Letter to the Governor: Stonewall 50 concert and Mandated LGBTQ+ history in schools

Dear Readers, and especially Governor Polis,

For those who don’t know, I am a member of a Denver Women’s Chorus because I support GALA choruses because all voices matter. This weird season, particularly June 7 and 8, I and DWC will be singing a commissioned work that commemorates the Stonewall riots of 1969. Governor Polis, you would be interested in this because Stonewall was the dawn of the gay rights movement. Being the first openly gay governor is I’m sure very hard, but I want to assure you that we’ve been working so hard at this piece and hoping for my sake you’d come. I want you to do us al a favor and mandate the stonewall riot to be taught about in school, along with gay history and such. Why? So that people can learn tolerance, difference and acceptance of people who are attracted to the same sex partners they have. I think it’s unfair not to teach students about the Stonewall raid on that club and not to allow them to see that many gays were arrested, killed, or injured, but the very next day’s NY Times stated only that “four policemen were hurt in the Greenwich Village raid.” I am speaking out on behalf of friends and other people like my friend Kelly, who is legally married to a woman she loves. I’m speaking on behalf of my friend Christine, who sings in chorus with me, and who wants to have a successful gender reassignment or confirmation surgery. Christine should have the same rights as others, including to join the military, so I want to add, if she wants to pull a rifle out and shoot some bad guys, she should do that but she’s not that kind of person. I didn’t see that necessarily in her.

In all cases of gay conversion therapy, outlawed thanks to your efforts, I’d be able to say as of now, gays and lesbians end up in further advanced mental health care. I saw that in a man in Orlando who was gay and his partner supported him in LaAmistad Mental Health center. I saw the prevalence of things like Love In Action which was a ministry camp. It supposedly converts gay youth. I hope you can watch or have watched Boy Erased, about a boy who is put in one of those conversion camps for evangelical parents’ wants. Governor, I’m honored to be an ally inn the community for nine years, rather let’s add an extra year to grow on. Ten years I’ve supported pride. I am super happy that you outlawed gay conversion therapy. Why not add this to what I call the Mandated modules for LGBTQ history for Colorado state schools. Don’t let the haters get you down, of course. Don’t listen to the evangelical extremism and parents who want what they call normal lives for their youth. IF a girl is bisexual or gay, she should be who she is. If a boy identifies as “they and them” pronouns, that shouldn’t affect anything. I have a good friend who’s been in the beginning stages of her transition to becoming a trans woman. She prefers feminine things and goes with the female pronouns, but I’ve seen what being transgender does to the people around her. Most of these folks are intolerant, one of whom tried to date her. In any case, this woman as I see her is a beautiful spirit, and should be immortalized in a history class as one of a million or more who identify as female to male or male to female. In any case, I think mandating LGBTQ history and inclusive sex ed should be a priority in your agenda, as you’ve signed that bill saying sex ed should be taught in school. Here’s what it should look like:

1. All anatomy should be taught. Female and male anatomy, al the good stuff.

2. Sex with both heterosexual and homosexual partners should be taught as acceptable. This means, gay people are just doing something natural. So are straight people like myself.

3. Disabled people should be taught the same sex ed as anyone else, especially females who are blind or visually impaired or intellectually disabled. Modules should be made to fit the spiral curriculum so that sex can be no mystery to disabled females who are or are not developmentally delayed, but then you have to think about the ones who can’t see/hear. All disabled kids, male or female, are subjected to rape 85% of the time by family. I have read many accounts of people, no names here, who have been raped by both male or female members of the family, and most of these accounts come from disabled females and males. The #whyIdidn’treport hashtag got so much attention from disabled ladies, particularly, and the families who abused them didn’t believe their stories. It is time for Colorado to be a sex positive state, a safe space for al of us, particularly in the LGBTQ and disabled and cross intersectional communities.

4. Consent must be a big thing in your sex ed curriculum. Girls who are disabled should especially be taught that sex should be a mutually consenting activity for adults, and teenagers and not for small children. This means that if a young disabled child finds him/herself in a submissive abusive family situation, they should be able to tell an adult they trust that they’re being abused. And they should be believed. Sex should also b a consenting activity done between two members of the same species, and both people should be feeling good about it. If a boy is the aggressor in a rape case, he should never put the burden on the victim. Mostly a girl who doesn’t know anything about sex should never have to prove she didn’t “want it” or “like it”. Such things happen quite often in courtrooms across America. Consent and rape awareness should be a very important thing in sexual education of not only the general population but blind and disabled people, because like I said 85% of these folks get raped every year, every day, whatever. Disabled women are the ones more likely to report it whether it be to trusted friends, trusted professional therapists, or social media. Mostly they report it on social media but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone reported it somewhere else. Colorado should have protections for date rape survivors, and if the consent thing in sex ed doesn’t take, well, we need to have tougher penalties for boys and girls who are the aggressors of rape. There is a female in Arizona, and I know this sounds weird, but this woman coerces boys into having sex with her. She should have been in jail, and she sells drugs etc., but nobody there seems to think this is bad. This woman calls herself a Christian, but I think she’s crazy if she doesn’t think people don’t like her. A lot of people think aggressive females are a dream etc., but that’s not true. Aggressive people, both male and female, are not a dream. I’ve been around aggressive males, and confided in a friend who said, this girl violated me. It goes on both sexes not to be the aggressors of rape and incest. I’m a disabled woman myself, and my parents were staunch Catholics who wanted their perfect virgin Mary to be given in marriage to a perfect Joseph, but that never will happen because they are abusive guardians in the state of Florida, and I want the guardianship illegal in this state because I want to be able to live a good life, and without a public entity messing up my life by stealing, vandalizing, or kidnapping. Of course, if I wanted children, I should be able to have those kids period. While I write this, I am able to listen to TV shows on a very accessible fire OS TV with a talking cable box. Of course, I think I should be able to watch TV the same as everybody else.

