total nasty ass and I have every right not to obey you.” Women do have a place, and that is on the rostrum, on the top of the pyramid, at the top of every business and so on. Please take this into consideration when voting, and when you vote, your vote has the power to change this world.


Of Dictators and Kings

Dear readers,

It has come to my attention that Trump supporters think it’s okay to refer to him as more than a president, or the best president we’ve ever had. That, my friends, is not true. To think we had 45 presidents in over 200 years is a good thing. Most countries don’t have that many good leaders, but as for Trump, he wants to make America incorporated, not great, again. And he’s done a terrible job at it. Every thing out of his mouth is a lie, and he wants to make decisions for us that he shouldn’t be making. Yes, we’re in a pandemic, but being grateful for a bad leader is not what we should be. The root of this problem is greed, corruption, and male domination of this country’s government. We have women in our government, yes, but they’re not in the top spot.

America has had a long and proud history, however, and it was created so we could rid ourselves of kings and rulers in Britain, but here are a couple countries with kings in them, and I’ll explain why the kings are not good for those countries.

We can start with kings having power in countries like Saudi Arabia. Women are not given rights by any but the kings, and the kings of Saudi Arabia have the power to take away and give things to women such as rights. The latest ruler, MBS, Prince Salmon bin Mohammad, is a ruthless dictator who killed off a Washington Post columnist, cut off the royal family from taxpayer funds, and jailed Saudi feminists and stole credit for the right to drive for women. MBS, as he is somewhat affectionately called, is really a mean and ruthless warlord. In any case, Saudi Arabia has had its share of aggressive rule by kings since its founding by the Saudi royal family years before. LEt’s move on.

The United Arab Emirates has a group of men in charge, the Emirs, but they are almost as bad as MBS. While MBS is merely a prince, not the king yet, he’s trying to prove himself. But this next king did some pretty bad things to his own daughters. Daughters in the UAE are disposable, as happens to be the case of Princess Latifa, who is being held captive according to suggestions from Human Rights Watch, the British high courts, and the princess herself. Her father, the Emir of Dubai, has placed his own daughters on drugs and house arrest, something you just don’t do to your own children if you truly cared. Kings like these have the power to strip women like Princess Latifa of their rights and throw himself into a human rights mess.

There are good kings, bad kings, and ruthless kings. But let me explain what America was created for: no kings. Donald Trump thinks he’s a king, and I’m sorry, but America does not need a king. We were ruled by George III of England, and it was awful. We were taxed without representation, forced to comply with many other laws, and so much more that we dethroned King George III in 1776 but the war lasted longer than that. The Declaration of Independence has its purpose, so here you go.


The Covid 19 Response for the Blind and Physically Disabled: Twenty things to Remember, or maybe a few plus or minus a few.

Dear readers,

We interrupt the children’s television things to bring you a very important notice regarding the Covid 19 response for blind people and those with handicaps dealing with the physical and mental and others. Every time a pandemic arises, we disabled folks are usually left behind. In the Great Depression and other eras of disaster, blind people in particular were put in special schools. And the social security act did not reflect good positive things to say about blindness and blind people. Intercity transit is suspended in colorado. Article linked below. Here are some other things to keep in mind that civil rights and disability groups are needing during this time.


  1. Disability care is vitally important. Home care services must maintain staff, and caregivers must wear masks and gloves.
  2. Disabled people still need deliveries, especially of groceries and sundries and other supplies, especially where such things are concerning toilet paper and other supplies. Since a lot of us are homebound, some not, delivery is the best option to make sure we are stocked up.
  3. Disabled people should know the symptoms of covid 19. If they get the disease, they should be given no scoring tags or less of a priority for care.
  4. Those who use portable ventilators should keep said portable ventilators and not have to give them up to somebody else. Whether there is a short supply or not, these machines help those who use them breathe easy.
  5. Those with immune systems that are compromised should take heart. This is going to pass eventually, and yes, you will again be able to socialize. But until then, make sure to use contactless delivery. Disinfect surfaces like crazy, wash hands, all that.
  6. Blind people on SSI should be getting the stimulus package checks too, but if not, we know that the feds have left us behind.
  7. Blind people should still read books, and blindness products should be ordered if needed. I wish I could get the right equipment for my kind of work, but it is important that this equipment be the best professional grade stuff, and usable too. Braille displays are important too. Since the department of vocational rehab in every state is closed, perhaps we should see how service can be delivered to blind employees in a gig economy.
  8. While we can’t serve food to anyone at the moment, and while it must be delivered, there is a possibility that we will have to stop doing this even during this time. I’m totally scared that we will soon be left to fend for ourselves.
  9. While this is not the zombie apocalypse, this is still a difficult time for many individuals struggling to pay the bills, but when this is over, there won’t be jobs left for the disabled to have. People are predicting a baby boom, but I doubt it.
  10. While we are stuck in our homes, blind people have no means to see video chats unless they are low vision. Therefore, personally, I don’t do video chats and such. But tonight, I’m going on Zoom with my chorus friends to discuss how we’re going to survive as a chorus. We should have been doing concerts and such, but we can’t do our season.

