letter to the white people who call 911 or disturb the lives of black Americans

Dear white people,

Yes, this is a post dedicated to white people, especially those who think it okay to disturb the lives of African Americans and those with disabilities, and those without disabilities alike. I have a quandary for you to think on: blindfold yourselves. Underneath that blindfold, how do you feel? How does it feel to walk about blindfolded? Now, I want you to grab someone in the room, black or white, whatever. Don’t look at their faces, don’t stare at the curl in their hair. Don’t make fun of how they talk, walk, blink, or run a temp. Just go, grab that person in front of you and go sit down and talk to these people. What will you find out? The answers might surprise you.

You might find that black people’s lives are rooted in suffering and tyranny caused not by a problem in their nature, but by your very existence, presence, and interactions with them. They do not like what you say about them, calling them unpleasant names too vulgar to write in this blog, they do not like the way you shackle them to the walls while speaking to them. They don’t like the illegalization of natural medicine, including cannabis, and they don’t like so many of the other things you do to them to make their lives a living hell. Imagine if you had seen a sign on a black owned business that said, “Negroes/blacks only” and you walked in and said “I want service.” The black man behind the counter gets up, says, “No way, you paleface, get the hell out of my restaurant.” If you don’t, you get arrested. Imagine sitting in the bus while on the way to work, but imagine that you have to sit in the back, in a dirty seat covered with holes and crumby looking. then another black person steps in, and you are told to “Give up that seat.” You refuse, and get arrested for this. So you did this to black people, so don’t be surprised if the blacks try and upend your system, your little privileged system of white power and such. The Brethren of men who every day set foot in your jails, your prisons, your mental health crisis units, these men and women alike, these young children, they are God’s chosen people, they are his children. You have upended their empires, kingdoms, and matrilineal way of life, and replaced it with chattel slavery because you are of the opinion that these people lack the knack for inventions, and you steal the credit for these people’s work. Who really invented ice cream? Someone who’s black. Who truly invented the cotton gin? Don’t give that crap about Eli Whitney, so tell me who really invented the cotton gin? Don’t tell me cotton is king in the South, and don’t spew your nonsense about Gone with the Wind being better than a modern Korean movie, though I can’t speak Korean myself. Don’t bring your guns to protests, remember you are the seventeen-year-old who shoots protesters for fun, right? Wrongo. You should never have had that gun and you knew it was wrong, don’t claim self defense. I don’t defend a murderer. You don’t understand that what these people want is to end your oppression, your silencing, your stupid and abominable Jim and Jane Crow. They need to go, and we’re in a serious situation with Jim Crow 2.0. Jim Crow 2.0 consists of the following: police brutality, mass incarceration, and racial profiling. It’s not like it’s the law that you idiots get all the power and privilege because you sit in cleaner diner booths, go to the lavatories in cleaner areas, sit in the “whites only” waiting rooms. It’s not Jim Crow laws, not now at least. But Jim Crow version 2’s time is up. Stop killing my brothers, sisters, relatives, married relations, partner, sons and daughters, all who are darker than yourself. Stop killing and oppressing these people. Leave my Trenton alone, and let his people go. Don’t start with me, I’ll tear down the walls around your real intent, to sabotage my relationship with him, with Trenton, the only man who has shown me affection and love, who you probably don’t want around. His mother is a real mama bear, someone who would sacrifice life and limb to protect her son, and I get it. I’m in her family, and there’s no one better than her for Trenton. She nurtured his gifts, she understood her son’s disability. You white people have a lot to learn from a simple act of compassion, so where the hell is your empathy? If you have a fragile ego, go throw it in the dumpster. Just do it, don’t complain, don’t whine or scream at me. If you do, then I’ll give you a fragile ego to complain about, a broken and deflated one, more deflated than a deflated football. It will be the main thing that keeps you out of college, jobs, housing, and so on. Your egos will likely crash and burn, and you think you can live in a bubble forever. Listen to the words of Eiffel 65’s Living In a Bubble for a moment: “Life in a bubble, baby, a bubble’s no reality. If it blows, you’ll be alone.” If that little alternate reality bubble pops, you will be scattered like the drops of bubblegum saliva that goes flying everywhere when you pop a bubble of gum. Don’t tell me I don’t know. I popped some gum before, and blew a pretty large bubble, but when the bubble bursts, it goes flat, and in the case of the gum, it goes everywhere, all over your face. Look at Jimmy Neutron, who tried “bubble transport” to get to school, but the bubble burst on a tree, and where Jimmy went, well, he ended up with gum all over himself. He was alone. His reality had burst.

