In Response to Something I Wrote on Facebook

Dear Readers,

I’d first like to thank my dear friend Kate for copying and reposting something I wrote on Facebook, which I’d like to elaborate on. Not so much the transgender ban in the military, which will be found unconstitutional, and all the crap on Twitter, but I’m here to analyze and observe carefully what this new administration head really is.

Okay, let’s also thank Dr. Leigh Baker, author of a wonderful how to book on predators which does get credit for some of these observations. Let me summarize and elaborate on the observations about our president, and all the trolls he inspires.


First off, when Hilary met Donald, her skin crawled. Why would this be? Although Dr. Baker’s handbooks deal mostly with child sex abuse, I always had the feeling that Mrs. Clinton could sense Donald’s propensity to commit rape on adult women, which could then feed off to young girls. Why? Here’s why. The President and his campaign crap, for one, included a really expletive laced commentary about grabbing women by the hind parts, the private parts, especially beautiful women. What is Milania thinking? This president had the gaul to call women pigs and dogs by his comments. That’s one huge red flag.

Then there’s his past. His dad didn’t exactly give him the right kind of father to son attention he desired, but then Donald goes off and makes and loses millions and millions more respectively, something akin to Dr. Baker’s antisocial case study. Trump is doing what I call racing the country like Dale Earnhart raced his number 3 racecar, but unlike Dale, Donald is trying to wreck the country and flip the car over and get himself into trouble. Though I must say Mr. Earnhart died racing, his races were good and competitive, but then there is a NASCAR debate I can’t get into because it doesn’t have anything to do with the topic at hand. However, I use racing cars as a metaphor similar to what Baker did in her antisocial case study.

Another thing President Trump does wrong is put money in the pockets of the wrong people, Russians, and he’s also paid hush money to his former Trump Uni students. Wonder if he’s paid hush money to his former wives, yes wives, for raping them. Milania is just one of a hundred million other women Donald could have “grabbed by the privates” to put his infamous quote more acceptably written. But the thing is, Mr. Trump also has lowered cognition, and it shows in his speech. Dr. Baker’s antisocial predators have lowered reasoning and cognitive function, and it showed in her case study of a man who did poorly in school, abused his wife, and ransacked companies to get what he wanted. Trump is obsessed with winning, so much so that he’ll pull a complete Dale Earnhart as mentioned before just to get what he wants. Banning transgender persons in the military is just one step, and he could start doing the girls at Marralago in Florida, and it won’t take him long to find a few victims.

Milania probably doesn’t like what he’s doing, and frankly, I hope she files for divorce because Trump is philandering our country’s money and wasting his winning on more winning. His head will explode, all that victory always goes to his head. His response to Charlottesville was unacceptable. Both sides? To blame for all this? I will say, and this sounds weird, I’m siding with the blacks, Asians, Latinos, Chicanos, and thousands of others who classify as Puerto Ricans, etc., all these guys want a normal life and a free life where a safe opinion is fine with the government. Here’s a list of the president’s symptoms according to Baker’s Ten Characteristics of a predator:

  1. Yeah, Donald never takes blame for anything, rather he blames a lot of people for circumstances that he created himself.
  2. He had indeed, according to some biographical sources, a somewhat troubled childhood.
  3. Beneath his winning hairdo and sexy slim body, maybe it’s a tad chubby, he has a damaged self esteem. But yeah, no excuses here, going on.
  4. He may indeed have a substance use issue, and it’s obvious in the number of women who leave him.
  5. Trouble bonding with adults his own age is obvious. He has a legal boundary he’s struggling to keep, but all his wives seem to be getting younger and younger.
  6. He never had real sexual abuse, but I’m pretty sure he has a psychopathology akin to a rapist who goes after adult fertile females. But some people are a bit daring, but yeah, Trump isolates himself from others, yells at staff, and doesn’t appreciate his country for what it is.
  7. Ivana said he raped her, and he paid her to shut her up, and she signed a little affidavit that said she was fond of him. Ugh. I’d like to vomit here because if any other man raped a woman, he’d have to pay for counseling, child support, and lodging for his victim, and I’d steal a rapist’s wallet in a heartbeat.

