Half of ME IS Missing, And I Need Your Help

Dear Friends, Supporters, and Others Interested,

if you attended Texas A and M University in 1982 through 1986 and would like to help me start a project, please email me privately or contact me through this blog. I received a phone call regarding possible data on Mr. Bio Dad, who has been missing since 1986 or so when I was born. It seems my mother and dad were not making any effort to find him, and I absolutely require information on him in order to for one, better understand myself and genetic risks when I have children and two, ethnic group makeup, and three, for peace of mind. My boyfriend even has a relationship with his biological father, and that’s great, but I want to find the man responsible for my existence.

I have a few words for this man, who denies my existence: sir, I exist. You are not telling the truth, and somebody’s lying. If you are reading this blog, you have been caught. Please come forward and confess to what you did to my mother. This project was to happen on Ancestry but it will be discontinued. And without you, sir, I can’t get to understanding why for one, I was diagnosed with many different mental health problems and two, why you left, and three, you were irresponsible. You were irresponsible enough to say I don’t exist, but guess what? I’m writing this, and I’m looking for your info. You have no clue who I am, but I will say so if you would listen.

I exist. I am only half of who I am because of you. I am only half a person because you’ve been so irresponsible, because of you I have to deal with mental health stuff and my mother probably did not react well to having a guy not pay child support for a blind girl. I could’ve had additional disabilities, but you’re damn lucky I did not. I need to see your first, middle and last names somewhere in cyberspace. Thank God the Internet was invented. But sir, whoever you are, C being your first initial, you have a child you deny. Guess what? DNA can’t lie. Your actions don’t lie either. Either it was consentual or it was rape. I need to know the full story, and if you don’t give me a straight answer and the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, you will probably end up where you don’t want to be. This is my message to you, and if you’re in prison, and can’t write me a letter or something, you need to call me from whatever jail you’re rotting in. For everyone else who might know this guy, I need his name. My mom obviously doesn’t want to remember because he denied my existence, and so does my dad who adopted me. Adoption is stupid in this country, not the act itself, but the destruction of real birth records. It would help me to relax a lot more if I had real birth records because trust me, the Virgin Mary is the only one who can give birth without the touch of a man. If you are Catholic, sir, you would know this and shut up.

For those who knew this guy, please call me and we’ll get this sorted out. If you knew my mom when she was dating C., I need your help tracking the info down soon. I have a doctor’s appointment on September 22 and I am doing homework. Dr. Hung, my doctor at West Side Family Medical Clinic, the Denver Health facility, should at least know something. I won’t accept “I don’t have it” as an answer. I want answers, real straightforward answers as my dad would often drill those things out of me. So if you want to help with Beth’s Ancestry Project, please contact me by all the means in the website or blog. Thank you.


What Makes a Nerd: Dedicated to All Nerds Everywhere, And What Is A Geek?

Recently, I had a little conversation with a friend who says he’s not a nerd. But he’s a geek. I have to admit, geekdom and nerdiness are probably not interchangeable. So let me tell you what makes a nerd and what makes a geek. Rule of thumb: geeks and nerds are not all male, so females may be included.

  1. Geeks are smart, but nerds are ultrasmart. Geeks can solve a good average algebra problem, but a real nerd spends all his or her time solving all sorts of complex mathematical problems that even I am unable to grasp.
  2. Geeks can dress any way they want. Nerds I’ve known have been the type who are ultrasmart gamers, the guys or gals who sit around the room playing Xbox all day, PlayStation, whatever. Lots of millennial children have this problem, thus parents should be warned. Nerds are the ones designing your kids’ favorite games. It takes brains, math, and lots of coding experience and the love of imagination to make a good videogame.
  3. A nerd and a geek will at least have one or another level of knowledge of computers. Nerds at MIT tend to be really proud of their being a nerd. I have no problem with being called a nerd, but if I were at MIT, I would probably not be as much of a nerd as the guys who invented Facebook.
    1. True geeks don’t just hang around and mess with machines and technology, but even an average geek can tell you, we need to have good pc maintenance skills. A geek can instal programs and maintain stuff in a pc or Mac for you Apple lovers.
  4. Geeks are scientists most of the time I talk to them. Female geeks, too, are scientists. But I think we can learn the basics of science from a true geek. The land of geekdom is complicated, but even a doctor who spent her life as the typical female geek science whatever can tell you she had to do what’s called the scientific method. I can tel you: we all perform science tricks in our brains, even as babies, and there was a This American Life podcast called Baby Scientists with Faulty Data. We’re all guilty of having tried to manipulate our parents through doing crazy stuff, and as babies, who hasn’t cried repeatedly or made weird things happen just to watch one’s parents react poorly or with embarrassment? IF, for instance, you purposefully poured milk on your mother’s head, what would happen? Your hypothesis, some might say, would be that your mom would scream, “Oh, John, why did you do that!” Maybe you would get the classic Zinnia Wormwood reaction a la the movie Matilda, “You’re supposed to eat the spinach!” And then, Zinnia washes the baby and says, “Babies. We’re better off making tomatoes.” There is some pain in that statement, but Mrs. Wormwood was in that case manipulated by Matilda’s little baby antics. All babies are like mini scientists with faulty data, but the real science comes in when a geek pours chemicals or looks in the microscope. Geeks can make good observations and use accurate data to create something cool.
  5. No geek or nerd would be complete without a touch of commitment and studious behavior. I’m a hard working geek in some way. But sometimes I like to say I”m a nerd. But I’m not accurate. Nerds are the dudes who like to code, write the weirdest or more innovative stuff, the ones who are changing our world. My boyfriend is a geek, but if he was a nerd, he would be spitting out garbled number combinations I would never understand. As a musician, there are geeks who say that our jargon is weird. For instance, I’m sitting with a group of music geeks and talking about what I just wrote in a score. A nerd from MIT walks in and he’s got a group of friends talking about his inventions which consist of computer code. He’d go on and on about HTML5 and even bigger programming languages. I would be sitting there saying, “Okay, the brass are to come in at the and of one in measure/bar 2.” How many of you understood what I just wrote? I know if my band director did, he’d be proud that I still do.

