Mother’s and Father’s Day and Why Both Holidays aren’t that Important

Dear Readers,

While everybody went crazy oohing and aahing about their moms and how great they were, the only thing that crossed my mind about my mom was what she wanted to do with me years back just because I had Orien on the brain. She threatened chemical restraint, and thought she could do so under a legal guardianship order. My parents aren’t the patient, but they still think they can make decisions about how much medication I take a day, which is two pills once a day at night. The pills aren’t just psychotropic drugs either, there’s a birth control pill that works for me because I went off the trileptol, which is dangerous anyway for babies in utero. Unfortunately, my mother didn’t want a child by someone whom she slept with in college, and did not care whether the child had handicaps or not, she simply could not stand the fact that I had a different race in me. My mother probably had a black boyfriend, hence why the vengeance against Trenton who is black. EVen one civilized conversation with my mother is not enough to balaance out the extreme negativity the family has brought and no other way I can express it. Mother’s and Father’s days are not valid holidays in my opinion because parents should be letting their kids go, not subjecting them to harsh treatment and abuse. There are great mom friends I wish a Happy Mother’s Day to, and there’s a woman I know who was raised by a Nigerian “queen”, as she puts it, and this lady worked at FSU for a time. I must say this woman had it right when she said to her daughters, “Don’t complain about something you’ve attempted not to change.” And she said if something is wrong and unacceptable, “your silence is unacceptable.” I wish I had a mom who would have said those things, and encouraged strength and independence in me in any way possible instead of threatened me with medication, expected me to bow down to a fraudulent court order, etc. etc. etc. Motherhood is not an easy task, I never said it was, but there are things you just don’t do as a mom to a blind child.

First, you don’t slap your female child around just because she has a head wobbling issue. Sorry, that’s why it’s there, and that’s probably why a friend of mine can’t go to my wedding, all because of issues with head rocking. Lee, if you’re reading this, think about why you said you can’t go, and get back to me because I don’t have enough local friends, and the worst part, who’s going to let us have a venue for our wedding! If it weren’t for the unsupportive mother and father, Trenton and I would have a venue, I would have a dress, and we would be legally and spiritually married regardless of guardianship fraud. Motherhood requires you to support your child, regardless of your feelings or opinions about someone of a different race.

Second, motherhood does not give you a license to encroach on your child’s first amendment rights to practice any religion or practice he/she wants. EVen as a Muslim, I was told to go to church. Try telling a Christian that if he/she doesn’t go to mosque and pray there, he/she will die and be beheaded by a terrorist. That is the cold hard truth behind ISIS, Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. THe famous or infamous ISIL group is also known to have stolen Yezidi women and children for their own pleasure’s sake. Motherhood should be about fostering freedom of religion in America, and as Muslims would say, you should obey your mother threefold before your father. WHy? It’s a Haddith that the Prophet Muhammad once said. If your mother however tells you to do something ungodly, something totally against your beliefs, don’t obey. My parents made me go to church in a long skirt and veil, and I took Communion just to stop them from noticing, but they served all beef sausage, and pork was out. I could not eat ham, and that was as far as I’d go. Unfortunately, JEwish people have been told to eat pork in violation of their religious laws before, and it was done by Romans and other kings and races who sought to conquer them. Unfortunately, the Holocaust in the 1930s and 1940s did not help matters at all. The Jewish people have suffered enough, and I commend folks like my friend Tanya, who has three children and a blind husband, for teaching what is right and wrong. HEr Jewish family values and identity are, in any sense of the word, still a choice because if her child grows up and wishes to explore, he can. It’s not against the law for children who become old enough and conscious enough to make faith decisions to do so at all. Take Rifka Barry, a young woman from the Tamil region of Sri Lanka, whose family lied about letting her practice Christianity, and whose brother was not taught proper manners toward women. Rifka eventually got a foster home in Ohio, but still practiced Christianity and no longer reveals where she lives because she’s so conscious about her safety. Rifka has written a tell-all book about her experiences, something I wrote a review of. She does not want to see most of her family, at least she hasn’t yet. HEr little brother was the only thing she missed, as it says clearly in her foreword in her book. I wonder what I’ll write in my own book. Motherhood clearly doesn’t give you a license to want to kill your child either, as Rifka could’ve suffered a painful honor killing for being Christian.

Motherhood should never encroach on a child’s free speech and assembly rights, and socializing with other blind people seemed forbidden. The parents in this case decided to take away any use of the Internet at their discretion because they felt cheated by their daughter talking to other people about their abuse. I’m in Colorado as a direct result of the parental abuse, telling me when and how to use the Internet, what to do and how to do it, and grounding me at 20. THis had to stop, so I left against the state’s order, and I’m not going back as a result of further investigation and refusal to give up the guardianship. I want no settlements, no challenges, nothing. I want to live my life, period. And motherhood for my mother and fatherhood for the father does not give license to discriminate against a teenage daughter’s choice of boyfriend, black or white, pink or polka dotted purple, I don’t care.

Motherhood does not give license to abuse the system just because you don’t like what your child’s done. I don’t do drugs, and that’s a good thing because doing drugs would have cost me my life. What am I supposed to do for work, however? In Mexico, I could have easily been recruited because the cartels fight all the time. I could have been killed by those cartel gangs, and could never have risen to become as good as Pablo Escobar, who also fed the needy and built schools. All with drug money, so did El Chapo. El Chapo is quite the escapist, trying to get out of jail any way he can, but he sold so much in the way of drugs that he must be put away. What am I doing? I’m not doing any such things, I don’t sell or distribute crack cocaine, drugs of any kind, and if the Feds want to read this, take note. I’m innocent and don’t announce drug sales to the world, but I will say I never have or will ever sell or do drugs. My parents can have their way only if I was on drugs, but no, I’m not. Instead, they could make up things about Trenton that are stereotypical, things like “He’s a drug dealer with dreads.” He doesn’t have dreadlocks and doesn’t sell drugs, he has no rap sheet. So motherhood doesn’t give you a license to make stuff up. Or, as someone said of the Star Trek Universe, make shit up.

Thank you for reading.


Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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