So Here We Go

Hello all.

How many of us are in the process of getting married? How many of you wedding couples, and this also applies to those same sex ones and others, how many of you all use a site for planning your wedding? I found one that may not contain apps per se, but I find it easier to write stuff on a computer.

The website is the attached little bitty compared to the many others it has. This is called MyWedding. It’s a pretty comprehensive site, and the best thing? It is indeed blind friendly but I wish there were more platform apps to play with.

When you first log on, the site presents you with loads of labeled graphics, described and with full detail, and a bunch of links. There’s several buttons, one of which is “sign up.” If you are the bride, you should think about using this site because you can also connect the sucker to Facebook. This makes the fill out process for signup just awesome. I filled in the information it requested, and all this includes both your name and your fiance’s name. Let me warn you all, you must pick a design. I picked a Celtic theme, but still, not sure.

This website is pretty straightforward when signed in. It is helpful to have a bride and groom fill in all personal info. My personal profile shows birth information, all the stuff about my fiance, Kahili, well, yeah should I even write that! It has Kahili’s main email connected, and then it won’t edit that at all. Kahili and I explored a bit, and I was shocked. Initially, this website has the potential to be quite helpful in getting a few things down.

One, I think the wedding budget will realistically have to exceed our monthly income level. The average wedding with lots of guests usually runs in the five figure mark, about $20,000 pplus. Muslim weddings are stupid expensive because of the number of guests, all the special crap that goes into serving men first, the curtains so that nobody has to look at the women, all that. Jewish weddings to me by far seem like the most fun, but depending on which form of Judaism you practice, you could be looking at separate gender seating again.

Before I share the wedding link with you guys, I’d like to just let you all see some of the ideas and the guidelines I’m setting up:

The wedding must be held in a safe and inclusive environment at a safe and inclusive time period. The ceremony would ideally take place in the morning, but any other stuff that happens should be done in a proper venue of course. The ceremony stuff is probably the bulk of my worries at this point.

A gown must be purchased for the bride, and for me, I want a gown with a modest look to it. This means absolutely no intimate parts of the body (not talking about one’s vagina) can show. No cleavage will be allowed. No excess in lace, and I won’t wear any face veil.

The dress I would like to purchase in person at a store, free of any altering. I cannot afford a dressmaker to do alterations on anything. But I do know we may need a small intimate thing ceremony and all.

Kahili says he won’t wear a tux, and that could have ranged from $100 to a large six figure amount, especially if you’re the Donald. And if you’re the Dumping Donald, and you wanna preen all over Ivana, her dress must be a famous fashion collection covered with an expensive jewel.

For me, I have always wanted a dress that accentuates my features. Mother once said I looked good in pale colors, but brides are often told by a church to wear white. I do not like this because white is a color churches talk about that supposedly frees the viewer of sin, or is free of a sinful black. But unfortunately, I see white as not only a mocking color for me as a bride, but it is a mournful symbol in some Asian countries, and it stains too easily anyhow. Ask some people who have worn white T shirts before.

Not sure what to do with bouquet of flowers. But I will say this, no way am I doing a flower toss to the single ladies because of a thing that openly happens in Denver’s immigrant communities and in other places around the world. I want to honor brides who really didn’t want to be married, didn’t have a choice. I was originally going to do a bonfire, but if we hold a spring or March or cool temp event, no way will I do a bonfire. We also do not have support to the point where we can find a venue. I wish people would just give a damn so we can do it right, and get it right.

The next huge expenses were cutting out. No cake or photos, guests and crew. Sorry, the cake would probably aggravate some people’s cleft palates and diabetics won’t eat it. It would have been a three teered cake, but again, I’m wanting inclusion of all guests and party peoples. I will also cut photographer expenses because both of us are blind and can’t see photos. There are much cheaper ways to do photographs these days. Someone we know personally could take a video. If there’s someone who is willing to do a photo shoot for Kahili and me, please tell us about your experiences and stuff.

Now, budgetting this event is going to be a challenge, and realistically it will have to be four figures. I don’t want a little ramshackle paper signing at some dull and lifeless courtroom. What will that really say about our relationship? We’ve weathered enough harm and hardship. I’ve dealt with stuff that ran the gamut from no food, rotten and dangerously sick food, pitiful comments regarding my ability to obtain food, nasty stuff about me and Kahili, and downright austerity toward us from a church I once called home. The austere reaction we got was something like this: the associate pastor in training, Anthony (Tony) Walsh, a longtime minister who is so decorated I can’t count the stars and garters, and Mr. Keith Daukas, both met with me concerning a number of things, including Baptism. I explained what happened with Kahili’s mom at the time, the family dispute having probably blown over by now, but love being bigger than money, Kahili’s mom cannot change his mind about the marriage. We’re not waiting for the mother to die so we can have a wedding. By then, we’d be too old and weak for a family, probably too old and weak to continue doing the great work we’re going to do. Marriage is in the design of the human race by the Lord God, but the way Walsh brought the situation up, he was talking like a person who uses spiritual gexts to manipulate the situation in question. His Bible references were totally off, and I was highly offended because Walsh and Daukas made the book of proverbs seem like a book that had one clear message: don’t touch a hooker. Am I a hooker?

Walsh’s words when he spoke the sacred mockery of my sudden situational overload were these: “I have a conviction from the Lord saying you will not be with this man for long. You should not be living together before marriage.” Well, Walsh does not realize that for one, marriage ends too quickly. My parents do not know when to stop imposing their beliefs on me, and Walsh’s “conviction” only spells out disaster for the church, and I’m not saying only Sovereign Grace Ministries, on whose shoulders the book rests. Kahili says he won’t look at the ancient book, but the Biblicality of marriage suggests a few things: the man is the head of the family and a wife must submit; a man shall leave his mother and be joined with his wife, and the two shall become one flesh; husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church. First, the head of anything, whether it be a group, business, or family should never under any circumstances be a male at all. Though Kahili is male, he has a personality unlike any other. He’s kinder to women than most.

Also, when Walsh and Daukas commented frequently about the sacredness of sex and marriage, I wanted to personally pulverize every written page of the bibles they might have had sitting in front of them. Thinking back, I should have. For one, God and the Bible do not fit in the government’s perspective on marriage. SSI will be affected, and even after trying to tell Nathan, a friend I had there, that I was not happy with the way the church treated Kahili, he didn’t care. All he cared about were the inky black and white letters of a book, though both in Print and other formats, does not speak to someone effectively enough about how to deal with disability, being treated like trash, and not being given positive media attention.

Walsh and Daukas have since not been called or contacted, and Kahili and I cannot go to this church. Grace Community Church and its subsidiaries around the nation refuses to grant membership to someone like Kahili because of a perceived sin. Sex with contraceptives cannot be classified as such if a lady has a medical reason, or in our case, the couple cannot waste finances on spoiled rotten kids. I want my children to have a better chance of toppling the country than this, and a church that refuses membership in any group or body of believers is asking for the wrath of their God. Someone once told me, “I love Christ, but I don’t like your Christians.” This applies here.