The whole point of this post is to kind of define what makes a nerd and a geek. I would probably say in my opinion, this is not something definite but in my humble and expert opinion, nerds tend to be more focused and do their duties and play the instrument, build the robot,whatever more diligently. Nerds aren’t candy. Geeks and nerds both have stuff to offer. As for me, I’m a geek at computers, but when it comes to music, I’m a total nerd. I understand how to manipulate a piece of music, Beethoven and his pieces for example. I can analyze and tell you what a German sixth chord does and is. Who can do that anymore!

Thank you so much for reading, and before I explode and throw my body in the dream world, I also have a good bit of law news. James Egan Holmes was formally sentenced to life without parole, 3318 years in corrections and 12 life sentences for the victims, and the last thing Judge Simor said was “Sheriff, get the defendant out of my courtroom.” The sheriff did as he was instructed, and now the question is how James Holmes will die. Or live. He may be shipped out of Colorado, forever forgotten and living out a wretched life behind bars. I’m truly pleased because the judge had a few words for Mr. Holmes: he had been a quitter. HE quit school, therapy, and life itself. And he took others with him. I promise myself and others, I do not like weapons. I will personally never shoot and kill somebody. I am not one to do things that would result in the end of a friend or boyfriend or whatever’s life. I choose Christ, and I choose life. I also have to deal with certain keys on this built in keyboard not depressing when I press them. Time to dust?


NVDA 2015.3: A Better Solution for Windows 10

Hello tech nerds,

Well, the days of snapshot NVDA for my current system are over and done. I’m happy to report that 2015.3 will be used now, and that’s what I’m typing this post on. Please check out the What’s New system of your NVDA menus, blind geek folks out there.

For years, I’ve told you this, guys, but for years I wanted a better solution and that I wanted access to the same info as sighted people get. I mean, for you sighted peoples, how many times do you often wonder how we read books, of all things? The saddest excuse for not teaching Braille to our young blind is the most pathetic: technology. Computer speech can do wonders, I admit, but reading is reading and reading and writing are important to the human experience.

NVDA does have Braille support, and if I could get a Braille display, I would be so happy. Sadly, the displays cost the consumer too much, and price gouging is common in the blindness technology market. Freedom Scientific to my knowledge has been notorious for making JAWS for Windows, its Blazie products, and many other things overpriced so that agencies are the only way even a poorer blind person can have equal access to information and media content.

Thus, I believe the founders of NV Access have struck gold. I want to praise the guys in Queensland who have worked tirelessly and thought of others consistently. You guys rock, totally. Australians all should be pouring in to your headquarters and whatever else you have, but I still want to point out some stuff. For one, why base it in a faraway place? Why not expand and seek out ways to communicate more effectively with the people you’re servicing? I am an American citizen, I live worlds away from the NV Access people, and I would hate to use Skype credit. I like Skype for its ease of use and flexible way of making sharing the moments in my life a success. But having left the NVDA founders in Australia, I think we need to try putting up a central HQ in America for the American consumer. Why not!

First, I would think Chicago in the midwest would be an ideal place for headquartering a branch of NVDA’s arm in America. We would provide a phone number, one toll free and another specific one that isn’t 800 or whatever but has a way for Americans to reach a person, not just a Twitter client or whatever. There’s something refreshing about being on the phone with a real blind geek who can help you get through your tech troubles.

