What Is America’s Modern Slavery?: Analysis

Dear Readers,

Imagine you didn’t have your rights. You don’t have the right to an opinion, don’t have the right to dress and style as you please, don’t have the right to marry whomever you want, etc. This is the lot of people in North Korea. However, in America, we have a hidden truth that I’m about to reveal.

I may have a limited guardianship, but the truth is that guardianship is slavery. Any form of ownership of an elder or a disabled person is a form of slavery and human trafficking and should be made illegal for the sole purpose of protecting the elder or disabled person from being malnourished in a nursing home, dumped in the street, living in a garage on McDonald’s, living on $10 a day and unable to pay for or lease an apartment, or ultimately dying in these circumstances. Meet Karen, a nurse from Naples, Florida, who ran away from her full legal guardianship because the guardian was being abusive. Meet Jacquelyn, who is now deceased because of guardians’ abuse of her daily. HEr daughter Kathleen Dunn was unable to save her. And finally, meet Carol Weeks, whose life can best be described as trying to end the relationship with her family because of guardianship and the possibility of guardianship abuse. Carol has a brain injury and blindness, along with sleep issues as most blind people do. However, she will graduate from the Hadley School for the Blind in Illinois and pursue a dream of hers. With guardianship, she wouldn’t be able to do that. My dream isn’t necessarily to become a rich and famous musical entertainer, to be a police enforcer, or to do things that are concrete. My dream is to be able to wake up in a world where all guardianship is fraud, illegal, slavery. Where all the courts will work harder to protect elders and disabled people, regardless of what a guardian wants, from maltreatment and malnourishment. Guardianship is traditionally associated with these things, and as well it should be. There are many victims of guardian abuse I could not name here, but if we don’t help the Karens and Kathleens of the world, there will be more Jacquelyn Scotts and more Jenny Hatch cases that go unwon by the disabled or elder person because a guardian wants them to get a job or do as they say. My father is an example of a guardianship abuser along with his wife, my mother. They denied me independence and hope online as I was not able to find such in Titusville, so I relocated to Colorado so that they could not tell me what to do. They can no longer touch me, even if I couldn’t challenge their rights. However, I would like federal health laws to be passed so they can’t read therapy and prenatal care notes. They must never have access to these notes because a baby could be on the way and they will be barred from seeing him or her. IF Trent and I decide on a baby, we will have to make sure they don’t contact me about the baby. IF they do, I’ll just say, you can’t see the baby. End of story, you have guardianship, so you can’t have my baby. I won’t let you see my baby, and any unauthorized visits on your part will result in further legal action. So there you have it.

Karen is too old to have children, so perhaps are the many others who are abused and neglected in nursing homes and group homes for the disabled. bI do not want to be a victim of abuse and maltreatment in the hands of a public guardian, so I’m asking all of you who read this to kindly stop calling me paranoid. Stop calling me negative. Stop calling me whatever you want to call me because it’s not gonna help your cause. You could be the next victim of American slavery, bought and sold for your disabilities and rights. Please make sure you are reading this, after all if you don’t, you will be uneducated.