For disabled individuals, this pandemic is a wake up call for all of us. Those who think they’re entitled buy up half the world’s food supply, it seems, and those who are left behind include the poor, elder, and disabled. Please see the prior posts about those who think healthcare is for the lucky and strong ones among us. Because of threats and thoughts from others about legal action, I will not name names here, but I will make one thing clear: in my opinion, those who are poorer and darker should receive better and tenderer care than those who are pale as ghosts, white, and rich. This would balance out all the problems we have with white preference and entitlement. But then, what would this world be if we had no skin color at all? Skin color is a very big part of differences, but if we chose Sameness, as in the Giver quartet series, we would not be able to say we could love our families, spouses, and parents. Relationships would be manufactured, and illnesses wouldn’t at all be a concern. But during this pandemic, please keep in mind that your darker skinned elderly neighbor down the block could need something done, something such as delivery and such.

Here are ten more things to do during this time that you could do if you are healthy enough to help your neighbors.

  1. Deliver supplies and groceries to your elders and disabled folks.
  2. Donate blood.
  3. If you are a practiced nurse and have done nursing and doctoring before, go on the front lines.
  4. Don’t read the newspapers, watch the news, or stare at the floor.
  5. Look at factual information as it comes in in your community instead.
  6. Listen to your favorite songs.
  7. Read a thrilling book.
  8. Participate in zoom meetings and video chats with friends, including when there are good milestones to do.
  9. Keep breathing and living as long as you might, and don’t worry about the things going on in the world. If you get sick and can’t breathe, hope to God you get better.

Stay healthy everybody.


Arthur: Children’s Television for the Ages

Dear readers,

Of all the television shows I’ve watched as a child, Arthur has a lot of value in a lot of ways. The premise of the show varies from episode to episode, just like any other show, but Arthur is a really cool show because it teaches conflict resolution, self worth, self esteem, and many other skills important to kids. While you might give this honor to Dragon Tales, that honor would actually go to Arthur because Arthur has lots of diversity in the characters. Ranked highly by Mojo, this show deserves a good watch if you’re a kid or an adult, whether you’re young or old. Here’s why.

  1. Each character is an animal, obviously. Marc Brown’s books are some of the first books in the series. Each animal character has diverse personalities. For example, Francine Frensky is Jewish and drawn as a mouse. Buster has no father, drawn as a bunny. Arthur, of course, is an aardvark and his family is pretty typical, but his dad works as a caterer. David and Jane Reed have a lot of lessons to teach their children, Arthur, Kate, and D.W.
  2. I like some of the episodes where Arthur and his friends get into some sort of thing. What do I mean by thing? Well, here’s an example. Mr. Ratburn, the teacher in this case, assigns the class some spelling words, and later they find that they’re in the all school spellathon. Arthur doesn’t think he can do this, but then Mr. Ratburn gives him the confidence to do the things he wants to, mainly study for the spelling bee. Spelling bees are amazing.
  3. Each character has a very special quality that people should learn about. Oh, and did I forget to mention there are disabled characters? Yes, and even Binky Barnes, the class clown or bully, has a food allergy in one episode. This is actually a very good way to teach kids with food allergies how to see themselves in the literature, and the story presents very well. I didn’t see the blind character in Arthur yet, but maybe I should do my research on that character. However, I want to point out that disabilities don’t stop the characters from doing the things they want to do.
  4. The show changes with the times. Mr. Ratburn, the teacher, gets married to a male partner in the most recent controversial episode, though it was banned in Alabama. Shame on that state for banning episodes so kids can learn tolerance. For one, each character’s diversity is there to teach the children tolerance, and I have a few things to say about this. I have gay friends, some married, some not. They saw themselves in Arthur’s teacher’s wedding episode, and that is good. Shows like Arthur validate the LGBTQI+ community because of the changes in time, how Mr. Ratburn reacts to his male partner, etc.
  5. Halloween doesn’t have to be the devil’s holiday. Arthur and his friends have a grand old time, but his little sister, D.W., has some plans for her brother, mainly pranks, to play on Halloween. The Halloween specials for Arthur are amazingly well done, and it’s pretty silly to think otherwise. I liked the Christmas special, mainly because Arthur learned a very important lesson about giving. Please watch that episode, and another lesson was also learned. D.W. wanted a certain toy so bad, but Arthur got annoyed, his mom couldn’t find it, and well, just watch it.

