Once Again, Why I Won’t Reconsider Islam: Ableism 101 Explained

Dear Readers,

I recently received a disturbing comment on Facebook, let bygones be bygones and trust Allah and stop putting up links etc., but this woman who commented on my blog doesn’t know what ableist comments I’ve had hurled at me through a second person involved. When I was dating a young blind man who has since moved to Ohio, I was indirectly given the impression that the brothers, the males in the Muslim community in the United States or Denver or wherever, they wished that I would marry someone with vision or who would drive me around. This is called ableism and should be stopped. As a former Muslim I can’t speak much to the marriages because all I saw was an able couple getting married. Deq, the man in question that I was dating before, has since been married off to a woman who has the prime purpose of taking care of him. Blind men and women should never have to be taken care of, period. This means guardianship is a no no, home care should be very sparingly used, and no way am I going to go into a nursing care facility because of blindness. It is absolutely offensive to people with disabilities to be told to marry able partners so they can be taken care of. This statement along with the missing out of marriage to a man that I choose and the legal barring me from marriage by family are the reasons I left the Islamic community. Trenton Matthews is the only man that even bothers to stay even amid gossip and seeds of division sewn by the blind community in the United States. I have one word for these gossippers: stop it. You have no right to gossip and divide Trenton and I, and I don’t put up with gossip any more. This means I have to block Mrs. Love and Mrs. Davis, two women who do not see the reason why I don’t need a guardian, two women who are menacing my efforts to stay free in Colorado where there is bus transit, where there is someone who actually cares enough to stay with me, where there is hope and independence. For Love and Davis, there won’t be much hope if they continue ableist philosophy and mental health disability trashing. That’s what these women did. They trashed me along with Mabelin Ramirez and an unknown troll, thought to be Ivan Soto but we don’t even know the guy’s name. He said he didn’t like politics, so why the Republicking twitter? Where did the attacks on disabled and African American folks come from? Where did it all start? It was a Trump supporter, apparently, and it could be santiagoblue7, who has in the past made fun of Native Americans, a la my ex. I feel that this ableist trolling and gossip is none other than scaring me out of Islam and other religious communities.

This is why I’m not going to Grace Community Church in Westminster, too far away and they won’t give rides because in their eyes, I’m still a burden to the world. They practice an Elitist form of Christianity, not true Christianity as Jesus instructed. Imagine if Jesus came back today. What would he say? WHat would he do? Who would he hang out with?

First, Jesus would say, “Why are you all fighting and being a bunch of jagballs and not seeing who each other is on the inside? What is wrong with you all? And why are you telling others who qualifies to serve your country? WHat kind of despicable creatures are you?” Yes, I kid you not. None of that sacred rhetoric and jargon of the Jewish Pharosies for this guy. What would JEsus do? Well, he’d hang out with all the people who are undesired by the populace. For instance, he’d serve a meal to a transgender woman or pansexual person. He’d eat with gay guys at a bar. HE’d pray with lesbians in a field of flowers. That answers who he’d hang out with, sort of. His disciples of today are the modern day Peters, Simons, and Johns. The disciples of Jesus today will likely be ordinary guys AND gals. Yes, women will be welcome in his inner circle, called to follow and serve the people over which Jesus is supposedly Lord. Jesus will call people who are blind, deaf, and autistic, mute, psychiatrically abused and disabled, people who are LGBTQ+ and people who are Muslims, Jews, etc. He will preach in a synagogue. YEs, you heard right. I stand with Reformed Judaic belief that Jesus will attend synagogue because he was Jewish altogether. JEsus probably won’t like some of the ones who follow the old law, maybe not the ones who recognized his covenant, but still, the Reforms and Messianics may end up seeing him in their places of worship more. If Jesus said that “thou shalt marry disabled partners for the sake of utility”, I would never believe in him. He never said nor did the Father say that disabled women were to be married to nondisabled men. Therefore, the true Ableists are the Muslims, Christians, and Conservatives of any Judaic or Abrahamic sect of any sort who believe that I, Beth, should be married to a disengaged and awful partner because he is able. I wanted a man who would engage with me and say he cared, show his love and appreciation for me because of who I am, not listen to gossip and all those other details about me without defending me and defending his position with me, blind or otherwise. My man should not force me to attend church, temple, or mosque if said church, temple, or mosque is spewing hate speech and ableist talk against disabled women, not providing that these women can choose who they want. Disabled young men do not have status in any religious society, therefore it is rendered an able religious community if it does not accommodate us, meaning disabled people. I can’t go back to that statement that we need to be taken care of.

