R. Kelly Revisited

Dear devotees and fans of R and B music, fans of R. Kelly, and especially the victims of this man,

I’m not here to beg and plead for mercy for R. Kelly. It has become apparent that Mr. Kelly does display the ten most common traits of a sexual predator, and here is what I know so far.


  1. R. Kelly did indeed blame the girls for his sexual behaviors. Being hot doesn’t make girls have sex, right? But R. Kelly may be exhibiting behaviors that point to this.
  2. R. Kelly thinks he’s entitled to indiscretions now and then, and as a singer whose music is played over and over again, he’s living in luxury. Oops. So he thinks that because he’s rich, he’s entitled to do things ordinary men do not do at all.
  3. R. Kelly has a badly damaged self image. What with the bad court dates and the fact that he has to be bailed out of jail. But he has a badly damaged self-esteem.
  4. R. Kelly exhibits a need for power and control, and there’s a fine line between good power and bad power. WHen adults have illicit sex with children, it is evident that the adult in this case is establishing power and control of a victim. It’s not a romantic sojourn or a happy marriage potential as many families will claim.
  5. R. Kelly has a history of child abuse,  with his sisters being the abusers. Many predators have been slapped or cuffed in the face when their needs were to be met. IF they felt angry, a sibling or parent might just give them the cold shoulder or slap them across the face. This might have happened to R. Kelly, sadly.
  6. R. Kelly did have a troubled childhood. He might have abused girls too.
  7. R. Kelly seems to have either no conscience, no empathy, or both. empathy is a skill that will indeed need to be taught with regards to R. Kelly.
  8. Kelly has had issues having relations with adult women. It is evident that Andrea, his wife, or should we say ex-wife, is probably one of very few women who would come into contact with Kelly. He has done some pretty stupid things to uproot his career, including allowing himself the time to mess with little girls, on top of not finding ways to do something about his inability to have real satisfying relationships with proper adults.
  9. R. Kelly might have been acquitted on child pornography charges, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have deviant sexual behaviors and attitudes to deal with. HE does have the potential for deviant sexual behaviors as is evident in his amatory overtures with young girls.
  10. Where are the drugs and alcohol? Well? R. Kelly might have been using while abusing. WHile I don’t have access to R. Kelly, I certainly do have access to some information about him.

What can be done to reform Mr. Kelly? While America’s justice system firmly believes that Kelly should be locked up in jail, the key thrown away, I think it may not be necessary. Kelly already will have to register as a sex offender in the state of Illinois. Cook County will specify how many times anyone can visit him otherwise. What is the life of a sex offender like?

Well, R. Kelly can look forward to being checked on by the department of corrections in Cook County every Halloween. HE can also look forward to group counseling, in which he will have to devise a safety plan and learn the dynamics of sex offender behavior. HE will have to pay for his own treatment, right out of his pocket. Of course, Kelly is likely to be told never to associate with females under the age of eighteen. Kelly will likely live a bleak life if he can’t have his music streamed. His music will have to be played, even if the victims don’t like it. Sure, we can say “Mute R. Kelly” all we want, but the entertainment industry will go on allowing men to have sex with underage girls. Robert Kelly is hardly the only black singer charged with a crime. Singer Chris Brown was infamously charged with domestic violence against fellow singer Rihanna. People called for him to be muted permanently on the airwaves. But R. Kelly is a bit old to be messing around with young girls.

What should prison look like for R. Kelly? Not the kind we have, but if I had it my way, I’d never bother putting Mr. Kelly in jail. Jails are overcrowded with prisoners, and in the toughest prisons, inmates oftentimes don’t get to eat. It especially happens in Papua New Guinea and other places near Australia. African prisons are some of the worst. A Costa Rican prison wouldn’t work either, as inmates there would put Kelly’s life at risk. If we only had a prison system that rehabs inmates, not so much punishes them, as they are already being punished. Perhaps Mr. Kelly should have some time in rehab, not prison. If he lived in Norway, he’d spend time in Halden prison, where the guards and inmates are treated as equals. So what if Kelly is accused of sexual abuse of underage girls? His behaviors need to be put in check, and violence is hardly the answer to any of what anyone does committing a crime. It’s like fighting fire with fire.