Twenty Years of Harry Potter? And Other Things to Think About

Dear Readers,

It’s been 20 years since Harry Potter and his world were conceived and brought to life by J. K. Rowling, a Scottish born woman who lived on welfare, but now she’s struck galleons, or gold as we Muggles would say, when she wrote the Harry Potter phenomenon to life. My personal experience with the books was that the books were so many volumes a piece of Braille that I could not get through them. I ended up reading the rest on Bookshare and audio, but I still kept up with the others regarding the Wizarding World. I wish that right now, I could use a bit of magic to make candy, keep my doors locked, and Apparate and Disapparate wherever I wanted to without a passport or airplane tickets. Too expensive, right? IF Wizards existed, I’m not sure I’d be one. Being blind and reading the Potter books, I’m seriously considering visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme land but it’s in a state that’s not safe for Trenton and I at the moment. With acquittal after acquittal of officers shooting down black people and making up poor excuses to kill a black person, I’m reluctant to let myself and Trenton roam the theme parks in Florida without help or a special security detail, as though we were famous. I do not want to have to wait in lines full of possible alt right white supremacists who could holler “Nigger” and other nasty terms at myself or Trenton. We’d need to protect our valuables from burglars in the hotel, and the Disney or Universal cast members would absolutely have to take responsibility for us because of circumstances. I won’t do business with Florida disney world because of someone who works there, name not given, who says I’m paranoid and need help. This girl was accused of playing me like a violin in high school, and yet she gets a job and all the things she dreams of. Why do I not have anything? Except for Trenton’s love and support, food on the table, and a roof over my head, there’s nothing. No dream vacation, no dream wedding on the way, and no family with kids. We’re too poor to avoid Medicaid, and a wedding in the traditional sense would warrant in the eyes of the government cuts to our benefits. We need Medicaid, SSI, and food stamps for now so we can work our way up, not be touted for not working. My parents think it okay to keep guardianship because they view Legal Shield as a “pyramid scheme.” It is not. Mid-Ocean Partners and Prepaid Legal have been around for decades, not a pyramid scheme at all. Because of contractual guardianship, my fiance is collecting the money for me, a form of slavery in my opinion. I have to do all the work and find businesses in the Denver area so that I can sell memberships to people. We need sales, all this to buy a home with. But it won’t get me off the system, so I’ll still have Medicaid and SSI, and any other insurers may charge overages for their services because of preexisting conditions like blindness. We want to vacation at Harry Potter land, but I will never feel safe again while officers are acquitted for killing black people, especially disabled ones. WHo never carry guns! That’s what’s upsetting me. If we go to Harry Potter land, I want safety and security and all that.

Another Letter Sent to the Senators

Dear Readers,

Senator Cory Gardner received another letter from me. Why, you ask? It’s pretty simple: wheelchair bound protesters were abused for stating they wanted to live. And the GOP wants to say that disabled people are a drain on society. No, we’re not. There are many Senators who should be reading my blog right now, and not playing Angry Birds Star Wars Edition. So put down the game handheld, turn off that iPhone, android, or whatever device you are using to distract yourselves, and read my lips. Let me start with my life story in a nutshell:

As a person who is blind, I have read the literature of the National Federation of the Blind, American Council of the Blind, and other kinds of stuff that suggested blind people go through more disturbing forms of discrimination than anything else in the world. Well, I’m living proof that this discrimination is criminally harmful to me and others who are blind and have physical handicaps. Wheelchair bound people are often abused in jails and state care, helpless to stop the abuse in their home lives, etc., so to tell them that they’re going to have their healthcare taken away is tantamount to criminal theft of the people’s lives. I am a passionate advocate for the people, of the people, whatever else you want to say. Senator Gardner I hope does not vote for the bill because of letters like the kind I wrote him today. Abusing people over the removal of Medicaid expansion is wrong, and here’s why:

As a blind person, I use Medicaid to keep my home functionally clean and my caregiver is a fine woman, despite having no car, but she brings a lot of joy to the table when she works and cleans the home. If I didn’t also have my fiance around to make sure the dishes got clean–cooking for two is a drag you know–I would be all alone with nothing but professionals and caregiver staff to look after me. Since I have no friends in the Denver area who can drive me to places like shopping malls, I have to rely heavily on Uber, Lyft, buses, and cabs. Medicaid provides medical transportation to doctor appointments round trip for free in the Colorado area to those who qualify. This saves me a lot of stress, which could lead to other things. Also, nonmedical transportation takes me to places I would like to go like the grocery store or the shopping mall, this way I can save on transport to places that Trenton and I want to go to and we don’t have to worry too much about Uber. IF I had a service dog, this would have been a lot harder to do as there are too many people who’ve reported Lyft and Uber drivers for not staying because of blindness, and not picking up passengers who request them because of their dogs. This is now illegal, and should remain illegal. Medicaid trips can be round trips, but the political games continue, and those trips could be taken away.