In closing, I am going to deviate slightly from topic because a breaking news story happened yesterday. Charlie Gard is dead not because of the government or his parents, but because of ableism. Ableism is dangerous and since little Charlie is gone, who will go next? As I have highlighted profiles of British ordinary common folk with disabilities, I won’t repeat that. However, we need to realize that editing DNA and designer babies is coming fast, so Charlie Gards in the world with rare mitochondrial disease caused by DNA defects can have that disease edited out. However, you can’t edit everything out, including blindness caused by German measles, something I got. My mother “caught a bad one” according to her mother. That’s how the blindness came, and that’s why it is as of now irreversible. No religious healings or spiritual charismatic casting the devil out of me is going to cure blindness. It stays, I live with it, and any church who believes in faith healing is totally wrong in thinking that a blind person with irreversible eye conditions can be healed at all. This is also why church for Trenton and I will be out for a long long while until we can find a venue for our wedding.

Thank you for reading this blog, and for those of you who’ve commented, comment on. respectful comments are encouraged if anything you want to talk about deals with the blog topic in question. I would like to thank Aaron Danvers-Jukes for commenting on my review of Power Rangers while offering another movie suggestion for me watch: Transformers. Holy crap, I need to watch the original Transformers, but Michael Bay did make good movies. Action plus weirdness.

Anyway, thank you all for your great support of this blog, and keep the support coming.


A Recent Discussion On Facebook

Dear Readers,
I'm here, as the notorious Agatha Trunchbull once said, "to teach you all a lesson." Unlike Agatha, however, I'm not here to call necessarily ALL of you out. However, there are two women on Facebook that I've had to call out on numerous occasions because of one thing: they do not oppose guardianship for my case.
These women, their initials A.E.L. And A.D.L. On Facebook known well in the blind community, are not qualified psychologists and do not understand how to diagnose someone they haven't sat down with in person. These girls also don't know how to do their homework, research what guardianship really holds for risks and side effects, and refuse to stop urging me, Beth Taurasi, as an incompetent ward of the state of Florida. I left Florida for darn good reasons, and I named the guardianship as my top reason for leaving, busting my ass at Colorado Center for the Blind, and now living independently with a significant other. A., let's call her A Love, she doesn't get it. I refuse to allow a parent to step in between me and my current significant other because the parent figures have prejudice and prefer white European Americans, a race I personally despise because of the bad history that goes with them. I"m not saying I hate everybody, but the general label of Caucasian comes with a bad set of labels like Klansman, or KKK member. I told you all about a family member affected by the KKK. He was Irish. They faced a lot of discrimination, and many Irish fled their country because of the potato issues they were having on their own land. Well? They found work here as indentured servants, and sometimes slave overseers. Trenton's ancestry should not determine whether he is in a relationship with me. My parents are stuck in the 1970s and in a really old school mindset when it comes to disability. In their minds, blind equals stupid and disability equals incapable of doing for oneself. This only applies to folks with Down's Syndrome. Let me introduce you to someone who understands the role of person centered guardianships for people like a cousin with Down's. Bear in mind that 80% of Down's babies are now at risk of abortion, so to see this lady's cousin alive is stunning and astounding because now this disorder of the genome can be detected. Genetic screenings show if a baby has a variety of genetic conditions, including Down's Syndrome, so couples think that abortion is an option, but I know it's not because of famous Down's Syndrome actors and actresses, and most of all Jason Kingsley and Mitchell Levitz. Emily and Barbara, their moms, pushed the envelope and the bar and let these guys live where they wanted, not in a group home. Jenny Hatch's guardianship was not person centered because the parents put her away in a group home, even telling her not to go to church and not to go to a job she holds at a thrift store. The home punished her by isolating and drugging the young lady.
Before I go further, let me state that Monica, the lady I speak of, believes that guardianship in this case prevents her cousin from being shuttled into a group home, institution, or worse, death. As long as the guardianship is centered around her cousin and not the money involved, I'm fine with that. However, guardianship that does not support the wishes of the person involved is abusive, in my case wrong. A. Love does not get why her commentary on Facebook is out of line with conventional thoughts. She needs to know what it is like to have to take the mental health dope that is psychological or psychotropic drugs. Try doing this while in a nursing or group home, being told who to see and how to behave. Do I need that?
Try being told that black men like to get fresh with hire women, not always true, and try being told not to see a certain celebrity you have a crush on, that your interests are not appropriate to family standards of sports worship.
Try all of this, and then tell me if I really need a bamboozling guardian who can steal my money and steal my life away as much as he/she wants. If my parents die, a public guardian may steal my check, force me to get diabetes while eating at McDonald's, and force me to have only ten bucks a day. When they die, they better have a will so they can specify that the guardianship was abusive, wrong, and inconsiderate of my wishes. If that doesn't show on their will, either of them I hope will face charges of fraud, guardianship fraud. There are people such as my friend Karen whose vice was silenced by a public guardian. Karen could face many problems trying to free herself from the guardianship which is full and complete. My parents may have a limited guardianship, but them letting me choose to live in Colorado as a choice either they made, or they'd face me in court over. Colorado is a blue state, second highest in the ranking for best retirement state in the nation behind New Hampshire. That's why I'm here. Healthcare, supports, and friends who care enough to let me be involved with a choral group I'm about to sing at.
Now, the second A, let's call her A. 2, the second woman is definitely not qualified to speak for my case, and yet she sits there and says I have mental problems. Yet she must look at herself in the mirror, see the error of her ways, and shut up on Facebook about me. Let me now show you why.