If anything, R. Kelly should be given a Norwegian style 21 years in a rehabilitative environment where he can eat a good diet, learn to write better lyrics, and perhaps if people see he’s reformed and changed and taught to do a good safety plan, he will have his career back on track. He should of course be willing to work with psychologists, prison guards, and other entities that will rehabilitate him from the sexual predator of the past to a reformed “bumble” as Cornelius would say in Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Cornelius somehow reformed the snow monster, the Abominable Snowman. But can R. Kelly reform? I think he can, and I think he will, regardless of what America’s broken beyond repair justice system thinks.

How to Reform Hardened Criminals: Lessons from Inside the World’s Toughest Prisons

Dear readers,

Okay, before you all try to pull the retribution shields out, I want to make you guys look carefully at the world’s toughest prisons on Netflix. Watch this show, and it is amazing. Rafael Row, a journalist from the United Kingdom, went around the globe and voluntarily locked himself up in places like Lahora Forma in Costa Rica, Priova Prison in Romania, and even Halden Prison in Norway. Rafael discovered something important.

In Colombia, Costa Rica, and many other countries in the world, including the United States, people think that if you do the crime, you should be locked up and the key thrown away. However, there is a huge dynamic problem in a lot of these prisons. For example, Row spent a week at one of Romania’s toughest prisons, surrounded by Roma Gypsies, akin to something he might see with our African Americans. There are many African American and Hispanic drug kingpens and dealers, but the big problem isn’t with the people. It’s the system that fails them. Gypsies in the Romanian prison are often angry at the racial stats in such a place. Their culture is not quite peaceful, and includes early arranged child marriages, but there are too many Gypsy men in that prison flooding the population. Our prison system, however, could learn a few things from Norway’s prison system, which focuses entire efforts on rehabilitating inmates.

Yes, you might be thinking, but that child molester! That bank robber! Okay, but if you give these folks aggression, that’s what you’ll get back. In the Norwegian prison I watched, Rafael was treated respectfully by the guards, even upon entrance. Even when he was disruptive, he wasn’t stabbed, beaten, or choked by the guards. Geez, are you listening, government bureaucracy? The prison guards should respect and treat the inmates as human beings, and have their cells in basic clean conditions!

This may sound completely radical, I know, but perhaps some of those things in the normality principle could go a long way in treating child molesters. For example, Maria and Armand treated Rafael Row as if he were equal. They did the same with the inmates at their prison. THe results show that recidivism rates are at a very low, wait for it, 30%. For sex offenders, this could be a big break in our system.

Suppose we reform our prison system, and actually rehabilitated criminals, especially juvenile offenders. What should this look like? Here’s a plan, based on the conditions I observed in this docuseries.