Okay, I didn’t get all ten of those symptoms down right, but let me just say that my ex, Jason, and the president have a lot in common. Psychopaths often use people as objects, especially those in lower classes, black, or Asians and Latinos. Joe Arpeio is a good example of someone whom the Donald expressed support for. Someone on my Facebook, no name given, said he (Joe) was protecting us from “beaners.” Guess what? That’s a racist slur, and I won’t tolerate racist slurs. Not all Mexicans eat beans, but it has been shown that their diet is amazingly good for cancer prevention. A Hispanic diet consisting of … yep, beans, rice, and good stuff like grains, fruits, and cheeses like in other diets, but yeah, spices too, all that helps with cancer prevention. But Trump and Arpeio share a psychopathology of narcissists and prejudice only deepened and marred both of their psyches into that which hurts young women and girls.

Trump must go, and if he touches another woman other than Milania, and only with her permission, I hope Congress sees the error in the people’s ways.

Kate has seen churches declare transgender people liars, and she reposted because she’s right. They’re good people, not the ministers who decry them as liars. The only disqualifier for military service should be disabilities that hinder combat, things like my blindness or deafness or inability to handle weapons and guns. But a major disqualifier for the CEO of America should be, well, for the President, a major disqualifier should be narcissistic and prejudicial psychopathology. Please feel free to collect further evidence of what I’m talking about. You may say I’m disrespectful toward our president, but he can’t get respect unless he earns it, by not pardoning race profilers, by loving his wife, keeping his aura clean, and stopping the abuse and spoilage of his children.

Thank you all for your time. I’d like to also thank you all for your support on Twitter and Facebook, and yes, Anchor. A real President might as well be the Queen herself, me, because I’ve done nothing criminal, and I’d like to give the African American people a chance to gain reparations for the enslavement and I will apologize. As your President, I will get tough on sex predators in the federal courts, encouraging states to approach sexual offenses even more broadly. Including, but not limited to, the rape of disabled women. I will be happy to tell Congress about my experiences, but we will all work together to make this country great. No, not for white people to go manhandling others with tiki torches, guns, and paint ball cannons, but for a safe and beautiful nation where Trenton and I are safe to raise a couple kids, send them to a safe school where bullying has no tolerance, and round these hypothetical kids into well adjusted adult citizens capable of changing what they see in the world.

That’s my dream for America, so take it for what it is.


My Plea for Peace

Dear Carrie,

When you died a young girl, the world missed you terribly. Now, the world needs more blessings than it can ponder. I sit here, crying and wondering how I can make a difference in this world, but without you, I don’t know how the world would have been different. Maybe my world would have been different, if only you were strong enough to sit up in bed, face the computer screen, and type a response to me as I see it. Carrie, you should’ve seen FaceBook and Twitter, my they’ve advanced since you’ve gone to be with God. But Carrie, I hurt not because I said or did anything I regret, but I feel the pain of the country and this world divided weighed on my shoulders. Carrie, you really were and still are an angel, a guardian angel who poured forth a blessing no woman should ever think to take back. You blessed me with a man, a strong and sturdy man that no girl would ever dare mess around with, Trenton Matthews, and I thank God for him and your hand in it. Carrie, I feel the world and the pain of the whole world on my shoulders. It’s like I carry the weight of racism and violence, violence like you never have seen before. Carrie, I’m glad you don’t have to witness it, but you have in a way done so because God’s angels know everything. You are probably aware of the violence in Virginia and what took place. God the father had to take Heather Hier in his arms and hold her tight forever in his grasp because one stupid savage man ran her over, and is now facing murder charges. Carrie, your death was no accident because I know you are watching me. And you know I hurt, but I have a few things to press upon you, to lay down my burden so you can carry the weight with me.

One, please send a sign to all the white males in the country that Trenton is mine, and I am his, and that they shall never defile that relationship. Tell my family that I’m fine, that they should grant me my right to be so that Trenton and I can coown a house together and have a family and all that. Please bless Trenton in many ways, with the feeling of your presence around us. Fly close to me in times of trouble, and stay by my side as often as you can.

