Thanksgiving 2016: What Is America?

More than two hundred years ago, the Puritan New Englanders settled at Plymouth in the present day state of Massachusetts. They had it hard in this time, having not had the knowhow to plant and tend crops. So the Natives helped them learn to plant the corn and showed them how to take care of the land. Sadly, diseases might have killed off two thirds of all the past generations of Native Nations. So many of the first nations died in post-Columbian American colonial times. These Puritans, or later Quakers, Shakers, and a variety of others, were the first batch of refugees.

I wrote last year that refugees made this country. Syrians currently face, in present-day America, war and bombs over different places and their chance of death is too high to say their country is safe. Syrian refugees need new homes, must adapt to a new country and new culture, must be able to face the vetting process.

I don’t suggest that we register Muslims, but that is what the Trump administration will probably want to do. He says one day he’ll do one thing, then turn around and do another thing the next. Thankfully, we must be gracious that we have opinions. I’m grateful that my hair can hang lose, not be in an approved hairstyle, and that I can take a vacation anywhere in the world I want, provided I have a passport. However, the Trump administration could turn this reality to fantasy. THis Thanksgiving, I personally feel that as a disabled woman, someone who should have probably been born to better family, I should have the right to express my opinions in any way I want. The refugees of the first Thanksgiving had to bow down to the King of England and practice his religion. Most of England practices the famous Anglican faith, founded by Henry VIII after he wanted a divorce, a lawful annulment, from Catherine of Aragon. Of course, she was his first wife, and he didn’t want to kill her as it was stated in the old Papal times of like the 1300s.

However, Present-Day America is nothing like that. We bow down to no king, we have no one religion. Except for the grandnephew of Liliuokilani, Queen of Hawaii, we almost have no monarchs in our country. Hawaii is a different story, but still, we have each other, and our land.

The first refugees did not have their own opinions, and most of New England practiced a Puritan faith that went by the Bible, and thought that such was infallible. Well, the Bible is not infallible in some ways. The Puritans didn’t have premade or processed cheeses, foods, and other things we have today. Ready made clothing was also a luxury, and most of the beer was homemade. A good wife was supposed to make the beer, cheese, and sausages and other things the Puritan refugees had to eat.

When the official Thanksgiving holiday was proclaimed by then president Abraham Lincoln, we had a problem with slavery. He emancipated slaves, yes, but Lincoln was one man who would not let this country stop thanking the Pilgrims or the Puritans whatever they were called for founding and making this country great. Today, we face an uncertain future, so uncertain that white nationals are trying to stand up and take power again. We can’t let this happen, and we must be vigilant yet we must still be thanking God for our homes, our land, our food, and most of all, the rich history that we’re attempting to delete in public schools.

What are the children learning in school about the Pilgrims/Puritan refugees? Not much. They are learning very little about the Mayflower compact, Bay Psalm Book and many other colonial relics. This is making it dangerous for us to just pass over the history. It was so many years ago that the First Nations would tell their children, in the oral method, of a nature spirit or goddess that ruled the world and if they did their duty, they would get many things. It is so long ago that we told stories around a campfire to our children so they’d behave themselves, where has that gone! Instead, we are allowing our children to play with technological toys such as tablets, computers, and several million other things we’ve fashioned. I’m not saying kids should never play with these things, but we must be mindful of where we’ve been, what we’ve done, and where we came from. We’re humans, and oral traditions should be important to us. This Thanksgiving, don’t forget to tell stories of your immigration, your country’s history, or if you’re native, your Indian/First Nation and the spirits, the gods, the legends that made your nation a reality. Remember that girls and boys should be equal.

Letter to the Lost

Normally, when I write a letter, I start, “dear” or “to whom it may concern”, but today, this is a note to all the lost ones. This is not something I normally write, but this is a note that should tell those who think they’ve found their way that even they are lost.

I’d like to start with those white Supremacists out there. To Steve Bannon, David Duke, and others, hands off me and my fiance. He’s African AMerican, I’m white, but guess what? I have a touch of black in me. My grandpa was part Cajun, and Cajuns have been known to intermarry with blacks. There you go. We have a child of a slave in our ancestry. Trenton’s ancestors were slaves, but who cares. If you think it’s okay to shove my baby into the road, I won’t let you. You’re making America hate again. We’re supposed to be a great country, and the way to greatness is not shoving black people off a sidewalk. This reminds me of a scene in Roll of Thunder Hear my Cry by Mildred Taylor. Lillian Jean Sims shoves Cassie off the sidewalk, and Lillian Jean’s dad says, “You will say yes, Miss Lillian Jean.” Guess what? I want nothing to do with being called Miss anything. As to being called Mrs., I want to be called Mrs. Matthews, Mrs. Trenton Matthews, with respect and dignity due me as a woman with a disability. And your racist rhetoric has no place with me and other Americans.