IF A. Love and A. 2 would look carefully at these articles, they would see that there is rampant disabled and elder abuse in Florida, I'm ashamed to say where I grew up. If these girls don't shut up, their names could be listed under the victims profiles too on these websites. They could be old women, shunned for being handicapped in some ways, both being blind and arrogant. Their philosophy on me does not build the Federation either because the NFB should be condemning and deploring guardianships like the one I'm about to discuss.
Dawn and Saundra York are blind sisters who express desire to go to training centers like BLIND Inc. or CCB, both run by the NFB and both with immersive training programs. The girls were treated horrifically by their family, placed under a guardianship, probably limited or full, not centered around them, but around their parents, especially a stepdad. Saundra emailed me and said it was nice to know they weren't alone. I told them to call Mark Riccobono on Monday, but I might have to send him an email about the girls and their case, and then send him their email addresses. Mark Riccobono and his organization should be advocating for complete freedom on my behalf and on behalf of the York sisters because the parents in both cases tried to deliberately lower the functions of thei offspring in order to either steal their check, control them, or cover up past abuse and continue future abuse. I condemn any efforts by the NFB to stop the girls from doing things they want because they believe in a philosophy in which we live lives we want, not what guardians want. If you think the York sisters need a guardian, read the websites above. If you think I'm any different, think again. Many blind people are abused by their parents so any abuse ictim could come down with mental health issues, but thankfully it does not interfere with cognitive functioning in my case. I still pay the damn bills, bust my ass paying rent every month, bust the bank on groceries, and bust my ass working on a damn good relationship. If anyone thinks I'm cognitively impaired, go to a group or nursing home and look at the websites above. These articles should change your mind. Also, look carefully at the ACLU's efforts not to address my case. Nobody wants to take the case because people are coming between me and my lawyers. Titusville attorneys are dirty, and that's truth to me because it's a small town. 23 years later, I said I as fed up. You should see what 23 years in Titusville can do to a person who is blind or disabled, especially after Kennedy Space Center shut down its Space Shuttle program. No transport by bus or cab, no Uber, no Lyft, nothing. Isolation is not the way to go. Whether the York sisters and I need a lawsuit to fix the statutes is not the subject of this blog post though. I'm saying carefully chosen things about why a guardian is not needed in my case. I'm not going to Florida unless I have a security detail. And I'm going back to Colorado. No judge thinks straight when it comes to blindness. We need to figure this out. I want A. Love and A. 2 to shut up and read the websites without complaint.
Please feel free to read these websites, readers, and give me any feedback, respectable of course, on what you found.