  1. All inmates and guards should be treated and treat each other as equals. Greetings and interaction go a long way, even a smile speaks volumes.
  2. Inmates should be given basics, of course, not so much Internet and cell phones, but basics such as personal privacy in a unit, let’s not say it’s a cell, and a bed. They should also be given a chance to take responsibility for themselves and the community around them.
  3. Female prisoners should be allowed to give birth unshackled. Period. And they should be given free pads and tampons, things they will need anyway in the outside world.
  4. Inmates should never be forced to work for subminimum wages, but should be given incentives like they do in Halden. And they should be assessed for their skills and abilities while in prison. They could do any number of things, including train dogs for service, culinary programs, carpentry, plumber’s apprenticing and certifications, a myriad of jobs would abound. Prisoners should have access to decent and never substandard food.
  5. This leads me to ask, prison grub? Well, the prison inmates should cook for themselves at least once or twice a day, then go to the kitchens for some decent, not substandard grub. That means the food should be safe to eat, not expired garbage.
  6. Drugs and alcohol should never be allowed in prison, of course.
  7. All inmates should be required to go to therapy for the specific actions they end up with. Sex offenders should be treated as other inmates are treated, but by this plan, they should be learning coping skills and mechanisms so that they don’t reoffend. Part of this in the next item.
  8. Guards should talk to inmates more. Developing relationships, just as demonstrated in Halden, helped a hardened killer find some new ground. So what if you think the guy that killed a friend of yours is “too far gone”? By the Normality Principle, he isn’t. A female who might have committed the same crimes should be subject to the same treatments, and with male guards working with them on boundaries and respect issues. No male guard should ever openly be having sexual relations with female inmates, just their wives and such as that. Female inmates should know that the guards have what’s best for them in mind.
  9. This leads to another thought. While America over incarcerates black people, Romania and Hungary over incarcerate Roma, and then there are other countries that allow overincarceration of indigenous groups to go unchecked, we should treat all inmates, black and white, as equals. We should have a campaign on the outside to stop racial prejudices because the de facto segregation, both with Jim Crow 2.0 and Jane Crow version 1.5, if I may call it that, harm and humiliate black men and women. Just for being with someone who’s black in my civilian life gets me trolled on here. But the best thing to do is ask yourself, what the hell made this person do it? The trolls and haters who send me hateful comments about my black significant other/fiancee exhibit a much greater problem in miniature. Racial discrimination is alive and well.
  10. Life sentences without parole and death should never be considered. By Norway’s Normality Principle, all hardened criminals, the Ted Bundies, the Ken Bianchis, and so many others could have benefited from a second chance. To dispose of the body and soul of anyone is tantamount to doing the opposite, especially in the case of Jokhar Sarnaev. That guy might have bombed the Boston Marathon, but we should have said, let’s give the guy some meds, reeducate him so that he doesn’t reoffend, and then we can address the root of the problem. In Sarnaev’s case, it is plausible that he may want to throw his Muslim upbringing or inspiration into the trash, never to write a bloodstained note on a boat again. Life sentences are not deterrent enough to keep us law abiding people out of prison. They only serve to waste taxpayer money.

What should have been done in the case of the Aurora Theater shooting? Well, Mr. Holmes was mentally ill. The radical registration thoughts that people had about mentally ill people won’t stop them from either becoming targets or targeting others.

What about disabled inmates? Well, working hand in hand with state agencies, I think disabled inmates can do the same things within reason as a non disabled inmate.

What I learned from Inside the World’s Toughest Prisons is just one thing: the only way to put peace and love back in our society is to change our attitudes towards prison inmates and teach the most hardened folks that it is okay to be angry, but not to commit crimes. Sex offenders may never be able to be in contact with children again, especially the pedophiles, but we should still teach them that their actions harm others. Period. Child molesters should be given a chance to reform, go out into society, and not ideally have to go back. Perhaps the way sex offenders are viewed should be changed a bit. Registration should still be there, and certain ones should not babysit or watch children or be with others who have children. Part of a safety plan involves coping mechanisms such as not being around the victim or potential victims. However, being beat up in a prison by guards is not real retribution. Punishment is punishment no matter what, but the goal of any real consequence should be that the person never again makes the same mistake that got him or her there in the first place.

Dedicated to the Fathers and Mothers of Severely Disabled Adults IN Care Facilities

Dear Mr. Blanchert, and other parent cohorts,

When I saw the USA Today article about your daughter, Dawn, I could almost see myself in her shoes, had it not been for the fact that for one thing, I’m composing this blog. For another thing, my heart goes out to all the fathers and mothers who’ve suffered because of the William Shorter Sr. figures out there willing to use the daughters as, to take a quote from the article and modify it slightly, “pieces of meat.” Disabled women are often seen as disposable pieces of meat, especially those with a mental capacity below their chronological ages.