I’d like to inform you all that Kahili and I will be receiving in the future some counseling so we can be prepared for the possibility ahead of us. We’ve got the boat, but since we are blind and have no supports due to disability and hardships and a church who probably spreads lies about modern relationships by blasting the people with the book, we need a good guide. This boat is rocking too much, and Kahili can do nothing almost to hold it up. A counselor might be associated with the concept of a whitewater raft guide. I went on the rapids, and that’s what life is. Rapids are all over the place, but sometimes you do need a good helpful guide to get the boat over the rushing water called the difficulties we’re facing now.

Without further adieu, I would like any positive ideas about our wedding site. Disclaimer: no negative commentary allowed or your comment will not be approved, and if it is approved, it will sit for a short time.

Thank yo8u all for reading.

P.S. It’s time for me to just say it. Someone revealed Kahili’s identity on this blog by accident, but someone else tried to smear it. My big fan Kyle Cogan is deeply apologetic if mistakes are made, but this is important. Kahili is the nickname I gave a Trenton Matthews, and those who know him should know the guy is a sweetheart. I had to use his real name in that link due to legitimacy. Please visit the site and offer only constructive and positive stuff and offer ideas.

Cross Platform Monitoring Solutions for your Wise Trolling Teen: Net Nanny to the Rescue

Dear Parents,

Have you ever wondered how you could watch your child’s account on Facebook and how you could report bullying if your child feels he/she is being threatened by someone else? Do you want to teach your teen a lesson or two about what cyber bullying actually is? Is your teenage son trolling others, targeting protected groups? What about if your young adolescent daughter wants to sext (send sexual messages in a text based messenger app or website like Facebook Messenger or over a cell phone) rather than do her homework? Is your daughter attacking people you don’t even want to know or is she doing this to kill someone else?

Have we got a solution or two. Net Nanny Social is a reasonably priced cloud based dashboard right on the web, configured and connected with your email address. For $19 and some change, parents of socially active online kids can spy on them, monitoring their moves, their friends’ photos and posts, and protect particular vulnerable kids against harassment or stalking. Here’s what the overview is about Net Nanny Social.

First, parents must purchase a license for $19.99, then they must enter it in to the Net Nanny Social main page, then sign up for an account. The account must be linked to a legitimate email and has to be password locked. When you finally get your account set, which shouldn’t take much, the thing to do next is simple.

Using the dashboard, add a child’s social networking account, which can be a Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, or Tumblr. Please follow the instructions on the Net Nanny site, and watch the fun begin.

The real fun is when an alert pops up in your email inbox. For you real inefficient email users, an email address must be legitimate, and is made of the following parts:

The first part is a unique ID or username, then an at sign follows. The next part being called the domain names the originator of the email provider, i.e. Comcast, Yahoo, and Gmail. Gmail is by Google, but it is a specific free email service with powerful features and apps that can be used to fully control your world. Other providers like Hotmail or Yahoo don’t have as many features, but all email providers usually come with chat like programs the way Yahoo Messenger might be connected to your Yahoo screen or user ID. Gmail includes a full Google account, all the bells and whistles of a suite of things including Google drive, a cloud storage area for documents and files; Google Sheets, something akin to Microsoft Excel or a spreadsheet program on other devices; Google Slides, similar to Power Point that does the presentations you might use to present a topic or concept; Google Docs, the editor where you write a document and convert it into another document format if desired; and Google Photos, a picture album organizer for photos and video that you can organize by Date, Folder, etc. Chat programs are about to get a boost and a total run through with Allo and Duo, both powered by your Gmail address and connected to Android. Gmail currently houses Google Plus, also watchable by Net Nanny Social, a social media site dedicated to your Google account. Plus users can create circles, circles running the gamut of family to just acquaintances. It’s like having the onion analogy all connected to your Gmail..

Plus is amazingly useful because you can associate lots of posts with different circles, partially the way Facebook does things. Except for the lack of circles, Facebook is a widely popular platform on which these posts pop up sometimes. With Google Plus, you can add and overlap circles, and you can add companies and communities to your feed. The communities feeds have pictures and text posts like Facebook’s groups.

Google Hangouts is a voice and message chat client based in your Google account as well. It also is embedded in your Plus if you use it.

just about the entire Facebook platform is riddled with all kinds of material, including nudes, dick pics, racist and foul language, grooming, threats, stalking, and more. It can be a great place for your teenager to learn, but when misused, it can become a suicide haven so that bullying results in killing of people by their own hand.

Facebook is probably the most comprehensive social network I am on. It allows people to share and interact with media and text like never before. Google Plus may ask about +1 material, stuff you like. Facebook takes a simpler approach, the “like” button. Again, Facebook runs your page on a legitimate email and password, also a phone number if desired. Facebook Mobile also houses a pin portion which is optional. The pin can only be 4 digits and must be known to the user while logging in if this is chosen..

With billions of Facebook users, your teenager might have possibilities to meet people around the globe. I have friends on Facebook from a wide variety of areas in the world, including Australia, Norway, and the Commonwealth of Independent States, better known as the former Soviet bloc. I have a couple friends who are blind in some far off places in Asia and I have Somali born friends who are related to my funny ex, who travels around sometimes. Facebook can allow a user to check in, and when you hit a button, the friends on your page can view you on a map. Google Plus has no such real feature as it were, but if you have Android usability, Google Now can be configured along with location tracking on an Android compatible phone such as a Samsung Galaxy j7 or a Nexus 5x.

Facebook works with the same stuff on iOS and Android phones and tablets, and if configured, you are informed of your teen’s whereabouts. If a teenager wises up to this, you may use other Net Nanny utilities to not permit him to go to that “drug keg party.” If you feel uncomfortable with your teenage daughter sexing around with a boy you dislike or you see is dangerous, Net Nanny will alert you to grooming behavior of this girl’s contact, to which your response can be anything from a small word to demanding by email that the child remove the contact from her social network.

I’m no teen parent, but I’ve been the victim of a bully and a troll. Cyber stalking and harassment is a large problem with social media consumers. To prevent cyber attacks and threats of harm to your child, please make yourself aware of the kinds of things that happen on social media.

The Secret Life of the American Teenage Girl is a book that has many sections and chapters that detail a look at a girl’s typical social media page. Net Nanny does not monitor sites like Qik and Yikyak, but the content of the chapters in the book should show you what people do.

Porn is a problem, and so are young men asking women for “nudes”. Boys sometimes send unsolicited pictures of their penis, a “dick pic” as it is commonly called. Girls who receive unsolicited dick pics may be offended in a wide variety of ways. Net Nanny social will pick up “dick photos” and other things. If your son has written, “Send nudes” in a message based on Facebook or Twitter to a girl, you or the daughter’s parents will be alerted to the content and shown a look at the post. It shows you a link, then you click the link, and do the actions as suggested such as removing the messages, erasing the nude photos, or purging your daughter’s photo collection that contains dick pics.