Power Rangers Reboot Time: A Full On Review and What Next?

Dear Readers,

What do you like to binge watch? What did you like to binge on in the 90s? Well, you might have said a few things: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which only came on once a week; Power Rangers, which probably came on every weekday or so; or there’s always a drunken pile of Nickelodeon shows we used to watch: Doubledare, SpongeBob, (still on by the way), and many many others I could name. While TMNT got a reboot as well as some of the other cartoons, SpongeBob included, Power Rangers got the much needed reboot that some fans probably desired.

This was a much anticipated movie, and waiting for a described copy was worth it. I watched the movie front to back, and the prologue was awesome. However, there were subtitled parts in both the main body and prologue that without description, you would think this was some Japanese or other foreign film. At least the subtitled part or parts were fully translated and it didn’t add much to it. The premise of the movie is simple and fans could easily relate to it. Five teenagers, all misfits in a seaside California or something town, find themselves in a mine and train to become the “power rangers”, slated to protect a crystal of life from the notorious Rita Repulsa, queen of darkness. Simple, right? Wrong!

Rita didn’t seem to be as weird as she was back in the day, but Elizabeth Banks pulled off a pretty awesome and evil and yet weirder description of Rita. She constructs a monster in the film, and … “Make my monster grow.” Yes, she says that in both this film and back in the TV series. Does anyone remember the putties? Yes, you see plenty of those bad boys in this film. If you were a fan of Power Rangers in the early TV days, you should be able to understand both the origin story and the resulting action and adventure this film brings.

My critique is quite simple: the film descriptions of action and blood were pretty good. The play by play of every fighting scene was pretty straightforward and the weaponry used by the rangers was pretty well in line with what fans should remember. The zords and the resulting megazord were described in such detail that I was right there in the middle of it, who needs VR to experience this? The descriptor was pretty good at going through scenery that flip flopped around, as it did at some points where the rangers were training. I would give this film a 5 star rating for the community if I were crazy enough. I don’t care what Rotten Tomatoes said, this film needs to be brought out for what it is. Fans see some good character development in the five misfit teens at the beginning, which is extremely important for critics and fans alike.

So what film do you like from this year? Feel free to comment, and please be good about leaving a respectable comment because I’ve had trolls in the past deliver unwanted messages to this blog. I’m pretty sure the real good readers here will understand why I wrote that clip.

Here’s a hint when writing a comment: tell me whether you watched a reboot film and what you liked or disliked about it. I watched Power Rangers back in the day because my little brothers watched it, but the movies back in the day were not described. Ugh. Descriptions in action films especially today make a huge difference in the imagery we can project in our minds as a blind film watcher.

Anyway, feel free to leave a comment about your favorite movies and don’t be shy about being honest about the movies you like, don’t like, or seriously wish were never made.