My chronological age is 32, so indeed is my mental capacity. My parents deny this, but this is not the backbone of why I do what I do. Dawn should have had better care at the facility she’s at now, and honestly, it should have included the following:

  1. At the top of the list, I’d put pregnancy testing and STD testing for all females of childbearing age.
  2. Protocol to ensure only women care for women, while the guys would have to go to facilities where men reside, only men.
  3. Since Dawn can’t consent, did she cry out? Even if she did or didn’t, not having a male caregiver would solve about 80% of this. But here’s another thing that should’ve happened: the facility’s women should have been given a basic run through of sexual anatomy and physiology to their level, then in school before going into these facilities, they should’ve been taught consent and all.
  4. If we teach our boys not to just sit there and think of disabled girls as pieces of meat, that would solve about 90% of the problems in the greater social context, and 20% of this problem specifically. Dawn may have the mental capacity of a ten-year-old girl, but unfortunately, she had to have had a very basic knowledge of what sex is, what it does, and pregnancy and what it is and what it does. Even ten-year-olds in Catholic schools, sadly, are learning sexual anatomy like what ovaries are, so I don’t see any excuse here.
  5. For women in a vegetative state like the lady in Arizona, there should simply be a woman to woman, man to man protocol so that potential Nathan Southerlands don’t rape their next victim.

I know you are angry, Mr. Blanchert. To other parents of intellectually disabled children and adults, do you guys know what can happen in care facilities? Let Mr. Blanchert’s story be a lesson to everybody. Keep your intellectually disabled female adults away from prying predators. They may see the innocence of youth and want to abuse it just as Mr. Shorter and Mr. Southerland both ended up doing. These women are not for the pleasure of men. To be fair, no man should make a woman his pleasure slave. I don’t want this happening to women with severe disabilities, thus this blog.

Wile I’ve been attacked for doing what I do, I don’t care. I want justice for all the Dawn Blancherts out there, for all the other victims around the country. I want a referendum on sexual abuse of females in care facilities, especially those of childbearing age, so that we can best address the problem not just in Florida, not just in Arizona, but nationwide. It is with a heavy heart that I wrote this at all.

Correction: In my last post, especially the one regarding the two cases, the one entitled “Baby Number 2”, I said that men should not touch women. Or their patients. Well, my friend, Joanne Stark, quickly pointed out that nurses do have to touch patients in order to turn them in bed, etc. Well, she clarified what I was trying to write, and so here you go. If you want to be in the medical professions, do not inappropriately advance on female patients, whether you are a nurse or doctor. That’s probably a better way to put it. I’d like to profusely thank Ms. Stark and others who’ve read my entries with as much gusto as I have been writing them.

Also, I’d like to invite my followers to get to know me. Follow my Twitter, Facebook, or Mastodon. Thank you all for reading.


P.S. I will post a link to the USA Today story upon request, so you all enjoy this.

Florida caregiver arrested after mentally disabled woman gives birth in group home – CNN

Want evidence o the latest case involving a mentally challenged lady? Well, thanks, CNN.

A caregiver was arrested on a charge of lewd and lascivious battery of a disabled adult after a woman from the Florida group home where he worked gave birth to his child, according to a probable cause affidavit.
— Read on www-m.cnn.com/2019/02/07/us/florida-caregiver-arrested-disabled-woman-gives-birth/index.html

Baby Number 2? And this time, from Florida?

I’d like to forego the greeting so I can dedicate this post to gentlemen. I mean it. Gentlemen, what makes you guys think it’s okay to rape and impregnate incapacitated females? I’m serious, what is with you guys doing this to girls who can’t even say no? If you’re a man, why do you want sex with a lady who not only isn’t able to tell truth from lies, but may either be developmentally unable to express herself or worse, may be in a coma. Ugh. What is so special about these ladies? Is it the fact they can’t move? Is it the fact they can’t cry out? Does it give you pleasure to see women like these in an incapacitated state submitting to your will? Well, you guys should know that Nathan Southerland, 36, and Willie Short of Rockledge, FLorida, aged 54, are both arrested for this sick thought of impregnating girls in their care who can’t say no, and in Willie’s case, his victim can’t tell truth from lies. She has the mental capacity of a small child, and what was your position, Mr. Short? You were supposed to care for her, not have intimate relations and impregnate her. What do we females have to put up with? In Mr. Southerland’s case, I’m sure his wife is going to file for divorce because this kind of thing sickens me.