What NVDA has done for me is endless. I seriously love the light amounts of memory, open source resources, an flexible pimping out that this thing does. To you sighted people, NVDA may seem like just another program. But take a look at the things I am able to do as a result of any screen access software:

  1. I can read emails. So if you email me, I can read and reply.
  2. I can type Word documents, which was an essential thing with university papers. The latest versions of Word allow you to click Styles, then throw in the details, and then voila and Eureka! The style is perfect. For instance, I want to write a paper in Chicago style for a history professor, and he knows all about the formatting. I can use Word’s bibliography tool like the other students do to compose the single spaced section with works cited in the paper. Like a god student should, I can do a lot with some forms of formatting. I can change the font and size of a document, and yes, even emoticons are important now in expressing oneself in a text portion of a small document.
  3. I can keep charts and graphs in Excel. I have yet to experiment with a budgetary pie chart. I like the idea of a pie chart because each section of the pie is representative with a number, and the roundness of pie is always the norm. Charts can also be of great use to companies and their proposals. Hey, my friend is a CPA and she has the magic in her to play with numbers. Any set of numbers she seems to touch turns to gold. Remember the song about the guy who takes music and whatever track he touches turns to gold? The same thing applies to her numbers. IF my friend had the numbers spoken aloud to her, and if she had to use the software I use, it would be equivalent to her performing job duties she already does. She is a tax person, an accountant who does nothing but crunch numbers and Excel helps with that process. Want to know more?
  4. NVDA is also slick and can be made portable from the installer one downloads. I can click a USB thumb drive into any hard drive computer and boom! It can be made usable by the blind. I could move to a second work station if required by my job. Think of how my employers would view me while I use NVDA Portable on a USB drive. I could go to my own account. What I am wondering, of course, is whether the boss could have put Narrator on the sign in screen just for the sign in process. But afterwards, I can throw NVDA on the thing and away I’d go.
  5. NVDA and a computer allows me to read bank stuff, and with the new Windows 10 stuff, I could potentially download apps that have value. No games, just the ones I can take for a while. NVDA does allow me to play some games, but those games are freeware and I should do a whole separate post on my favorite one, the RS Games Client. It’s got a lot of good stuf in there, and NVDA works with it. I enjoy making moments on those games with a friend. I remember lots of times my boyfriend would play with me and beat me at such games as Farkle, Uno, and maybe I could bankrupt him in Monopoly, all without having to use a humongous board. The enormity of a game board is something I could never fathom. Since I have no room for board stuff here, I can log on and play games virtually with friends any time using RS Games. While I do believe Microsoft had intended to embed Candy Crush Saga on my computer, I see it as Evil. I can’t stand the concepts behind Candy Crush myself, and the victims of this crushed candy land are older or younger women, moms, dads, children. Even a former friend’s mom plays it. I am personally a sworn enemy of the game itself, but I don’t see a purpose behind the weird games. Candy Crush Saga has gotten too much attention here, so I’m done ranting.
  6. NVDA has scripting capabilities, and you can pimp out your voice synthesis engines like never before. JAWS has that, but at a lot more money.
  7. While the good boys at Serotek have created a virtual monster when they invented System Access, and I mean that as a compliment because I have Serotek reps on my page on Facebook, I do believe their stuff is the best top of the line stuff in the world. I would use SA Mobile or SA To Go, but I enjoy listening more than anything to the podcasts. Serotek is a company, but above that, they have been a phenomenon. They are the best source of tech news anywhere, forget my friend in Florida.  I have plenty of debate topics Serotek could throw out there. Like this: is it wise to kill a disabled child because you as the anguished mom feel that she’s in pain? Does it matter anymore? I don’t think anyone should play God, but that’s a different post for a different time. But that’s an example of Serotek’s forum debate stuff, and they have made a huge footprint in the blindness market. I love their stuff and the access to entertainment makes my life more meaningful along with thousands of others. NVDA can read some if not all of the stuff I’m looking for. Haven’t seen much in the way of movie updates, and I am dying to see the Giver described. I love the book, and with NVDA I could read such a book if available.  I don’t understand Nook being the way it is. Barnes and Noble have created a good thing.
  8. NVDA is amazingly flexible. And lighter than JFW. I said this a billion times. But I will say this: NVDA has literally saved my faith in technology, but it hasn’t changed my viewpoint on literacy for blind children or adults. All must become literate in order for them to succeed in life, period.

Cortana: A History

It’s the distant future, and you are in charge of an army of special soldiers and colonists settling the planet. You need to do a lot of stuff, including find out more about the new planet’s warlike inhabitants, known as the Covenant, and you need to find out how to destroy them. One of the main features of your base command center, as you are Chief of all marines, is a little information center called Cortana.