Nude selfies have become known as an act of texting called “sexting.” Sexting is highly unacceptable for teens, and if your son is sexting over messenger platforms like Facebook, you can be alerted by email or Android notification of your son’s actions. Depending on how frequent your child uses a computer or social media, you can set up daily, weekly, or monthly summary reports for your account to be emailed to you. The reports cover things like the frequency of forbidden actions regarding vulgar words in a message, tasteless and violent photos, incidences of bullying, etc. With this report, you can talk with your teen about smarter Internet use. Other utilities by Net Nanny block and schedule online time, and if your teen is a bully, you may want to purchase for a reasonable price the main Net Nanny utility.

For $39 at the cheapest, excluding the social dashboard, Net Nanny’s software utility is usable for Android, Mac and PC. It is imperative that when you decide to use any of the parental software mentioned here, you must first discuss the reasons with your child or teen, and then you must decide what configurations based on your child’s habits work. Play with all the settings, and watch results in the report you will probably read.

As for those parents in other countries, Net Nanny probably does have multilingual support, but if you aren’t sure, do your homework. Net Nanny is only an example.

It is also imperative that if you’re a total dummy with a device or PC, you should try taking a computer class from a licensed IT professional in the field of technology. Go retrieve a dictionary of computer terms, learn the words you need to discuss the technological things, and when you are ready, learn the skills of typing, word processing, and charting. Children will likely know more than you, something you can’t stand as a parent right? Please consider a parenting class or workshop offered by Cyber Angels or similar groups that teach you how to control and protect your child’s reputation and habits. You don’t want that seventeen-year-old bully to spread sexy pics of your daughter all over the place. You probably have had it with your son’s frequent use of “fuck”, “fucking”, “bitch”, etc. to describe all manner of person in his life, including that female math teacher he dislikes. While I hated math as a subject, imagine what any of my teachers would think if they saw a loaded and vulgar comment about her. No professional deserves a twisted teen’s vulgar language, so let Net Nanny teach you the parent a lesson in the antics of a bully. IF your daughter feels nervous or awkward about something, which applies to all parents regardless of Net Nanny Social licensee or not, inform her that the lines are open. For particular cases, it may be necessary to enroll your teen daughter in counseling with a certified therapist, LCSW and MSW credited. I do not recommend just a licensed counselor from online degree programs, which miss the practical component of therapy. Learning to counsel a child or teen in person requires in person practicals, so research your therapist choices before you act.

Suppose your son has been trolling and bullying strange contacts and threatening a host of people. Counseling and therapy in this case may be court ordered if repercussions occur. With this in mind, it is important for you to absolutely push your child to be relaxed and do not talk about bad things. You want to act as open as possible with all your witnesses. The parents in this picture hidden in my box of shame did not monitor or talk about long hair, racial slurs, and other things. Strange, but I thought the cops were out there.

Eulogy for the N Word: A History of Pain, Abuse, and Discrimination in the American South and Our Nation

Dear Readers,

In light of the comments of Ivan the Terrible, sworn demonic Russian Mexican czar of badness, and his order that my “nigger boyfriend” go live with “whatever gang he came from” and “rob the local deli”, I’d like to educate the younger ones a bit about how awful that sounded, how absolutely abusive and downright evil that was. And it starts with a single file of slave ships.

When Columbus’s storied voyage came to an end, and when he discovered our North and South America, an idea popped into the heads of European settlers and gentry at the time that Africans could be used as slave labor. Africans themselves treated the slaves better than we did, and the way Africans treated slaves was anything but chattel and property to the point of abuse. Africans generally had the know-how about cattle and farming and working with the crops we needed to survive, but their slaves were part of the family. Maids, nannies, cooks, and other house servants in African nobility were never treated half as badly as the cotton plantation house servants of later times. In our nation, we have been found guilty of turning people into dogs, turning the ones with different colors into wretched alien life forms on Earth that could only do one thing, work for the master. We are continuously guilty of sparring with each other on the subject of race profiling in police stops, and more than two thirds of our incarcerated felons and others are African American or black descent or Asians and Latinos. Not all white people have escaped the prison grip though.

With the advent of our settling the Americas, Caucasians felt it necessary to enslave Africans because they were Africans. Sadly, the man responsible for the best biological classification system, Carolus Linnaeus, still had a black and white bias and used the ability to make progress happen as a deal breaker. The classification of humans denoted that Africans were of a different species, and were deemed as stupid and had little mind for learning. We know this is not true.

Not all whites are so bright either. Humans are just as diverse as anything else, color or otherwise. In the days of slavery, it became apparent that Africans were trying to escape too much, so the Southern masters tried banning literacy, but Africans still read and wrote. Harriet Jacobs was a prominent figure in those days, and she was taught to read and spell, on the premonition that she would be a house maid or child’s nurse. However, Jacobs was more than meets the eye. Her owners were extremely abusive, the one she calls Dr. Flint being a rapist and her mistress being as cold as ever. It became apparent that slavery was corrupting families, and as Jacobs would later write, the Slave’s New Year’s Day was no exception. Housemaids and nursemaids had no easier a job than field hands. Harriet Tubman, the famed founder of the Underground Railroad, a network of safe places where fugitives could find freedom, was made to entertain her master or her hiring out guy, the man who supervised her labors. Tubman had two chances to be a house slave, and she was at one point forced to work at a nursery as a nanny at only seven. She had to rock the baby back and forth and clean Miss Susan’s house, but the ladies were not of fair quality and they would abuse the girl. Miss Susan’s husband could have raped Harriet and gotten her pregnant in this situation.

Harriet eventually acquiesced for a time to being a field slave, working with cotton and planting and picking things. However, it became apparent that this was wearing her out. She found out her sisters and other families were being sold South and torn up, and to be “sold south” as they used to call it was no walk in the park. Slaves sold Southbound were often put in very cruel hands. Because of so many uprisings, patrol squadrons “patterollers” as the slaves would call them, they’d wander among the fields and they’d force them to work. Slaves had a faster resilience though than the masters expected.

Thanks to leaders in the black neighborhoods and plantations of the time, African spiritual music came to being. The Transatlantic trade in slaves brought huge changes to American musical forms, including the very invention of jazz and the playing of a banjo, whose very name was derived from West African lore.

However, the African people have learned to endure many hardships. They have lacked education but yearn to be respected. Today’s black youth face gang rates of a disproportionately high rate, however, if you give a black man the chance, he will work his butt off for you white or otherwise. If you teach the same black person to play the drums, piano, flute, anything for that matter, something wonderful happens. However, we must never forget that not all robberies are done by black groups of youth who are disenfranchised. Kahili is 31 years old, and as such, is not a known youth gangster. Kahili fits well with refined black or African noblemen, but does not like the Urban culture that is frequently imposed upon him. He doesn’t let it happen.