A bubble of reality for you white people is in your history books, so if you want to make a more equitable society, get rid of your whitewashed bullshit. Just do it. Don’t whine, don’t scream, don’t kick, don’t fly into rages and threaten me. If you do, I’ll pop that gum all over your face should there be that bubble around you. IF you get covered in that alternate gunk of bubblegum, don’t even ask for help. Because in reality, the people you are hurting are going to burst that bubble for you. Your textbooks, for one, will be changed to talk about the self made black people you demolished in Tulsa, Oklahoma in a race massacre, not a riot. You also massacred many a young unarmed black man in the streets, even men who I honestly don’t understand why they’d take advantage of me. Forgive these men, for they do not know what they do. Lord, forgive them.

So what would my world be without my partner? Alone, isolated, my care halved, my life cut in half, and only half of me alive. And you will be to blame. If you’re the officers who swear you want to “protect and serve”, then by golly do it, goddamnit. Protect and serve all your people in your precincts, don’t just favor the pretty white blonde cheerleader with the annoying ponytail, the valley girl accent, and the stupid amounts of makeup on her. Don’t favor the strapping young brunette man, brown hair lighter than wood, eyes bluer than water, with the tattoos on his arms, with the big muscles. Don’t favor the annoying old white lady with the spoiled rotten puppy in her purse, her long silver hair tattered about with split ends that haven’t been cut, but yet is stick straight. Don’t favor the goldilocks child in your classrooms, her curly blonde locks could also be brown, who sits there and makes up stories about her baby dolls and shows disfavor to everything else. IF you’re a teacher, give the young dark haired boy with the dreadlocks some extra TLC, okay? Don’t sit there and call the young Kenyan immigrant sitting beside your other black students a freak or other racist language too vulgar to write here. Teach the children how to sing, “Jambo” in Swahili, how to play the djembe drums and dance like they never danced before. Allow your white brethren to learn about these cultures, and give them the highest standards by which to accomplish the understanding and empathy toward this boy.

Don’t disfavor the young dark haired girl, the one with the so called “Ramen noodle hair”, the one who gets bullied all the time, but give her a friend and a hand to hold. If she wants to go to your gleaming universities covered with gold thrones and classrooms inlaid with silver, let her in. Let her in, and if you’re the popular girl in the high school who is spending all her time fucking around with boys on the jock side of the cafeteria, take a moment and take care not to do it anymore. If you are that girl, go sit with the girl with the “Ramen noodle hair.” Go sit with her, and learn her story and learn to cry with her, laugh with her, and breathe her air. If you’re the football stud who claims to have so many girls, unadopted babies, and no cash, do me a favor and learn the story of your black brothers who are not learning responsibility because of your mismanagement of yourselves. If you’re the star white quarterback or center of the sports teams, just do something and sit with the dark haired boy with Down’s Syndrome, and learn his story. Go to a homeless shelter and learn about single motherhood, if you come from an intact family. If you’re a guy who is blonde, stupid, and foolish enough to reject that girl over there who can’t see you, learn why. Don’t defend your foolishness, but learn to tell if your actions are unwarranted. If you’re the men who are lying on Jacob Blake, the man who was paralyzed in Kenosha, Wisconsin, you need to shut your mouths. Shut your mouths, and give Jacob that wheelchair he will need for the rest of his life. Give Jacob a beautiful golden retriever who will pick up dropped items for him, and know that your actions brought on his disability. You caused it, there was no crime. You are guilty of white supremacy and racial profiling under many things, and inciting Jim Crow version 2.0. Just shut up and admit your guilt, but don’t be surprised if you’re in jail with the very brethren you despise. You lie on Briana Taylor who did not want you shooting her in her sleep. You lied on all the unarmed black teenagers, allowed a white idiot named George Zimmerman to kill Treyvon Martin. He didn’t deserve to die, and a rapper did a tribute song to this boy, who played football. Just think about this. If you can’t handle the melting pot, the racial rainbow our country is supposed to be, I’ve got a place you can go to.

Go to Russia, Siberia, Antarctica, the cold climates in the world, and never even think of coming back. Take your white supremacies, your tattoos of the Aryan Brotherhood, your 911 calls on a suspicious person who is African American, your suspending young black girls from school for having the wrong hairstyle, take it all to Siberia with you. I don’t want to see it here, not here, not this year, not this entire millennium. I want it gone, the systemic racism gone, so that my mixed little child or children one day will be living Martin Luther King’s dream, forever. It is highly probable that if your Agent Orange wins another term, my partner and I will have to exile in another country that doesn’t speak our language. This is sad, really sad, and overtly tumultuous circumstances you will try and put us in, and you know what? Love doesn’t like evil, love likes truth, loves the truth, does not boast, is patient, kind, and above all, it burns. Hell, if you step closer to me, the love for my man I have burns like a burning red red rose. Trenton knows my love for him burns like a fire, but as Robert Burns would put it, it is like a red red rose, but for me, it’s definitely like a burning red rose. Picture the flames coming out of the blossoms, that’s what I’m talking about.