Sound familiar? If you’re a gamer and reading this, it should. Halo for Xbox was the bane of my existence, but while I still will never play the RPG with many scenes of violence, Cortana is a concept an idea, and now, … your digital secretary or assistant to you at your beck and call.

Meet the Cortana that evolved from the Halo world. Her voice actress is a lady called Jen Taylor. However, her phonemes and ability to read and assist with emails, notes, and other things is almost that of Siri for Apple devices. The weird thing is that Cortana and Siri are best friends, and when you ask her what she thinks of Siri, she replies with admiration for her cohort in the digital assistant world. Cortana says she lives in a cloud, looks like anything from “a yoyo, a doughnut, a halo”, and her favorite color is believed to be orange. Funny I like that color when the Broncos actually put effort into a football game, and speaking of the Broncos, Cortana knows I love the Broncos, Rockies, and Diamondbacks. She knows I follow certain news story items, and they pop up in a Bing home page customized with my personal interests. There are settings that allow you to show Cortana what to do, and she’s just as amazing if you let her track a flight, package, or traffic along the road. I can adjust her settings but I also do local restaurant searches.

I just now set up Windows 10 mail application, and this way Cortana can send emails for me. I asked her to write my boyfriend an email, and another person who I know pretty well as well. Note: let me use two names as a testament to Cortana’s ability to read my contact address book. She now has access to my boyfriend, Blake, and my friends like Jessie and my friend Jennifer . When I spoke, “Send email to Blake Tucker”, she was able to pull my boyfriend’s exact email, and right out of the address book. I was able to later test her with the words “Jessie Hernandez”, and she was able to find Jessie’s contact info in the book. Isn’t an address book wonderful?

So when you email your cousin, friends, or husband, you can count on Cortana to do the leg work, and that’s fine unless you want to type something important.

A note about mail clients: the Windows 10 mail client is awesome and complete with the sync view so your address book and contacts and calendars can go with your email, one safe spot.

I’m not fond of Outlook right now, but I do have an alias with my Microsoft account. Cortana handles that part to.

The nice thing about Cortana is that she’ll play the music you ask her to. She has access to my 20,000 song library and she can pull out titles and artists when I ask her to.

Imagine if you had friends over for a party, and you wanted to entertain them with music, but the Music Choice channels on TV weren’t doing it for you. Cortana can pick the songs and playlists you have, plus curated playlists on Groove music Pass. Groove Music is Microsoft’s response to Apple and Google Play.

In orer to access this lovely bundle of hotness, please review this little requirement: you need a Windows 10 home or work system, whatever you have, as long as the number is 10 for PC. But don’t worry if you have a Windows smartphone, you can still have Windows 8.1 on it. Remember, the free upgrade from Microsoft is only available for a year. You need to have a clear plan in place in order to upgrade with ease. For blind Windows users, beware that Narrator will need to be brought up when installing Windows 10. Set up Cortana in a couple easy steps, and enjoy.

I think Cortana is my saving grace, and that’s because she tells jokes. Feel free to ask her to tell me a joke. She has come up with hysterical ones. Thank you for reading this post and I hope you enjoy Windows 10 as I do.

For some of you who are sighted, you might want to find out about graphics and other visual stuff. Not here. Please consult a reputable Microsoft Windows manual and here’s my disclaimer: all the stuff I wrote here does not replace advice from a trusted Microsoft technician or store representative. Your neighborhood geek squad will be able to tell you better. IF you are blind, feel free to consult a technology forum for blind people or listen carefully to the people who know the technology best. When buying any new product, beware of its usability, what comes with it, and as I learned the hard way, what information you can access. For instance, the Asus user manuals are likely in PDF format, so Adobe Reader is required to read the documentation.

Do not, I say, buy a product without first thinking about how you’re going to use or set up your technology with said product. I did this, a few times with Amazon, and trust me it did me badly. I had to do research on my particular piece of tech, and it turned into a nightmare and I ended up imposing a rule: do not buy products of technological value online. I would in my opinion recommend a brick and mortar store such as Best Buy or Office Max. Be careful what companies fulfill your purchase and take advantage of free shipping and discounts where possible.

And now, my friends, I’m off to bed.

For Once, A Rave About Microsoft Products, No Rant This Time

Dear Readers,

There is something you can all do right now on  and in our new laptops. Anyone can try the new Microsoft Office 365 for personal use. I’m talking to a guy who works and he’s blind. He’s awesome.

I’m here to for once in my life say that Microsoft Products and office related products products actually work. I want to use power point one day to make a cool presentation, and the presentation should be about my history. I”m thinking about doing a whole presentation on my research I found on my family tree. I’d like to do other presentations, stuff with videos and music and stuff, anyone know what I’m talking about? And I wrote a Facebook status about my Skype display name. I guess I’m done trying to flaunt too many things, and my boyfriend and I are sick of Dick and Jane on all the profiles on our lists. So yeah.