What Will Pass at NFB 2017: an Overview

Dear Readers,

The NFB has done an average job of resolving differences and issues here. There is the obvious need to make tech affordable and accessible, but there are other things. The Air Carrier Access Act is mentioned twice, so I’m not expecting either resolution to pass because of redundancy, but there is a need to train airline personel. Inaccessible software and Sharepoint were also covered, but once again, the only social issues the NFB could have covered were not even given a word. NOt a word was spoken about the trafficking of folks with disabilities under guardianships by family and well meaning strangers, etc., and once again, because of comorbid disability, I’m not being listened to. The NFB seems to have the right foot forward regarding discrimination and tech, but social discrimination and civil rights of all individuals is not being given enough attention. The Droople web service was commended for being accessible, but there’s one thing I hope we are more aware of. Ziosk in restaurants were mentioned, things like Olive Garden and Chili’s have them. Trenton and I usually tell the wait staff we can’t use the software, and they end up having to do things the old fashioned wait on your dinner way. Olive Garden is quite expensive, but still great. I’ve not had problems with wait staff insisting I use Ziosk, and the operating system is indeed inaccessible, so this is what the NFB really wants. A completely accessible home, but what is the point of accessibility if we can’t be socially accepted? What would be the point of ChromeVox and Narrator if I can’t buy the technology or if someone has the gall to claim that I’m not able to use it because of a social dislike? The NFB has good intentions, but the grade for resolutions will have to settle for a B minus, at least in my book. I’ll look at ACB stuff, and try to be balanced, but a B minus for the NFB is the best grade I can offer. The biggest problem that the resolutions have is the social unacceptance of blind people with comorbid mental or physical conditions, but the resolution of sorts ealing with emergency broadcast access for deaf blind people is reasonably good. Now we need to give blind people access to a better life, a better town with better social acceptance. Not a little town where a blind woman is accused of leaving a mark on someone she did not or where a blind man has a history of sexual offense. We need access to coping materials or recovery stuff, whatever the weather. The NFB wants to be the leading organization of the blind, but it can’t do social acceptance. B minus is the final grade because there are just a few things a leading consumer group should be advocating for, and they got the Braille thing in the bag and all the tech too.

NFB Resolution Time Will Be Delayed

Dear Readers,

Usually, I write an analysis of the NFB resolutions, and ACB just ended its conference and convention. The NFB convention resolutions, at least the ones proposed, at least for this year, will go up on the Agenda later on. The agenda will have all the usuals, but I’m clearly looking forward to the following:

A resolution condemning Greyhound for its use of inaccessible sites and apps for blind travelers, thus a lawsuit is being filed.

A resolution further stating that blind parents should be protected. This is serious. Buck V. Bell is outdated and stupid, so the NFB should rule on this fairly.

A resolution condemning guardianship regardless of disability. Guardianship is a way of trafficking human beings for their rights due to their handicaps. The NFB doesn’t seem to give enough attention to the problem of blind adults constantly under attack for their rights and finances by their parents. I know some blind adults whose checks fall into the hands of their parents. One is very abusive toward females, as stated further below, and should be monitored around other females. Blind men seriously need to learn to keep themselves under control, especially at convention times or times where a female friend or professional is present.

A resolution condemning rape of females anywhere who have disability, regardless of home status or even in the NFB centers themselves. After being banned from the NFB listserv for students because I tried to paint a real picture of who the blind males are, I have resolved that a resolution should be adopted and passed because females who are blind do not need to become the vessels of men’s losses, whether sexually lost or morally lost. Blind men are just like sighted men, but tend to be disenfranchised more often because sighted women often feel they have to mother or baby the men, which isn’t right at all. There are good blind males out there who are married, have kids, etc., and don’t go having extramarital affairs. That is to say that for the same tokens and coins in the game, there are blind males who do worse. But because these guys are blind, they think they can lay the finger on other women or the woman’s consent more so because these guys are blind. Blind predators do exist, I know a few. And the NFB is doing nothing, I repeat nothing, about it except kicking them out of the centers and not acknowledging their existence. There are a few Johns who have raped Janes at centers and parties related to the NFB, and I want to see a total cleanup of this, not a cleanup of the CCB big kitchen, not a cleanup of the curriculum, though it would be nice to see an addenda on sex education for all adults and young minors thirteen to eighteen. Why? Because people need to know that predators exist among us, and they’re worse than the sighted ones. The sighted ones may try to take advantage of blind females, get them pregnant, etc., but at least they get prosecuted for the crimes they commit. One young man ruined his life at CCB by having a threesome with two girls who I won’t name here, and this guy, this guy had to be prosecuted. But no, he’s successfully employed? Where’s this picture wrong? Successfully employing a man who is not smart with women and smooth talks them into his bed is a wrong choice unless he learns to cope, gets the right treatment, and joins a sex offender group registry class where he can learn about grooming, safety plans, etc. Those things are important. Grooming, by the way, is not the act of combing one’s hair or shaving one’s beard in this case. Grooming behavior is what I’m talking about, and it is defined as luring a child or adult female victim after approach. I know this stuff because I read a book about it … like a million times. Predators exist in all facets of life, but particularly for the blind, this is devastating.

