What’s the Beef with Sea World?

Hey readers, if you haven’t noticed, I’ve noticed. Sea World Parks attendance has indeed … well, to put it lightly, it’s tanked. Reason? I’m going to show you this campaign website, and an organization fighting on behalf of captive and wildborn but whatever, orcas and those dolphins and marine mammals bred in captivity.

I’d like to dedicate this post to all those living and dead who have or have wanted to pursue marine biology. Now, here this is, ear me out, whatever.

Imagine you were a female orca mammal, killer whale, etc. You were interacting with trainers daily, fed hering and other sorts of small fish daily, but never left a cramped tank. On occasions, you and your pod would be asked to perform in front of humongous crowds of thousands. What is even more wrong with this picture is at twelve years old, you are forced to breed and possibly give birth to calves, baby orcas, at the sort of age where humans would be too young to do the same. If you die, so what? It would be the cost of doing business. Your calves would be separated a bit early so that the trainers would have more time with you. What’s wrong with this? Orca whales and other large marine mammals can be trained, but as my friend Theresa says frankly, you can’t train the whale out of a whale. So here’s what Fins and Fluke says, stop the captive breeding of orca whales, period.

Here’s the website for Fins and Fluke, feel free to sign the petition on Change wich is in the website under Campaigns. I enjoyed sea world parks, but the truth is, I love animals, especially what would be the Mighty Gods of the Sea. Tilicom killed his trainer because even with captivity around, he was still a whale.All the Shamu whales are stil wild animals and they cannot be taught differently. Dogs are dogs as well, Theresa says. Thank you all for your encouragement. Belive me, any boob can tell you a whale should not and does not belong in a tank, or forced to perform in front of thousands. Many companies have cut ties with Sea World and this is why.


Shocking Disability Data among Women and Men Around the World: the Data Tells It Like It Is

This post is dedicated to all readers, regardless of disabling conditions, risk of disability, or gender identification. Here are some websites, or at least a chartbook, of data you might want to check out about gender differences and disparities among disabled people. Each section is headed nicely, and the subsections have links on them, which makes it all the more awesome.


Now, here are some shocking bits of data not found on this site, but that are obvious around this world:

Women with disabilities are 75% more likely to be subjected to abuse, neglect, and other forms of maltreatment. Girls are usually not as preferred as boys in most of the developing world.

Girls with disabilities face significantly more barriers in education. Here’s a shocker: the global literacy rate among women with disabilities is … drumroll please … 1%. Oh no!

The pay gap for women with disabilities is greater than men who are disabled, or nondisabled people. This is absurd.

More women with disabilities face sexual and emotional violence, physical abuse, etc. And most of that is done by family members.

The chartbook contains more data than I can write here in the blog, but take a good look at the figures and footnotes and try Googling the term “women and girls with disabilities” with or without the quotes.

I will be talking about this stuf on the Female Frenzy on DJ Mac Radio, site URL to follow.

DJ Starlight and myself will lead a discussion on the following topics:

  1. Party do’s and don’ts. No means NO!
  2. Positive costumage, child marriage, and other random stuff.
  3. Food.
  4. How about it? Women in education. We’ll talk about Braille, of all things.
  5. Starlight’s healthy eating plans. My healthy eating plans. Oh yeah. It’s the girls’ night out you wish you had. So tune in and be prepared to be inspired.

Thank you all for reading.

Tune in to the Female Frenzy if you are especially interested in female issues:


You Know You’re In Denver When …

Here is a list of things to expect while in Denver, and these things are awesome. For those of you wondering, some are obvious, while some are not so obvious, but can you find out what all these things have in common? Clue: it’s a political thought pool.

  1. You are walking down a road and see, no what about SMELL, the canibus shops all around. And you walk another two feet and there’s a MacDonald’s.
  2. You are ordering food one day and come across the menu for Sexy Pizza or Dirty Cookie. What?!?!?
  3. You don’t see guns so often on people’s yards, but you don’t ever see them in the mall.
  4. You see street performers on the outdoor mall at Sixteenth street.
  5. Seems there are more apartment thingies for the disabled being built every two seconds. One, two, voila. There’s a building.
  6. Boulder Canyon is like an hour away. And if you travel westward in the foothills of the Rockies, you get the best town ever, Littleton.

So if you come here to Denver, remember a few things:

  1. Careful the canibus and the marijuana shops, they smell weird.
  2. Do order from the best pizza joints around.
  3. Do pay homage to the … denverqueen!
  4. Don’t by cigarettes.
  5. Do dress neatly.
  6. Do wear flowers in one’s hair.
  7. Do help the homeless guy at McDonald’s.

The thing is that my city is liberal, and that’s the common denominator of all the stuff in the list.

Safety During Halloween

Hey everyone.

Remember the times that we all knew each other? Remember a time when your neighbor wasn’t the scary man who lived behind the house? Or the cool guy who had just the kids over? Well, now the time is here to go through some really good safety tips and I’m also going to report something kind of scary I found here in my own zip code.