That, my friends, is the best thing I could do. Anyway, wow. Gotta hit the sack.

The Truth and some Figures About Homosexual/Transgendered Youth Today: See Link and Summary for More Details

While watching the ever politically driven Pat on the 700 Club, I heard some weird stuff said about homosexuality. I”m sorry, Pat’s words stung pretty badly, not because I am that way, but because of the un-Christlike way that Pat proposes and doesn’t realize that gays should or are being treated. Below is a website with facts and statistics about basics of being a homosexual teenager in the United States, given a sample in New York City.


In this link, you will find that a whopping … oh yeah? … 10% of all the population is gay or lesbian or transgendered, and that makes up over 30,000 New York students in the entire student body of that city and state. Here’s some sobering statistics.

The LGBT youth are 26% likely to be thrown out of their homes and families for coming out.

LGBT youth are more likely to be homeless, and oftentimes overrepresent the foster care and juvenile detention system.

LGBT teenagers are 8.5 times more likely to commit suicide or attempt suicide or even talk about it than normal teens with lower levels of family rejection.

Here’s a good thing though: with a comprehensive bullying prevention plan in school, more reports of bullying are likely to be handed in to teachers.  Most students who would report this, sadly, are LGBT youth.

Let’s hear another sobering statistic: 1/5 of all young people who are bullied in school are bullied due to sexual orientation. This is unacceptable, given the numbers of gay and other kinds of people.

What can we do to help this sobering reminder that the Supreme Court’s ruling is law? Does Pat know that it’s painful to be bullied in school because of such discrimination as the illegality of marriage? While our religious freedoms are important, I do not see how it is logical to ban gay marriage in this country.

Let’s use a case study. Meet Jason. He’s 15 years old, a basketball player, six feet tall, pretty big for his age. HE loves playing basketball, but found out somehow that he was gay. The first questions bugging him were, “Is that natural? Oh my God, it’s not! Oh no!” He also had to ask himself whether it was appropriate to tell his evangelical Christian parents, who in their small town in a Southern state with a religious family church really would accept Jason the way he was.

Well, let’s pretend that Jason has met Cole. Cole is sixteen, and he feels different, weird. They are both gay youth from different states. Jason lives in the South, and Cole lives somewhere far away.

The first thing Jason notices is how he reacts when a particularly good looking young man passes by. His parents clearly brought him up with the idea he’d have a lady in his life and have many children, or one, or two. But Jason feels really shaken up because his uncle, Charles, said one day at dinner that “Having a relationship with someone of the same gender is evil.” His mom, dad, and cousins, all of them around a dining room table, slowly said, “That’s just plain weird.” So Jason feels isolated and lonely, and when this happens, he starts thinking about suicide.

He doesn’t want to tell his parents, but the coach takes him aside and says “Jason, I’m kicking you off the basketball team. I’ve been hearing rumors you are gay.” This was his lifeline, and Jason, having lost that, retreats deeply within himself. He wants to die, and it’s hard to concentrate with the people calling him bad names in school, making him feel like he’s a “girly gay guy.” But then, he goes to his laptop, googles an LGBT youth support crisis line. HE calls them and says, “I want help.” The sobering statistics about suicide are logical because with Jason’s isolation and differences, he feels vulnerable and alone.

The next thing he does, clearly he googles “LGBT Teenage Email lists.” He plugs into one, and then surfs about till he finds his local LGBT support center for teens in another state. Jason is 26% likely to be thrown out of his family’s home, so he contacts the state crisis line for supports.

The next thing he knows, he meets Cole, and they exchange phone numbers. Jason has to confess he’s gay, but Cole and himself are best buddies now. Cole is by now seventeen, doing better in school, and invites Jason to stay over a few days and go to a mentoring and support meeting with LGBT youth in his school. Jason jumps at the opportunity. So, with no hesitation, he packs his bags.

Cole, at fifteen, was ostracized from his basketball team and called mean names as well, and he is much shorter than Jason, about five feet and five inches. When Cole and Jason meet, suppose it confirms Jason’s suspicions that he’s gay.  The boys become partners, and three years later, they do better in school, college, and beyond. With each other and some other friends as supports, both male and female teachers see changes in both boys. With the comprehensive support of Cole’s family, both the boys end up married by 25 and they’re planning an adoption.

