Rumors and Drama Will Not Be Tolerated

Dear Readers,

Last year, a rumor surfaced that I was stalking someone at CCB, and because of that, people have requested that I be banned permanently from the CCB. According to an email sent to me by Julie Deden, there hasn’t been a negative thing said about me by the current staff, but let’s face this fact, now Deden hired the very person who despises me for no reason, even when she doesn’t know me. I hate to pull out things about CCB that are negative as I learned a great deal there, but Deden is allowing rumors and drama to get out of control. I have recently become friends with people as far back as 2013, maybe even 2014, when I was dating a longtime friend I met at, yep, CCB. The people who despise me at the CCB need to know this following timeline of events that have occurred after I was banned from the property temporarily due to the presence of an ex:

This ex, who I Wil not name, made up with me, but because of how he dealt with the situation, I told him flat out we can’t date anymore and have to remain friends. We have made a solid friendship, and he has since trusted me with prayer requests for family and friends. This ex, please don’t make me name him, accepts the fact that I’m currently dating Trenton and so does everyone I talk to. Trenton has … in the words of Celine Dion, “loved me back to life.” He taught me what a real relationship was supposed to look like, though I admit I wish I was able to reflect things better, be single for a while, but I was literally a wreck. I had no friends, no place to vent, no one to look to for help and support except for paid professionals. That is unacceptable.

After the initial shock of all that went down, and all the things that came about, I had absolutely nothing and felt like I’d lost everything as though a hurricane had struck me from the inside out. You know when you lose everything in the storms that break the earth, you have to rebuild, right? Well, Trenton, not Donald Trump, was the builder in my house. No, he ain’t no President, he ain’t no leader, but he is a geek and a great drummer. Julie emailed me, and I called her requesting help with the guardianship issues, but to no avail. NFBCO has abandoned me with such unacceptable vigor. NFB should be thinking that guardianship for the blind is unacceptable, and they should look at groups like FaceUs for help in determining what steps should be taken. Because of the anxiety and shock and the temporary ban on CCB property, I’ve sworn off all bus travel for goofy I have to travel on the bus to my date with Trenton on my birthday, so there’s no way I can altogether avoid it. After the ex made friends with me again, I’ve had FaceTime conversations with him, reaffirming that we could stil be friends. However, recent developments in staff changes over the years have rendered it impossible to attend my friends’ grad parties, monster route parties, etc. I will name no one who is responsible here in this blog for fear that I could be arrested or retaliated against by the NFBCO themselves. And I don’t think Scott LaBarre is responsible for this mess, only mere members of the community who’d like to see me dead than alive, dressed in a white cotton petticoat. These people have no clue who I am, and anyone caught sharing gossip about me should have their heads on gold platters marked: gossip girl or dunce cap Ken. Gossip is hurtful, and I am living proof. I also planned to do business ACB on the condition that my exes not be brought into the picture. I am currently focused on growing my legal business and working like everyone else, and I think Legal Shield would be beneficial for nonblindness reated issues. For instance, a teenage son or daughter gets into a car wreck. Your spouse gets a parking ticket. And who doesn’t get parking tickets downtown? Laughing doesn’t cut it, it’s a serious matter. My buddy Michael negotiated a traffic ticket for his son down with Legal Sheld, and it worked in the family’s order. But a ban rom CCB property means I can’t do business with them, and let’s face it, it’s unfair because the drama’s over.

Now therefore, let us resolve the matter permanently. I, Elizabeth Ann Taurasi, should be welcome at the CCB property and apartments to visit friends and attend graduations of any friend who invites me. I will also be doing business with the staff and Julie to put Legal Shield on their benefits plan. And it has nothing to do with blindness, but since some of these folks have families, I think it would benefit. It’s called peace of mind. So for those of you reading this who are students or staff, please do not be afraid of me anymore. The situation is over and done, and the rumors or stories about me have gotta stop. I explained my side to anyone who would listen. And now I have to grow my business, so you people should at least cooperate. This blog has been trolled four times already, so any attempt to troll the blog, and I’l tear the comment up section by section and highlight where the tolls go wrong.




Dear Readers,

Imagine a world where robots do the work of medics, police, and parole officers even. Imagine there was a place where everybody wanted to go, a place where it was clean and pristine, no grimy buildings and no dust everywhere. But imagine you were stuck in Los Angeles, the city of dust instead of angels, the city where in this future, the sun sets and rises but there’s so much pollution. Now picture the robots. You’ve got it. This is a world where you are not allowed to be in the heavenly place, known as Elesium, all because you’re too poor. In this particular film, Matt Damian stars as Max Da Costa, an orphan, parolee, totally not the person you’d want to save the world. But Max makes his living as a robot maker. When he’s suddenly thrown into a kiln, however, he’s given five days only to live and then, inevitable death.

This isn’t Matt’s best movie ever, but there are some notable characters in it. Max, for one, gives his life–spoiler alert–to save the ones in need of medical care on Earth. Elesium is reserved for th rich until Max Da Costa changes everything. What would you do to save the earth from polluters? What would you do so that all of us are treated equally? What then would you do if someone tried to prevent you from getting the medical care you needed because you weren’t rich? I know I’d be upset, but Elesium asks these questions in a weird way. This film is rated R for violence and suggestive language. Please watch with discretion.


Banning Autonomous Weaponry Is Imperative

Los Angeles, California, 2029 A.D.

The cityscape appears to be ruined, and a machine is rolling around what used to be Sunset Boulevard, crushing a pile of skeletons and humanoid skulls underfoot. The machine fires a pistol at everything, vaporizing all living things in its path.

What do you think caused things like this? Think the Terminator, now think about the real world of weaponry. We must ban autonomous weapons or this cityscape might appear as in Terminator. Trump wants to terminate people in the U.S. Who aren’t white, Anglo, American. And he could jump at the opportunity to take power and build autonomous weaponry, but in a recent letter signed by none other than Elaun Musk, the guy who owns several companies including Tesla Motors, it was recommended that all countries, including the U.S., ban autonomous weapons. We certainly should ban the creation of cyborgs for the purpose of weaponry as well so as to prevent terminators like those portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger from being reality. This also includes female and male robotic weapons with which people can kill who they want to kill, including persons they dislike. Governments can brutally terminate people for which they despise, and using these autonomous weapons, could irresponsibly allow machines to control them and who lives or dies. Thus, we must ban the sale, manufacture, and distribution of autonomous weapons, including male or female humanoid soldier-like weapons with which public and private entities can kill who they want to kill. Now, let’s take the ruined Los Angeles, and write a different story.

In the year 2029, let’s imagine the ban on weaponry with independence in effect. The Sunset Boulevard in the first scenario was ruined, but let’s make those human skulls actual Angelinos hanging out at a mall where two security guards stand watch. One guy walks into the mall and gets a bag searched. Let’s imagine this is Mr. Good Guy. However, when a second man walks in, let’s say it’s an Anglo guy with a huge arsenal of machine pistols, the LAPD will apprehend him on the spot. This guy will end up in jail for terrorizing the community. The big difference is that you have live people, the city or cities aren’t ruined, and people, not machines, determine who gets arrested, lives, and dies.

I hope you find this informative, though I do not recommend watching the Terminator series if you don’t want to look at the dark scenario I outlined before.