Because of recent acquittals and killings of black boys in the news, our little friend Ivan must not have really understood the nature of African American culture. Africans are naturally a lot stronger than whites, who are more likely to spend their days raising spoiled kids, worry too much about finances, and expect their daughters to marry rich assholes who don’t care about the woman’s feelings. There are traces of the Southern planter lifestyle everywhere down there, and I have a classic example.

Jim Owens’s wife JoAnn and their daughter were descendants from plantation slaveholders, and this is not uncommon. JoAnn became a mother again, however, when her wild daughter gave birth to a disabled baby boy, Jason, and JoAnn raised him as his mom. Then, next came Amber, and the two children were raised in solid family values. The difference is that Amber seriously has a future, and as a woman at all, she looks to the brighter side of things. Jason’s lineage, however, has a long history of corruption. White Protestant males in the South have frequently been caught killing or raping black women slaves and later, throwing them around if they broke the rules. It is Jason and his kind that are often the sort that would flood police forces in Georgia, Alabama, Florida, and the other Southeast states. In the movie, Selma, it is seen to it in some areas that the blacks are beaten up. Jimmy Lee Jackson was murdered by a white police officer who was probably getting away with it. What about disabled people? Maybe we wouldn’t face as much of it, but when Jimmy Lee Jackson died, Martin Luther King Jr. spoke at his funeral as was depicted. Blacks are the focus of the film, but would a male like Jason take pleasure in the beating of such wonderful and strong people?

Jason’s blood relations have a significant role to play in the Civil Rights movement of the blacks. IF not for the abuse of the Caucasian families, blacks would not have been able to step forward and demand equality. Now, let’s fast forward.

Let’s look at Ivan for a second. The history of Mexico is just as jumbled and complicated as the one of the United States.

Ivan probably came from a well to do family of white Hispanic Mexican folks who took pride in their son. Ivan was born to be spoiled because a lot of these high and mighty ones would spoil the males. Back to Jason’s family. Amber, as a female, has a bit more freedom but is not spoiled because she is not making up stuff about people on the Internet and showing off recordings. By the same token, if Ivan had a sister, she would be restricted as is apparently befitting women in that family. The Sotos are descendants of a long and tumultuous history in Mexico that begins with the conquering of Moctezuma, or Montezuma the king of the Aztecs.

It all began with Cortes, the explorer who was fascinated with women and Indians in particular as they were classified back in the day. Indigenous slaves were offered to Hernan Cortes and his crew by a group of others, including Malinali Tenepal, a woman who Spaniards and Mexican children alike are frequently misinformed and not educated about. The slave girl known as Malinali was later baptized by the Spanish people as Marina, and she fell for Cortes. She became a close adviser to the man, and with her help, Montezuma and the Aztecs were made to leave and were conquered in Mexico. They say that Marina Tenepal was the true conqueror of Mexico because of her skill and wit with words and her knowledge of how the Aztecs work. First of all, their army and military tactics were badly in need of redoing, but the culture messed it up. Worse, they stole a Toltec god called Quetzlcotl from the pantheon of that people, and thought that Cortes was their god. That was a surefire way for his armies to get them bad.

Mexico does not end with just the Aztecs. There is more. Mexico became a Spanish speaking country as early as the Aztec conquest, but later on, we dealt with the Mayans. Mayans weren’t so bad, and their civilization and writing system was envied by the Spanish priests who wished they’d accept Christ. Oftentimes, Mayan script was burned during the conversion of the indigenous persons. Oftentimes, Mexican natives in Mexico and other parts of the Conquest block were used as baggage carriers and slaves as well. Aztecs did slavery too, and there was no exception to what brutality they would impose upon themselves and others they conquered. They’d use human sacrifices to Quetzlcotl and other gods as a means to deter or show the other persons in conquered bondage that they were the boss. What brutality!

Later on, Mexico and Spanish people would become responsible for the founding of states like Arizona and California. Baja California is a part of Mexico. Texas, another state founded by the same sort of person, came from a Spanish word Tejas meaning “friends” or “allies.” Many other states have Spanish roots to their names. So Mexicans have a strong tie to the U.S.

The history gets better. Santa Anna, general in charge of Texas lost the state in the battle of the storied Alamo. There’s an old saying that Texans and other Americans should remember the Alamo. The Americans did lose some lives there, but overall, Texas became annexed by America, and later its own state. It has a lone star on its state flag, hence its prominent nickname.

Mexicans who were of noble descent were known to keep indigenous Navajos and others as slaves in their houses. If you read Sing Down the Moon by Scott o’Dell, you’ll find that the main character, a young Navajo woman of sixteen, is enslaved for a time, but had she stayed, the Senor might have used her for pleasure or sex even before she could become old enough in mind to marry. In the book, Bright Morning eventually escapes with the help of Nehana, a Nez Perce, or Mimipu tribeswoman and goes back to her people and marries Tall Boy, a young warrior her parents picked out. She even liked Tall Boy, so it would work.

Mexicans have a long history of enslavement, rape, and conquest in the absolute absurd manner of stealing the land. However, today’s Mexican youth are while Catholic, displeased with their country’s status on the global stage. It is apparent that Spaniard Mexican youth and adults are facing the same plights as African Americans have faced and currently face now. Many Latino boys are migrant workers, some working in tomato fields, orange groves, and slaughterhouses. Mexican fathers and husbands are building our houses, cleaning our offices, and taking care of our bodies! Ivan is from a class of ungratefulness. He does not realize that his own people currently face drug dealers, coyotes, kidnappers, and worse, sex traffickers. His female Mexican relations are at high risk of sex trafficking, and some in South America if any are forced to work in the fields in fear of being beaten. Ivan is visually impaired so cannot truly understand or face the pain of his family and current people. If he is Mestizo, the Spaniard word for a mix of white Mexican Spaniard and indigenous together, he would still face a political and racial disadvantage. In Mexico, with dark skin comes a high cost. IF he were bred with Mayan blood in him, there might have been discrimination and lots of mistreatment. Remember Rigoberta Menchu? That woman got the Nobel Peace Prize for actually fighting for her people’s rights. Would Ivan do that? Given the temperament of his commentary, no. He is not able to discern that the plight of his own people is the same as Kahili’s.

If I were a judge of his situation, there are a few things I would recommend:

He should not listen to misinforming media broadcasts about Donald Dump. Ivan should be restricted from reading any newspapers if any, magazines, and use of the Internet. Because he is using foul language to describe everything from myself to Dump to the state of our country, this boy should be reeducated in a grammar school like that found in Texas or Louisiana. He could benefit highly from education in clean language, and must make an effort to tone down and completely end the use of the word “fuck” or “fucking.” He did this more than 22 times in one paragraph, I counted, and I stopped counting after seeing twenty five more. Ivan does not know how to treat people, so I would also recommend that he go live with other troubled teenagers, and stop complaining that I, Beth, use “his” taxpayer dollars to eat Taco Bell. To me, the taxpayer who works is obligated to make sure that everybody has a fair shake. However, SSI is almost the only way a blind person can live these days because of employer attitudinal barriers Ivan does not understand.