One of my favorite episodes has the following premise: D.W. learns a lesson about swearwords, and it’s very important because for three- and four-year-old children, swearwords aren’t that great. While I’ve written a few here in the blog, I have indeed indicated trigger warnings and content warnings on the top. Please note that what my opinions are here stated are only my opinions, but in my humble opinion, Arthur and the episodes I pointed to teach more than most television shows combined. I’ll be writing about other children’s television shows later.

If you have any ideas for the blog, please submit a comment. It would be greatly appreciated.


Corona Virus Lockdown: What Does This Mean?

Dear readers,

It has been brought to my attention that the governments in many states are issuing “stay at home” orders. My state has issued such a thing, so what is in the stay at home order for my state? Well, nonessential business has to close, most businesses can be remote and telecommuting is allowed. However, essentials like feeding livestock, food distribution and delivery from places like grocery stores and restaurants is allowed, and then there’s healthcare. Luckily, essential healthcare services are allowed in my apartment, and my home health aids have been good about coming, most of them at least. This one we currently have is amazing, and I want to thank her and the thousands of others for coming in and fighting on the front lines of this pandemic, which includes disabled and elderly folks who have compromised immune systems.

However, I understand the need to explain the usurpation of natural rights to leave one’s home to do what we want and gather and socialize. First and foremost, in Colorado, there’s a fine of $999 for not obeying the stay at home order if you are a repeat offender. I understand that there are a lot of stupid people who think the stay at home orders don’t apply to them, and we need a way to get the message across. But in other places, leaving the home means lethal force, like martial law. This is too much. I’d encourage governments to only affect the pocketbooks, not the lives, of individuals seeking to leave a home. And God forbid if someone was being abused, please, forgive the wife and children whose husband is very abusive and can’t be trusted. So what can you do in a lockdown situation?

  1. Communicate with friends, and participate in zoom meetings. See the video chats 101 post I did in this blog.
  2. Walk your dog while practicing social distancing.
  3. Go to pharmacies and doc offices and get care, including prescription meds.
  4. Go to the grocery store to pick up food, practicing appropriate social distancing.
  5. Exercise in fresh air, provided you stay six feet away from your neighbor.

That’s about it. You could pick up food for family members at high risk, and it doesn’t matter where you get the food. Restaurant food is just as good, but I have a note for those who think it’s okay to keep churches open. You can’t, it’s currently against the law for churches to stay open. You can’t have gatherings of ten or more, and the president may get the ball rolling by April 12 to lift some of the restrictions. Ugh. He doesn’t seem to get it. Human lives over profits, that’s what I’d do. If that was me in Trump’s shoes, I’d have locked down the country, and banned lethal force of course. I’d have given police departments guidance on how to enforce the stay at home order on a national scale, and I’d have given the police no leeway for brutality. Trust me on this, it won’t be easy for some to pay for visiting a friend in need, and that’s what we need to do now. We need to stand together and help one another through this time of crisis, and never ever use lethal force. However, entitled white privileged folks will probably get the virus if they don’t obey the orders, which more than half of them probably won’t. The stupids make the rest of the world look bad, and our case count has topped China’s and Italy’s, which makes it all the more important to … STAY AT HOME!

So what can you do in a serious abuse situation? If you’re a wife reading this and you feel as though your husband is controlling every aspect of your life, please note I see you. Please read the prior post on abusive situations, and Dr. Phil McGraw’s video is also on YouTube, just don’t let your husbands see this video. I love Dr. Phil and his videos, and during this time of crisis, the Dr. Phil show is in hiatus.