A resolution acknowledging that not all tech apps can be accessible. Let’s face it. The My Little Pony games, Mario, and thousands of others are not going to be accessible by voiceover or talkback. Trenton and I do not play many games except the ones marked accessible, and there are a few. However, game creators are simply not able to make their content more accessible. Nintendo is a Japanese owned gaming company, and boy their games reflect the game needs of all people, well, except for blind ones. In Japan, the blind are not considered often for jobs or places in life, and females who are blind are often trained as itako, like fortune tellers on the side of the road, etc. Sadly, this mentality translates to Nintendo’s inability to make their game consoles and games themselves accessible and fun for blind individuals. I can understand why sighted people would put up a fight about Mario, besides there are too many fast and quick snap visuals in a lot of the Mario levels. Trenton could not even get past a certain game level himself. Plus iOS and Android are just mobile phones, don’t capture the retro game coolness that a Nintendo console could. The WII fit could work, if given some nonvisual menu prompts, but demanding that all the world be accessible is a wrongheaded notion that will get the NFB no further than the executive offices of a prosecutor who may say no to a lawsuit against Nintendo. Some blind people play nintendo no problem, but for someone without light perception, total, the whole bit, playing certain kinds of videogame can be a challenge and on the phone apps, can be near impossible. I know some guys like my buddy Jessie who play Mortal Kombat, and he’s good at it. I don’t know why or how, but then there’s Killer Instinct. I just wish the NFB would see this and either build on it, or accept defeat and move on.

The NFB convention is to start next Monday, July 10, 2017, in Orlando. So if you’re there, send me an analysis of the resolutions and what you think.

The ones who send me resolution analysis should also let me know if their favorite passed. Any ones that are not adopted will be noted in the next entry.

Letter to the Britons: Stop the Killing of Infants and Persons with Disabilities

Dear Readers, especially readers in the British sector,

Imagine for a moment you are a mother. You’re lying on the birthing table, and the child comes out. What a surprise, your child has a rare mitochondrial disease. This happened to one British couple. I’m infuriated as I write this, but the British courts have sided with a hospital where the child is staying, and this hospital wants to kill the child because in their eyes, there’s no hope. I have a few British friends with disabilities, may not be rare ones, but if we kill little Charlie Gard, we may end up with profiles like Charlie’s coming up for blind and paralyzed people, people with mild epilepsy, and people with other types of disability. LEt me introduce a few of the friends I know.

Ben Breen is a blind man who loves playing videogames. He’s also very musically talented, and plays piano like nobody’s business. Ben was born blind, but did his parents give him up for adoption or say he needed to die? Absolutely not.

Aaron Danvers-Jukes is a resident of the Isle of White, a blind guy who loves cosplaying stuff and Comic Con and other sorts of nerdy things. He is friends with Breen and loves to do some pretty interesting things. He was also born blind, but did his parents give up? Nope. The parents are proud to have Aaron as their son, and he is still alive and kicking. Should Aaron’s future wife bear a child with a disability, Aaron will have the resources to teach the kid about comic books, good manners, some other sorts of things, and a good dose of nonvisual uses of stuff in the kitchen.

Samantha is a young British woman with blindness and a mild epilepsy. She was born with disabilities, but did her parents do the unthinkable and give up? No. She’s still alive, and still hangs around on FaceTime when she needs to talk to someone. I like Samantha’s humor and wit as she approaches her disabilities. She wants to be a neuropsychological doctor of some sort, and that’s cool. She also sings, and she’s a really good mezzo soprano. Maybe a high soprano, but I haven’t heard enough high notes.