First of all, about costumes, be sure if you or your child or pet dresses up, you can walk safely and breathe normally in costumes. For example, I wouldn’t corset in costume, so why do it now? I remember this issue some people had with certain costumes as well, see the Gone Mental post I did previously.

I have a great idea though for a really cheap costume. Have you created a file or log of all your spam email? Here’s something you can do:

All you really need to do is cut some paper that has spam email printed on it and put it around you like a shirt, then write “inbox” on a piece of masking tape, then put the tape on your forehead. There you go. You have a really easy and cheap Halloween outfit. And it doesn’t cost you much at all.

But the real trick to Halloween safety comes with the kinds of people you may come across.

Here’s what I discovered while looking at Colorado’s Sex Offender Registry.

One thing is they don’t post misdemeanor sex crime offenders, juveniles or those who’ve changed their ways. The ones who either fail to register, are felons, or have multiple offenses on their record appear here. Here’s what is the scary part: when I did a simple zip code search since I don’t know anyone, guess how many registrants popped up? 87 people live in my area, a few miles around zip code 80204. To protect the privacy of said information, I’m not naming any of the offenders I found. The names are organized by last name first, then first name.

Here’s what you can do in order to keep your family safe, and it’s as easy as a search:

Do a zip code or community search in your neighborhood. For instance, 80204 is typed into the search fields. Some searches let you type in last names, first names, etc. But that is for name searches, which are useful in other circumstances. But for this purpose, I demonstrated a community search. There are, as I said before, 87 registrants in my zip code area, but that number could be higher. In places like Florida, California, Arizona, etc., where the weather is absolutely gorgeous, you tend to have bigger numbers than that. So doing a zip code search is essential in this circumstance. Next, pick a time for your family to roam the community based on your search criteria or results. Remember, laws differ from state to state, so be careful and tell your kids to watch the neighbor’s weird behavior.

The reason why I emphasize this stuff is because even the hot older guy and the Halloween night party could mean the difference between life and death of a child or teen.

I will delve further into the subject of use of tech to make your Halloween a safe and happy one. Here is one tip I find useful: church parties where offenders are obviously not present are a good source of fun, fellowship, and yes, safety for the children and so on.

One or two examples include Park Avenue Baptist in Titusville where I grew up. This church offers a Halloween “alternative”, or Harvest Festival, which includes games, candy, and lots of fun for all ages. I went to this party a few times during my tenure as a Florida resident. Another good example comes from some other churches like this one in Arizona, which offers a “trunk or treat.” You walk around the pile of trucks and open trunks, which contain lots of candy. The fun never stops there. Sovereign Grace ministries strongly protects children from sex crime, and in so doing, does not normally allow convicted sex predators in their circle. Sexually violent predators, or SVP’s, the ones listed for instance on Colorado’s CBI registry site, would not be allowed near the Sovereign Grace church. Also, the church offers lots of resources and activities for kids learning about God and Jesus and all that. There are a myriad of activities in places where kids abound, such places including churches, community centers, etc. I will be speaking on this post and subject matter on the following radio station site during our Tech Chat show. You can also check out my show, the Royal Flush, on that site too:


Thank you all for your interests.

Happy Halloween, and may it be a safe and happy one for you all and your families.

This Is Not Goodbye, So It Is Forever … What We Can Do On the Road to Recovery

Dear Readers,

Recently, I suffered what could have been upending and I really can’t deal with it too many times. I’m off the market, as promised, and I’m sticking to my guns here. My recently broken up boyfriend and myself are committed to staying friends, but there is something more. We have to set boundaries on things, some of which may be hard.

First of all, I want to say that we have a great team of individuals standing by and being ready to assist in any way to make this possible. First of all, to KJSC Radio staff members, I want to tell you all that things are cool. At least for now. I want them to stay that way.

I have a few people to think about right at this moment:

DJ Black Belt: You have and always will be the best sidekicker in the meal combo I’ve ever had. Questions? RB’s we have the meat, and they have sidekickers. They are amazingly good at making sandwiches, but that is not the case anywhere else in the fast food world.

Second, to the head honcho of KJSC, the thing that kicks Jon’s sorry cuspids, I’m seriously thankful to you and DJ Mac for being the best frends on Earth and keeping Black Belt and I alive. AS a team, we’re committed to keeping things in order.

And speaking of which, I have a good example of someone who could “put things in order.” The recently canonized as of a few years ago saint Katherine Tekawitha, her name meant “putting things in order.” That’s what she did in her mission to God. She was a virgin for all her life, and the scars of smallpox faded when she was on her deathbed. Her dying words were: “Jesus I love you.” Those were great words indeed, and as members of KJSC and DJ Mac Radio staff and all, we are here to do what St. Katherine Tekawitha did for the Catholic church: put things and keep things in order. As a friend to both Black Belt and another woman called Clara, yes, we love you, I want to look out for both of you guys and do what Blackbelt did in supporting me and an ex. That’s what he would’ve wanted me to do, so I’ll do it.

