What Technology Did You Dream Of?

Imagine what life would be like. You are a kid in 1999 or 1997, and you thought to yourself, how would you like it if the kid on the other end of the phone line could actually see you as you talked to them? Call it a videophone service or hardware, but more than ten years later, we’ve imagined, dreamt, and invented this technology.
I once dreamt that one day, however, a blind person would be issued a driver’s license or be able to own a self driving vehicle. Why? Because of the inconveniences of living in an urban area–the kids would not get to play in peace; too many dangerous thugs or criminals; and homeless sneaks and other types who would rather take full advantage of our children while in travel or at home–a self-driving vehicle would really bring hope to us.
I imagine me and Trenton packing our bags, and imagine telling the kids, “Get in the car! Let’s go on a road trip, yall.” No having to wait in line for train tickets, no having to worry about strangers giving us the public look up and down, none of that. We would be in a private motorcar of our very own, one that does the driving, and we make conscious decisions about where to direct the car based on traffic conditions, and when a toll road is detected, the car would stop, open a power window, or whatever it is, and you could toss a coin out the window. However much the toll roads are, you’d pay for them with a pass. In Florida, for instance, they have an e-pass that gets you through tolls without having to stop for a nominal fee. Also, when your smart vehicle sees passese and mountain highways, it would warn you and stuff. As we live inn mountainous landscape or near a mountain range in Colorado, Trenton and I would have to use a lot of weirdness and quick wit and good judgment calls to make a road trip through the mountains fun. Imagine a world where the car is electric or hydrogen powered instead of gas powered. No more air pollutants anymore! Now let’s add something: the electric cars buzzing by would actually make noise, buzzing by like old formula 1 racecars, but tons softer, but yet still detectable by blind pedestrians. Trenton and I would use our newfound freedom to take the kids to places in the U.S. we could not previously go to on vacation due to transit concerns. Or perhaps the world. We’d go to a place in Antigua and Barbuda, Jamaica, or even Mexico to see historic places, then go to NYC to see Broadway plays and theater stuff. We’d go from city to town, and depending on where we go, we could stop at hydrogen fueling stations and pump the hydrogen fuel into our vehicle, maybe charge it up at an outlet near the hotel. And may I add we’d put car security and antitheft devices and leave nothing in our car so that thieves can’t break in and steal things. We could live essentially anywhere we could find a house, not be confined to urban areas, and the kids would still get the peace and quiet they need to grow and laugh. And learn as well, yes, they’d learn. With the advent of a blind driving license, I would be able to be a real citizen of this country, so my call to the future Presidents and government officials of the contry, please make it possible for blind people to live outside urban areas and not depend on others for transportation.

The Party? Or the Party?

