A Revised Disownment Letter: What I Should’ve Written To Mom and Dad

Dear Readers,

It is always around this time I often think, what will happen if Trenton and I decide to have a child or two? One friend said get the NFB involved, but what good will that do? The NFB refuses to support me because of comorbid disability, Riccobono or not. I think that Mr. Riccobono does have to work hard to get people to realize that guardianship is bad for all people, regardless of disability, but blindness is a primary disability I’ve had to adapt to for life. Guardianship just sends a terrible message that “We the parents can have dominance over a blind person if we want, especially if she’s dating inappropriate people.” Black falls under the category of “inappropriate” according to this terrible message, and I’ve had nothing else to think of this time. If my family calls, I plan to tell them that when Trenton and I have children, they won’t be allowed to see the kids until their dominance and controlling guardianship is dissolved, and they do it without a fight. If they don’t give up the guardianship, the kids won’t see them, and I will make it clear: you, Mom and Dad, committed fraud, I’ll say. They committed exploitation of a young girl with a disability, and if I was writing this in their home, they’d steal my Chromebook which was not exactly theirs to begin with. They don’t know how to use a ChromeBook I bet, and because I don’t want them to see the relationship unfolding between myself and Trenton, I’ve blocked them. I’ve even went so far as disowning them by email, but what to do! I want to be able to have prenatal care and screenings for my little ones, and Medicaid will have to pay for all that because the baby must live. All our babies must live, and I can’t tell you readers enough that the babies will end up dying if prenatal diet and care are not administered. However, a parent in the middle could prevent me from having a child, and they could cause a miscarriage. I won’t have it. So, will you readers do me a huge favor? If you are friends with my parents on Facebook, and you think it’s nice that they are protecting me, write them on Facebook and tell them it’s wrong to have what they have, that it is fraud to have guardianship over a blind woman, and to give up all forms of guardianship unless it’s centered around me and I’m an older lady. Write to your Congressman if you’re a Florida resident and tell the Florida Congress to outlaw guardianships because this one is totally bogus, doesn’t let me do what I want with my life, and could cost me children. I will not be a baby factory for the state, I want to say right now. Trenton and I need to be able to have a child and keep the child, or the children. Sadly, my parents treated me like a burden to them, which the guardianship was meant to cover up. I ask all Floridians who are blind and or have low vision to boycott any services or retail that my parents use, send a message to this family, their attorneys, lawyers, and other people, that this is not acceptable. Florida blind people are able to have families and do things normally, and Jessie is one of them. Kim is a mom of two children, married to a good husband. Who else can I name? There are many Florida families who comprise of visually impaired or blind parents, and I would encourage these families to write my parents on Facebook, and tell David or Patricia Taurasi that their daughter deserves better than this bogus charge. While blindness is an accurate “charge”, I want the ability to consent to prenatal care for my children, the ability to have and keep the kids, and I want my parents to understand that if they refuse to acknowledge adulthood in their daughter, or this case a little known ward of the state, they should be prosecuted for doing so. I want to own a house, buy things that I own etc, and be able to will things to my children. The children should also be taught respect, self respect, and honoring their mom and dad, to the point where they do not put us in nursing care facilities. My children should be allowed to see their mother in the hospital if she’s sick, same with their father. What I want to see from both parents, and this goes for all parents, is to acknowledge that you treated your child like a burden and can’t have any more years with that child beyond eighteen. When my kids grow up, they’re going away somewhere, and when they turn eighteen, they’ll go to college or trade school wherever they want, Emily Griffith included. If my child says he/she wants to go out of state for college, I’ll allow that and never stop my child from living their dreams. But the parents who raised me should be informed that they are officially disowned and cannot have guardianship, regardless of what their concerns are. I live with Trenton, I have food and water in my home, and I do things normally. Forensic psychology is bogus, so I won’t go for that. I want a student that spells words properly, and can define the skills definition of blindness, regardless of how hard it is to find one. And this test will go in my favor, and if you think it won’t, I will tell the psychologists that my parents just don’t like their daughter. They say I manipulate people with my “intelligence.” Wrong. They do it themselves. They manipulated a poor lawyer and judge to remove my rights, and for this, they should be punished. Upon talking to LuLu Flemming, a lady who does a good show on Blog talk Radio, I decided it may be pointless to fight this, but if we had to, we’d bar the kids from seeing the grandparents, my parents in this case. They might view it as a bargaining chip I place on the children, but I’m doing it to keep the children safe. My parents have to understand, these are mine, not theirs, though they will never drink Italian blood ancestry. They could be mixed race, in fact they will be black almost. I might have