The Mod Meeting and Other Matters

Dear Readers,
Here are the new rules that Nick and I and the others came up with for Nick’s channel on Zello. This post again is dedicated to Zello users who frequent Nick’s Pardy. Yeah, Pardy is misspelled, but oh well. Let’s do this now:
All the rules apply except for the new one is this: no gossip and lies. We are not putting up with gossip, and if we have to quote the Bible on this, we will. This includes eliminating anyone who has said or spread gossip. We’re sick of the disabled community’s tendency of growing gossipy and spreading lies about me. I was told don’t tell others about my illness, but that adds to the stigma. Stigma sucks, and I’m not one to take it. Ok, so what if I had a gay son or lesbian daughter? What to do? If you’re in a Conservative man-woman thing, should you leave your homosexual son or daughter to die in the hills? I think not. Life is what it is, and you must respect it.
So here are the things that are most commonly gossiped about and what we will do about it:
1. So and so is gay. So what if someone said that a guy I knew was “gay” and “weird”? First and foremost, I’ve been around gay folks, and they’re just the weirdest in a nice way people in the world. The guys who claim that others are gay are crazy. Not all people are considered gay. There’s a song that a weirdo rapper did that says, “Love is for girls and gays.” Wrong. I’m sorry, but to be accused of being gay is stupid and can be a real deadly threat to someone. IF my son were to be accused of being gay, he’d have to tell us. He’d have to tell us a lot, and I’m sorry, but if anyone in my family advocates the suicide or killing of a boy because he either likes to do things with flowers and fashion or cries when hurt, that’s stupid. Men have to cry. So yeah, no gay gossip people.
2. So and so is cognitively impaired or has bad social skills. Well then why do I for instance have Blake and Bethany and all my friends and family in CO? Why is this? Can you answer this? Um, that’s right. You can’t. You’re brainless enough not to answer that question.
3. So and so pees on their kitchen floor/bodily stuff/disgusting habits. Ok, I’ll confess something. I have a tendency to burp. Well, anyone burps. But here’s another one: I tend to pull snot from my nose because … I don’t know how to say it. It’s a bad habit, and doesn’t anyone else have a bad habit? Oh yeah, people do have bad habits? I’m sure some of you smoke, drink, pull fingernails, etc. Fingernail biting is a bad habit a lot of people have. It’s weird. Picking one’s nose? Ok, so what if someone does that? Ok, so what about eating with one’s mouth open and being accused of not having good manners with food? Please pass the education, and I’ll explain something. I can eat with my mouth closed, but some people can’t. Some people have no airway in the nose, and I’m lucky I have one. But for those who don’t, please be nice and considerate and don’t talk about their eating/chewing habits.
Now, people, we know the three gossip topics people talk about. One more is clear: who’s dating who. I’m sick of talking about people cheating, but it goes to show that the disabled community cheats, is unfaithful, etc. I have some people to thank for this. My friends have gone through hell, and they’re divorcing or cheating on each other. What ever happened to marriage for life? For Heaven’s sake, what the hell happened? Blake and I? We will be friends, significant others, whatever for life. I want something that lasts, and will stay this way, pass the test of time, etc. Timeless love is something any woman should be wanting, and so should any man, when looking at someone for relationship purposes. If Blake and I had a baby and the baby making was hard on me, he might give me a break from cooking. He’s just that kind of guy. He’s super helpful, and I need that if for instance I’m down in bed and my stomach is shredded with pain, etc. If I am told I’m bed ridden and Blake wants to help, well, it’s the doc’s orders, so yeah. Just as an example of this, my aunt had a child, and she has nine of those kids. During her pregnancy with her eighth child, she was bedridden due to preaclamsia symptoms, so the doctor put her on a strict bedrest thing and my grandmother went to help with the rest. We have a good family I’ll say. I just hope to God I can stay on my feet and cook and forget about things for a while. … I don’t want to be on my bed much longer. I want to cook good foods, good fresh veggies and stuff, and since there will be multiple mouths to feed, I’ll be experimenting on the kids and hubby and myself. I’ll be doing lots of that, but I don’t want nine kids for Heaven’s sake. How does Mrs. Dugger cope with 19 kids and counting? God, I need to watch that show. … That’s too many kids. I can’t deal with that many kids. … So yeah, I’m sure I’ve got a good catch.
But the whole purpose of our mod meeting was simple and quick: we’re not putting up with gossip. That means the Jessica G.’s and RJ Sandefurs and all that stuff … sorry, guys, but those people are gone. Jealous oafs can’t join and people who don’t want me to be happy in life can’t join.
Now, time to watch some Adult Swim selections, including the Simpsons, Family Guy, etc. Wow. TV is great, but I’m not one to sit there and watch it all day. I’ve got a routine going for sure. I just wish that I had a better phone with a better OS and stuff. Oh, Jessie the Messy, just go out and get me a Nexus 6 for Heaven’s sake. … God, I wish I had one. …
I’d like to name a person of the month now, something good on the blog. The person who comments the most on my blog, Kyle I know you’re gonna be weirded out by this, does not count. My person of the month this month is Jessie the Messy … whatever you call yourself. Jessie has been helpful with tech questions and has always been the grapevine for tech news. Like, “I heard a rumor that Star Wars Com Links are gonna be made now.” Just an example, but I think Apple’s Watch looks to me or sounds like a Star Wars com wrist communicator. Com links are pretty simple and weird too.
Ok, my guy of the month club is cool. And I’d like to nominate Blake as president of my Person of the Month Club. Why? Well, he’s been helpful, and gosh, the patience is boundless, but the love even more. Thanks, Blake and Jessie. You guys are both the most beautiful messes in the world.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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