Sexual Assault on College Campuses

Dear Readers,

Imagine you’re in college. NOt only are you in college, but you’re a girl invited to a party. Imagine you find out that all the popular football players are going to be at your party. Now imagine there’s drinking, and then, … oh no, a football player has just cornered you. WHat do you do when he’s on top of you, when he’s penetrating your body with impunity? THis happened to many a Baylor University student, but it also happened to many other students. Colleges have become a hunting ground for predators because of the universities’ ill equipped staff and more recently, the Trump administration, which seems friendlier to predators than the women involved in colleges. College for me would have been a barrier anyway because of disability.

What makes college so unsafe for girls these days? Read the book Violated: Exposing Rape and Sexual Assault at Baylor University, and I honestly forgot the authors’ names. THis book pores over the evidence surrounding the convictions of Tevin Eliot and Sam Ukuachu. But these guys aren’t the only ones accused of rape. Rape allegations have spread everywhere, even my dad’s alma mater is not immune to sexual assault and rape culture. FSU has recently settled with a girl who was assaulted by the famed quarterback Jameis Winston, who is now playing with the pros somewhere. Florida University may have had some problems as well. While I’m not disparraging colleges altogether for rape culture, much has to be changed.

First, girls and women under 21 should be given a no drinking awareness seminar, a sexual assault seminar, and a few other educational things about drugs. In fact, it starts in high school. All girls should be in a separate sex ed class just for them, so they can learn about their changing bodies, changing minds, and sex and pregnancy. No Conservative or Liberal things about it, and transgender females should also be involved. LEt’s also state that disabled females absolutely must take a comprehensive sex education class where contraception is discussed in an unbiased fashion, none of this, sex is for marriage and babies only because some disabled people may not be able to or want to marry or have babies. We all have feelings and desires, but what the Florida State University, Notre Dame, and Baylor University all have in common is a bad best practice for girls and women, all based on Bible Belt principles. Sex is sex sex is still sex even before marriage. Marriage can sometimes complicate legal matters for disabled couples or couples with a disabled spouse in them. So college feeder schools, including the ones in Tallahassee, Waco, and South Bend should be teaching comprehensive pregnancy prevention, rape aggression defense, and ultiimately a drug free environment. Guys should be taught respect, consent, and poise when dealing with girls. I’ve met some nice guys in Tally who were very wise not to mess around with me. Then there were guys who I’m glad I never saw. I never went to Notre dame or Baylor University, but I can say for certain that Notre Dame’s been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Mainly Mike Pence, and the Catholic teachings state that sex is for marriage and babies, something that is out of reach if I’d stayed in Florida. I’m living in Colorado, independent of my family, and my fiance, who’s listening to weird videos at the moment, respects me, loves me, and we both have been through comprehensive pregnancy prevention checkups. Thankfully, I’ve done some stuff to ensure the birth control prescription continues. Most blind girls don’t get the comprehensive sex ed and instead, they get the Conservative view of sex, which is that it’s dirty, sacred, or both and is for marriage and babies only. Such a viewpoint is no longer acceptable if we’re going to protect a disabled university student.

All disabled female students at all colleges should be given the run down, how to apply condoms, how to do birth control, what’s out there, whatever. I learned that birth control shouldn’t harm a woman’s body chemistry if side effects aren’t present. Doctors should know what they’re talking about, so consulting a gynecologist is the easiest route to ensuring a girl’s safety. She should also be raised in an environment where virginity is not required. I have a good character, let’s face that. Nobody should be judging me by the lack of a hymen. That is important, since many feminist views say so. Christians should never judge a book by its cover, by the same token, never judge a woman or girl by the presence of her hymen. Forget it, huymens break even with rough exercise and tough play, so that’s not a good indicator of virginity anymore. I’m not proud of the fact my flower wasn’t given up on my wedding night but I’m lucky I have an accepting family and fiance who care deeply about my well being, not just a tiny flap of skin between my legs. I want that for my future daughter, and that means she can’t just go to church. Church doesn’t always fix problems in a child, especially that of surviving sexual assault.

The book Violated explores how colleges have dealt with assault in the past and present, but it is available on Bard, Kindle, and I believe Random House. It is narrated by Teres Plumber.


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My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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