To vote, you must be eighteen, and Ivan being fifteen must wait three years. You must be a U.S. citizen, test and all, or by the laws of jus solis and jus sanguinis in order to perform your civic duty to vote. Ivan being Mexican born or however many generations faces a greater chance of discrimination in a lot of areas. I mean, how the hell is he gonna get through when he is accused of lying about U.S. citizenship? A lot of forms and applications for housing, jobs, and pets, and other stuff all ask for citizenship proof. Ivan being Mexican will likely face a host of problems understanding his people’s history and his own lot in life. Ivan will not understand the repercussions of his heinous actions of harassment on the Internet. He will not understand that Twitter archived the entire grunge match between him, Katherine, and Jack, two of my Twitter followers. Jack Swagger, also being 15, ineligible to vote, has a lot more smarts than this. Ivan is not trained as others are in the proper use of technology and media at home. He must promise not to make people look like losers and understand that if he does this, accountability must be dealt with. Why aren’t the Sotos taking away his PC, Mac, or phones and mobile devices? Why? Is that the commonsense thing all parents should do if their child is being a bully and throwing stereotypes around? Yes. But Senor and Senora Soto are not doing so, and this calls for immediate action.

This blog here is a great place for me to write, and I’ve lived through a lot of history lessons, and trust me, at least I use my head. As evidenced in the history of blacks and Mexicans, it is apparent that I have a brain, and I use my brain to understand how this stuff relates to each other. The human race, like Ivan Soto, has a lot of problems. We generally like to target something, whether it be people, cats, or dogs. History repeats this pattern again and again and again.

Thank you for reading.

The Queen

The Prose Ballad of Ivan the Terrible Teenage Freak: How the War was Finally and For the Moment Won

Dear Readers,

So it all started with a comment. One little comment, and the guy left no traceable evidence of who he was, so I thought he was just a mean adult man who was after me because of my job situation. But after investigating the matter deeply, I find it very clear a few things about this male commentator are true. He used disposable email addresses through a coding program script as described by a young man I spoke with earlier this week on Facebook Messenger. This teenage boy, as he’d turn out to be, is Mexican by ethnic origin and possibly a white boy by race. Since he is a young and disgruntled Latino on the wrong side, I need to remind you all that Dump, a.k.a. Trump, will not win the Latino Mexican vote. Ivan’s family being Mexican, he should have been more informed about his own people’s plight. Let’s just say that Mexicans are crossing illegally because the country they come from is dangerous. Same goes for Guatemala and other South and Central American countries. I sat beside Edith Sanchez, a young Venezuelan girl on a schoolbus on the way back and forth from high school, and her country is in ruins because of Hugo Chavez, and that man equates Americans like George W. Bush with Satan. My dad once said he would not allow the drivers in his family to go to Sitco Gas Stations because of Venezuelan oil reserves and Chavez’s rude comments. Well? If Ivan had been more educated, perhaps he would be more willing to help Mexican children and adults fleeing their homeland to learn English, give the young ones their immunizations if able, build houses for Habitat for Humanity or something. Men are generally better at power building stuff than women in those organizations. Samaritan’s Purse would never let me build but they’d have me sweeping and doing drudgery that a woman is supposedly fit to do, evidence of gender bias.

Ivan’s commentary about me, Blake, and Kahili was more than biased against himself, that is he being visually handicapped/impaired. A recent Twitter conversation between Ivan, Katherine Moss of Wilmington, MA, and a young one called Jack Swagger reveals that he is definitely responsible for the nasty comments on the blog.

First of all, the first comment I called out. Ivan has no taste in music, never learned high cultural stuff, and is uneducated in all things except hacking people’s accounts and making viruses or evil code for malicious purposes. Ivan’s disposable email client was used for all malicious purpose. He also used Blake’s name for the sole purpose of desecrating what was our relationship which I always seemed to have worried about in my blog.

One thing that struck me about Ivan’s recent and final comment, so we hope, was his use of the N word. He called Kahili a nigger. Let me explain in detail who and what this is about.


The term “nigger” is a word that is full of negative and evil energy. It reminds us that African flesh and blood and bones went into the making of White Southern homes and families like the Owens family, namely the ex that I truly despise. Ivan being Mexican, he should probably look deeper inside himself. Rigoberta Menchu was a Native Mexican born girl who was treated like scum because she was indigenous, and many Mexicans, both Mestizo and white, they’re all treated like scum. What was Ivan’s purpose here treating his own blood and kind like scum!

Back to the n word. Kahili has ancestry in the Slave plantations, and those kind of places weren’t great. The white masters raped their female slaves so they could defile them. Sometimes the females got pregnant, which then the master would hail as more goods for the slave market. Ivan does not know the terrible way a black man was treated. Has he ever thought to read Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl by Harriet Ann Jacobs? She wrote under the pseudonym of Linda Brent, and then used fake aliases for a lot of folks. Molly Horneblow was her grandma, and she was sold at auction and she made the masters realize their fault in doing so. Molly was a strong woman as many black women are. Kahili’s mom particularly is a strong and hell bent lady who just doesn’t let you forget what you’re doing. The mother and Kahili and I are on better terms, but she’s a good person all together.

Ivan will never understand the inferior position that Kahili’s people faced, including having to address the whites as “Yes, Mass’r” and “No, Mass’r.” He will never address his elders properly, and feel the pain of having to call every white woman “Miss” so and so, even little girls. Kahili would have had to call his slave mistress “Miss” or “Ma’am” or “Mistress” or something similar. His mistress would claim ownership and priority over his own father, to which he would never belong. Harriet’s brother was downright stunned because when his father called to him, and then Mistress, he ran to Father, and the Master killed the poor black slave and laid him in a simple ramshackle grave beside his dead wife. Ivan will never feel the pain and sorrow of the little slave boy who is told that he is not a man, yet he is a piece of property and will work his ass off till he’s dead. Ivan will never know the force with which Master would whip the black man, even with an overseer there. Ivan will never know.

