Reforming the Juvenile Justice System: Teens Charged as Adults and Other Matter of Peace and Prosperity

I just heard that the stabbing murderer in Pennsylvania was charged as an adult.  Well?  Teenagers are not sometimes old enough or even allowed to understand the consequences of their actions.  Why should we take revenge on our children?  Children are supposed to be the best things we have, our precious resource.  IF they aren’t that precious to us, then yeah, revenge would be the proper way to deal with it.  I was reading a story once about a guy who is so excited about aliens.  The aliens are about to talk to him, and this guy is so excited, but then the aliens send one of their own to him.  The alien says, “You humans are always in conflict with each other.”  He says this in so many ways, giving examples of wars and revenge tactics we take as a race of human beings.  We want revenge, and there’s nothing the Alien said that would stop him from killing the human race in the ship.  This was a story written by a brilliant young person, further proof that the children we have are the most precious things we  have to offer.  This brilliant young man in the Stone Soup magazine wrote this back in 1995 I think, or it could be about 1997.  The story portrays the aliens as peace loving creatures, but they have their own telepathic language.  With the aliens present, the captain of this space ship says he doesn’t like what the alien plans to do, and kills the representative of that race.  Then, the Council of the alien race meets, deciding to kill off the ship and its rank and file staff.

What can we learn from this?  What does it have to do with our system?  Well, if I were an alien, there are some things I would say.  There are some outside observations I’d have to make:

1. Humans are quarrelsome, and always fight with one another.  As in the story, the cone-shaped alien thing says to the captain, “You’re thinking you’re in charge of another person?”  I don’t like ranks and so on, but ranks are an important part of the human class structure.  If I were an outsider, I’d see the Adolescents ranked below adults, but I’d say what my race had in regards to rank.

2. IF I visited a prison as an alien outsider, I’d say, “Look what you’re doing!  And to your own teenagers?”  I’d be upset with the way teenagers are charged as adults in criminal cases.  Can you imagine if aliens saw what was going on?  They’d kill us off and tell us we can’t come back!  What else?

3. I’d be appalled by the ranking of women below men in so many subclasses of human beings.  Let’s say I landed my space ship in the middle of the FLDS compound.  Sound weird?  Yes, it’s weird, but listen.  I’d say, “What is this?  Women have to wear those weird dress things and men have more of them around him?”  I’d be appalled by the teachings of plural marriage and so on.  Yes, I would be.  I have friends in Utah, but face this fact, if I were an alien, I’d say to those weird people who think it ok to marry more than one woman, “What is all this about?  My race never does this.”

4. I’d ask questions of courtship and love and the way it evolved in a humanoid race.  As a space alien, I’d ask many questions, but let’s revert back to a human perspective.

I’d never want to take revenge on my children for their wrongdoings.  God doesn’t like that, this whole taking revenge on children who do wrong.  Why should teenagers be charged as adults for crimes they either didn’t commit or they didn’t understand?  I’m sorry, but if it were my dad’s house, he’d not do that.  He knows a teenager’s place is in the home, under the care of the parents, but being able to become independent.  But oh, … wait, that is if the teenager is healthy and sighted.  Let me say something real quick that could shock you, so just read on.

My parents had a guardianship for ten years of my life which should have been spent doing adult things.  My dad, according to some people, does not believe I am an adult.  That guardianship, according to guardianship groups, is like a whirlpool, I got sucked in, and I’m going to be pulled out.  I’m working on a case that could possibly mean the end of my parents’ reign of terror.  As an adolescent, I was not permitted to do anything, was mocked and made fun of for my disabilities and desires to overcome those disabilities, and was so highly hated or loved whichever way you could put it that my own mother’s family got nothing from me.  For me, there was no multiple birthday presents after I turned 17 or 18.  I wasn’t allowed to celebrate a marriage that should’ve been, and it was with my ex, Deq Ahmed.  Thus, Deq and I broke up.  There was no where for us to go with our relationship, and Deq accepted what lay ahead, no marriage, a break in our relationship, etc.  But as Blake points out, he doesn’t get over me.  He wanted me, but now Blake is my match made in Heaven, but I’m determined to put an end to this pattern.  I want marriage, kids, serious relationship, all that.  The courts do not deem me fit for marriage because they were simply ignorant and stupid, using ignorant and stupid examiners to determine my fate.  I’m blogging mainly because of this and other things.  I want people to see me as a fiery woman who doesn’t give up.  And uh uh, I don’t give up.  I want to be paid, married, and so on.  I want my life back, and I’m going to never extinguish my flames until the road is over, until the day I drop dead.

As for all the teenagers who are disabled, I am honestly going to pray that their parents see that guardianship is a bad alternative to any thing else.  There were other ways to solve the problem, but my parents, like most Americans, wanted a “quick and instant fix.”  Quick fixes don’t work; they ruin lives.  IF I were President, I’d reform the justice system so that guardians who hold the key to people’s adult lives would be prosecuted … all of them.  They deserve it.  Sorry, but then I’d also say that EIGHTEEN is the maximum age for people to be put in jails for adults.  Maybe, there could be an executive order that says that 25 should be the minimum age for all men and women convicted of crime to be put in jail.  The brain stops developing at that time.  As a disabled adult, I think that we should allow disabled people their rights, and as someone who represents the blind community, I think particularly the blind should be treated as regular citizen people.  We are citizens, never second class.  I am done with being a second class citizen of the United States, and I’m not gonna stop fighting till the day Blake or me drops dead.  IF I have to, I’ll play lotto, but if I am rich enough, I’ll buy a house for me and Blake, then donate the rest of my riches to the Ayaan Hirsi Ali foundation, and maybe the NFB and other disability orgs that have some sort of influence and fight for people’s rights.  I’d destroy Autism Speaks, after all Autism Speaks wants autistic children in institutions.  I’d say they can go to Hell with their campaigns.  LaVonnya Gardner is the best autistic source of info I have, and she has an autistic daughter.  Vonnie, you’re wonderful, awesome, everything else.  Also, my friend LeeAnnis high functioning autistic, and I can accommodate her too.  But to see her and Vonnie in institutions would kill me altogether.  Institutes don’t allow intimate time for couples, and make fun of the people there as well as neglect or abuse them.  Blake’s grandfather, Grandma Gayle’s husband, always has to be looked out for, and I’d be happy if Gayle could keep her husband in the home so they could have that time together.  It’s important, and I hope they can do something.  But no, Michael, Blake’s uncool dad, had to throw that poor old man in a group home where abuse and neglect are a common thing.  Not that it’s at this one group home, but group homes are generally full with abuse and neglect, and I’m about to say something quite shocking: Dad said I ought to go to one.  What?  A group home sucks, and I’m not about to lose my freedom and go live with other wards of Florida, and I will not go back.  No matter what the judge rules.  My parents cutting off my benefits will altogether ruin me.  I will not go back.  Florida is closed, a cold place in spite of its warm weather.

I’ve written enough now, and feel I should probably publish this Great American Novel.  So here I am, letting loose my fire and whatever else I might have hidden here.  I’m not going to stop till the day I drop dead.

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