What Quarantine Time Has Done for Me

Dear readers,

It is with great pride that I reflect on the things quarantine has done in my life. Besides the disbanding and temporary closures of choirs and stuff, well, nothing’s really disbanded, but the choirs aren’t able to practice, but besides that, and temporary closures and masks, I’m doing good. I’m personally taking it one week, one day at a time. My podcast is rebooted, and I’m going to work on a new season this fall, but maybe in January of next year, there will be a season ending or something. I’d like to go through the best feedback and interviews and so on. Stay tuned for more.

As for quarantine, I think it saved me from a serious threat to my dignity. As for the friends who’ve departed my life, they haven’t said a word, and through the whole thing, they got unfollowed and unfriended by my own fiance. This is a good thing as I can’t have unsupportive people in my circle.

In other news, I have choir meetings on Zoom, which is pretty easy to use. I like it, though Trenton? Hmmm, that’s a tough nut to crack, but maybe not. He doesn’t like Zoom but that’s about it.

Stay tuned for podcast announcements and more tomorrow.