Are you Grateful for What America Can Do or Not?

Amid the terrible political rants and uncivilized campaign strategies calling for one person to be locked up, we do have to realize what our problems could amount to.

Imagine a world where your viewpoints are illegal. Imagine having to worship the Dictator or “Great Leader” as it is in North Korea. We in the United States do not even come close to the North’s isolationist policies, and worse, the North kills disabled people in the city of Pyongyang. It is not safe for anyone with blindness or any form of physical or mental impairment in the North, so of course the inconsistent uncivil way of thinking is the worst thing yet, right here? Really? Okay. So if you guys aren’t grateful for your ability to express your viewpoints, what about that Hilary sticker you’re wearing?

Imagine a world where women must wear an abaya, or worse, must cover everything. Look around you. All the girls look like ghostly black ringwraiths. Ugh, do I want to be told that I must be in these big shrouds of black? No. And imagine if I were forced to marry someone who does not like things I do. Ladies, imagine if your husband told you that the Internet is off limits. Guess what? Most Saudi husbands are like this, not allowing their women on the Internet. And this is Saudi Arabia. If you think that the political jealousy going on here is bad, and if you think the Trump or Clinton shirt should be illegal, then put on your abayas, and go off to Saudi Arabia, where women are under lifetime perpetual guardianship because of their sex, and forced to wear this type of clothing day in and day out if they’re outside the house. If you think it’s fun to joke about women, women in political office that is, then ladies, bow down to the King and don’t complain if a King told you what textbooks to read, whom to marry, etc. We in the U.S. absolutely would never want a King involved, no we wouldn’t.

And if you think jailing political opponents is fun and laughable, go to a world where when you get put in jail, you are asked to pay a fine, a bribe to the police. Imagine being a Somali refugee, as if that’s bad enough, but picture yourself stopped by a uniformed officer. Then, he asks you for an ID, then, if you can’t provide a proper ID, you get shipped to the jail for a night or two. And picture your mother having spent bribe money on groceries, and that’s fine, right? Welcome to Kenya. There have been multiple jail terms for political descent in Kenya, and the worst thing about it is the forcible way that this country abused my ex. Welcome to a country where being Muslim is on top of illegal, it’s grounds for the principal of your high school to hit, cuff, slap, and falsely imprison you against your will. Deq, my ex, went through this, and if you think that it’s bad enough, he could not graduate high school there because of a forced religious rule saying the students must attend church. For the Islamic students, this is barbaric. Kenya is not the only country with such barbaric practices.

Welcome to Khartoum, Sudan. Population: a mix of Christian and Muslim, once home to Miriam Ibrahim, age at one point 21, and she married a Christian man. For this, she was sentenced to death upon the birth of her baby girl. Human rights campaigns then had Miriam released from jail. She is now out of Sudan, safe and sound. But for how long!

If you think that Hilary or any Islamic woman should face jail for being a descent instigator against the so called Trump presidency, we Americans are clueless. Try sitting in a Sudanese or Kenyan jail and then you’ll change your mind. Men are beaten and sometimes have bones crushed. Ayaan Hirsi Ali once wrote that prison brutality and bad conditions are nothing new in Kenya and other countries, and she’s right.

If you think that we shouldn’t publish these blogs and posts, imagine a world where publishing works against government or family is truly illegal. For the longest time, I was beyond punished for publishing work that goes against my parents’ abusive edicts. However, my parents violated the U.S. Constitution’s freedom of the press. I can’t tell you how many times I was told I could not use my email or Internet connection to even chat with friends. I could not even talk to others because I was accused of “plotting to escape.” Well, imagine a world where the press and cell phone calls are illegal. The freedom to express here comes with a cost, and Malala Yousafzai knows this well. Afghanistan and Pakistan have banned Malala’s works because so many people there are Muslim, and they don’t think girls should attend school. It is plain and simple funk when it comes to publishing blogs about girls going to school. Imagine Malala’s reaction to any number of American teenagers saying that a troll is going all over their blog. The trolls would be attacking the people in the blog posts. Imagine if Ms. Yousafzai saw what Ivan Soto wrote, and imagine what kind of reaction she’d see from my end. Just picture it. Ivan wrote abusive and defamatory comments, probably trying to get a rise and or get me off the net, but Ivan’s no government official. And let’s hope Ivan gets deported, only he should be deported. Why? If he wants me off the Internet, well, he’ll do it to others. He’s done it to others, and that leads me to say that trolling and harassment is illegal, right? Wrong, not if you’re Twitter and you are making money, right?

So if you’re a website like WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, etc., what then is your job? Should my blog go under a harassment claim? Well, no. But the comments Ivan wrote are trolling ones, and should have been flagged. I know the guy should have been flagged, but WordPress or Twitter would not do anything about it. Republicking trolled my friends and I on Twitter with minimum success, but thankfully the Twitter account was suspended. We hope this bad boy learns a lesson, but being a troll in Pakistan and Afghanistan may be to some boys a fun thing to be. Why? Imagine Malala having to endure the same attacks. Thankfully, she’s in a freedom borne country, the United Kingdom, though she travels a bunch. Malala does, however, have a lot to contend with had she stayed in Swat Valley. Sadly, had she endured every sexist joke on the planet, it could have gotten worse. Malala was shot, almost killed, because she believed girls should have the freedom to go to school. So if you American ladies are complaining bitterly about schoolkids not studying for their exams, please feel free to remind the kids that they don’t have to worry about militias shooting up their classmates on the way home.

So the moral of this post is simply be grateful for what you American naysayer currently have. You have the freedom of thought, freedom of worship, freedom of the press. And it’s all here, within boundaries. Do not hurt your opponents and don’t you dare try to hurt someone else. A success story from Leslie Jones, Ghostbusters reboot star, aired on CBC Radio last night. She finally got good news. Nero, a troll on Twitter who went viral by posting vile comments and video about different people, was permanently ousted from his throne on Twitter. Nero went by multiple usernames, so I won’t say which one got the permanent ban. Let’s just say that Nero is someone who I’m glad I never even got kicked by. The Big Guns and other Conservative crap that pulls up on Twitter is nothing compared to Nero’s chronic harassment of black women, disabled people, etc. He will no longer be allowed on Twitter again, and yes, there is a need to do more about guys like Nero because I’m sorry, but playing your celebrity fiddle should not make Nero burn to the ground. Ivan will probably go next, and hopefully soon, because as a visually impaired Internet troll, and fifteen years old turning sixteen, Ivan has already amassed a few dozen victims. He has written things that might have come off badly or well to some or others, but most comments he makes are vile and stupid. As a blind person, Ivan should have had remorse for his actions because he targeted a visually impaired or blind population, mostly adults. I am almost 30 and writing about a guy half my age. Why does he think it’s all right to keep going? Twitter needs to do more about people who abuse their freedom of speech, and celebrity should not be the key to doing so. Although it is good that Nero’s gone, who will go next?

We’ll see soon enough.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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