Secondly, to anyone with problems of their own, problems with communication, autism, mental illness, I’m with you all the way. Nobody should hit you, despise you, or belittle you for your disabilities. Trump supporters have done this to me, and Trump inspired important events, but worse, he inspired someone to impersonate someone on the Eyes Free blind android list, and that impersonater wrote that we were “stinky pigs” and put pro Trump crap in the email list, permanently archived for the world to see. They banned the user.

This is unprecedented behavior.

Now, to the blind community who voted for Trump, you’ll have to fight for Medicaid services for the disabled. And you guys got yourselves into this mess. Only the wealthy are benefiting from Trump, that’s all. But he will be impeached and jailed for racketeering and fraud, and here you all were saying that Clinton was crooked.

To the blind Hilary supporters, watch your computer screens for cybertrolls. Make sure that trolling gets punishment. I won’t have someone messing around with this girl again. And we should have laws against cybertrolls like Ivan, age 16, from Texas. He voted in his own mind against immigrants like … oh yo ho, his own parents. Immigrants make up a majority of this country. In fact, the Statue of Liberty calls to all of us in the world, likely those who become immigrants in times of war and other things. We must be willing and able to spread the real message behind the statue of liberty. And this includes blind people.

For those of you who think Trump is God’s plan, he’s a false prophet of racism, misogyny, and bigotry. There are more reports coming through the news of incidents like that of Cassie and Lillian Jean. An incident occurred in a college once with a black girl called Natasha. She left the sidewalk because some guy said, “No n*****s on the sidewalk. Get in the road.” When asked why he did this, he said, “I’m just making America great again.” Wrongo! A group of Christians told Natasha she could walk on that sidewalk and she was a beloved child of God like everyone else. Does Trump even see what he’s causing?

My note to the lost concludes with this. If you’re a Trump or Clinton supporter who doesn’t understand the message of either candidate, do your homework. I’m no nasty woman, but nobody calls Hilary a nasty woman, or any other woman. If I ran for President, you’d bet I’d have to reasonably add provisions to Medicaid for the families with disabled people. My friend Ashley is the parent of an autistic girl who needs therapy and other services through Medicaid. How’s she going to get those services in Trump City? I didn’t think so, they won’t be able to obtain the services they need. There’s an autistic adolescent called Brianna who’s experienced bullying inn her home state of Maryland. How can we protect her? Trump won’t.

How’s this girl, me, how am I going to keep my services like medical insurance and transport to appointments? What about home care services in case, God forbid, my disabilities become dangerously bad? Don’t play the Beth is Lazy card here. You need to understand that without Medicaid services, I’d not be living independently with a man I actually care about, who gives a crap about me. Therefore, I ask all ableists and Supremacists to kindly delete all hate speech against me and others you really don’t like, step off the Internet, and stop your activities immediately. My fiance and I have the right to walk together on the same sidewalk, marry, raise our kids, and use whatever resources provided to thrive. Not just survival, I’m talking about thriving. Thank you for your consideration.


Beth Taurasi

Copyright and Rich People: Governments and CISPA

Dear Readers,

I recently had a copyright flag possible on one of my facebook live videos. I had to delete the video stream I made because Arcane Music, a rich company, wanted rights to their music acknowledged. Well, I’m sorry, but the CEO can part with a million bucks. We had a law in 2011 that would have allowed cyber snooping, but this is a ding I won’t allow Arcane Music to get rich on. Any music company CEO’s reading this should take a look at who they’re dinging for copyright infringements.

First I am a simple blind girl typing this on a Chromebook, and my earnings of only $736, all of which comes from SSI. So as you can see, I cannot pay for your rich plush pillow lifestyles. Your copyright licensures should never come before the lives of the have nots who are trying to showcase gaming, mplay music for the sake of playing music, etc etc. IF your name is Donald Trump and you’re reading this entry, you are fired. You’re fired. And that statement isn’t trademarked and copyrighted, but if you’re Trump, you have all the plus pillows in your bed you want, including pillows a mile long. What about all the Slavic beauties you have a chance to marry? Models like Milania are hard pressed to marry rich, and that’s major hypergyny. So don’t complain if I say you’re fired in a sentence on my blog.

If you’re a CEO of a music company living in some highstrung flat in Manhattan, congratulations, you love New York, filth and all. Not all the streets are filthy, of course, but you gotta love it, rats ‘n all. But your life is ten times better than mine, at this point you have a super, a maid, a butler, a cook, any number of things. I rely on Medicaid, so if you wanna infringe on my right to showcase my singing or play a certain cover of a song, realize who you’re going after. jAnd for heaven’s sake, read my lips and read this gosh darn blog. You could learn that I have a life, and at least I’m not demanding the best suite magically come to me like Kim does all the time in her hapless attempt at fame. Kim West, and yes, Kanye, are so into themselves as my long lost VI teacher said of my middle school classmates. Guess what else? Kimye have two kids!!!! Who have a nanny! You know how many mothers in your offices would kill for that so they don’t have to put the child in daycare? What if I were like Olivia Benson, have to work all the day long so victims can be safe? AT least she loved Noah, and in the Law and Order episodes I see with them both, she takes mothering Noah seriously, even if she’s not married and just dating Ed Tucker. Olivia doesn’t just put Noah in those inner city daycares. In this show, she and Noah use a babysitter who is awesome, and Olivia pays her. You know how many of us want this? I can’t have kids right now, I can’t even finance a wedding. But let’s say this: if I can’t finance a wedding, I sure as hell won’t finance any copyright infringement cases you throw at me. You can’t sue me anyway at this point, but it is useless to try and go after me because of my peasantry. And hell, I write ten times better than any medieval peasants. Thank you for your support, readers and others, and please go vote.