So, if you are a fan of his work, check out Dr. Phil’s YouTube channel. He posted an important one for victims of abuse. During lockdown, it is important for abuse victims to get out, more important than ever that they seek shelter in a place without the virus present.

Thank you for reading.


What You can Do to Help Abuse Victims during Corona Virus Isolation

Dear readers,

If you’re fans of Dr. Phil MCGraw, you guys should know that he just uploaded a very important video. IF you know someone in an abusive situation, McGraw states, and you can’t get them on the phone, do a welfare check on them. The police who do the check will likely take the children and women to a children/women’s domestic abuse shelter. While shelters aren’t ideal during this pandemic, it is very important that we not give abusers the upper hand. McGraw says that stay at home orders can become “heaven” as it is called for a potential or current abuser. Make sure you have the person’s known address and know where they live as well, and call the local sheriff’s department. We all have to stay at home in a bunch of places, but for abusers, this shouldn’t mean they can isolate and cut you off from friends and family. Thanks for reading, and stay safe everybody.


What is So Good About Sesame Workshop?

Dear readers,

While the little ones are at home, quarantined because of that virus going around, I’d thought I’d try to reach a worldwide audience. And yes, let’s talk television that is commendable and at the top of the ratings for watch mojo. Rebecca from Watch Mojo, by the way, is the coolest person in the world. Thank you for guiding my decisions for a while, the top ten lists and all.

Sesame Street has lots of iterations around the world, and has done some incredible work tackling issues ranging from grief to incarceration, autism to disability other than blindness, blindness of course, and so many other hard to unpack issues. They approach these issues in a kid friendly way, and always has there been a sympathetic ear at Sesame Street when it came to the things we Sesame Street watchers always felt uncomfortable about. Of course, Sesame Street varies from country to country, and there is a very cool version of it in Nigeria, Sesame Square. If anyone knows what a square is, it’s the same sort of concept as the town hall or plaza, but the use of this word in the Nigerian title is very appropriate given the architecture of Nigerian markets and stuff.

My favorite Sesame street characters so far are Big Bird and Cookie Monster, and then I can totally relate to Oscar the Grouch. He’s such a grouch of course, and he had a song that was entitled, I Love Trash. So appropriate, because he is pictured in a garbage can.


I find the Canadian sesame workshop titles are almost like the American ones, but what Sesame Workshop has done is create shows that customize themselves from country to country, doing topics specific for that country. One of the more recent things Sesame has done is create an Arabic version for the children of Syrian refugee parents. And boy do they tackle subjects like wartime crises with grace. While I don’t speak Arabic, Persian, or many other languages, remember I can only speak so many languages, Sesame Street is a great way to learn and not only learn numbers and letters, but learn how to empathize with others. The only thing I’m concerned about is the Autism Speaks community. The group purports to help screen for autism, but the negative messages are not good. However, I can’t blame Sesame workshop for aligning with Autism Speaks because their group is too loud and doesn’t have any autistics on their board. Autism Self Advocacy Network had to break partnership with Sesame over this, but it wasn’t necessarily their fault, it was Autism Speaks. LEt me be clear: children’s TV should be presenting positive messages about autism, not negative narratives like what we see in Autism Speaks.

Sesame workshop has also tackled a lot of hot button AMerican issues like homelessness, incarceration, death, disability, HIV/AIDS and blood safety, and many other subjects that kick in the social sphere of each country. I’m glad the workshop is continuing the good wwork it does, and for those who don’t know, it can b heard in a lot of different languages. Sesame Street and Sesame Square being good examples, well, why not? If you’re a classic Sesame Street fan, just watch the show.


Welcome to our world.

I can’t help noticing that a lot of sighted people are going absolutely nuts because of this social distancingWelcom to the blind world, where everybody’s eyes don’t work. Agree with this completely.

thing, well, people with disabilities …

Welcome to our world.

Is God the Culprit for the Corona Virus? Or is He Sending Plagues? Let’s See what Science Says

Dear readers,

While Egypt was where the Hebrew people were enslaved, and while God in the Bible did send ten plagues to Egypt for enslaving his people, should we truly believe that God is turning this country toward Him? I personally disowned God a while back because of a few different things. For one, the doctrinal differences between Christians is interesting, but some doctrines are dangerous. The book of Genesis justifies the use of hatred and tools against LGBTQI+ groups, especially when God commands the people in the bible not to “lie with a man as one lies with a woman” in the case of men. This is sadly a savage view of the world, that the world is straight and that gay folks shouldn’t be who they are. I’m a staunch ally of the gay community, and the misinformation about Corona Virus is astounding, especially when it comes to militant faith based reasoning versus the science that health experts are talking about.