Thank you for reading this entry, and I look forward to working with you.


Why Women Should Worry: Do Alabama, Georgia, and other States Want to Control Women?

Dear ladies,

If you’re reading this, and if you’re pregnant, depending on the situation, you may be one of three things: sad because you didn’t plan this, angry because someone raped you for this, and/or happy and congratulatory because someone loved you and this is the result.

I hate to say it, but sometimes in the first two scenarios, abortion is the only option. Think of these following profiles:

1. A baby is left at a fire station and adopted by a rich white family. The baby grows into a young child, asking, “Why don’t I look like Mommy and Daddy?” The adoptive parents decide not to tell the child that the teenage girl gave her up because she’s blind, was too young to support her, and the parents of the girl threatened her with more rape and abuse. Then the child goes looking for Mom and finds out about Dad, and the whole thing comes tumbling down.

2. Baby is adopted in an open family situation, but birthmother was raped by her brother. The baby could suffer complications. These include Fumarase deficiency or chromosomal defects that would make the baby incompatible with life itself. If the baby is carried to term, born, and dumped with an adoptive family, they could, like the families of puppy mill survivors be spending millions of dollars to make their precious little one well again, or having to bury the child in the case of rare genetic disorders.

3. Baby is carried by mother who can’t have kids. Or the mother’s life and health are at risk. Imagine if a mother died in childbirth. This happens much more than Americans want to believe it does, but it does. If Mom dies in childbirth, Dad will have to raise Baby on his own, pay Mom’s funerary bills, and live with tons of regret. Baby will likely be abused if disabled or female, and the father will blame himself for many years for killing his wife by making her have his baby. He will try and find a new wife, but that could result in a Cinderella. No, I won’t have this.

4. Many of my disabled friends reported abuse on Facebook. Imagine one of them getting a miscarriage under the new Georgia legislation. You can’t blame a girl for body reactions to a fetus in the womb. The girl’s blood type could be incompatible with the baby, a condition known as RH incompatibility. Doctors have to treat this before the baby is possibly miscarried.

Under recent new abortion legislation, we women could become handmaids for abusive commanders. This is the most unacceptable thing a woman can endure. IF someone raped me, and it was a boy, I’d have to get rid of the baby. I don’t want to bring a second rapist on top of the baby’s supposed father into a picture like that. Trenton would be furious if a baby from another man was within me, on top of which the father being the relative. I’m only half biological and my bio dad has not been named or confirmed, no medical things read to me. Yuck. But today, I’m happy I live in Colorado. Abortion is a constitutional right, and Roe V. Wade will stand. Women need to put white good ole’ boys in their hellish place, where they won’t be hanging around women, but other guys. If they impregnate a female guard, let them rot if the guard says, “Hey inmate, I got an abortion. You raped me.” The inmate, a white man who might have been accused of rape in the past, could tell her she’s wrong, but the law in Alabama is not enforceable. Even the Governor admits it. But does Governor Ivy have any clue about the disabled female victims of sexual assault, rape, and incest in families? Look at how many times someone wrote under the hashtag #whyIdidn’treport. Many many times, the abuser is family, and they went inside their victims, penetrating them. One victim got pregnant, though she kept her baby, and the woman’s family took care of the baby. She has since gotten married to a good guy, had a son, and done what she’s needed to do.

However, the baby being a girl, I don’t think the lady needed to worry as much. However, incestuous products usually do have a lot of health issues, issues that could cost insurers and taxpayers thousands, if not millions, of bucks. Bucks, which are hard to come by! Dough you can’t roll in these days!

Planned Parenthood has been a great organization or decades. I believe googling them is a first step to planning your family. If you need a good resource, look them up.

Some women might get suicidal over carrying a baby to term, so here’s the suicidal hotline thing if you need it:


TXT MSG: 741-741

Download the Not Okay app for on demand with your crew help with suicidal thoughts/depression.


Nine years ago today …

Readers, it was nine years ago today that I began my training at CCB. It was nine years ago yesterday that I flew away from my family and home state to not come back, period. It has been nine great years, and I’m happy to report that I found a man, live in my and his apartment, and everything seems to be fine, including community activities. But no job. Job skills could be less than a college degree, but I don’t want to be placed in a dead end job. CCB placed the wrong labels on me, especially after my training. They said I was unemployable, and I personally am highly offended by this. Employability is a real joke, no fun at all.

In the next post around this time, I’m going to do ten things I did here in Colorado that might not have been possible had I stayed behind.

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