Carrie, it’s been so long since your passing, but now you have two new friends or more to share Heavenly castles with. Robert, Jennifer, and Leon were all friends of mine and Robert was killed unlawfully as Heather Hier was. But please, Carrie, take care of Jennifer. Now that she’s gone, and decided to be with God, you can talk to her, can’t you? Jennifer Weaver would never have wanted to see this kind of racist behavior between people. Honestly, Jen would have wanted me to forgive Jason, thus I have done so but not spoken to him ever again because of the domestic abuse he imposed upon a friend of mine, almost killing her. Trenton loves me, and would never do such evil to me. Carrie, how can I thank you enough!

But I want you and Jen and all the others I know to send a sign to all the nationalists that they need to grow up, straighten up and fly right, or they’ll fall back down and burn in Hell for this Racist stuff they’re spewing on social media, on the news, and on the radio. In magazines, in newspapers, all over the place, you see people saying that the billionaire president Donald J. Trump does not have a care in the world for anyone but himself, has a bad temper with the staff, and doesn’t give a crap about blindness or visual impairment, hates blacks and minorities, patronizes transgendered folks like objects, whatever. Carrie, I want you and Leon to show Donald Trump what racist thought does not look like: both of you fly to his bedside and tell him to cut the racist rhetoric out. We don’t need this. Leon was black, and of course, I think you were white. Both of you were Christians, and I’m counting on both your lives to show Trump what life really looks like.

I wish Hilary had been elected, and if God has it his way, a woman will be elected president. But Carrie, I want you to tell the rest of the world in signs and wonders what I can do. Even if my body was ravaged with cancer as yours was, I know that God will be with me. Trenton knows that I’m a God fearing woman.

But before I ramble on further, please, Carrie, come back for a split second and tell me things will be all right. I don’t want white men to ruin mine and Trenton’s bright and strong relationship. I cry not for myself, but for Trenton and his family, his friends, and all of us as a country as I type this. My tears could fill the ocean right now, maybe they’d fill Mina-Sauk Falls where the lover drowned to save the love of herself and the Osage man she so cared about. Should a white man interfere with Trenton and I, Carrie, I promise I would die with dignity rather than live a somber and rigid life with a white man, a man who may not be as playful and fun as Trenton, a man who would never open to me his heart and soul the way Trenton has done, and I swear the world will never know. I promise to walk a thousand miles, or take Trenton with me on a north ocean trip across many waters to Canada, who cares about Netflix and all, because I don’t want to be associated with white Racism and violence in any form in any state. Virginia made a big mistake, and Air B and B was right to cancel people’s accounts for being racist.

Carrie, Air B&B is a thing where you look for lodging on an app, which is a little program you put on a smartphone. In case you come back in a weird way, I explained it so you know what apps are and what Air B&B is.

And ApplePay and PayPal and all the major payment retail cards are trying to stop Nazi sympathizers and white supremacists from buying paraphanalia that has Nazi and hateful stuff on it. ApplePay is a payment system that goes through i things. Like the iPhone, Apple’s awesome cell phone. You would have loved iPhones. Of course, there’s Android, which I am all right with, but the android has a ways to go before it catches up with iPhone access stuff, but no worries. Trenton and I are a house divided tech wise, but no, our hearts are together.

Carrie, I want you to keep the momentum strong. Bless this nation with the depth of your love, God’s love, and say hello to Jennifer for me. I regretfully never said goodbye to her, and she will always be in the dreams of myself and my friend Rania. But Jennifer wouldnt’ve wanted this violence, would not have needed it. Angels shoulder the weight of the world, but I want the angels of God to show these government people what wrong they’re doing in doubling down their commentary about the white nationalists in Charlottesville, and please bless the city and community with protections against these vile acts.

Carrie, I pray to God that I see you again in my dreams, but not as a frail little girl, but as a strong woman who can lift a ten ton hammer to the world and blast it open like a pinata. Out falls the vile acts of a thousand countries to each other, and in falls the love and support that minorities need to keep going.