But it gets better, or worse. Ivan will never see signs that say “white” and “colored” as described in Martin Luther King’s Letter from the Birmingham Jail. Ivan Soto will never understand that there was a time that in Mexico and the U.S. alike, color was a means to hit someone. To suggest Kahili live on the street and listen to “shitty” music and rob a bank is a disgrace. Ivan doesn’t know that his own ethnic people are starving worse than I am, walking for miles in the heat of desert sun, all that just to give the children a better chance at life. Ivan’s parents, mind you, are probably trying to give their dear little prick of a son a good life, but Ivan is indeed being a prick and not realizing that he could have been denied the computer, or in back time, the pen. Ivan would be denied basic inalienable rights not because he is blind, but due to his ethnicity and race. Blindness of course would put him at a further disadvantage in Mexico. Mexicans with blindness are routinely denied educations and free lives, meaning free from war, drug smuggling, coyotes, kidnapping for drug money, fear of a drug lord out there. What he doesn’t know about Dump is that he called his entire race and ethnic group rapists and drug lords. Ivan is an ungrateful and spoiled brat who doesn’t know the pain that it took to get most of America free. We’re working on stopping deportations of Latino immigrants because lots of the places in Latin America are flooded with drug lords and cartel heads who would kidnap. Or use kids like Ivan for soldiers. FARC, the rebel group in Columbia, is finally disarming itself, but in places like Mexico and Trinidad and Jamaica, Ivan could face many obstacles that could narrow down to his death at a young age. A family in his blood Mexico once did a mass to make their blind baby son die! Is that obvious that Ivan’s eyes are more blind than I am? Yes. I may be blinded physically, but at least I use my head and learn. I have read countless books on ethnic discrimination and disability advocacy and rights, and Native American tribes are now taking control of sacred lands. Blake’s tribal representation is three different ones. His mother, god bless her, was called a word I dare not write here, but it was a slur uttered against Native women. Blake’s dear mom should know what I’m saying, she saw it written on her property once, but I may be wrong. People do this to Jews, Catholics, Irish anythings, blacks, folks who aren’t white, Anglo Saxon Protestant. Thus I will not vote for a white Anglo Saxon prick! One named Donald Dump! Who has no clue that one of his victims is the young commentator whose heritage Donald doesn’t know what to think of.

Ivan has since been reported for harassment on Twitter, and his IP was published in my previous writing. If you truly care about your people and ethnic minority groups, do something with that. Thank you all for your support.

Hello, Ivan Soto: You’ve Blown It!!!!!!! Warning: Read with Care

Warning: Readers must be advised that what I’m about to post here contains graphic and explicit language against women, African Americans, and people with disabilities. Reader discretion is advised for heavy amounts of vile profanity, but if you care about what this guy is doing, read on.

I was checking my email some time ago, and I spoke about the attacker on my blog. Turns out it may be someone called Ivan Soto, a known associate of Mabelin Ramirez, the terror of the blind community groups I’ve been involved in. She and Ivan dated at one point, and I spoke to an operative in the case regarding this guy’s actions. For one, this man has blasphemed Blake, my dear ex and good friend, and I’ll tell you why when the comment is pasted and broken down. You guys should have seen and heard me venting to Kahili about the way the guy called him the N word and used Racist foul language and stereotypical scenarios to describe his life. I will not again reveal Kahili’s actual name here in the blog for inherent safety issues and reasons.

Without further adieu, this comment, composed by Ivan Soto, disguising himself as my ex, and hurting others. This includes his IP address and Twitter URL. Please again read with caution.

Bitch! You have some fucking nerve! To fucking bitch and whine, even
when somebody fucking help you, in addition to the taxes they already
fucking pay so that you can live like a fucking queen, they give up
their fucking time and money to get your fat fucking ass food!

*You have the nerve to tell me this, you son of a blaspheming dirtbag? First of all, people are discriminating against myself and my boyfriend due to marital status. Shut this box and move on.*

You would fucking think you could be a little fucking grateful, but no!
Fuck no! You still bitch and fucking moan about how your welfare
sucks, well bitch, if you want to get off welfare and not be fucking
poor anymore, then get a fucking job! You don’t even fucking try! And
no, a Democrat will not be fucking president! We are all fucking sick
of paying for you ungrateful little retards to sit on your fat fucking
assholes all your wife funded by our fucking tax hours, eating fucking
Taco Bell, watching shitty TV, and generally being a fucking waste of
space on this Earth! Donald Trump is going to fucking win, and he’s
going to make America fucking great again! He’s going to fucking make
you fat fucking assholes get your fucking assholes back to work! You
will be able to sit on your fucking asses and complain all fucking
day, Those days are coming to an end so enjoy every last fucking one
of them! You and your fucking conspiracy theories about fucking
police, who put their ass on the fucking line to protect you, you’re
so full of fucking shit Beth bitch! You’re fucking insane! *First of all, let’s break this down. I’m not conspiring against the police. Where did you get this! After the news blurbs about Michael Brown, Treyvon Martin, and countless black youth, you can’t even think that either white Hispanics or police are involved? Michael and Tamir Rice were both brutally shot to death by police over stupid stuff. I’m sorry, but there’s no justice in police brutality. And I hope your skin turns darker and you go sighted and walk out there and get your fat butt shot in the face by a cop in the south where Jim Crow roamed. Then your burnt out soul should write “I was shot by police” in a clay pot. There. You yapping dog, let’s see … hmmm, I’m going to also say your ableist language with the R word used here was unfounded and abominable. See? I’m a better writer because I at least didn’t put “fucking” or any conjugant of the word “fuck” in what I’m writing so far. I never overused the f word like you have in this paragraph. And Donald Trump is not going to “make America great.” He’s going to ban people because of religion and disability will be a death sentence. WE will likely be put on the sleeper, and as per wasting space? Well, your vulgarities are a waste of space in this blog, and this is the last time you will ever have the opportunity to post even from Twitter. So … what next? You say I’m insane? Well, sir, let’s see what kind of shittiness you’ve wired here.*

You belong in a fucking mental asylum, A psych ward where nurse ratchet presides
over the fucking loonies keeping you in fucking line! When you fucking
ramble on about conspiracy theories, zap! Thank god, she shut the fuck

*First of all, where do you get this notion that there is any mental asylum with electroshock therapy? Nobody does it anymore. That’s 1960 or earlier, and the only people who are going to said asylums are folks like you who sadly, don’t give a damn about your own people. Ivan, I’m sorry, but you have a serious problem with narcissistic behavior, and it shows in this comment. Again, how many times did you use the f word? Count all the times you did, and did I mention Trump rhetoric is banned here? Because you inflamed such passions in a lot of people, this subject is banned. There. Now, the next section is about race. Let’s see what this asshole has written here.*

And you’re nigger boyfriend belongs back on the street, back in
whatever fucking gang he was a part of, listening to shitty rap music
and robbing the Woekel fucking deli! Piece of shit, both of you are
fucking pieces of shit! I can’t believe I ever fucked you! Now I have
a hot girlfriend who doesn’t eat fucking Taco Bell and ice cream all
day fucking long, so is actually good at sex! Imagine that! Your
enemy, Blake


Another thing, Blake Tucker never slept with me that way. You dare talk like you’re Blake, you’re not. You better come clean or else I’m gonna get your twitter and websites and networks reported and I know who you are and who your friends are. It’s time to learn a tough lesson. Kahili does not like rap music, he plays the African drums, got it? I play the drum and I’m a white girl, and I love the sound of the drumbeats. Also, I don’t eat taco bell and ice cream all day, and you say I’m not good at sex? Sir, that would be the most demeaning thing you’ve ever said about me yet. You think you can get away with this? Ivan, say goodbye to the following Twitter and other URL stuff. Your email and IP address is also listed here for all the world to know because you just did the following:

