Stonewall Riots:The Dangers of Living Authentic Selves in the1960s And Earlier

Dear Readers,

As promised, a full review of the Stonewall documentary from the American Experience. Let me start with how outraged about the propaganda bulletins dealing with homosexuality. Just imagine someone saying this about blind people. “Blind people have a disease called blindness that is contagious, and they are happy in institutions.” Now take out the blindness and institutions, and add the following in the same sentence: “Homosexuals are diseased, they are happiest when in straight marriages, jail, and being shocked.” What I just wrote is just a scratch of the surface of what LGBTQI plus individuals went through in the 1960s and earlier. Before the Stonewall Riots, LGBTQI individuals were treated like … well, a disease waiting to end the world. We’ve been obsessing over the world ending since the human race began, so this idea of LGBTQI individuals being diseased is awful. There was plenty of propaganda in this video to sift through, and in any case, the rage and anger at the mistreatment of LGBTQI individuals translates to women, disabled people, etc. I could come up with many weird stereotypes people still hold about blind people, but LGBTQI individuals faced many weird and awkward and outrageous stereotypes from the straight society. One of the ones they still face is the idea that homosexuals are pedophiles.

Unfortunately, someone on my Facebook is prey to this stereotype, she believes that homosexuals are pedophiles. This is about 100% not true. Pedophiles, according to the mental health community, are attracted to and have fantasies regarding prepubescent children. Some abuse boys, others girls, some others abuse both. But those folks don’t count as LGBTQI and their “love” harms children. Christian hate groups have recently been talking about executing LGBTQI+ people, and this is hateful and disparraging. In the 1960s, homosexual sex between consenting adults was illegal, but to go further than this, executing friends and neighbors, this is awful.

The Stonewall Riots brought about change, and made people realize that homosexuals have rights too and should be recognized. Another weird stereotype, outrageous as it is, is that it is natural to love the opposite sex, but unnatural to be gay or bi or queer or whatever. Well, that is also 100% untrue.

I’ve spent ten years of my life wondering about this, and the dawn of my Stonewall Riots moment, which I’ll write about later, came in Tallahassee ten years ago.

The American Experience documentary showed people being arrested, and now I also know where the Village girls thing came from. During the Riots, or should I say the Uprising, some queer and gay guys got together and acted out a Rockettes kick routine and said the following, “We are the Village girls, we wear our hair in curls. We wear our dungarees above our scabby knees.” They did this routine to show solidarity with one another as the police went on and on trying to pull the people from the bar. We actually acted that one out in the Quiet No More piece we did in DWC, or Denver Women’s Chorus.

The entire documentary showed people that were actually there, and the people interviewed were diverse. One guy who was interviewed was the morals head of the NYPD. Seymour Pine did not fire his weapon at the patrons in the Stonewall, and he ordered his men not to fire unless he did, so it is said. Mr. Pine’s apologetic way of addressing this stuff was palpable in the whole thing.

Now, I’ll tell you guys how I can relate to such a moment, my Stonewall moment.

\I went to the LGBTQIA bible study to find wonderful and accepting individuals who understood my difference. While LGBTQI+ individuals still get lots of hate and backlash today, particularly from Christian groups, some other groups want my class of individuals, blind people, not to exist as well. Florida, of all the states in the union, decided to allow a Make America Straight again campaign to occur in a church built on hate. A Tennessee lawman preached for the execution of gays, which I hope earns him the revocation of his badge. People don’t seem to get it. Stonewall for the LGBTQI+ was for me my day I left Florida, and said, no. I resisted as much as I could in being asked to come back, and now I’m active as an ally in the Denver gala community. Tallahassee doesn’t have a gay men or gay women’s chorus, but then there are people who actually give a crap about us. What disgusts me today is that people think homosexuality is still a form of sexual deviance, even though in the psychological community, it is not. Pedophilia and homosexuality have both been around since recorded time, but homosexuality has become recognized as something taht happens between two consenting individuals. Children can’t consent, and anyone who thinks pedophiles should be given the right to have sex with children, well, it’s not good for the kids involved. Leigh Baker has studied sexual deviants for a long time, probably retired by now, but her book shows how predators, particularly pedophiles and situational child molesters, operate and abuse. LGBTQI+ individuals are 100% not that way, and they don’t make others the same way. Love itself can be a contagious thing, and the good energy the Pride folks put out is contagious, but not their attraction to one another. In any case, I better run to bed now. For your information, the American Experience documentary is based on a book by David Carter, available as a bard audio book, called Stonewall. Ii’d recommend reading this book, and I wish schools would read this book as a module for history because civil rights of all people are important.


Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

One thought on “Stonewall Riots:The Dangers of Living Authentic Selves in the1960s And Earlier”

  1. In response to the depicted stereotype of pedophilia being equated to homosexuality.

    Same-sexual intercourses between two consenting adults isn’t in any way equal pedophile. Children don’t have the awareness or cognitive facilities to consent. Needless to say that lady who is most likely trolling needs to get her facts together. If you are an adult and all parties are consenting , any legal interference is illegitimate.


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