  1. First off, the virus is a microscopic package of proteins that invades cells. Viruses basically hijack your cells, eating through the DNA of the cells and doing crazy stuff before dying themselves. For instance, cold viruses do this often to everybody. As I type this, I have a slight stuffy nose. Ugh. But I know where the stuffiness comes from, and it’s not corona virus.
  2. The virus we’re talking about is a virus that originated in an unsanitary wild animal market in Wuhan in the Hubay province in China. China was where it started, but it wasn’t a conspiratorial plan to wipe us off the map because we don’t believe in God etc. I came across a post that said that God closed everything so we’d have to worship Him. Well, that’s a bit militant and religiously ill informing for the people whose loved ones are dying of this pandemic.
  3. Some people place blame on gay culture for the virus. Anything they say to get rid of the gay community is bogus, bunk, and totally not what science is saying. Everybody, even gay folks, is practicing social distancing and doing their thing.
  4. Stay at home orders are for your safety and the safety of your friends and loved ones. For example, Governor Jarred Polis ordered a statewide stay at home order so the healthcare system is not overwhelmed. However, Trump is ordering churches and the economy be open by Easter. Ugh. This shows he only cares about profits and gold, not human lives. He himself could get the virus, and all I can say is, if he does and has to be on a vent, it better not be at the cost of my partner’s life.
  5. Unfortunately, the misinformation is in numbers. I don’t want to listen to President Trump go on and on about how great this country is anymore. I want to be able to do things as much as anybody else does, but because someone didn’t clean the wild animal market in Wuhan, we’re all staying home. This pandemic is a disaster for our economy, and I’m not going to be surprised if Waffle House is no more because they can’t afford to pay their workers. But what I will do is listen to the health experts, and Dr. Fauci, the guy from CDC, is the man. He knows better than our own President, which is sad. Trump ain’t no medical expert, and it’s sad because if he was, he’d bilk patients out of money because he’s just like that.

Science says that there is indeed a God particle, but God did not make that virus to make us worship Him, or force the country to get rid of gays etc. I feel that whatever deity you worship, the virus was there to begin with, living in the wild animals in Wuhan, and the unsanitary conditions at that market obviously made everything a problem. And one so called conspiracy I’ve heard is that China wants to be richer than us, but boy the world is slowing down and the Great Depression number 2 is upon us. Here’s something I want politicians to know and understand: I as a blind woman don’t want to be left behind. Death can leave me where I am right now, and I’m fine with that. But the way you guys and the militant faith based crap conspiracies go, well, how do I put it? Don’t push faith on someone who doesn’t want it, and don’t tell me an all powerful El or whatever god you worship demands we worship him. I can’t do this because of a church I attended in Adams County, Colorado. It is horrible, just horrible the way things went down. I still can’t get Tony walsh’s words out of my head, the false conviction that Trenton and I wouldn’t last at all. What pastor says that? And what associate pastor does this sort of thing to someone to intimidate them into not being with someone else? Grace Community Church in Denver was not welcoming to Trenton, which makes me sad, and it totally blew my mind what these folks were thinking. The only one who dared care was Elizabeth McKenzie, and for this I’m grateful she even cared. But everybody else? No, I don’t talk to anyone else. I can’t talk to everybody else, and I will not stand for religious militant actions taken against me or Trenton for anything we want to do. Sex is not a sin, and marriage is too costly for blind individuals. This applies especially if you have SSI and food stamps and stuff. And if your family held your rights hostage. Look, my friend Clayton’s doing his own hustling thing, and I am proud of him for that. He’s doing the best he can with little money he has, but selling his Mac was the worst decision, in my humble opinion, that he could have had to make, and I understand it was a heartbreaking decision. But he had to get back to Arizona. So he sold the mac, and it’s harder for him to do his job without it. Blind money records needs all the support it can get, especially during this trying time in the world spotlight. Corona virus ain’t gonna stop me from singing a song, loving my life, and loving my partner. There you go.


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