And what sickens me more is that this took place in Rockledge, Brevard County, in my old hometown state. Florida now has a stain on its hands, and should take better care of medicaid patients with developmental capacities below their chronological age. I wouldn’t be writing this if I wasn’t concerned. WESH picked up the story of the girl, whose name was not identified for obvious reasons. But the next baby that pops out of a woman who can’t consent will bring shame to the persons who don’t even think the lady is pregnant. In the Arizona case, the woman’s pregnancy was not known, and Southerland’s DNA had to be extracted from her and the baby. Ugh.

Now, gentlemen, here are your instructions:

If you want to be a nurse and work in these facilities, don’t touch your patients.

If you want to be a doctor, don’t freaking touch your patients. It says clearly in the Hippocratic Oath. I don’t know if the oath is written this way, but “thou shalt not get involved sexually with thy patients, their family, or the maid of the house.” I learned this from a wise old psychiatrist, Dr. William Johnson, god rest his soul. I’m sorry to see this kind of thing brought out from under the rug, but the poor girl in Rockledge I might know. Could it be someone I might have known in an exceptional education classroom? Brevard County should be ashamed of itself for allowing a sick man like Short to care for, and in turn impregnate, the lady in this case. Please tell the reporters at WESH that they did a good job picking this up, and I will be happy to help them with interviews and things to say about the way Brevard doesn’t truly care about its developmentally delayed/disabled. We need better qualified people nationwide to care for our most vulnerable people, and to see babies falling out of the bodies of young women who didn’t ask for them is disheartening. Gentlemen, don’t ever touch a lady without her permission and without her verbal or signed consent. This means that a deaf lady will tell you if you’re doing something wrong. A blind woman won’t put up with your crap. A developmentally disabled woman will say the same, and even though she may not have the right capacity, she will still be off limits.

I hope the men in these two cases learn a hard lesson about disabled adult abuse. In jail, they will have to give up their nursing licensure, give up their lives, and not have access to social media and the Internet. They should not be allowed near disabled females in order to repeat their mistakes. IF I was a Brevard County judge, I would totally crack down on those people. Same if it was Arizona. I’d hand the book to those guys, sentencing them to 40 years behind bars, no visitation for their children, and restraining orders to protect their victims. If a lady is in a coma, not able to understand your actions, or not able to do things the way you want to, just don’t touch. Keep your penises to yourselves, and love your wives and partners. I mean, the partners you married, had a contract with, the ones you can communicate with. I can consent, and I have with my current love. If I get hate mail just for writing this, I don’t care. There are many females whose lives are ruined because of Nathan Southerlands and William Shorts. So there you go.

Please support this blog. If you’d like to see a podcast that talks about the topics you care about, go to thethroneroom.denverqueen.com

There you will find everything from YTP analysis to fun and frolic to disability rights stuff. I want positive thinking here, but I shouldn’t have to tell the guys how to behave around women. We don’t put up with this kind of thing. I’m not doing reverse misogyny, I’m trying to protect persons with disabilities who can’t fend for themselves.

Thanks for reading, and have a nice productive day.

What would my State of the Union Look like? And Thanks, Stacey Abrams

Dear Americans,

Usually, I start my blog posts by saying “dear readers” but today, I’m talking to specifically Americans. Don’t worry, international readers, I haven’t forgotten about you.

Trump recently made a compulsive lie as usual, so I didn’t listen to his State o the Union address. Instead, I went everywhere and found out my Amazon package was dropped off at the wrong spot, and then I ended up coughing on rice. Ugh, forget the rice.

