Wow, My Computer’s Been Weird, and So Has the Phone Issue

Dear readers,

My cell was broken for a while, and I had to go with no device for a while because some oaf gave me a battery that after eleven months of service, fried my sim card.  Ugh!  So, this is what I did: I returned the bad phone to Motorola, fried batteries and all, but I’m wondering if they will do something about the phone with no good SIM card things.  I got this new phone … a Moto G in the mail, but it didn’t have the proper SIM Card thing, so guess what?  I had to either buy a phone or make Motorola replace it again.  Motorola misinformed me about the phone being locked, and I’d like to hit them with a lawsuit or a complaint because some guy called Chris, well, he was from Indian or Nigeria or something, could have been a con artist, just read the damn script and I want to see all those Indian people get fired.  Not that I have a problem with India, but they are not well educated in the disability culture of the United States.  I can’t stress it enough.  Off shore calling sites are bad for blind people, and cheap though they be, they are stupid, bad, all things you can say.  Microsoft has the same issue and so did AIO Wireless.  Ugh.  Please don’t buy a Motorola phone if you can help it.  I Phones have the American help blind people need to survive the phone centered society we live in.

Now, my pc had a virus as well, and so I deleted the virus, or so I think, but IE won’t write anything in the damn fields when I tried to sign in here, so I reinstalled Firefox, and lo and behold, it worked again.  My pc has been there for like five years, and it’s time for me to think I need a new one, but new computers are too expensive.  This poor baby’s been overheating, and causing poor Blake to be inconvenienced with absence of his dear girlfriend.

Also, an update on the Jessica Mabelin situation: I’d like to say I apologize and I knew that Miss Jessica would get back.  Jessica G. is here again, and I want to thank her for at least opening the door and rolling on in.  You are welcome to stay for as long as you wish, and yes, I hope you have fun with a new pc as well.  Her Mic drivers are broken as my sound card drivers are broken.  Ugh.

For those of you who don’t know the weird details, I found Selma described on Blind Mice Megamall, so I downloaded it.  No problems.  Now, next, … ugh!  I want Cats and Dogs, Described!  Oh God!  I loved that movie, and I wanted to watch Mr. Kittycat get thrown in the jailhouse in a jail outfit.  I’m sorry, but those of you who are pet lovers, dogs rule!  Try training a cat to guide a blind person, herd sheep, and guard a loot.  You can’t do that!  So yeah, dogs rule and cats drool!

And for those of you who really wanna know, here’s a few reasons why I’d go for dogs versus the cats:

1. Dogs can scare stuff away like bees, mice, etc., and yes, they will chase and hunt down game, so yeah, Blake’s stepdad Joe could probably use a good dog to hunt deer and stuff, or raccoons.

2. Dogs can guide blind people like me, Blake, and others I know.  Dogs can also alert you to seizures, help you with other situations, make you feel better all around, give you kisses, etc.  Can a cat do that aside from making you feel like the thing is cute?  And what about the next item?

3. Dogs know how to fetch balls and walk on a heel with a leash.  Cats?  Um, they just make it harder for some to clean the litter box.  And what is the point of litter boxes for dogs anyway?  They go in the yard, and sometimes you can make fertilizer out of manure, but though not dog manure, you could possibly do that depending on what you feed the dogs.

4. Dogs are so much cuter and come in golden and deeper and more rich colors than cats.  And if you want a pet parrot, the dog won’t eat the parrot, but the cat will give it a go if it hasn’t been raised right.  Dogs are also more socialized and doable with humans, like, um, they can sit with you and watch TV and stuff.  Try training a cat to sit with a biscuit.  Haha to those cat lovers out there, but aside from your cats being cute and cuddly and trying to bring “gifts” to you in the house, I suppose the dogs have a leg up on trainability and the intelligence and stuff.  Now, here’s a dare to you neutral people: I dare you to let a dog out to eat a squirrel, a mouse, or a rat that has been colonizing your basement.  Or, even bigger dare, try training a cat to lead me around on command.  I bet that cat will lose its way quick. Ha ha.  So you know, that’s just my personal preferences: dogs rule!

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

4 thoughts on “Wow, My Computer’s Been Weird, and So Has the Phone Issue”

  1. I hate Asian callers with a pashon unless they’re Asians I know very well but half the bastards don’t even give you a phone number to ring them back they’re almost always scammers. for instance if I want to get help from Telstra for instance I ring them they don’t ring me. nearly all the callers I get I hang up on although my father tells me I’m being rude but it’s the only way.

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    1. And here’s another turn, Motorola wants a tracking number and i cant provide them that because of the fact that Mary might have the receipt somewhere. Ugh. I hope she still has that damn receipt otherwise they won’t release the funds.

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      1. Dell pulls the same shit if you don’t have a business account with them; the consumers get all the Indian assholes.


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