Imagine living in a world where he Ministry of Truth, Minitru; the Ministry of Love, Miniluv; and the Ministry of Plenty, miniplenty; and finally, Ministry of Peace, Minipax; all ruled the world. It’s important to note that all of the ministries here could be the following: miniwar, minihate, minipoor, and minifib. Why mini fib? I want to say minilie, but then again, this is a world much like what will become of this nation if we don’t get out and vote. On one end of the ring, we have a vicious narcissistic psychopath who calls the girl in the corner here a vicious criminal. The guy is inexperienced and should never get public office. Otherwise, what’s next? Should ew read the Book of Donald instead of the Bible? Are you gonna throw your hymn books aside for songs in praise of this monster? Are we gonna bow to him like he’s a king? We’re a Democracy, and y the tone of things, we sure don’t act like one. We’re not doing what we’re supposed to, only stirring hate and bigotry around the bowl of America we’ve put ourselves in. We’ve allowed a fifteen or sixteen year old to dictate what life is like, go work for the man that is, and we’ve allowed the most ignorant and incompetent people to dictate who is competent to make decisions for themselves. It’s all a big mistake, and we must acknowledge how big this mistake has gotten. The mistake could lead to the five year plan, the ten year plan, and all of Orwellian nightmarish socialism could come true. Who’s the President gonna be known as? The Donald? Big Don? Who knows? We need Democratic elections, people who consider the right and responsibility of women who actually give a crap about life. Women are usually the smarter sex, no deate, so I’d get out and vote. Of course, Prop 8 in California and laws like it are unconstitutional for the same reason that Loving v. Virginia was found in favor of the interracial Richard and Mildred Loving, and with a twist. Big Don, as I’d like to call him, will try and disproportionately ban all things people fought for, including gays and disabled individuals, and he will shack us all in group homes. Surveillance speakers may pop up in however many years. If we repeat the pattern of what the Donald wants, we could end up in dire crisis, more Orwellian and part Huxleyan. Orwellian in surveillance and perhaps dminished rights for women and minorities, perhaps we will end up almost paralleling the book’s climax. Anyone thought up the Thought Police? Sounds paranoid, but we’re getting close. Look at the many times the recent bombing suspects in our nation have been called into question because of tattlers and others, but that’s just the beginning. Marriages will be regulated by the government. We will not be allowed the eople we care for, which includes sweethearts. For God’s sake, we can’t afford this. We will also have passed the Huxleyan mark by overuse of sex and booze as a means to control the population. The government already controls by really subtle psychological persuasion what it wants you to believe. We could be chemically brainwashed by the same government, and Huxley’s fable has some truth to it. While we don’t have rockets and planes, while we don’t make people in factory assembly lines in bottles with beds of peritoneum, we will come darn close. Perhaps surrogacy will replace the joy of having a baby. Whatever it is, the defective babies will be thrown back to the hills. This isn’t America. So here’s a hint on how to reverse the problem: get your sorry fat butt off that couch, quit watching CNN, Fox, and any news network, quit trying to tell me what to do, put down your stylus, pen, or tablet, and if you’re eligible, go vote. Vote in the polling places, and put the stickers on your shirts. Vote. Darn it, get out and vote and tell the government you’re voting in and out of office, we do not want to worship a regime, we want an America based on democratic values and based on scientifically approved studies. Gay people will adopt kids. Surrogate moms will be used more often. People with disabilities will be the leaders of the next generation. I will marry the man I want, not the one the government approves of. He is sitting by me now, watching Twit. In some ways, he’s watching Twig. This Week in Google. Anyway, all my rants I hope are gonna wake up the people who it means this much to them, so if you care about this country, get off your bottom and vote.