Heavenly Father, I beg you to free the people of the so called Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea, and if it takes sickening the Kim family and giving them plagues to show him who you are like you did the Egyptians, do it. Please. I beg you, Lord, it’s not about me anymore.

The people of North Korea need you, a living god, the Triune Godhead, to set them free. They killed Otto Wormbier, so let their dictator feel the wrath that poor Otto felt and let him feel the suffering of his prisoners. LEt Kim Jong-Un have a hard head and a hard heart, but don’t let him destroy the blind women of the North. Liberate them as you did the Egyptians, and give the women a sign that there is a land of opportunity out there. Give to these women a message from the Lady Liberty herself: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” Take in your arms the orphans of the North, the disabled, the not well endowed people that Kim doesn’t want, and show them you love them and care for them. Tear down the walls around the poor and rich, but if the rich buck you, you know how to do. God, I trust that someday the North will experience you, how you freed a whole race from another’s subjugation and servitude. You infected Rameses II with boils, and worse, the death of him and his wife’s little baby boy. Perhaps Kim should know the meaning of loss, that man should know what hurts his people. So if you must go after his firstborn or heir apparent, I don’t care what you do.

May all these things be done according to your will and plans, and hold my late friends close. Carrie is someone who should have been allowed to live in more time in my humble opinion, but your word is final and infinite times transcend your creation of the World. I will never know what comes next. I hope that sometimes I come back often as a human being and not as a cat, bobcat or domestic kitten, whatever. I really want to stay here on this earth forever, even outliving my husband and children, but who cares. I want to stay, as long as you’ll allow, and I know the world needs me.

God, dear father in Heaven, I beg you to teach these people a lesson in Virginia and you’re doing a well done job of it. Heather’s mom said what she said because she cared about her daughter’s legacy. She wants to make it count, and God, I want it to count. This white Nationalist stuff affects me personally, oh Lord, and you know that. You know my heart and where it is, but I want to wake up in a world that does not know the consequence of war, has peace, and does not try to rule over women in ruthless ways. I beg you to show my sisters in North Korea and Africa and elsewhere that you are the living and all true God, male and female, Heavenly neutral power of the sky, Father, Abba, whatever. If you exist, Lord, show me who you are because I’ve lost my way. The Sovereign Grace church has thrown me to the wolves, and you allowed it, but maybe you have other plans for me. Teach the folks at Sovereign Grace in Westminster, Grace Community Church, that you are God, and they are not your Elite but they are crawling ants in the dust.

Teach these people that they like the rest are dust, and unto dust they shall all return when they die like I shall have to die. What they’ve done to me was wrong, racist, and tore me apart like mad. God, why did you do this?

Teach these people how to find me and Trenton again, and maybe send a couple of my lost friends a sign, Trenton and I are getting married. We believe in you, but we feel the weight of the world. You’ve shown us our weak spots, and please, let us be together. Bless Trenton in all ways but he doesn’t always need me around. Protect him and let the angels, Carrie among them, sing praises to you with him every day. Trenton can beat the drum for you, so encourage him to beat the drum in praise of you. God, I know you exist, I know Jesus existed to become your son and heir to Heaven’s treasures, but left those to all of us, not just this Alt Right trash group that savaged around Charlottesville. Show the people of Denver and all the nations that you are the living God, and there is no Elite but you the living God yourself.

Your servant apologizes for her ramblings.

In your name, may all these intentions be lifted higher than the stratusphere.


