How to Have and Keep Friends

Dear readers,

I’d like to tell you all some universal things that are acceptable, and some that are not acceptable when making and keeping friends. It all boils from my experience, so listen up, ladies and gentlemen, and listen up good.

1. Do learn how to greet people, and learn the art of conversing about common things you are interested in. Friendships blossom over common things. For instance, most of my friends are like me, and we all have stuff in common such as the ability to play and interpret music.

2. Do make contact with your friends. Believe me, if you don’t, you lose out.

3. Do ask your friends out on dates, like friend things such as meeting for coffee or going to a fun spot to play mini golf or something. It gives you guys time to bond, darn it.

4. Do not turn people against each other or cause discord. IF you do, you risk being a bit more egocentric than you really are. Example, theres this guy I won’t mention who’s turning people against me because I won’t play with him the way he wants me to. Well, because of his toxicity and abuse of women, I won’t do anything he wants, so he thinks he can get his way by turning others against me. This includes girls that have had issues with him before, and now he’s trying to force or coerce people. ANd what do you know, forcing and coercing people is a big no no. See next item.

One of the biggest don’ts in having and keeping friends is force, violence, or coercion. This guy I mentioned, let’s say he’s probably coerced people into being friends with him because he’s bored and lonely and wants to play. Well, that doesn’t work anymore with adults, does it? Force, coercion, and misuse of charisma can lead to cult behavior like that found in Jim Jones. He was a troubled kid from the start with his mom being totally unable to mother him right, his dad being disabled, and with no brothers or sisters to keep him in line. His mother didn’t help matters, and he became the cult leader of the People’s Temple, which ended up not only committing mass suicide because of Jones’s coercive behaviors, but the same group disbanded its surviving membership and they have a serious thing to talk about now. The survivors have to live with the memories of seeing their loved ones manipulated by Jones, and our friend is not far off from a Jones, except for he doesn’t have a cult under his thumb. DJ KO whoever this guy is doesn’t have his own religious tendencies, but he does have what you call a bit of coercive behavior.

One, the behavior I notice is pretty akin to cult leaders, and if this guy was sighted and able, he’d probably be a cult leader trying to wage war with women. There are a million different ways to start a cult, and I’m not saying he is indeed a cult leader, but coercing people to be friends with you or worship yor dictates is likened to cult leadership and development. Jones and Hitler weren’t far off as they trudged toward the dark path of destruction of both the Third Reich in Germany and Jonestown in Guyana. In the Guyanese jungle, there were bodies everywhere, and that sight was a complete testament to the charisma, rigid boundaries, and rigid as hell power structure Jones used to control his people. It’s folks like KO (I’ll use this name to ID the guy but this is an ex I will never name again by his actual name.) who make me wonder if Gilead is coming for real.

LEt me make one thing clear. There are drawbacks to religious freedom. Cultic behaviors such as charismatic wisdom filled egocentric leaders, rigid boundaries and a really fat power structure are bad for humanity. I believe that KO could be running a dangerous cult of women who hate and despise me, of men who want to probably kill me, and if I got in a position of power, he’d enlist the help of allies such as a man from California whose name I won’t mention, and perhaps some other bad blind people who want me either out of power or dead, to massacre people who trust and respect as well as protect me. I will not stand as the Gilead flag is raised over my country’s white house, which will if they do this never let them in. I won’t stand as my fellow females are forced to financially rely on husbands, slowly lose their rights, and then become property for use in reproductive purposes for white church leaders. This should never happen. The cult of Gilead could be the work of KO, or it could be the work of our orange haired friend in the White House. If either of them wants a friend, the first thing that has to go is the charismatic leadership, the boundaries they set such as the hostility toward the LGBTQIA communities, and the rigid as hell power structure where they hire conspiracy theorists instead of real honest people to do jobs that are far greater in impact than anything else. Let’s suppose KO was president. He’d be assassinated in a heartbeat because nobody is going to elect another racist after the orange troll leaves. And there might be a rebellion, an uprising, and then we’d all go in a revolutionary mode. The Confederate states might reform again, slavery will be allowed, and selling black people will be legal whether it’s to pay off credit card debt or other crazy ideas. KO would own thousands of slaves, be able to run plantations, and make people serve him at will. Well, we don’t have room for that kind of thing. And here’s why:

Slavery violates the Constitution’s 13th amendment, and nobody will repeal it. The Constitution is a living document, but repealing the 13th amendment will get KO a disaster in his underpants.

IF he tried to deny women rights, he’d have women biding their time and planning a full scale assault on his presidency. After he’s done diatribes against me on TeamTalk, Skype, and numerous platforms, this guy thinks he’s unstoppable. Imagine the horror of having him in governing positions. Vote KO for President. Oh no, that won’t happen. His agenda is far worse than anyone. Vote me so I can destroy Beth Taurasi Matthews and reverse the administration’s compassion for humanity. She’s dirtied up the capitol with her liberal buddies, he’d say. Now is that a way to win warmongers or friends? Look, it all boils down to one thing: you attrat more flies with pure honey, more of that than vinegar. I spit every drop of vinegar out when he tried and tries to throw me around.

IF KO wants to run the world, he just cant. His views aren’t fit for this. And what would he do to friends of mine? He said clearly, “You’ve signed your death warrant for being friends with Beth.” First of all, this death warrant is not true on a logical perspective. What he’s saying is he’d kill people for being friends with me, something akin to the Hunger Games’ President Snow who killed people for being friends with Katniss Everdeen. I’m sorry, KO, but the price of being friends with me is worth it. Not for you, however.

This guy needs to learn the basics of not coercing and threatening people with violence for being friends with someone he despises or hates. Hate me if you wish, but don’t threaten my friends and potentials with death. He seriously threatened people with death, and it makes me sick. Makes me want to throw up on pieces of paper with his ame on it. Just imagine the letters and the ink fading into just dried up barf on the page. That makes me feel a ton better about writing this post because trust me, I don’t want to feel weak, I don’t want to talk about this, but friends of mine should know how to be a friend, how to keep a friend and recognize the coercion and threats when they see it.

Please make sure that if you are reading this, you are reading this privately and without people looking at it over your shoulder. You could be the victim of social engineering if they see you sign in to WordPress, or just surf to this page. Thanks and have a great night.



Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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