As a matter of course, I will further discuss the rules and regs that I propose, not impose, on DJ Mac Radio. Here are some of what I’m proposing in order to keep things put in order.

  1. Drama and gossip and the who’s dating who should be kept off the airwaves, regardless of how anyone feels.
  2. Please note, I want only team members on DJ Mac Radio and our other partner stations dealing with team and family business. Families often do have outside support, but we don’t need to bring in outside drama along with it. Here’s an example: a woman I recently stopped being friends with was meddling with radio station stuff, so here’s the deal. I do not want outside pepole dealing with inside stuff, family stuff, etc.
  3. No foul mouthd DJ’s of course on DJ Mac, and DJ Mac has made it clear that it is not right to do that because the foul mouths could have bad influences on others. We at DJ Mac are serious in what we say, the listeners matter.
  4. Objectionable materials for DJ Mac are to be kept off DJ Mac Radio’s station materials, which DJ Mac has seriously implied. We will implement this strategy and keep the airwaves safe for even the littlest ears in the family. That’s a phrase I borrow from Z88.3 and Christian radio networks.
  5. Friends are friends forever, and here at DJ Mac and KJSC Radio, we’re all going to cooperate and work together as a team, get to know the ones we don’t, and all hat good stuf.

Those are pretty much the only rules and regs I can think of that DJ Mac should implement. I hate dictation and all and I hate excessive rulemaking, so let’s put our heads together. Don’t get any ideas, guys, I’m not talking about something else, … Okay, that sounded wrong, but everybody let’s stick together. Clean up our own messes. All that.

Narcissism, the Narcissist Next Door, Taylor Swif, Breakup Songs

Okay, this is something that all guys should know: you should never break up with Taylor after having messed around with her. It doesn’t help she’s a musician with close to nothing to write a song about.

Disclaimer: Due to her celebrity, Swift is mentioned here. She may become a composite for your anger, so please read with cautions, so trigger warning for talk of breakups and weird spoofs on Taylor’s songs.

Here’s the step by step dating mantra or whatever you want to call it for dating Taylor Swift and others lik her:

  1. Your girlfriend needs flowers, stuff she likes, things she can deal with, but most of all, she needs hugs and kisses.
  2. Affirm your affections for your Taylor by saying then and again, every now and then, “I love you.” Where is the love, boys?
  3. Occasionaly, give her a nice present. It’s not required, but it is strongly encouraged to give her something she wants, needs, etc. No million dollar mansions, celebs. It can cost a bit lower than that.
  4. IF you break up with her, agree with her and break up with her if she agrees to do so, and only on good terms. Any breaking up on otherwise bad terms could result in a really good but terribly weird song written about you, and if it hits number 1 on the charts, don’t expect your reputation to get better.
  5. Think about the terms of your breakup, the reasons and such. IF you Think it was because you, Mr. Boyfriend or otherwise, were narcissistic, you will probably deserve the song written about you. If you charmed her pants off, then by God you probably deserved Swift’s breakup songs, but if you were nice, great, attentive, sweet, expect one of those “I miss you and  won’t forget you” kind of songs. See below.

Swift has been famous for writing breakup songs forever. But there are other artists who write breakup songs, and I think Reo Speedwagon’s Keep On Loving You is perfect. It’s great, and I’ve been a fan of it since it appeared in Drive Me Crazy, a teen flick about … yep, romance. But the dawn of Swiftist breakups and the rise of weird guys who just break up with girls because she did not “put out” is paramount.

Let’s just see. There is a book with a chapter on sex, narcissists and such. Jeffry Kluger writes about how some rich and successful men marry young women, using them as trophies.

But yes, narcissists are obviously a certain way, for once. I know one, two, three of them. All men, bad or selfish. Well, I don’t like the word”bad.” Most of them are selfish rich guys, and I wish I could say I know Trump. Trump is egotistical, but to marry younger and younger women is really stupid. I wouldn’t marry a man that old, weird, and too powerful. Ugh.

Anyway, for more, please read Kluger’s book, the Narcissist Next Door. It goes into detail about Taylor’s songs, or some of them, and shows how narcissism is built in nature and in natural things. So yeah. Check it out, available on Bard, Amazon, and other book outlets.

Making Pasta

This is seriously the weirdest night of my life. I’m making pasta, and an ex of mine kept on flattering me a few days back. How could anyone ask or tell me to tell them how blogs make them feel? Um, excuse me. Excuse my French, but Hell no. No ex of mine flatters me after putting me through the same hellfire and stuff. Oh yeah, it’s weirder than ever.

IF I’m not cool, I’m not hot. But this blog is not for flattering mouths of babes to sit there and say that “You’re a good writer.” Heck, yeah.