In Response to the Mayhem in Virginia and other Matters

Dear Readers,

If it weren’t for the civil rights movement of African Americans and gay people, this country would be far worse than ENgland. However, President Donald Trump does not understand his American history enough to realize that white Supremacists are what they are. THey’re Terrorists in America. White Supremacists like David Duke are not exactly the kind of people I want running the country, and if Donald Trump keeps this up, Trenton’s own civil right to be with me could be in jeopardy. Luckily, both sides of the political aisle do not support the recent doubledown of comments that Trump made, where he blamed both sides. No, I blame the whites, through and through. They’re the reason we had slavery, they are the reason we had lynchings of black men, they’re the reason why Harper Lee wrote her books. Try reading to Kill a Mockingbird, then go to the next book, Go Set a Watchman. It’s important as to what inspired these writings, and it all boils down to whites being stupid and denying people their civil rights. Plessy V. Ferguson was pretty much owned by whites, up until the Brown V. Board of Education of Topeka said that separate but equal does not work. I’m sorry, but those folks on the side of the “separate but equal” party were whites who thought blacks were bad and dirty, noncitizens who didn’t deserve the right to vote. Voter ID laws discriminate against the poor and African Americans disproportionately, especially in states in the South. Florida is one such, and the Carolinas are notorious for having these laws in place. However, the worst things plaguing us are what happened in the days following a violent protest in Charlottesville. A young woman was killed by a White guy, James Fields Jr., not the Antifa group. Those folks had nothing to do with the killing of Heather Hier. I’m sorry, Mr. President, but you blaming the other side has lost you your job.

I hope we can impeach this man, and maybe put him in his place. Vice President Mike Pence is not much better, but we can do better than a Neo-Nazi sympathizer. The media doesn’t lie, and its sources are credible. The alt right is dangerous, especially for Trent and I. Trenton being black and I being white does not make it okay for alt right people to tear us apart. They need to think of some way to disband, and if they want to uphold their beliefs, they should just inbreed and encourage cousins to marry because there’s going to be a lot of interracial marriage and they won’t like it. These white people are dangerous to the blind, telling us that we should not only be divided by color, but women shouldn’t vote and neither should the blind. I voted Hilary Clinton for a reason, and the dirty Donald Trump and his victory will be short lived. I hope he is happy with his divisive rhetoric and comments, calling CNN fake news and all that, and he will have to accept the consequences of sympathizing with white supremacists like Mr. Duke over there.


In support of females in technological fields and other equality landmarks

Dear Readers,

Forgive me, I’m trying to put myself to sleep, and in a way I can’t sleep because lately stuff’s been going on. But the hottest topic on my mind is the recent bad manifesto that James Daymoore wrote in support of the alt right’s view of women as sex objects, that men are driven for inventiveness and status, and that biological differences make women unfit for tech jobs. Well, Miss Google Engineer, I support you. Why? Because Mr. Daymoore was fired responsibly by his company for promoting harmful stereotypes about women. Let me break down what it’s like to be a woman today, in 2017, versus what men are doing.

First of all, women are driven for more than just success, we women are driven to stardom. We have more power, and it’s not just in our bodies. Women are more able to understand the world around them, because of which we can devise better laws to protect us from rape, rape/homicide, and inequality of the sexes or based on gender differences between other minority groups. Women are better for government and leadership jobs not because of biology, but because of commonsense thought. Think about it. Would you want a white male property owner to free slaves in a country? Would you rather have a white male property owner as a civil rights icon? And only for the alt right.

I’m sorry, but Breitbart is the worst news site the world has ever seen and all for promotion of horrific gender stereotypes. Women are better suited than men for the tech jobs and inventions because let’s face it, women go through more and can relate to even the most primitive biological reflexes, i.e. childbirth. It is the woman midwife who can understand, collect evidence of, and alleviate the pain of childbirth, and a thousand other pains. It was the primitive and ancient midwives who, after seeking help from nature goddess or whatever else, gathered a garden of medicinal herbal concoctions that alleviated the pain of childbirth. Women are the ones who understand each other, and giving birth is just one thing that most women I’m sure are passionate about.

It’s a woman or girl who can possibly invent apps and technology that assist doctors in treating patients with things like child birth complications or other medical stuff, and yet you see most of the lab science being done by men? Oh no, there should never be this much of a disconnect between men and women.