I’m Working with Legal Shield: Here’s Why

Dear All,
I guess it all started with my buddy Ben J. Bloomgren, but I totally didn’t believe him. Like you, average American who believes in work for a jerkish boss and boring office cafe fare, I believed that I’d get a job after university studies, but I was wrong. I cannot imagine my life today though without the enriching experiences college did indeed bring. However, I was in legal trouble due to a pair of obtrusive and obstinate family members who decided to declare that I was incapacitated of almost all rights, including that of marriage and family coherence with a unit I establish, the right to own property such as a house, and the right to sign a document. Well, documents have to be signed. My parents wanted me declared incompetent not for guidance as I falsely believed at seventeen and an ignorant half year later, they had arranged for me to become a house pet of a daughter who would not receive her rights at eighteen. They did this in retaliation against me for seeing boys, seeing non Catholic boys at this. My school crushes were all not Catholic, and the last school crush I ever had was a black Protestant male. He was originally from the Caribbean, and some of you readers know him by name, so I won’t mention it.
It occurred to me while my buddy Ulysses was staying with Trenton and I while going to Gala Choruses that there was a contact she knew by the name of Michael. Michael in turn got me on the phone, flagged me down, and just yesterday, Trenton and I went to a presentation about the legal plans. The Legal Shield plans we’ll be using are pretty simple. They’re individual, and I may add ID theft if necessary because I might have had identity issues here on the Internet. I applied for a QVC card only to have my stuff sent to me with a note saying “Recipient is deceased.” What?! Had I had Legal Shield identity theft protection, all this wouldn’t have been such a worry.
So the legal thing will be our insurance for legal matters, no matter how trivial. But the big questions bugging me are how can an attorney with Legal Shield in Florida help me get rid of the damned incapacitation? I know the steps, but there are questions: can I have a doctor in Colorado be a privy witneess to an exam for me instead of one in Florida? I’m concerned as well as the rest of the world about Zika virus, all that hyperactive weirdness is somehow true. But I don’t want my child to be microcephalic, suffer seizures, severe handicaps, and die. The big problem with Florida will also be that I might have to spend an enormous amount of money on a plane trip just to see a doctor. This is unreal. I believe the docs and psych testers at previous locations were real shitheads, sorry but true. They didn’t understand the terminology of blindness, collected bad collateral, and used the word of my ex versus my own word. All of the test results in collateral were all “She’s incompetent and pushy” and “We don’t like her.” The tone I’m getting from these test results shows a psychologist’s unwillingness to learn how to spell the word Braille, which I had to eg her to do. Then, she had to change terms and definitions because they were all wrong. But all in all, the test results were rigged for incompetence and unjust labeling on the person in question, me. Obviously, these people weren’t seeing me on a long term basis and don’t know me. BPD being the final diagnosis does not fly because of the tone of the collateral and the people’s choices in talking to my psychological tester. My ex did not speak favorably, but let’s face it, because Trenton and I want to be married sooner, we’re facing legal complications. The simplest way we felt we could get rid of them was Legal Shield.
Legal Shield protects you and your entire group of eight dependant children or adults, 26 years and younger, but when they turn 26 or so, it is advised they get their own plan. The kids will be safeguarded from those illegal and unfair racial profiling at school, but I don’t want my child’s academic record bristling with suspension for bogus reasons other than, “She was a foul mouthed n—– in all sorts of ways, promoting hip hop and rap in my music or English classes.” This is just an example of what a teacher could suspend my child for. Therefore, my children must stay a course at homeschool. Homeschooling would provide my children, biracial and progeny of disabled parents, with safe and secure walls on which they can paint their emotions, but to balance things out, I’ll probably send them to camps and trainning for a profession such as music or dance or sport if they so choose. They can choose based on their potential.
It is vital we as a family choose Legal Shield, and best of all, if you like the company, then yeah! Let’s do business. Did you know that you can make thousands of dollars based on how many people you recruit to this company? You can recruit like crazy, or not do it at all. But being an associate with the business means you can change people’s lives.
I may not be able to sell healthcare products with Plexus Worldwide, so here’s the deal. Legal Shield will get my life back, and I hope to God my children have better lives than I had. I can almost picture my little daughter sitting on my lap, begging me to read her a book. I read the book, look up at her and then she asks, “Will the cops take me away?” I assure her, “No, sweetie, they won’t. Not on my watch.” Then she says, “But they shot Andre down the street from us.” “They’ll never shoot a girl. And if they do, then they’ll pay a handsome fine for it. I assure you that if any cop or lawman harasses us at home, we’ll have all the guns we need to keep the family safe.”
My daughter says, “Thanks, Mommy.” Then, all I’d do is explain in basic terms to her that “We have legal insurance.” She’d realize we got it before she was born. Then, I’d sing a little song to her like I would do usually, then close and lock her bedroom door, then go to my husband in bed, then there would be a safe house. I hope that that little vignette really is true for us, and that Trenton and myself and our children are protected.
I chose Legal Shield because for God’s sake I cannot afford an attorney. All the Brevard firms are charging me without realizing my income situation. Government won’t help, so yeah, I hope the whole incapacitation case goes to trial, results in a criminal probe, and yep, you can guess the rest of what I’m thinking. That is why I chose Legal Shield.

Who is Iqbal and Why I Won’t Buy All the Carpet

Long ago, there was a time in Pakistan when children were sold into debt slavery making carpet for a merchant. When these children got sold, they usually never found their families. Iqbal Masih, one such, was torn from his country home as a young boy and sold to a carpet maker and forced to work a the loom. Life at the carpet factory was cruel and anything but rewarding for the children. Iqbal liberated the kids at factories by causing an uprising and later risked and gave his whole life to save children from working in sweatshops.
Why did I write this? When you build a house, think about where your furniture or carpets come from. Ever thought that that wooden locomotive would be a better fit for your child than that Chinese made matchbox car? Ever wondered what your dog food looks like on a molecular level? Ever wondered where your carpet and tiles came from? Where did the bricks on your house come from? Who embroidered your pillowcases?
And who grew your chocolate and your food product you eat daily? But also, who sewed your carpets? One thing we’re committed to here at denverqueen, the blog of weirdness, is not enriching those who put vulnerable persons in bondage. Therefore, carpet must be factory pressed in the United States or a country that does not have lax regulations on child labor. If a child sewed my carpet, I curse the merchant who forced that child to sit by his/her or their loom daily, for fear the master could punish her for not working fast enough.
This is Iqbal’s work, and we must honor it.