Anyhow, I’d never build that border wall. Someone commented on Facebook that Hilary Cliton should be locked up. But that’s un-American to lock up political dissidents or opponents. That’s omething maybe Somalia or Zimbabwe would do to make people like Al Shabbab or whoever Mr. Wugabe was. Whoever that Robert dude was, he wasn’t gonna make the country better. We’re not sure if America is able to handle multiple opinions, but locking up your opponents is a disgrace to the contry. I have a few ideas that would make our country better than it is now.

1. Healthcare must be free for patients, especially in emergency room situations.

2. Fix the education system. or heaven’s sake, fix what you teach children in school.

3. Stop hurting LGBTQIA people, including allowing businesses and schools to do this. I hate to diss Chick Fill-a, but they don’t serve or care about the gay community. Their Polynesian sauce is bomb, but their attitude is off. And Mrs. Pence’s school should be shuttered because banning gay people due to what Tyler McKinney calls “one’s imaginary friend” and how he supposedly gives permission to hurt others is wrong. It is terribly wrong.

4. Care about people with disabilities, and allow us to exist.

5. Let bygones be bygones and kill all guardianships for younger people with disabilities. This includes family ones, professional ones for profit and others who may hurt people with disabilities.

6. Anyone who insults women on the radio should be held accountable. Rush, are you listening? Women with disabilities and others who don’t want to or can’t be pregnant should have access to birth control. Got it?

7. Native sacred lands should be protected. No pipelines allowed.

8. Take all the Natives of reservation lands, and give them richer soil to grow on. Let all tribes choose what they want to do with the lands, but penning the tribes on reservation lands is not the answer. We should be respecting what they want, giving them better jobs and healthcare, and of course allowing their children to go to school with other children without having their hair cut. And social workers should keep families together in Native terms.

Those are just some of the ways we can make our nation better. We must allow immigrants to come, no matter what color. The only bad people we have here are mostly the Caucasians who’ve been threatening my life here on this blog. Four people were blocked two weeks ago, so not sure why anyone would dare threaten my character. I reported these people for hate speech and bullying and harassment. Among these people was probably a daring accomplice to Ivan, someone called Bill. I have friends named Bill, but this bill is too expensive for me to pay. So I threw him and three others off the face of my world. If you want to read this blog, you should bee thinking about why you think this blog should be up here. You should never try to put me down, and one more hater, one more, and the hater will have to go. Haters are gonna hate, but they’re not welcome here.

Let’s make America safe for others who really need our help.


The Most Inspiring Woman in Denver

Dear readers,

All I can say is thank God for Twitter, and thanks to Twitter, my rising star is floating around and waiting for me to fly along with her. I want to dedicate this post to the one, the only, the fantastic Gloria Neal. Glo was on progressive radio for a time, and it was she who spoke deeply to me while I listened. It was on those mornings when I woke up, those mornings when I spoke to her, or she inadvertently woke up the progressive fireball that shook my very core. It was when dear miss Glo left and progressive radio was ended that I realized that my dream came alive with everything aflutter and she was what made things like this blog, my podcast, and even. more so, my vision of the world take flight. I would never have written and exposed the nooks and crannies of things had I not heard her crazy predictions about “palcohol”, or what we call just powdered alcohol, or the mesmerizing debate over guns and why no gun zones are or are not important, etc., I would never have been brave enough to step outside the box. I enjoyed a good debate, and I still do, but seeing that now Glo has a great job working with the Mayor, that is amazing. She probably will light up Mr. Hancock’s campaign, and that is what we must do. But still, I miss her voice, her amazing reality check she gave the Conservatives and moreover, I miss the kind of things she brought up. I will cherish the memory of the show she did on AM760, and I will always cherish her Tweets! I was overly excited to get a “Where have you been?” And I felt like I was on her wavelength. And yes, we think on the same wavelength. People are people, and if that’s one thing we can all learn, it is from this lady up there in the rafters. Glo, you inspired me to keep going even at my darkest hours, and perhaps you should read this post. I hope Mr. Hancock sees this because I want to bring a pro disability and ultraprogressive outlet back to Denver, after all this city is supposed to be progressive and a more liberal location than any city I’ve lived in.

