Selma Broken Down

Dear Readers,
This is a quicky review of what it’s like to watch the movie Selma, and it reminds me that as a white person, I’m not privileged. I’m sick of seeing wuite over black, and white being good and black being bad. So what if someone has white or fair skin? That doesn’t give them any more privilege than the black people. Blind individuals here have gotten their own version of Selma, the Help America Vote Act. That law was supposed to help us vote. Well, I’m not registered to vote here in this part5icular precinct, but it will happen when my ID expires and I have to do what I have to do. Selma is a docudrama about the Voting Rights marches in Alabama, what they called the “cradle of Confederacy.” I hate Confederate symbols and flags because they stand for hate and slavery as well as denial of rights to those who are not only white, but sighted, male landowners. The sighted males who own land should never ever think they have all the rights in the world to trump over the rights of a blind woman to use the airport, go places, walk outside her door, get married, etc. I’d ask Dr. King the following questions, and I’ll go ahead and give responses to waht those questions would entail. If only Dr. King and I had been on the same plane, but we aren’t. Sadly, he was assassinated three years after Selma, maybe two years after. So here’s what I’d ask:
1. Have you been aware that black teenagers are being killed by police for erroneous things?
2. Are you aware of blind women, both black and white, who are denied their right because they are blind?
3. How should I go about starting a Revolution so that blind individuals, no matter what affiliate organization you’re with, can all get along and have rights to do things such as vote, marry, have kids, etc.?
4. Did you know that we have kids taken away from us if we’re having them or have had them?
5. What would you do if you saw someone deny us our entrance and admittance to a show, event, or establishment based on guide dog usage?

Here’s what I think he’d say, and this might surprise you.
1. It would not surprise me. Blakc boys are the Sheriff’s worst nightmare. They get killed because they’re black, and some white people just don’t get it. But we must be aware that peace is the answer, not violence.
2. Hmmm, I don’t think that surprises me either.
3. Peace is the answer. Don’t let yourself be lured in to violent and militant groups that don’t like you for one reason or another. Or you can start your own thing, just … well, as I’d say, do yo thang.
4. These people are nuts. Taking away children from perfectly affectionate parents, blind or otherwise, is wrong. I see people being locked up in basements all the time, abused, called Stink, etc. It sucks. We need to help those kids and stop just erroneously taking away children from parents who are really capable.\
5. Wow, dogs as guides? … Let’s see who can bring them in.l

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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