Trenton and I have to navigate a healthcare system that demands lots of money if not for Medicaid. What if one of us ends up wheelchairbound because of someone else’s misdeeds? That’s where Medicaid comes in and can save us lots on stress, barriers to access on transport vans, etc. Access a Ride should never charge Medicaid patients, but the rides are expensive. Too expensive. Paratransit would be best suited for working, and I don’t want to have to reevaluate and sign forms for Access a Ride again, not ever, because it’s too complicated and I have to do stuff with doctors in order for this to be possible. Without Medicaid free transportation and carpooling, I would not be able to go to doctor visits. What will happen to my child’s medical coverage if we decide on that? We need the affordable healthcare we deserve as disabled people, not abuse or injury by the cops.

We’re in a political state of turmoil, and as I should tell Senators, we’re so divided, but anyone who says a disabled person is a drain on society should look the other way when they themselves become disabled due to accidental injury or illness, or a child becomes disabled due to birth defects. As a blind person, I’ve been abused by my parents emotionally because all I wanted was to be able to date around, and it was rumored that I was obsessed with boys, even today, it haunts me. I had to block a woman I was working with for years on Facebook because of Blake, and because she made up rumors about me chasing boys. THis is not the case. Because of this, my civil right to marry was denied. Guardianship was instated, but not enough to stop me from leaving the state of Florida, relocating to Colorado, and making a home for myself and my fiance Trenton. We’re planning to get married in a couple of years, but I feel the wedding could be sooner because people are influencing our decisions. It should be ours and ours alone and even with the wise guidance of a brother and sister, I still feel the decision to delay the wedding another full year was irresponsible and cruel on the part of both of us. Marriage is the only way a church will accept us, as most churches practice a Christianity that demands honoring abusive guardians and not living with your significant other for fear of sex. There is nothing to be afraid of with regards to sex, but disabled people are treated as inadequate. Without the birth control I take, I could’ve become pregnant and had a baby too soon. Marriage would stabilize the family and ensure that the kids have two parents, whether it’s mom and mom or mom and dad. So what if my child is gay? I’d still love them, but as a disabled female, I could be scrutinized and questioned more because of mental health concerns. The senators should take a look at how psychiatry is used to drug people illicitly and put them in nursing homes, kill the elders and disabled people the court deems incompetent, etc. I have no reason to believe the guardianship was a protection thing, it’s an abuse thing.

And with this, I wish our President and Senators would outlaw guardianship in the United States because of people like my friend Karen, who was a nurse in Naples, Florida before her relatives hijacked her life and money. Her sisters got guardianship for revenge, and now Karen has to ride in buses full of criminals and she has to deal with dangerous men who follow her around and make her life hell. She needs her civil rights, but challenging the guardianship in my case would be pointless because what if the judge says I can’t go back? I have a family in Colorado, not Florida. So readers, if you really want to write a letter to your Senator, talk to them about how Medicaid allows me to survive without my family. Talk to them about Medicaid being stupid and using the wrong kind of driver to take us to appointments. TAlk about it. Tell your Senator, vote no on the GOP healthcare bill, and don’t let them take Medicaid away from people with disabilities because it’s wrong.

Another Chance at Life: End of Life Decisions Explained

Tina Meyer was severely ill, on life support, and even with medicine she didn’t make it. Candice was waiting for a kidney, and it turned out Tina was a match. Because of Tina, now Candice has another chance at life. How did this happen?

When I die, I know there are many people who would die waiting for a donated organ such as a liver, kidneys, etc., or even a heart. I’d rather have my organs donated because at least another person has a shot at life. There are some pretty dangerous people out there in India selling the organs that people need, same with Iran, but here’s what the donation process in the U.S. involves.

