Donald Trump Wants to Trump your Privacy: What to Expect

If you have mental health issues, remember this phrase? “All that you say here will remain confidential.” With Medicaid clients, it’s no differnt. As a mental health system member myself, I am made completely aware that all the stuff I tell social and casework persons remains confidential, except attempts to commit suicide or if I say I’ve committed abuse against vulnerable persons like disabled ones and the elderly. What Trump wants to do is vastly dangerous for all casework and mental health counseling patients and their workers.

Let me show you how Trump would dump all our rights in the dust for the sake of the healthy person. What Trump will do is the following in a scenario:Let’s suppose that my counselor, J., and I talk about stuff. If Trump had it his way, J. would be overwhelmed with federal requirements, including whether or not I plan to buy a gun. I would explain to J. that I would like to at least protect myself from the possibility of burglary or rape,and some guys don’t give a damn even if they’re just tasered. So the next thing I’d do, let’s say, is shoot him with a fwe rounds, that will teach a guy to mind the Denver Queen, etc. J. might tell me she’s gonna turn me into Donald’s so called Gun Squad, or something. She might blab about my thoughts regarding guns to a business, a workplace let’s say, and I could be fired. I am pulled aside by a horrible boss who then says, “Ma’am, you’re fired.” J. would have been referenced as having told Boss that I said what I said about guns, and the boss would have had every right to fire me because he/she is not happy with me seeing J. for counseling. The boss wouldn’t care.

Trump’s HIPAA trumping is not healthy or accepting for those who have mental illness, and the mental illness people have is no joke. Gun control is great, but we still need to give folks incentives to keep away from guns. Let’s suppose Robert Heinlein’s book Red Planet and its license applied. The smart people would call upon that license’s oath and they’d have to follow it. Let’s say the oath said that no gun wearer is to use the gun unless it’s for protection. No licensed civilian gun owner is to use said gun in times of war unless a military grade license is sought. That would be just two lines of a credo that all gun owners will take if Hilary is elected. But if Trump takes office, gun owners will be allowed to kill Treyvons and those who truly need the guns like I might, those folks won’t get them. Guns are a handy tool in keeping the burglars out, and you just might only have to wave the darn thing in the air, loaded, but a single round might never leave the chambers if you do it right. You just have to tell the burglar or potential bad guy that “I mean business. Get the hell out of my house.” Every man and woman has a right to life, and privacy is part of it. But Trump’s plan to eliminate HIPAA is bad for those who have these issues. While I do believe that releases have both good and bad sides, I do think that confidentiality should be kept, even in cases where guardians are wielding their guardianships like swords against the wards. I am currently hiding my footprint and … well, not really. But I will say this: my father and mother have had to be blocked on Facebook because they can’t keep their snotty noses out of my love life. The guys I’m with is none of my parents’ business. With Trump’s elimination of confidentiality, even if safety is an issue, it would go far beyond this. My parents would be allowed to sterilize or even commit an act of abuse against a daughter who’s either had sex outside marriage or dated guys they didn’t like. A teenage girl who’s been raped, and a Muslim at this, will no longer be safe because of Trump. Trump will ban Muslims, but of course that won’t fly with the Supreme Court and will result in lawsuits. I can’t wait for Trump to be impeached or recalled the instant he’s sworn in. Hilary should be elected, regardless of shady stuff people talk about. It’s not her fault about Benghazi so I’d like to say this one thing: Hilary knows where the priorities lie, doing good is the number one priority, killing off those who are considered unworthy is not on Hilary’s mind. She will be all right, and I do believe she will support vets better. Hilary will also do things to improve our domestic laws. We must take care of our own people, but this country cannot do this under Republican kindergartners who are constantly arguing and fighting about whose colored blocks they can have to break. That’s how it looks to me.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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