The aftershocks of Jason’s and Cole’s coming out can be serious. Suppose Jason was disabled and gay. Jason could have cerebral palsy and be gay too, and such youth have double the risks. Abuse, delinquency, homelessness, etc plague the doubly different youth we’re looking at. Suppose they were both able to move to Vermont, one of the first states to singlehandedly allow gay marriage. Here is the scenario:

Cole and Jason walk into a cake bakery shop, Weddings and Other Occasions LLC. They find a young clerk and baker sitting together, and the two men, arm in arm, with blissful smiles in their hearts and on their faces, walk into the store. The man says, “How may I serve you both?” The 25-year-olds say plainly, “We’re getting a wedding cake.” The man asks, “Who’s the bride?” They say they’re in love, and the clerk and baker say, “We’re sorry, we can’t serve you. Marriage is between a man and a woman.” Remembering the sobering facts and statistics about the young who are LGBT, Cole and Jason walk away from the shop. Let’s imagine they filed a lawsuit to get the discriminatory policy reversed, and won.

So they get married, and they get a cake, flowers, all the essentials. Jason and Cole marry, but not in the church seting. Both end up in a courtroom getting their vows and license.

This case study represents a real case that actually occurred in Colorado. A gay couple sued the Masterpiece Cake Shop, and they overreacted, the shop people did, by not selling wedding cakes to anyone because of one gay couple. If our case couple walks into a pizza parlor for a date, and the Christian clerk says, “We don’t serve your kind here,” it is not like Jesus.  Jesus ate meals with people who were, God forbid, the worst of the worst. He dined with tax collectors, was revered by a prostitute and other women, and he loved children. Jesus had us think in his Word about how significant and treasured children should be. If Jesus could look at how the sobering facts and conclusive studies of LGBTQ youth and adults play out in the way we think about people who are different, he’d be appalled. I can imagine Jesus would probably come to the men’s defense and say, “I will eat a meal with these people.” He would have his reservations, but not enough to discriminate. HE wouldn’t spit on those people who find out they’re different.

As a woman who has gay friends, and as someone who is also blind, I know how hard it is to be different. Also, data on the way about me in a privately or custom fit Facebook note. All Facebookers are welcome to read this, and I will say this: I was formally diagnosed with too many things by too many people. One psychologist said that his diagnosis was avoidant personality. Another said Asperger’s, a boys only form of ASD, Autism spectrum disorder. Asperger’s is rare in girls, but it does happen. Our social contexts teach girls to be submissive, timid, and quiet, and boys are more than encouraged to be daring and dream big. This is also unacceptable. I also think the most coveted treasure of a child to most people in America is a boy who can play football or a girl who can cheerlead.

Need I remind you all that I have blind athlete friends, disabled friends who can play sports. There are several people who do goalball, a completely blind sport. My boyfriend is a tae kwon do man. There’s a blind man and his wife who do Judo in Denver, and the Denver Judo club and U.S. Association of Blind Athletes has an amazing assortment of blind people doing various things including Judo, wrestling, MMA (mixed martial arts), and other sports. One friend of mine was a paralympic swimmer for a long time. Now, he skis down the mountains, and he skied in Colorado.

Why should we limit ourselves to a certain ideal? BEing different, whether attracted to different kinds of normal or not, is not a bad thing. As long as your difference doesn’t hurt others, it’s fine.

I always told my lady friends who were in the category of LGBTQ that I was straight, and that I was checking out what the issue really was. My conclusion is that the government shouldn’t get into the bedrooms of couples everywhere, whether or not the Church sanctions them. Some churches welcome gays and lesbians, and that’s fine. But my boyfriend and I tend to think more Conservatively, but we can strike a balance. Jesus still would eat with these people, I wasn’t afraid. Some of my friends who were LGBTQ had great stimulating viewpoints, and others I met who were allies in this became like lifelong memories for me.

I hope you all read this with an open mind. Visit the site I put above, and you will be shocked, but I’m not surprised about the numbers, the 8 times likelier to consider suicide as an example.

14th Amendment: What the Donald’s Dumb Ideas Say About How Little We Study America’s Constitution

“We, the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, provide for the common defense, secure the general welfare, do ordain and establish this Constitution of the United States of America.”

Preamble, U.S. Constitution

Good morning, readers, how many of us memorized as best we could the preamble of the United States Constitution or studied its guts and bolts? Apparently, not Donald Trump. Yes, I know that Mexicans are flooding Arizona and Texas as sure as rain flooded Colorado back in 2013, but is that an excuse to deport all immigrants with no papers? What do Mexicans want most out of this country? Mr. Trump wants to build a wall, but I’m sorry, he needs to come up with a plan that follows the Constitution. Part of this may be that he’s been acting kind of regal and arrogant, and has not bothered studying his books in school. It clearly states in the Constitution that in the 14th Amendment, persons naturalized in the U.S. can be citizens under a Latin phrase of “jus soli.”  This means, “law of the soil.”  Jus Sanguinis means “law of the blood.” This means that if I, American me, went to another country and God forbid had a baby there, I could pass citizenship to my baby. Trump wants to deny citizenship to people at all, and that’s stupid. Should we deny the world good citizens? If Mr. Trump makes Mexico pay for the “wall”, we’re gonna have more problems.

