Banning Autonomous Weaponry Is Imperative

Los Angeles, California, 2029 A.D.

The cityscape appears to be ruined, and a machine is rolling around what used to be Sunset Boulevard, crushing a pile of skeletons and humanoid skulls underfoot. The machine fires a pistol at everything, vaporizing all living things in its path.

What do you think caused things like this? Think the Terminator, now think about the real world of weaponry. We must ban autonomous weapons or this cityscape might appear as in Terminator. Trump wants to terminate people in the U.S. Who aren’t white, Anglo, American. And he could jump at the opportunity to take power and build autonomous weaponry, but in a recent letter signed by none other than Elaun Musk, the guy who owns several companies including Tesla Motors, it was recommended that all countries, including the U.S., ban autonomous weapons. We certainly should ban the creation of cyborgs for the purpose of weaponry as well so as to prevent terminators like those portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger from being reality. This also includes female and male robotic weapons with which people can kill who they want to kill, including persons they dislike. Governments can brutally terminate people for which they despise, and using these autonomous weapons, could irresponsibly allow machines to control them and who lives or dies. Thus, we must ban the sale, manufacture, and distribution of autonomous weapons, including male or female humanoid soldier-like weapons with which public and private entities can kill who they want to kill. Now, let’s take the ruined Los Angeles, and write a different story.

In the year 2029, let’s imagine the ban on weaponry with independence in effect. The Sunset Boulevard in the first scenario was ruined, but let’s make those human skulls actual Angelinos hanging out at a mall where two security guards stand watch. One guy walks into the mall and gets a bag searched. Let’s imagine this is Mr. Good Guy. However, when a second man walks in, let’s say it’s an Anglo guy with a huge arsenal of machine pistols, the LAPD will apprehend him on the spot. This guy will end up in jail for terrorizing the community. The big difference is that you have live people, the city or cities aren’t ruined, and people, not machines, determine who gets arrested, lives, and dies.

I hope you find this informative, though I do not recommend watching the Terminator series if you don’t want to look at the dark scenario I outlined before.


Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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