I had to spam two comments and I don’t know if one of them is truly Blake. Whoever you are, I’m looking for you

Dear readers,
I am extremely mad right now. Nobody tells me what to do, who I’m going to be, or what I’m cut out to do. First of all, to the successful blind person who thinks he is successful, I want your supervisors email address right the hell now. I will not exactly B the one to listen to your stupidity. Do you not know what it is like to have to go to appointments every day and have care every day or appointments every day and care every day? Sounds repetitive, but that is exactly what a lot of my friends with disabilities have to deal with. Do you realize that some of that care and appointments does indeed affect employment? There is a lady that works at Atlantis that has to have care due to her muscular disabilities. There are people at that same place who not only have care but cannot speak for themselves. How would you like to be one of those people? Stop angrily posting things using the four letter f word and 4 Letter other words and stop it with the c word as well. I will not be called names on this blog so I would like to know, who the hell are you doing trying to hide behind my ex boyfriends name? Blake would never do something like that to me. I’m sorry I’m writing his name here but whoever it was was hiding behind Blake. Somebody is hiding behind my ex-boyfriend. I am going to tell him exactly what you said. Blake would never speak like that nor would he use the GD phrase as well. In other words, “this is a goddamned disgrace.” that is not Blake’s language and that does not exactly add up to the way he talks. I know Blake better than that and if I know Blake, I know that he would never speak like that. Don’t give me that it’s a poor excuse to not be employed. You try being told to go to counseling and go to counseling. What if I try the DBT program? DBT is a commitment for a year. I cannot exactly get employed not anywhere if I have to tell an employer but I have to have care twice a week. Do you honestly think an employer is going to put up with that? Do you honestly believe that an employer is going to believe that an employee is honestly needing to be off twice a week to read mail with someone else? I will not pay someone like you to sit there and cussed me out on my blog. So the next time you are commenting on my blog, I want the following: I want your supervisors email address and it has to be legitimate and you cannot use a ten minute email. If your name is someone called Joey hagemeier, you need to tell me. I don’t want to hear any more of this garbage from anyone. And I mean anyone. If you truly want to know what will happen to you, listen up.
I want a legitimate supervisor’s email address and phone number so I can tell this person what kind of an angry bastard you are, and that you’ve been pilfering my blog with profanities and obscene gestures. You have written evil things about those with disabilities, making false judgments where they don’t belong. God, you know judgments are not allowed here. Why don’t you sir go to work and confess to your boss that you’ve been a bad employee and let the boss decide as well! Otherwise, I’m gonna pull a Diana from Trainwreck, and I’m gonna give you the verdict:
“You’re so fired!” Yes, you’re so fired! And when you learn that profanity and obscene wording is not allowed here, then perhaps you will have to put in a thousand applications and get rejected just like the Blake you tried to pander off of. Think about the real Blake Tucker. He’s a great man, and he would never speak to that horrifically low level as you did. Thanks, and remember, you’re so fired.
To the rest of you readers, please refrain from obscenities and rude manners on my blog. Please do not make judgments and if I see one more, just one more, I’m gonna figure out who the hell you are. …

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

2 thoughts on “I had to spam two comments and I don’t know if one of them is truly Blake. Whoever you are, I’m looking for you”

  1. Katherine, you commented on this post here. I’d like you to know he’s done this three more times, and I’m on an active search for his identity and work information. If you or someone you know or someone in the community is willing to, I’m going to set up a Facebook or Twitter outlet because I know the guy’s on Facebook. I need to know where and who this brown eyed no eyed bastard is hiding, so if anyone is able, please hand over the info. I’m sorry to say but I can’t give monetary rewards yet, but this guy’s destruction on the Internet is key to the safety of others with disabilities.


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