had a black guy as a bioilogical father, no matter what Mom thinks. This is why my parents are white, telling me who to live with, affecting relationships, and telling me with whom to share things. They want total control, and as I said on Face Us with Robin and Lulu, I’m appalled at the racist ideology my parents practice to this day. They pulled an Orien Henry on all the men I requested, Michael Bonhomme was out because of kids and what they call “sexual experience.” I don’t appreciate them insulting Michael, who’s doing his best to raise his children by a woman who is intellectually disabled, and she could not function like a wife. Michael needed a wife, a woman who could hold conversations with him, and have good communication skills. Communication is key to a relationship. Michael had a crush on me, but face it, Trenton is at least the same complexion as Michael was, but I love his ability to play his drum, and I love a lot of things about Trenton. Doesn’t matter what other girls he’d been with, I’d had my share fo boys. But Trenton is the man I’m with, will stay with, and won’t leave him for the rest of time. I understand that my parents didn’t want me to be with anyone darker than they were, and they will do this to Trenton, and they’ve done it already. No money for honeymoon stuff, no money for the wedding, and I will be forced to exclude many people where I am concerned. Trenton’s friends and family may number only fifty, and only fifty at the most could be gathered, but I want the bells to ring louder than my parents’ voices of “You shouldn’t be doing this.” My freedom depends on people attending my wedding, and if I were to write a real disownment letter to my family, I would tell them since they don’t like black people, while I’m not their daughter, go to the inner city of Orlando or someplace, place yourselves in the shoes of the blacks of Florida, and volunteer at a poor school where mostly African Americans attend. Do something with your lives instead of exploitation of a disabled adult, and don’t you dare read my blog, I’d say. I have a right to write that stuff, and if you don’t like it, go someplace else and think about why I wrote what I wrote here. Trenton and I want to spiritually marry, but I’m not sure streaming the wedding will be safe for us. Someone could listen to the wedding, then make a negative joke on the comments, which is why I wish we had YouTube so we could disable comments. I don’t think the wedding should be streamed or recorded because of parental hatred toward black people, and they will get a leak of the video and realize they were wrong. And that could kill both of them, who cares. Being wrong is something a narcissist doesn’t want to admit, Donald Trump, my dad, my mom, I don’t know who else admits they’re wrong. If you’re wrong, you’re wrong. Admit you’re wrong, and move away from me and do something productive instead of hold control over me deliberately because you don’t like certain people. Black people are here to stay, you can’t tell them to go back to Africa. They want to make a home here, and they have evry right to, including as my husband. Trenton doesn’t like what you’ve done, so don’t bother sending gift cards and other things. That’s what I’d write in their letter, but since they haven’t called me on the letter, they won’t get a response. It bothers me that they’ve pulled stunts with men I’ve been with, conspired with others to break me, kill my spirit, and destroy my first amendment rights. First and foremost, let’s point fingers at anyone who’s said a certain fan club was not appropriate. I can make many Read Gainsford fan clubs if I desire, and I will say that Dr. Gainsford’s character is deserving of fans, period, I’m totally in line with America’s free speech clause when I did it. Gainsford is a good example of an immigrant from the island of New Zealand, who emigrated to the States to live his dream of being a concert piano soloist. I’m envious of Gainsford because I didn’t get enough recognition and wasn’t taught by the right piano instructors. Gainsford was sighted, born sighted and despite other traits that people feel bad about, I still don’t have the dream of being a musician or concert piano soloist. Dr. Gainsford is a Ph.D., and I admire the hard work that goes into it. I’m envious that at least he has a loving family and other people that make him the man he is today: living the dream of American homeownership, living the dream of being employed. He doesn’t know how good he has it, and I wish I could tell him “You don’t know how great you have it compared to me.” I’m being encroached upon in the First Amendment rights, I’m being told that I could lose my residence in Colorado, and I ran here to avoid abue. I don’t want to be told when and how to use the Internet, I want to stay with my husband Trenton. And did I say I wish I could tell all the folks at FSU and past friends how good they have it? Well, they obviously complain about bad students, bad things happening to them, and they fail to see their blessings. Dr. Gainsford better count his blessings, for they number in many. I will never obtain a job teaching piano, never play in front of people again. I will not be able to be employed, no place in the country will hire a blind person. Unless you’re Jonathan and Bonnie Mosen, you can’t start a business without Rehab in the middle. I don’t see how I could succeed because where are the needs? I don’t know what needs there are. …

In closing, my hope is that if you’re spying for my parents, stop. Tell them to back off my little child. They will be barred from seeing the children or the one child unless they get lives of their own away from me, away from my husband and children.

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My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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