The U.S. Constitution should, at any rate, be amended to include persons born outside the U.S. as candidates for President because of folks like Barack, we know and love and hate the man, but people use a phony birth in Kenya to smear his Presidency. This, I tell you, is disrespectful. What Trump wants to do to this country is disrespectful as well, and it makes people more afraid of us. As I said earlier, America is a nation of trailblazers, we should never deny anyone the opportunities we have. However, there are things we should make clear: everybody born here in the U.S. should be a citizen. Period. Jus soli should say so, and Trump is going too far and not remembering his American government. The man doesn’t know that I, a perceived idiot, can tell that he can’t govern. My friend who lives in this building, he’s a political science major former, and he knows this stuff.

What I will close with is this: no  matter how politically driven some people are, only God should be important. Christ will rule, and at that point, countries with borders will be pointless.

Finally, I’ve Joined the NVDA Bandwagon, … AGAIN!

This post is dedicated to the geeks who are reading this.  PC users, beware.   As a blind computer user, I have had many experiences. Let me start with some background about my history with computers.

Remember the days when JAWS was unable to even help you fill out web forms, guys? It was weird. I’m not even kidding. I remember when Henter Joyce, now known as Freedom Scientific, monopolized the screen reader market.  JFW was the only screen reading software on the market, but it was a huge breakthrough for us blind folks. We eventually could send emails, write our own code, documents, and so on. I wrote an essay about JAWS for chemistry class, but above all, for a science contest in Florida. I got a prize for it, and it was a pretty important one because trust me, blind people and computers have almost never been able to come hand in hand. I started with emails in 1995. Remember Windows 95? Who also remembers the early editions of  Windows, NT, Millennium.  If you’re like most Millennials, you know the XP, Vista, and 7 systems.  I eventually trashed my once Windows Vista Dell Inspiron.  I”m done with Dell, personally.  My dad’s gotta be joking when he says his pc is six years or older.  Well, you can still see the screen, dude.

As my life in computers progressed, I could see more stuff, hear more stuff, use more stuff. It only gets better. Windows Vista and JFW came together in 2009. I had had my laptop in 2005 but it was an XP one, and when I got my newer laptop from Best Buy, guess what it had? We know this as Vista, but some nicknamed it Windows Pista. Ha ha. My current system I’m typing on is a Windows 10 upgraded from Windows 8 1 system. I’m using … you guessed it, a new screen reader that hit the market for the average blind Joe out there. NVDA is the most awesome piece of art I’ve ever used. When I type on NVDA, and it is always gonna be better this way, I get lots of information I would not otherwise get with Narrator, Microsoft’s screen reader. Microsoft, I’m sorry, did not construct the screen reading technology to the optimum level. I am a bit upset with some app developers, and I am really upset that I can’t just listen to the Football Fix. Arizona Sports’s Football Fix is broadcast on some places, but I’m not able to access those apps I need because of … yep, unlabeled buttons everywhere, no where to look for sign in buttons. I have a word for you app makers: you can do ten billion times better than that. You all are getting F’s for failing to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Also, with the proposed rules from the DOJ, you guys are gonna be in big doo doo. Now, if it’s a game with colors and weirdness in it, fine. But we want our I Heart Radio, Tune In Radio, Station Playlist Studio, Notification Center, etc etc. Windows 10 is pretty cool, but let me grade this system itself.

Design: I’d give the design of this system a B plus. It is familiar, but with the poorly structured screen reader, yeah. B plus.

Accessibility: C minus. There are many apps that can’t be used with Windows 10, and NVDA should have never been listed as incompatible. Ugh, this needs to be fixed so that I don’t get flashy notifications saying that it all must be accessible or compatible.

Menus: B plus again. Some apps aren’t menu based, but the main Windows things are fine. They could use a bit of organizing and improvement.

Registration for Asus: D minus. This is a note to the folks at Asus. You guys need to get that captcha and what with that unlabeled combo box? I have tried three times to register your silly old laptop with this stupid website with a darn bad captcha which thank God webvism caught it, but you can’t do anything with that dang combo box! What is that box?  A sighted person would know, but I wouldn’t!

Also, For Asus Smart Gesture registration, there’s a weird Chinese character being detected where the yes or no button should be, eh, screen reading software? Overall, I’d have to give Windows 10, to tell you guys the God honest truth, a C minus. But with the NVDA snapshot, I can increase the grade for my important stuff to about a B plus. As far as overall access, Microsoft and app developers must comply with a possible … dare I say it … NFB demand? You Microsoft people and app developers must comply with the Department of Justice’s proposed rules for disability access to public apps and stuff. Apps and websites must be made accessible, and this is because of employment and use in workplaces.