  1. Called my Kahili a nigger and made up slanderous comments about my sex life with him.
  2. Slandered Blake, and don’t you dare call yourself Blake, I know who you are.
  3. You also used the crazy talk. (see previous posts for you readers who’ve followed this) and tried to offend my mental health condition. I’m for your information not insane. You are the one who’s going to be zapped. Off the Internet, that is.
  4. You used heavy amounts of obscene wording and bad singular plural grammar throughout this comment.
  5. Are you thinking I’m done yet? You also associate with known enemies like Jason O. of Georgia, and I’m sure you’re busy plotting your next attack. Well, kiss your Internet goodbye, Ivan. I know who this is, and your name says it all. Do not EVER call my lover a nigger, and I swear if I see another post from you again, the boys in blue in your state and my state and the freaking FBI if necessary will talk to me. I don’t take much pleasure in anyone being offended the way Kahili and Blake were by your antics. I hope you enjoyed being the bully you are, and watch this. Your networks, servers, and websites will go through the drain. You will become a welfare boy, and I promise you will have to go live with Mommy and Daddy and I hope they learn what trouble you’ve caused a lot of people. You also associate with Mabelin, who attacked me like a freaking fourth grader and repeated herself like a broken record about my bath habits, something nobody discloses over my dead body.
  6. Kiss your social life goodbye, for here below is the weaponry the rest of my readership will need to report your stupidity. Readers, please report the following on Twitter and the URL is here. An IP address is shown, so take it down on note paper and do what you must. The future of your reading my blog depends on keeping everybody safe.
    More information about Republiking (@Republiking1)
    Whois: (IP:

Thank you all for your help and support throughout the life of this blog


Your lovely Denverqueen.

No Bill, No Break: Republicans Are Completely Blinded By Politics and Themselves

Dear Readers,
Imagine if you were in a large building and suddenly, a gunman walked in. Imagine the next day’s paper: “A gunman walked into a —— in —–, —— and killed —– people.” This kind of sentence has gone on for quite a while:
A gunman walked into Norris Hall at Virginia Tech University in Blacksburg, Virginia, killing 32 innocents. The same thing happened in Columbine with two teenage gunmen killing a number of teachers and students. The same scenario repeats itself with different motives in places like Fort Hood, Texas, where a Muslim psychiatrist named Hassan killed  few folks claiming he was on the wrong side the whole time; Chattanooga, Tennessee, where a psychotic terrorist killed a sailor or two standing guard no less; San Bernardino, California, where a husband and wife team killed a few people at a small party being held at Christmastime, with the motie being that Muslims should kill non Muslims; in New Mexico; in Atlanta, Georgia; in Cleveland, Ohio; and finally, Orlando, Florida, where at a gay nightclub called the Pulse, the largest mass shooting in history took place when a Muslim gunman walked in to a club with heavy guns and armor piercing ammunition, killing 49 people, including a policeman in Orlando’s OPD.
Why is this sentence so long? Because gun violence is too damn much My boyfriend comes from a large demographic of persons particularly prone to gun violence. I would never want him to live homeless because of this country’s apparent obsession with guns. Period.
I will not name any victims from recent mass shootings, but I will name the closest shooting that is particularly close to my heart. Chad Tucker, aged 20, of Camp Verde, Arizona, gunned down in a single handed shooting by a mentally unstable girlfriend, and that shooting destroyed a number of things, and a relationship, an caused the mother to grieve in largely inappropriate ways. It is imperative that this government consider gun legislation that puts the gun owner who gunned down this young man to justice, and thousands more victims could soon follow. There is more to the story of gun violence in this country. See more below.
Congress and politicians do not seem to give a damn if lives are cut short. Congress only cares about their plush lives, their personal vendettas against blind folks, and Republicans in particular aren’t African American, just as my boyfriend is.
How many Chad Tuckers will die in the next six months? And how many widows will these gunmen bring? How many more mothers and families of these young lives will be forced to lose their loved ones and move on so horrifically that they either go to Rehab, destroy themselves, or go to Capitol Hill? I have a message to all those idows an families of gun violence victims: you are not alone. I know the pain you are feeling, and I will not stop writing until gun violence is eradicated!
I’m serious. Congress will get no break unless a bill is passed. I won’t stand back and watch Republicans ban Muslims, ban blind persons and ban peace. Trump would likely kill and encourage hate and bigotry against anyone who doesn’t like Trump and his selfish asshole stuff!
We must vote Clinton, and we will put an end to gun violence once and for all. Anyone who is known to be a drug or violent offender should never buy a gun. Background and fingerprint checks should always follow a gun purchase. Period. Is that too much to ask? Think about

Take It Off: About the Guy Who Wrote the Bad Comments …

Okay, here’s another parody and I hope the lyrics speak even louder. …


Take It Off


When I’m on, when I write,

That’s the time of the night

When I turn off the light,

And look for a good fright.

And when you write another thing on another blog post,

I just think you’re nothing but a sassy sheeted white ghost.

I don’t care if you are black, white, purple, pink, and blue,

Or violet, I don’t give a I don’t give a I don’t give …

There’s a place downtown where the freaks all come around

And we write hard core with the glitter on the floor,

But you turn me off, so please take it off,

So yeah take it off, yeah you better take it off.

There’s a place I know where I think you’re gonna go,

Where they beat your brains and the light is gonna drain,

So yeah, take it off,

Oh yeah take it off,

Oh yeah, take it off, you had better take it off.


Lose the words, the attacks,

The obscenities, and the screams,

Lose the dirt on my lover,

And lose those laser beams.

You’re just a filthy big mess and it puts me in distress,

I don’t care if I gotta see you wearing a pink dress,

If I see another one of those things like none other,

Gonna say I don’t care! I don’t give a I don’t give a.

There’s a place downtown where the freaks all come around,

And we write hard core with the glitter on the floor.

But when you arrive, we say, take it off,

You must take it off, better do it, take it off.

There’s a place I know where I think you’re gonna go,

Where there’s bars and grub, and you have no garden tub.

So if you wanna work, then dude, take it off.

Then dude, take it off, you had better take it off.

(repeats both variants of the chorus once more.)

We Are Who We Are

Dear Readers,

For some reason, I’m going to go nuts and compose this to Kesha’s We Are Who We Are. I’d like to dedicate this to everyone who’s been reading my blog. I have to inform Facebook users about this later, but … here goes.


We Are Who We Are, to the song of the same name …


Hot and modified, that’s the way you feeling, petrified

At the fact that I’m a sexified lady also known as Denver Queen.

You should read this blog, otherwise you just a crazy frog

And if you don’t like it, home dawg, might as well just sit upon a log.

Anybody that gets drunk,

If you think this site is junk,

Then close up that metal trunk,

And get out of here, you hunks.


You think I”m just a bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum.

Well, guess what? Dude, you’re dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb,

You’re gonna look so glum, glum, glum, glum, glum, glum,

Dude, listen to this song: I am who I am.

We’re tearing it apart, part, part, part, part, part.