What is the common denominator of these profiles and vignettes about my good friends who are British? Well, they have disabilities, but their parents did not give up. Ben is a cricket baller, Aaron is an actor who does martial arts and comic stuff is his hobby. Samantha loves music, and has friends in and around British territory and the United States. These people have lives, and they were blessed with the fortune of having parents who did not give up and tried to educate doctors and nurses about their children’s blindness. If they went through the U.S. system, they’d be juggernauted with paperwork like crazy, IEP’s and 123s like crazy. I can’t make out what it would have been like if Aaron was in the Americas, forced to bow down to vocational counselors when they say, “Acting isn’t a reasonable goal.” He’s already in a theater troupe in Britain doing acting and stuff, and he sings from what I understand. If Ben was told that videogame design or sports were “an unreasonable goal” in the British Isles, I don’t think his parents would accept that. Ben independently travels and goes to parties in Kent and other places around England, and has a lot of friends in the locale and attends university. Where would he have been without the support of his friends? Aaron also got awards of inspiration for his martial arts and acting stuff.

What am I trying to say here? Charlie Gard could become the next Aaron, Ben, or Samantha. If medication and experimental treatment is administered, Little Charlie could very well grow up to love comic books, videogames, cosplaying, acting, sports, cricket of course, football (what we call soccer, but better I guess.), or even skydive as an adult. Charlie could have a bright future, but this hospital and the government think they have a right to kill a little child. THis is to me a cruel act of murder.

What would the world be without Aaron, Ben, or Samantha? Boring, if you ask me. Aaron has a vibrant personality and laughs at just about anything, and I came to know him on TeamTalk with a few other crazies … well, good crazy weird guys. Ben was the same way, and he actually dispensed his love of Mumford and Sons. Samantha I got to know through Trenton and some other people. I’d like to let all you British people know that it is in the best interest of the child to live, not die. He could benefit from life, not death. Death of a child to me is like a waste and a what-could-we-have-done moment, and we’re headed to a path similar to the world of the Giver, where the “newchild” who does not meet the demands of “nurturers” is “released”, or killed as you find out in the climax of the story. Little Gabriel could have faced that fate, and to think that this government would kill a disabled child over a rare genetic disease. Let me introduce you to an American with mitochondrial disease who is female, disabled, and proud.

Reina Brown I first came to know on FaceBook, and read most of her posts. I paid attention to those posts that evoke a lot of thought, and she writes a lot about disability advocacy and so forth. Reina is, if I should say, blind, Autistic high functioning, and has mitochondrial disease which disabled her from walking and using common things like stairs. She doesn’t let that stop her from working two jobs, going to school, and highlighting disabled people and services for such. Reina is insured in the U.S. healthcare system, and she keeps a log of a lot of stuff about what goes on. If she sees a problem, I expect her to come on FaceBook and write about it. She was born with all the conditions and such, but in the United States, the parents make all the decisions about their child’s future as a disabled person. Reina’s parents chose to let her live, thrive, and grow. This is a family that deserves a good example and they have a lot of passion for one another. Reina is a Bible believing Christian woman who regularly attends church at Kingdom Hall in her town. She is a passionate believer in Christ, and if not for a family that taught her that she deserves life, she could not have been posting on FaceBook all those years later.

Mito she says sucks, but she deals with it how she can. Sometimes her letters about mito are pretty interesting, like “Dear Mito, you suck, me.” That’s basically what she says. She may be tired a lot because of mitochondrial disease, but she doesn’t let it stop her. Those letters? They mean she’s not letting mito win. PEriod.

Therefore, what is the common denominator? All disabled people deserve a chance to live. To Teresa May, you need to let Charlie Gard live, let him spend time with his family. What makes you think that family will harm him? If you thought this way about Ben, Aaron, or Samantha’s families, you would get loads of outrage. Please, Mrs. May, let the baby go home with his family, and live. Let the parents do what they want. I say that if Trenton’s mom gave up on him, and if my doctors gave up on me, and a lot of us with disabilities, there would be a really boring, ableistic world out there full of the same bullshit.


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