Beth’s Assessment of the Recent Mass Shootings

Dear Readers,

No, not another one.

That’s the first thing that came to mind whenever the latest mass act of gun violence hit the news. But today, I’m thinking, not two of them this time? El Paso and Dayton are the latest acts of mass murder to hit the headlines, and here’s what needs to be done. The founder of 8chan, the dark site that catered for so long to white supremacists, says the site should indeed be shut down and it isn’t doing any good in the world. But there’s more to the story than I’m thinking the media is telling us.

This is a personal attack on me as a blind person who is dating an African American. First and foremost, give me a gun so I can at least scare burglars out of the house, but in no way will I ever bring a gun out in public unless I’m a valid security officer, law enforcement, or God forbid I’m a witness under protection or some extreme circumstance so I can defend myself on the go. I’m fine with a taser, laser pens, sharp keys, and my own body as weapons as well if I need to attack someone for whatever reason if they want to end my or my family’s lives.

If I buy a gun, say from a gun store anywhere in the United States, I want to be questioned as to the reason to purchase the gun. Is this purchase for home defense? Make me fill out an application for the gun, and don’t let me gift this application to someone as Dillon Roof’s dad did. Big mistake, right? Because he committed hate crimes and mass casualty in the Mother Emmanuel Church in South Carolina. Boy, that guy was messed up.

Now, are we in Colorado susceptible to another mass shooting like Aurora or Columbine? Certainly if we don’t figure out who is lurking on the dark web. 8chan should indeed go, but so should Donald Trump, Twitter’s so called community guidelines, and Facebook’s terms of service. They are not doing enough with those guidelines and terms to thwart the next El Paso, Dayton, Aurora or Orlando in any way. The hate speech policy should be enforced more stringently with Caucasian supremacy groups, the KKK, and other groups among those who need extra surveillance. Yes, I know I don’t like surveillance, but because humanity can no longer deal with each other, communicate in a civil manner, or stop being judgmental of someone for their color, who they love, or whatever, it’s time for the surveillance of Caucasian Americans who are heavily affiliated with the groups that Roof, Cruseis, and other killers who committed these mass atrocities were affiliated with. Dillon Roof’s Rhodesian flags should have come as a big red flag to law enforcement. His posing with Confederate symbols should have been a big ass wake up call, but it wasn’t. It’s time to ban the Rhodesian flags, the Dixie flag, and all white Supremacy symbols online. I know this sounds too much, but it makes me sick. As a possible person of mixed heritage, I am deeply offended by these symbols. I will say that the Look Away song is not offensive, and I find it historically important, but no modern use of the Confederate lag should ever be allowed anywhere where it has flown. Tell me this isn’t right for the Southern whites, but the problem is that Mr. Dillon Roof stood beside these symbols shortly before he gunned down those souls at Mother Emmanuel AME church. The black president isn’t to blame, and neither is the one we have now. I know, someone wants to point fingers at Mr. Trump’s rhetoric, and I know his rhetoric is distasteful and downright harms everybody except himself, but Obama did something Trump did not: he went to all the mass shooting victims and families of the dead and actually offered genuine words of support and condolences. Trump heard about the mass shootings, and did nothing but play with his … well, does he own a Uro club? I wonder if that’s what he was really doing besides rolling in the gold he doesn’t deserve at his golf courses. Golf is not the answer to a mass shooting. Mr. President, if you please, comfort the victims and their families, and do not ever call brown or Latino people “bad hombre” again. You should know that El Paso is now a domestic terror case and Mexico will have your head. True, the Mexican government will have taken legal action, but the question is what. What legal action should Mexico do against you, Mr. President, and your government for failing to protect Mexican nationals who were gunned down at El Paso? We need to connect the dots. I know of two things the shooters had that we need to discuss.

I covered white supremacist beliefs and why it’s personal why I’m against such things. Caucasian gangs and so on should be disbanded at all costs, including but not limited to the KKK and the Aryan Brotherhood. I have never thought it would come to this. I want to be able to go to Walmart in Lakewood so I can buy groceries and food for Trenton and me. We need to be able to safely navigate movie theaters, malls, libraries, a child’s school, high school events, and many other places without the element of fear. The big problem is that people want to misuse the first Amendment. It has been thoroughly misused. This is not a license to assemble for the purpose of hateful acts such as the mass murders that took place in El Paso and Dayton. This Amendment ensures protection for religions like Islam and Judaism, opinions that oppose the governing body we have in office such as what I write often, and civil disagreements and civil arguments. The First Amendment will not, cannot, and should absolutely never protect hate and hateful acts such as extremism and mass murder. Now, before I move on, let’s do a history lesson.