Now, my dear friends, I rest my case. Please beware of Windows 10, but I will say, my boyfriend thinks Cortana’s hot. I’m laughing at the moment because some men, I swear, would go for the sexy voice. Cortana, the digital assistant, is currently getting to know me at times. And yes, live from Denver, it’s Saturday Night! I better get to Saturday Night Live before I die laughing. Oh, and if I die laughing, yall, somebody get my body out of this apartment and tell the cops I died laughing, well, I won’t. But if I do, know that this document is here to stay for posterity. And yes, I’m kidding about dying laughing. I better faint while I can. …


Don’t Feed the Bears

I’d like to take a few moments to talk about weird encounters with nature, namely raccoons and bears. I will say this, my advice for animal freaks out there? Please do not feed the bears. A Colorado lady just got popped for feeding ten bears and more bears were hanging out on her property. In truth, bears are dangerous. Ugh.
Also, the worst animals to deal with when camping, trust me, have gotta be raccoons. They like to get into everything, get smart, and eat the garbage cans. Who feeds them!
Oh, Florida people should be aware that alligators bite. Marshmallows aren’t good for those poor guys because they’re aquatic carnivorous reptiles. You don’t feed those guys marshmallows!
But for Heaven’s sake, bears! Who would dare feed bears! The lady in Colorado who was popped for feeding bears is probably gonna have to eat what she fed them. Sad, right?
So the lesson here is don’t feed the bears, raccoon repellent is a must, and if you really want to go camping for real, use bug repellent because bugs are bad. We all know that.
I don’t think bugs have bitten me forever and a day, so yeah, don’t just feed them either.
Happy trails, all.

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A very hard subject to bring up …

It has occurred to me that I should tell you about the people and classes of human beings that everybody seems to vilify a lot. But actually, I figure I’d  bring this subject to the forefront.
While watching South Pacific with my mom, one of few times we actually watched something worthwhile  instead of Pimp My Ride, I noticed that there was a song that told the audience that you had to learn how to hate.
Yes, I kid you not. A song about hate. WHile the romance and the glamor  seemed to go on for a while, Nelly Forebush,  the nurse in the main plot, asked the Frenchman whose kids he had, and he told her of a Pacific Islands woman. Sadly, in a lot of these  war movies, the guy who gets the girl dies.  I don’t  get that.
But the point of the song was to tell Nelly that she had to hate the Pacific Islanders or darker skinned  individuals depicted  in the play.
Back in the setting, the 1940s, anything that remotely looked Japanese, German, or Italian was fair  game.  History  seems to have repeated itself. The human race is imperfect, and I believe that hate is, by its  very nature, an  outlet for  our  bad sides. Even within America, we find people in our basic circles to hate or vilify: the coworker we didn’t think did anything right; the boss who turns out to be a jerk; the significant other we used to be married to; may I say more? Hate is simply going out of control.
It becomes obvious while  watching the 700 Club, and Pat is mumbling on about Isis  and their brutality that there is a bit of hate on both sides of the coin: on the one hand, yes, I agree that Isis is brutal. On the other hand, Christians sometimes express unnecessary stereotypes for all Muslim peoples in the Middle East. I want to give Turkey credit for joining the American coalition. Jordan gets the same credit. But at least the real  Muslims know the following: that children and women are not to be bought and sold; that a young girl is not subjected to rape because her husband said so; that men and all people should not impose Islam on the world.
By the  same token,  in order to create a more peaceable  world,  we as Christian valued peoples in America no matter which way you look,   it is our obligation to play nice with all the  other religious sects provided they didn’t mutilate a girl, abuse or sacrifice women and children, etc. I’ve heard of unregistered kids being sacrificed by Satanics.  Crazy, right? I’ve heard even worse things, but Satan, in my humble opinion, has no place in America if we’re gonna create a more peaceful  world.
Whie rooting out hate  is a great way to do that, it’s impossible. We need  to root out the source of hate. I’l cover that in a later post. Everobyd stereotypes, and even I am guilty of this myself. I can only sa this: I was in a college class where we did an exercise on stereotyping. We had to pick a group of people, ethnic or otherwise, who we thought of when we saw a trait  or  action.  For  example, Germans love beer, so  you would think. Not  all German peope like beer. So yeah, Germans do not  all like beer. Another  statement  we came across was the trait of lying and cheating. Some of the college class picked, surprisingly, Irish or Italians. We made other assumptions based on stuff we’ve experienced in life or what we’ve been, in the words of that South Pacific song, carefully taught.

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