Bad Coments Part 2: May Be Explicit, Read With Discretion, Or … Might as Well Say It, WHoever Wrote This Does Not Know Anything!

Dear Readers,
Below and broken down is yet the second of two comments, here from an illegitimate email. The email I received this comment from is from a spammy and questionable source, so please bear with me. The email is from, and it had a number. Here is the comment, broken down, and remember, readers, all explicit words are starred and written such that even the little ones don’t have to hear it.
Beth, I don’t owe you an apology. No one owes you s***. **Yes, sir, you do. For what I’m about to reveal to my readers, yes you do. You will not write obscene words in my blog, period. I must know more. Why the obscene gestures?**
There are plenty of people with multiple disabilities who have jobs. You can’t be a singer? Find something else! This is f***ing America, we have countless options to try and succeed yet here you sit, f***ing mooching off of society and feeling sorry for yourself! **Excuse me? I have no reason to even believe that this is real. I am not mooching off of anything, but when I’m finished with you, well, I hope you’ve read the previous comment, because sir, you’re so fired! Also, again, I had to star out more obscene words. How many times do I have to yell and scream? No more bad words. Don’t give me lip, sir. Do not give me lip at all, nobody gives me any lip without paying the piper. The only one who is allowed to give me lip, btw, is my boyfriend, Kahili. So there you have it, and if you try to say another thing, … okay. Also, do not ever say I can’t be a singer. You can’t be a writer, okay? Try something that doesn’t require you to sit there and cuss people out and accuse me of feeling sorry for myself.**
You’re making f***ing excuses, you f***ing c***! You like sitting on your fat a** all day b****ing and moaning (yes, fat, if you were going hungry you wouldn’t be f***ing fat now would you Beth)? **I am not fat, thank you very much. Nobody looks at me that way, and you are probably the most disrespectful piece of trash I’ve ever seen write something this selfish. I have to eat three square meals a day like everyone else. And just for your info, I don’t know anything about Crispy Cream Donuts, I haven’t eaten a donut for a great while. I don’t eat Crispy Cream. Also, it seems you will disrespect my name, right? Okay, here comes the next bit. I’m going to break it down, but before I do, listen closely to what I’m about to say. Do not forget the old sayings you learned in school, including not to bully others. Thank you.**
Denver Queen? More like Drama Queen! This is why Donald Trump will end the SSI, SDI and other related programs where we coddle the poor, reward them for smoking crack and/or eating Krispy Kremes or other similar activities all day, every day. Donald Trump is poised to win this year and will force you to change your ways, so why not get a f***ing head start? You don’t even have to miss an episode of Law and Order, you can apply to jobs using this thing called the internet! Online! You don’t have to lift your fat smelly a** off of your couch! You can do it with one hand, your other stuffing Krispy Kremes into your mouth.
**Listen up, again, I have no desire to eat Crispy Creams. And no, we don’t reward the poor for smoking crack. There are plenty of your rich snotty friends who do the same. Look at Jay-Z, AKA Shawn Carter, husband of Beyonce Knowles Carter, and he’s also in the Illuminati, a Devil worshipping cult. This is madness! And no, I’m no drama queen. So I guess you agree that it’s okay for Donald to win this election when he’s been hate baiting and assaulting women, especially by way of his own campaign manager buddy. No, Donald Trump will lose because Americans are not going to put up with the garbage of violence, abuse, and hatred. We see this on a nongovernmental level. While the NFL has instituted an anti-domestic violence initiative for player conduct, I think such a good initiative should be free fo racism and throughout all professions, including singing, politics, and being a rich snot. As for applying for jobs on the Internet, most of the jobs that I have seen require inaccessible app processes and no, they won’t hire unless … well, think of the word experience. Yes, you need experience doing the work asked of you. So I really don’t have the time to sit here and break down any more of your trash. Please refrain from further posts and comments on my blog. And no, if you want to bother me again, I have some news for you. I have friends, buddies, people who actually stand up for good. And I want to see Trump get dumped, which is exactly what he’s going to do.
So long, crackhead who has written obscenities in this blog.
Readers, I will be looking at other topics. Please stay tuned.