First, you need a live donor or a dead one for some organs. Then, you must be a blood match to lower the chances that the organ will reject the body, or whatever it is. Thirdly, organ donation involves insurance and payments possibly. There is no direct sale of organs, which is illegal in the United States. However, I hope that with medical advances, transplant candidates don’t have to wait for a donor. WHy? Because antisuppressants or immunosuppressant drugs are expensive, and keeping the immune system down to a par could make anyone sick. Just talk to anyone who’s had a kidney donated to them, or a liver, or a heart. Talk to anyone who’s had to take these drugs, and trust me, it’s not fun. If we clone organs for the body, we will be able to skip the donor registry altogether. However, for the time being, one can register with Donate Life right in your Apple Health app in your iPhone if you have one. There are other ways to register, even through the State’s department of motor vehicles. So if you are feeling like it should be done, go register as an organ donor. Do not worry if a family member says you shouldn’t, at least the other parts of your body will work if you’re blind and physically handicapped. Even if my eyes don’t work, my other essential organs will, and donating those will give another person a shot at life.

What Makes a Father?

Fathers are important members of the family, but there are just things you do not do as a father. Here are the qualities of a good dad in honor of this ear’s  Father’s Day.

Able to perform duties of a father after the both of a child.

Able to support the wife even in divorce, including making child support payments to the custodial parent, whether it be a partner or mother.

Obedient to his wife’s requests not to sit in the living room and drink and watch football.

Able to manage a job without hitting his wife.

Able to bring up his children and lead by example.

Able to mentor  without complaining.

Able to handle kids with disabilities.

Not forceful.

Loving, caring, and responsible for all the other qualities mentioned above.

Able to fix computers and other equipment in the household.

Not a dead beat dad who swears by not paying for his children.

Someone who is there for the woman’s delivery and labor pains.

Someone who won’t bail out even if the kid is disabled. I mentioned he must be able to handle a child with disabilities.

Must sing to the baby when it’s crying. I don’t put up with abuse due to crying.

Must cook in his wife’s place if she’s the one working to support the children.

Must not complain if his wife is disabled. Period.

Something You Should Be Telling Your Children

Hi boys and girls,

If you’re a youngster reading this, you should be thankful your mom or dad let you read this. This is something that parents fail to tell their kids, and we have all failed somewhere. But the biggest financial or emotional failure with kids is letting them know that sometimes a favorite uncle, a mom, or dad could not be trusted. I will have to tell my kids that family cannot be trusted all the time if they’ve committed crimes against women and children. Guardians cannot be trusted if the child becomes an adult and still doesn’t have his/her civil rights. I personally know that family cannot be trusted, but not only for the reasons I have given in previous blog entries, but because this is so complicated that a youngster might not understand this stuff.

You see, kids, some parents think it’s okay, especially stepfathers, to touch you in a way that is inappropriate, deny you of food, or beat you if you do not do your chores. It’s okay to tell a grownup that you can trust, i.e. a teacher, if you feel like you’re being abused at home. Sixteen-year-old Sabrina was killed by her adoptive family, and Iowa did nothing about it. As if her life wasn’t worth the lives of their sons. She was worked at home like a slave, and beaten for not doing the work she was required to do. She snuck food when she wasn’t supposed to eat, and was denied food for days. Sabrina should have lived and been given help, but her distrusting family didn’t give a care. See, kids? You have to be strong in the face of abuse, and report it. IF you don’t report your abuse to a grownup you can trust, you could die. The one beating you got for not doing your chores could translate to more beatings, denial of dinner, and possibly the end of your life too early. So, kids, waht have you learned today? Families can’t always be trusted, and not all families have love in them for their children, so if you’re not with the correct family, social services will place you with a family that will love and care about you. All you have to do is tell a grownup you trust if you are truly being abused, and they’ll know it when they see it. Sabrina weighed 60 lbs when she died. Sixty pounds! That’s too little for a teenager. She was gaunt and pale and all that stuff.

In any case, I better go now.