The Topics I Most Loathe Writing about and Why

Hi all.
Something came up as a job opportunity, but I’m running into a snag. I thought I could write something about some “enviroapp.” But let’s accordingly call this “the most useless topic I’ve ever tried to research.” While the company desiring the post on said app sells balances, scales, and laboratory equipment, they should probably have been clearer about the uses and where to find and test the app itself. If it is inaccessible to the blind employees of said company, then why should I, a blind person, write for them? Thankfully I’m going to try switching companies. I’ve got to research more companies and find something I can write about. Maybe tech reviews should be my real calling, but it is unacceptable for a blind person to write some technical jargon post about something they will almost never use. Or not be able to use, might I add? What about promoting a brand that sells Pakistani made carpets? Sorry, Empire, but if you’re selling Persian or Syrian rugs, they better not be made by children who are sold into making this material just so I can walk on it. I’m considering writing a note to Hershey Foods Inc., which supplies my favorite sweets, and asking them to look into their suppliers because if by some miracle they do and find human trafficking involved, I’m boycotting all their goods. Same thing with any carpet sellers who market Pakistani or Indian or whatever carpets that have been forcibly created by children sold to a carpet merchant. Ever heard of Iqbal?

applying for a Job: What Could I Possibly Do?

So it is. I’m applying for jobs, work at home ones because of travel constraints and because I’ve got a relationship on my hands. I’m not in the mood to work for the man, work my butt off at an office. So I lay in bed beside him night after night wondering what could become a steady job with income. We need it because everything in life seems too expensive, truth or lie?
Our cable bill was doubled, ugh, and worse, we still have to pay rent. Ugh. And I heard about a blog writing job from a friend who now lives in Pennsylvania, and I’m nervous because I might not get the job. There was a short writing test, but face it, I may not get the job. I don’t care how many times I have to apply. Ugh. Just … double ugh.
And who would buy my writing? Nobody possibly because I’ve been riddled with bullet points about “stay on topic” and “you can’t focus” and “you really shouldn’t do this job.” Anything is better than having to do some burn out customer service job at a custodial shelter workshop that some of my other friends have done. Ugh.
Triple ugh. it I’ve got more links..

Apple Unveils A Whole Slew of Apples On the Tree!

Do you have the knack for coding? Do you wanna be healthy? Do you love your I things? Currently, I’m sitting here watching the Apple event with Trenton, and we’ve unveiled a slew of stuff, including education friendly app things and now a new Apple Watch is getting a makeover. You will now be able to swim and surf with your watch, God I’m jealous, and there’s going to be built in GPS, And now you have view ranger. There’s more. View Ranger looks pretty cool, but the biggest thing is they are unveiling aniPhone thing. Great, my feet burn as I write this. …
Hiking will never be the same. They’re also saying ceramics will be used to make the watch now. What?!?Apple is planning to partner with Nike, which is the number one sports brand and so on. It contains a band that is ideal for running with, in fact all the watch parts have a runner in mind.
The CEO and president of the Nike brand says that more and more people want to get out and “run.” It seems true, but running is fun.
The President is demonstrating how to do a run with the Nike watch. It’s the President of the brand, not to be confused with the other one. There will be invites you can send to runners. Motivation is part of it, and Sundays seem to be a day where you can get out and “just do it”. With the purchase of this watch, you’ll be part of what Nike calls, “the Nike Plus run club.” The Nike Plus has four colors, not revealed yet, but … this is an extremely awesome time given the weight of so many of us.
The Series 2 and other watches are priced $369 and series 1 original will go for $269. A bit pricey.
Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for … iPhones.
Apple claims to have sold over a billion iPhones. Ugh, that’s a large number. Software for this phone, iOS 10, will be released soon. Maps and keyboard typing and a variety of other software components will get a makeover. Home kit is Apple’s new home automation kit. iPhones will now have better camera features, 7 Mo’s and dual rear cameras, as if cameras are enough.
Who cares about pictures? But the phone is getting the look of the most intimidating super microcomputer in the world.