Glo, if you read this, you have no idea what “monster” you’ve unleashed. My inspiration to write this blog, to sho the world what they’re missing, to unleash the Kraken and expose what needs to b exposed, it was you. III’m here, writing this, because I owe you one. We need more progressives out there, people who actually give a crap what we think. Thank you for your catching up with me, and do read this blog. I know parts of it can be dark at times, but I am pro disability rights. and it is a personal topic to me. As a blind woman, I came here for an escape, I came here to live the life I wanted, and you did what was necessary to release the progressive within me. I tried more Conservative roads, but no faith or church accepted that not only was I blind, but that I was human. I bleed, people. I can do things that every damn human being can do. I have the best significant other EVER!!!!!!! And he’s blind as well, black, and … what else? Nothing but awesome. I have my own place, and I love life within my heart, but there’s always something missing, including my family not supporting a wedding and not caring what happens to Trenton, but yet they strove to control me. I worked that block button like a boss a couple weeks back due to trolling and hateful messages popping up on my blog and other places in social media land. So now, people don’t understand the heartbreaking truth, and that’s what I write. about. The truth. You inspire nothing more than this, the truth.

I want to thank all of my supporters and readers of this blog for being there, sticking up for what is right, and doing what should be done to uncover the secrets that we all think are the dirty little secrets that should be kept under the rug. But if we don’t do the right thing for the community, we will all be failed.

Thanks again to Gloria Neal for your inspiration and the wonderful things you do. Keep up the hard work, and watch out, folks, because I think I’ll be on my way.

With love always,


Why Adopt a Pet Rather than Purchase One?

Dear readers,

If you walk into a pet store and stare at all the adorable puppies on display, one would never know that these adorable animals might have been badly bred, could carry illnesses and genetic diseases, or worse, could die upon purchase. While these puppies leave the pet store, cute and all, there are many adoptable dogs and cats that desperately need loving homes.

So while you watch the New England and Los Angeles NFL teams compete for the Lombardi trophy, rings, and bragging rights, why not take a moment each year to watch Team Fluff and Team Ruff compete for the Chewy Lombarki trophy. Why, you might ask? Because every Puppy Bowl participant in this and every year’s puppy bowl will be placed in loving foster and adoptive homes.

How can you help? Go to your local animal rescue orgs, Humane society, or ASPCA shelter and adopt. The fees are much cheaper than a puppy purchased from a breeder, and you receive rewarding love and devotion from your pet, plus the shelters will spay or neuter your pet for free. There is discounted veterinary care for some animals with owners in need at Denver’s Dumb Friends League. So if you really need a therapy dog, adoption is the best way to go.

Where can you find adoptable dogs and cats? Well? You don’t necessarily need to log on to the web, but if you know a local rescue group you want to work with, call or log on to their website and find out if dogs or cats are available to adopt. The puppies are sure to win your heart, but what about senior dogs?

Dogs threee years or older are so desperately in need of loving homes, too. So watch the thrd annual Dog Bowl. If you missed the Dog Bowl this year, I’m sure they’ll do it again next year. Senior dogs make great companions, so look up senior dogs with a local shelter or rescue group. Animals are cute, but those animals in most need must be adopted into loving families.

For more information, log on to your local humane society or ASPCA website and check out volunteer opportunities as well if you’re interested. Shelters always need volunteers to clean cages, walk the dogs, feed and play with cats/kittens, and much more. If you’d be so kind, readers, please let me know if you find good rescue groups that do shelter dogs and cats that have not been adopted yet.

Thank you for being ggood readers of the blog, and stay tuned for more announcements regarding podcast stuff.

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