Like all the web is ours, ours, ours, ours, ours, ours,

Yeah I’m a superstar, star, star, star, star, star,

Just listen to this song: we are who we are.


DJ, turn it up, it’s about damn time we live it up,

Like the dudes who think I’m serious gotta listen to this song and Us,

DJ, blast it now, teach every little guy just how

To not get my boyfriend into little fights, and turn off them stupid classy lights!

If your name is Jason O.,

Or you think I’m just so so,

Or you are successful and,

You think you are oh so grand, (chorus)



You really oughta go, go, go, go, go, go,

You read this, answer’s no, no, no, no, no, no,

Your comments gotta go, go, go, go, go, go,

You’re really really low, and I am who I am.

Guess what? I’m gonna sing, sing, sing, sing, sing, sing.

I’m gonna wear some bling, bling, bling, bling, bling, bling.

Your cell will barely ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring,

And you will get a sting, and we are who we are.

The Suspect in a Game of Who’s the Best: The Profile of the Man Responsible for the Vulgarities On This Site

Hello readers,
I’d like to ask you all to do a favor for me. I’ve had to make changes in the way comments are done on this page, all for reasons I’m about to cover.

I came across Successful Blind Man while browsing through email of all things and saw that his comments were laced with vulgar wording, abusive language, and offensive and slanderous content. All of this was done against myself, my buddy Blake, and Kahili, whose name should never have been revealed in such an unkind way. This man has the following characteristics, so you all follow along and see who this is:

The man is a Facebook and Twitter user although doubtful if he’s following me on either.

This person knew or knows about my past with Blake and uses Blake’s first and last name as his own when commenting on my stuff.

This guy uses disposable emails while commenting, thus the new setup, and his email user domain names are too graphic and vulgar to share here.

He has been known to use the word “blink” in a vulgar and slangy fashion. He did so with me in the last comment.

He dragged Kahili into the fray by mentioning that we are going to starve because of food stamps and get our kids taken away, etc etc.

This man is not my most recent ex, Joey, he is someone else for sure.

This man overuses the words “fuck” “shit” “ass” every other word pattern in a sentence. Who is this!

This guy snooped and spied on me and my boyfriend while we had ordinary trips out and about, and complained about that to me in a really aggressive and vulgar style.

This man also had access to election materials, touting Trump as God, and stating that he will make you work. Who does that!

If anyone on WordPress or any of the sharing pages has any information that could assist in getting this man permanently deleted from the Internet, please contact me upon reading this post, in other words, immediately.

Thank you.

P.S. Any leads outside the U.S. will not be accepted. This man resides in the United States, but any foreign people who know something about him should contact me, but I know he is not a foreign man. He has knowledge of American citizen civics and law, so that narrows it down!

Thank you for your help

A Modest Proposal As Inspired by Jonathan Swift

The Irish writer Jonathan Swift wrote a very funny satirical piece in which he proposed the selling and distribution of infant flesh to the rich diners. He was pretty explicit about the parts of the person that are the best, and when roasted, how the thing would taste. For some reason, with the Irish rivalry of Catholic and Protestant came this proposal, which was mainly aimed at Catholic women who kept having kids. Well, I find that ridiculous at any rate, but I have a proposal for dealing with people like the Fake Blog Guy, the man who keeps commenting nasty stuff about Kahili and me. Here’s how the proposal would work:

The premise I base this proposal on is pretty straightforward. I find it hilarious that nobody seems to know how to behave, and bad behavior in elementary school leads oftentimes to a criminal record, stuff like rape and theft are common. I knew a fellow named Brothers, who was a big fat bully and always picked on me and other people. He got me into trouble in the fourth grade, and as a result of his prowess in bad behavior, Brothers has probably been to jail multiple times, has been on parole, and has probably violated parole a billion times. Do you guys want to do the math on how much the chemicals for lethal executions cost? nobody will support this, but I do believe this new method might be viable for one reason: the subjects of this proposal are convicted felons, constantly violent parolees, criminals, people who don’t get it. This is another thing.

I find it stupid that people who kill and think violent thoughts are allowed to go about living on this planet and yet we have starving kids, starving parents, starving people who could benefit from further food assistance.

Most of the time, the radical Muslim population being among the worst of the worst, like that shooter in Orlando, they are not brought in to a tough enough position. First of all, I think the best thing to do with guys like these is … getting closer.

The justice system would have to be modified to accommodate the proposal. This is how it should be:

For those who are convicted of the following crimes, they should be slaughtered humanely and processed into ground meats and other things, and you heard me right. First of all, it is said that conspecific flesh is so good for animals who eat it. Consider the snake who eats a defective or dud egg. The mother snake will swallow a dead baby in her mouth that has not been able to hatch, and she can still maintain her health and wellness. Now, consider our race. We have starving kids in the Congo, starving kids here as well in America, kids who really need food to eat. Why not give the kids more volumes of the meat I am suggesting? Convicts like the ones who commit serious crime are not exactly going to be missed, so … why not reuse the flesh so that it is recycled yet again in the soil of our planet?

In order for the people to be eligible, they must be male, 26 years old or older, and have committed three of the following types of crime three times in consecutive months or years or whatever: rape; grand theft; murder; cyber related bullying or crime; sexual assault on minors; whatever child molestation is called in the United States territory or state you’re in; child abuse; dependent adult abuse; nursing home or elder abuse; tax fraud; tax evasion; or consipiracy to comit any of the above crimes. Imagine all the figures after having slaughtered at least a six hundred pound convict and feeding his conspecific meat to the weary human race who really needs it. We wouldn’t have as many starving people, and there wouldn’t be so much as a hint that a family is starving. Thieves would be discouraged if they knew they’d be eaten by innocent people, including their victims. Might I add that this might deter identity thieves?

There is only one way I would like to see this administered. I would consider the criminals in the death chamber. All you would want the executioners to do is simply lift the hilt of the dagger up and … bang. The dagger would quickly slit the person just the way the Hasidim do when they’re slaughtering cattle. I would like to see the convicts either get this or death by a stun gun like the conventional cattle and other livestock would get.

While I know some of you might think this is crazy, I do have my reservations about such a proposal. First of all, eating a family member would be illegal for all people. I know it sounds weird to do this, but the only people who would be actually slaughtered are the ones who follow the likes of Omar Mateen and other criminal tresspassers, shooters, cyberbullies, and people who commit harassment and are adjudicated, so eating innocent people would not be allowed. We would with this proposal in place be able to really amp up our justice system. Perhaps it would make judges a bit more leary of prescribing death to any criminals. I know that almost nobody would think this a good idea. However, if we really think about it, punishing a bad guy whose brain was useless and moronic and who could have performed a demonic chore of slaughtering innocents would greatly increase the distribution volume of food for the poor. If you’d like to make a comment, please use a legitimate email address and Facebook or Twitter. Please do not use profanity or obscenities when making your comment. If on WordPress alone, your comment must be that of a signed in Word Press user or else you may use Facebook or Twitter to comment.

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