Upcoming Blog Posts: Stonewall Uprising and More

Dear readers,

If you are classified as LGBTQIA or anything under the sun really, you should probably read this. I am proud to say I’ve been an ally for ten years, and upon watching the American Experience documentary on the Stonewall Uprising, I’m floored. What if this had happened to any other group of people? I mean, blacks, women, antiwar people? And yet, the gays were the last of the major groups of that decade of the ’60s to get their rights, period. Stonewall was/is an inn and bar in Greenwich Village New York City, a place where you could dance with your partner and really be yourself. But when the cops busted down the club, the guys and gals in the gay movement fought back, and the whole American Experience documentary was about this, but I want to hold back in writing a full on review of the documentary because there is more to it than just the Stonewall Uprising. I want to make you guys aware that homosexuality was seen as a disease, a mental defect curable by shock treatment and sometimes lobotomy. Lobotomy is dangerous and Rosemary Kennedy is one high profile victim of such, but she’s hardly the only one in the club. Many people tied to have their homosexual children shocked out of it, lobotomized or worse, castrated surgically. It was awful. And it didn’t help that in the documentary, … okay, I’ll just say this. There were full on propaganda bulletins about who homosexuals were after, what they were, etc., and most if not all of these things were harmful to the current generation of LGBTQIA + individuals. Of course, we still hav a long way to go. LGBTQ+ youth still compose the largest group that contemplates suicide. The Trevor Project does lifesaving work to help these youth recover and find the strength to live, provide them with resources for shelters and so on. So many LGBTQ+ youth and adults are homeless, and has anyone watched Boy Erased? You should, for it is a serious thing about a Christian family that sends their child to one of those ministry camps for beating out gayness. Well, it won’t work.

Anyway, the propaganda films I’ll go into more detail in over the blogosphere later. But I will warn you guys, the content of these videos is quite interesting to say the least, and still harms the people it was intended for. It made people look like monsters, and I have so many friends who identify as LGBTQ+ and I make up the A in that. I forgot the I, but the + … not sure.

Anyway, imagine if someone said, don’t hang around blind people, they’ll make you be blind too. Imagine if someone said, people who are unable to walk should learn that walking is the best way to live. Imagine if someone told you that your illness is contagious, meaning depression. That’s the gist of the propaganda of the 1960s that was spreading around and I’ll try and find some of the archives and share it here.

Thank you all for reading, and don’t forget the Trevor Project if you know someone who is LGBTQI who needs help in finding life, shelter, food, etc. A note to homeless shelters: discriminating against transgender and otherwise lesbians, gays, and bisexuals as well as intersex individuals is not something I support. Please do your part in helping these young and adult lives become bright and sunny, by offering them your roof.


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My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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