I know some of you will think this is off putting, but before you decry socialism and lack of guns, think again. I know what the Redcoats tried to do to us when Britain owned us like colonies. Slaves even got freed, but in the Revolutionary War times, we didn’t have the Internet, mass surveillance tech, or even Amazon for that matter. The chapter in our lives where we muster for militia sakes is over. Yes, we need an army to defend this country, but the only time I will ever shoot someone is if they’re trying to either rape or destroy me. That’s it. And the Second Amendment should protect my rightful right to bear arms for the purpose of home defense. I want to make sure that I can target practice like they do in Japan, own a rifle or gun so I can defend myself and Trenton from the Commanders of Gilead, should they show up at our doorstep demanding a woman’s body for reproductive purposes of their own.

Yeah, you guys might think I’m paranoid, but in truth, the whole country is sick and tired of the pattern of mass shooting we are seeing. Banning everybody from owning guns isn’t the answer. We need to keep everybody safe if a police dude tries to kill a black man just for being himself the same way we need to protect the Mexican nationals that call us neighbors. We need to protect every last marginalized person in the world today, and in this country, that means the intersectional folks: imagine yourself a queer black woman who is blind and deaf. That is just one example of intersectionality that we deal with on a daily basis.

I’d like to say that the second Amendment can’t be thrown out. But we need to have gun sellers like an ex boyfriend of mine’s good friend ask me questions like, “Are you affiliated with MS13? Are you a white Supremacist? What is the purpose of the shooting weapon you are purchasing?” If I buy weapons, it will be for home defense only. This I stated before, but I’ll be glad to reiterate it again. I also want a gun dealer or seller, private or otherwise, to evaluate me with a doc’s approval so I can safely say I’m not suicidal or homicidal. Okay? I also don’t mind that anyone would ban high capacity magazines, certain types of guns, and other ammo so that my family, my dear beloved Trenton, and our future generations after will have a safe and loving environment where they can grow up without having to do active shooter drills, scared to death every day in school even when fireworks are going on the Fourth. Of course, I’m not a fan of fireworks either, and I blur the lines between those and gunshots outside my window. If I was a veteran with PTSD, I would safely request my neighbors and so on not to blast those goddamned loud and gun shot like fireworks outside because it’s not good for me, the dog, or in the example, a family. My cousin is an army veteran, so I know what that does. He spent two tours of duty in the Middle East, saw dead bodies floating around and stuff, and that changed him big time. This guy now lives in Wyoming north of me, and if I could interview him today, he’d have told me things unimaginable to the civilian body that I’d want people to understand. He had battle buddies die of suicide due in part to PTSD, some of whom probably had weapons on them. They should not own weapons if they’re feelig that way.

I would not mind filling out papers to do a background check, but applying for a weapon would be the norm in this country in the future. Please, Americans and others who’ve suffered gun violence, please put your thinking caps on and think about your loved ones. Hold your spouse, kiss your kids’ heads before they go to bed, read your child a bedtime story. You don’t know when either you or your child or loved one will perish in this scary world we live in.

For another thing, I want to say if you want to be a career military person, that’s all well and good, but we should be limiting combat weaponry in veterans’ homes. We need to take better care of them just as we do civilians who fall to mental illness, and yes, we should b asking all people with a psych doc or otherwise, “Do you own a gun?” LEt me be the first to say that no, I do not own a gun, and no, I have no intent to commit mass murder or torture on anyone. People who commit these mass atrocities are oftentimes sick individuals who are nurtured to hate, but the other guys who kill themselves don’t always hate. Veteran suicide is oftentimes the result not of the things I described earlier, but the vet often has a hard time coping with life itself, and is not getting the adequate care they need. In other words, the system is at fault. We can’t blame our Nintendo switches, our PS4’s, and Xbox 1 game consoles for this. We are glorifying violence. Yes, Steam had a controversy with that active shooter game, but it got removed. Thank Heavens it did.

I think video games can be used to teach not just the hard skills, but in Sweden, they teach diplomacy. So I don’t think the shoot ’em ups are the culprit. I think the wrong people are getting guns, and that’s the bulk of the problem. Guns are something we shouldn’t play with, and yes, respect for the weapon is good. But misuse of this sacred weapon is bad. We need to know who is buying the gun, what this personality looks like, the criminal background, and should I add that domestic violence perpetrators shouldn’t get these either?

My condolences go to the victims and families of mass shooting dead and survivors. You know what, though? If anyone wants to talk to me about gun violence, keep it civil. Unlike the guy we currently have messing around, playing golf instead of working, I will be glad to purchase a plane ticket and board a damn Black Hawk helicopter so I can be at the houses of victims’ families and so on, and I will give every person who needs one a hug. And then, yes, we need action. We need time, space, love, and we need action.


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My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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