Bad Comments Beware Part 1: The Disgrace is Not Me

Now, readers, I’d like to know what actually is. What the hell is this guy doing! Here’s a breakdown of the comment under the email “” and I will tell you all, that is not a legitimate email address. That’s a red flag here. Now, listen to this, yall. Check this out!
This is a god damn disgrace. It’s so hard for people with multiple disabilities to get jobs! No, it is not, you stupid c***! Stephen Hawking, ever hear of him? Probably not, since all you do is bitch and moan and complain that the world owes you something. *For your information, I have heard of Dr. Hawking, but he was lucky and had a super bright mind. Like how many of us has a science based weird mind like his? He’s much too into space and I don’t mind so much, but reading his work scares some people. Like the world isn’t gonna get sucked into a black hole, okay?*
Guess what? I don’t give 2 shits that you have a “mental” disability, and neither should the rest of the world. Suck it up and move on. *Well, you need to look into the life of someone with a mental health disability. Try going to counseling when it isn’t convenient for your boss. Ask my parents how many things they had to miss or skip due to counseling. It is not easy ** for any parent or patient with mental illness to live. It is not easy at all when you’re alone or have had to live with family, no transportation, no way to hang around with real friends instead of the virtual idiots that like to cause drama. I’ve been there, done that, and now for once, I have something I bet you don’t. I have an actual real boyfriend, someone who actually exists! And that I’ve met!**
I’m sorry if the first time you’re being told this is by some angry asshole, but you may not be a singer. Whether you like it or not, singing really is about the looks. **No, singing is singing. Looks are for modeling and dancing, obviously. You are warped, as my parents would say. Totally and completely warped. Let’s see just how warped you are.** Listen to any Top 40 radio station. Do you hear talent? I don’t. I hear money, sex and drugs, pulled off by hot girls and handsome dudes who drink, smoke and fuck each other all day. If you don’t fit that characteristic, then I’m sorry, singing is not in the cards for you. Not everyone is cut out to do everything. You may need to settle for less than your dreams. **Listen, you idiot, I’m going for all of my dreams, and my dream is to one day wake up in a safe world where guys like you don’t exist! Also, the talentless singers don’t always exist on Top 40 Radio stations. Classical pop is great, and I’ve heard better music than you have, sir. Also, you do not have any taste in music, I gather.**
While it’s true that many blind people aren’t hired because they’re blind, this is not a universal excuse; and, in fact, you could take an employer to court if they pull this shit. Frankly, though, I’m getting the sense that you never even bothered applying for a job, on the premise that “I won’t get it anyway, I’m blind!”
You disgust me. **I disgust who? No, you disgust nobody but your own foolish self. I have not been given opportunities to apply for jobs, and Rehab failed to make careful note of the real Beth. Now go to your room, sir, because as Diana from Train Wreck says, “You’re so fired!”

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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