Overpriced Stuff for the Blind: Making Money is Not the Answer

Imagine for a moment you walked into a store and wanted to buy an appliance. Let’s take a bathroom scale. This pops into my mind as I’m writing this, but should we blind consumers have private access to our body weight? Yes, we should. However, imagine you, average sighted consumer, looking at bathroom scales, watches, and other things normal people take for granted. All of them don’t work for blind people.
As a blind person, I am acutely aware of overpricing of the talking scales, which can be sold at retail shops for much less than at blind mice cataloguing stores like Ann Morris Enterprises and other companies like it. Blind mice sells a variety of things, making it easy for blind people stuck at home to in theory go shopping but not all products are actually blind friendly. Sadly, I made a mistake in purchasing something. A big misconception about things for the blind is that they’re expensive to adapt. However, this misconception is brought about by the overpricing of many products the average blind consumer must have in order to survive as a normal person.
First and foremost, in the employment sector, computers are used to track, keep record of things, and do general at home business. However, because of the expense of computers, I am unable to purchase one without undercutting my funds further on a screen reader such as JAWS, a software by Freedom Scientific, cost? $1500 or thereabouts. This is not an acceptable price ratio compared to a computer. Windows PC: $300 minimum. However, a Mac Book of some sort is more acceptable for the blind because the access is worked into the design of the product. However, rehabilitation agencies refuse to buy said products. I have a word or two about this: it’s a load of moneymaking molarchy to make the companies like FS and the new VFO and other screen reader giants richer. The age of access within the design is here, and DVR across the country should be taking advantage of it.
For example, Trenton’s idea of a computer is a Chromebook. He says this or the Mac Mini or iMac will work, but we solemnly affirm that we’re staying away from Windows because of the lottery tickets DVR pulls out against accessible computer design.
Overpricing and inherent price gauged products are altogether mixed bags. I would not pay $5000 for a HumanWare Braille Note Touch tablet because I’ll never make that much money unless I go on some game show. And if I win. But no!
You might want me to get a talking temporal body thermometer for when I or Trenton or God forbid a child gets sick, but the talking appliance is overpriced, clear price gouging of the consumer. I’m sick of price gouging on simple things we need. A hand mixer should only cost about $15 at Walmart, and we should not have to rely on a standmixer from KitchenAid or some big name company for the blind. All this is because of the prices.
Yes, I want to spend my money elsewhere, but do I have a choice? I want to be able to buy me pairs of new shoes, new clothes, and other things, but living on one’s own is expensive. I’d like a job, but given the heavily contestable election climate and a sexual predator running in the pole position, we could be facing layoffs as blind employees and job hunters alike. I’ve applied for eight jobs, all of which did not interview. I can’t just apply for jobs like a sighted person. Tell me to get a job and you’re asking for trouble. Because of tech price gouging on blind consumers, I had almost $400 and a bit more in overdraft fees, and desperately tried to balance my bank account, only to be hit with a bad check. I can no longer have what I want: a normal life where I don’t get judged for shopping for a nice purse. I know there are haters out there reading this and going all whiney about this, like, “Stop your bitching.” Well, I’m sorry, try living on your own, your family waiting in the wings to conspire to kidnap and steal your life that you want so badly away from you. All over the shoes you bought, or the purse you have, or the gifts no longer given you as a person of importance.
Price gouging should be a strict federal crime, and regardless of how companies have to run, they should be paying the bills. Maybe FS and VFO or whatever other company makes blindness products should consider working with mainstream companies in order to work their patented stuff into the design of mainstream marketable things that price reasonably, and to poorer class blind consumers, they should be giving loads of money back in debt costs because blind people oftentimes have barriers, not in their control, in front of them. Family makes all the decisions, or a guardian is abusive, or perhaps a sibling or awkward relative raped that person. Blind females should be given priority rehabilitative time because of the high risk of abuse these women face. And another part of my blindness plan should involve going after VFW or VFO or whatever companies are overpricing their products and demand that they comply with laws against price gouging. I’d go after the big hitters, but not Serotek because at least they work with us. At least there are some and very few companies working with anyone. Apple should be forced to lower the price of Mac books under the price gouging the handicapped plan. After this, blind consumers should soon be able to have universal access in the palms of their hands, including the ability to seek a job, or make a name for him or herself. DJ work is a possibility but spending two grand is not.
Thank you for reading.

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