For one, I want a female doctor looking at my woman parts, making sure they run smoothly. When a woman is looking at me, I feel a lot better because trust me, the anatomy speaks for itself. We women can talk about what works for each other, even in the most ancient civilizations, we did it too. What Mr. Daymoore says is totally off the wall. He should grow his own uterus and travel Downing and 30th in Denver, or South Chicago, and watch what happens when a man impregnates a woman, and not by the bonds of love, but by force. His “drive for status” manifesto just goes to show that it’s okay for men to develop a sex drive so dangerous that Hell could spit it back up and then, they would force it on a woman instead. It is men, 90% men and a low 10% women, who are sexual predators or have inborn sexual impulses that are not a status symbol, but a drive to get him in jail and Sexaholics Annonymous. There are women sex addicts, of course, but men in the predator treatment groups should never forget what they said or did to make their victims upset. Or worse, what these men did could get these women pregnant, pregnant as young as ten!!!!!!

What Mr. Daymoore also advocates is a world where women are corsetted and worshipped, required to honor their husbands and do as they say, including not making money or doing jobs in fields of creative technology. Rose, the main character played by Caitlin Winslett in Titanic, found herself confused by such standards when Cal Hockley, the worse of a man in history, said to her, “You will honor me as is required for a wife.” Um, Mr. Hockley was mistaken! Cal’s demand for honor is just the same demand I want to avoid in a man, a man like Mr. Daymoore. I am a Rose with no need to worry, for I found my Jack Dawson in Denver. Funny I mention this movie, but I’m using it as a history lesson and to point out that women aren’t sex objects for wealthy sons of steel tycoons.

What James Daymoore advocated was a world in which it’s okay to beat your wife. Well, I say we banish Mr. Daymoore to Saudi Arabia so he can see how that works. Many Saudi men are decent towards women, including my friend Hassan, who’s blind and knows how to cook. I bet he’d charm the ladies with his cooking, and believe you me, Hassan does what he does because he loves to do it. His mom, however, cannot leave the country without a mahram, or male guardian’s permission. Is this what Mr. Daymoore thinks women should do? Mr. Daymoore’s actions in writing the above mentioned manifesto against Google’s diversity programs is rightfully the worst piece of written garbage in the history of Google. James Daymoore’s memo would be more well received in lower developing countries than in America, as the CEO of Google did his part by firing Daymoore and keeping his employees safe.

But Mr. Sundar Pachei, Google’s CEO, is from a country where more rural predatory child marriages take place, where there are few opportunities for women engineering students, and where arranged marriages are the norm. Mr. Pachei should tell the next trashy writer in his ranks that he gave up that view of women for a more world centric view, a view where women are included, can choose to be career changers, and marry as often or as little as they want. Mr. Pachei’s own native India is known for its amazing food, don’t get me wrong, I love deep fried Punjabi samosas any time, but those women who make the samosas are often arranged to marry a man they don’t even like. Mr. Pachei would make an ideal husband for any lucky woman, but I would like to see his wife at work, doing the things she loves to keep her mind sound and happy. She could make an app to revolutionize the world of her husband’s fortress at Google, and perhaps she could be an engineer herself working on other people’s apps. Heck, if I was well educated and computer savvy to the point of speaking Nerdish, I wouldn’t mind a conversation with Pachei himself because we’d probably understand each other’s talk more than a ditzy blonde in the alt right circles. Daymoore probably should consider that $28,000 was raised for him on GoFundMe, which is attrocious because I can’t get people to sponsor my wedding fundraiser. Trenton and I want to get married, but we’re disabled and can’t afford wedding accessories like a freaking designer dress for crying out loud. We’re planning our wedding in the park, and it won’t be in a church, and I wanted a string quartet. But that $28,000 for Daymoore could have been spent on that wedding plus the honeymoon, and whoever donates to Daymoore should be ashamed of themselves because the alt right movement is not kind to blind women in the workforce, especially tech.

Silicon Valley needs more Sundar Pacheis, and less James Daymoores. We also need more of Grace Murray Hopper, and less of the Donald Trump mentality that has reigned.

This is my manifesta to young women and girls pursuing engineering. Go for it. My mother did it, so why can’t you? And don’t hand your careers over to sexual labor and children, keep going with what you do. Your status as equal partners to men are the creative driving forces that will shape our future.


Beth Taurasi

On the Alleged Groping Incident with Taylor Swift

Dear Readers,

Since this hits home here in Colorado, being that a KYGO DJ was fired because he groped a singer’s buttocks, let’s just break this down, shall we? I want to start by addressing the proper way to address a celebrity and the proper way to address females in general.

First, you don’t grope someone in the butt. I don’t think it is a funny thing, guys, to grope a lady in the bottom during a photo shoot. It doesn’t matter who’s doing the groping and who’s doing the posing while the doer of the groping is obviously doing the groping. Yeah, sounds a bit repetitive, but that’s how I want to make this memorable enough. It doesn’t matter whether Jay-Z grabbed my ass or that guy decided to grab, God forbid, SHania Twain’s. Oh it doesn’t matter whose buttocks a man grabs, it’s wrong to do it no matter what subculture you’re from in the United States.

When Mr. Meuller grabbed Miss Swift’s butt, I think there was something dirty going through that guy’s head. While I don’t listen to much terrestrial radio much, I’m sure that Taylor Swift will make Mr. Meuller a number 1 hit for grabbing her bottom. And this is where it all leads to what I’m going to say next.


Dear Miss Swift,

My name is Beth. I live in Denver, and have been watching the story unfold about that bastardly man who grabbed your buttocks, MaAm. I’m sorry, but you don’t grab a woman’s butt no matter what status the woman has. Guess what, Taylor? I support you even writing a song about the ordeal, making it one of your famous breakup style tunes, making it a good example of why you just don’t wanna mess with Taylor Swift. I love your music, how it speaks to me and some of my exes. There is, for instance, one ex who’s just a “picture to burn” as one of your songs is titled. I’ll name him later if you’d like, but think that Christy Lee Cook did it for me, so I’ll shut up and go on. I love the way you just spit it out, telling other girls that men don’t own us, and you wrote a song about how “I knew you were trouble when you walked in.” SEriously, I knew that Jason was trouble when he walked in, and I’d be singing that song with you as a duet if possible to shame that guy into owning what he did to one of my friends, now dating a local Ohio guy.

Anyway, you probably have the public’s permission to shame Mr. Meuller, so go ahead and hit it with the best shot you have. As Pat Bennatar once said, “Fire at will.” You can fire as many shots at men in general if you’d like, and yes, I will keep my hands high up in the air for a pose with you if you’d like, and the difference here is that I’m a female, I understand your logic and how we think as women. Next time this happens to you, just repeat steps 2-4 in the following little instruction thing that might work, might not, but yeah. It’s pretty simple.

  1. Go to your photo opp, and watch those hands. If a man is making you feel uncomfortable, go to step 2.
  2. Report this immediately to someone you trust, whether it be a bodyguard or someone you love like Mom. You did that. And if things get any worse, step 3.
  3. Make sure you have a lawyer on hand to make it clear that sexual assault is not okay. Don’t even look the plaintiffs who filed your civil suit in the eye. Don’t worry about it really, because you know that good should usually always win. If things get worse, see below for step 4.
  4. Write the most embarrassing song you can about your incident, and shame the guy, even put his name in the song. See Fifteen Minutes of Shame if you are not sure how to put the guy’s name in the song in the most embarrassing way possible. You’ve written a song called Dear John, and I thought it was interesting. However, I didn’t think that was a shame kind of song. Just when you write your songs this time, make it clear that it’s your body, your life, don’t mess with me. Just go nuts and let your voice ring out like nothing else matters.

In any case, Miss Swift and others, all other women in the world, we are not objects to be groped around by men. Oh no, we’re not. You are the queen of man-shaming besides Miss Cook, so show ’em what you’re made of. And you ain’t made of play dough. *laughs ruefully.*


BEth Taurasi,

A fan from Denver who think this is a good song subject,

Especially for the fifteen minutes of shame.

First Choir Gig and Other Matters

Dear Readers,
My first gig with the Soar choir went well. We sang at a Subaru convention with lots of business executives and Subaru enthusiasts. Subaru is a car brand, but who cares? I sang, we all had fun, and the soloist was really cool. Wanda was awesome.
Anyway, just a short update so my WP followers don't get lost. …

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