Before I close, take heed of what I say. If yyou’re a white person who is not racially woke like I am, just … don’t fool around, stop messing around, as the sheriff said to my great ancestor, James Wade. Just let me have a job, a house, and the pitter patter of little feet on the tile or linoleum floor. Just stop and think about what the pitter patter of little feet will do for me, and the rest of society. That pitter patter will turn into big footsteps, big steps to walking down the aisle, getting a job, and being a responsible citizen. If you have the luck of hearing that pitter patter, take responsibility for showing the owner of those small tiny feet how to walk beside the ponies, but not just that, the family dog, and your black family friends. Teach your child that it’s all right to be whatever you want, and not get your head cut off. I have a dream that one day, this world will bee fair and just, as MLK would put it eloquently. MLK did say this, and this is my closer, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”


Ask What We Can Do For Our Country: My Concerns About Elections This Year

Dear readers,

Imagine a world that was modern, except for the race relations being that of the nineteenth century, when Africans were enslaved in AMerica, when they became the property of whites so much so that they were bred like cattle, sold like property, and the women? They had to wear dresses, skirts, and corsets, but could not vote, speak in public, or do anything to make themselves established. Imagine that you had to worship the KKK or be a member of a similar group, the Proud Boys, Daughters of the Confederacy, or similar neo-Fascist groups. Imagine you, a woman in her thirties, had to have sexual relations with a man you didn’t like, all because he was the higher bidder of your genitalia. This is a world I don’t want to see, where I wouldn’t be allowed to exist. We have a buttload of changes to do, including the removal of white supremacy from every corner of our culture, but I’ll give you an idea of what we must do if Biden gets elected.

Dear Mr. Biden, I’d write, I understand freedom of speech allows people to associate with whomever they want, but the responsibility isn’t there anymore. When I was in civics classes and social studies in fourth grade at Imperial Estates Elementary, I ended up learning that with great power, rights, and freedoms comes great responsibility. Right, Uncle Ben? I’m talking about the dude from Spiderman, not the rice bowl guy.

I’d like to propose something to my Congress peoples, but I want the President to work with Congress to establish a registry of all groups and orgs that do business in the U.S., and color code them based on bigotry and hate, which by consequence could lead some to say, but that’s against freedom of speech. I don’t care anymore because freedom has a cost, responsibility being that cost, and nobody wants that anymore. Nobody wants to shoulder the responsibility to keep your hateful thoughts and violent compulsory crap to yourself, but if you don’t, tragedy could strike. For instance, how many mass shooters write manifestos on 8chan, 4chan, and other sites before committing their crimes? I wouldn’t be surprised that the recent ones did, but these mass shooters, including the Columbine High shooters, wrote evil manifestos about their actions and why they committed their crimes. The El Paso mass shooter wrote on 8chan, a hotbed for white Supremacy, that he hated the Latinx community obviously, and he was irresponsible and hateful. It doesn’t help that you have a president that hates people from Africa, and I won’t let Trenton be deported there because it would mean no Internet contact, no sexual relationship, no nothing. However, a Norwegian immigrant, according to Trump, is more acceptable. Well, I’d like to propose that any Trump supporting hate group fall under two different color codings: yellow and red. Red means that the group might commit the most violent acts, believes in racial purity and hatred, is bigotrous towards disabled and LGBTQI+ individuals, and cannot receive government support. IF a group is yellow, all the other things I mentioned above but violence would be considered in that category. Biden would have to put aside a racist past, barring none, and work with congress to get rid of the KKK, and classify it as a Terrorist organization, which could then open the door for prosecutions of domestic terrorism for anyone who utters a single word, boogaloo. The boogaloo boys, as I like to call any followers of this, could face maximum of ten year prison sentences, spend time being monitored for life, and not be allowed to be associated with one another or the group they had ties to. LEt’s take a typical domestic terrorist, and I’ll show you what it would look like if he was even found to be associated with any fascist groups here.

Once a tie is detected, this person would have to spend years in jail, or be monitored by the FBI, watched by the CIA, and interrogated on every move he makes. Wire taps would be placed on his phone, the same thing we did to the Muslims but this time, it’s time for white people to be surveillance taped and stuff. Yes, it would have court challenges, but I would hope Biden would figure out the truth behind these stupid groups. I believe the KKK should be a terrorist group for several reasons: Trenton, my family, and others would not be safe. My dad might be Bostonian Italian, but his wife is part Irish, German, and others who aided the blacks to freedom. There were Germans who did that bravely, and for this we should bless their memory. My mother’s family has a slave or child of a black slave somewhere in it, but still, she’d not be safe in a world ruled by the Proud Boys, Boogaloo Boys, and other groups that want to divide our nation.

What can we do to stop these neofascists? I know the registry is only half the battle, but a green group which means the group does not advocate violence or bigotry would receive government grants and suport if applied for. For example, I’d like to applaud Soar and Denver Women’s Chorus, the Rocky Mountain Arts Association, and all other GALA orgs for their great good work and their steadfastness against bigots who want to torment their funding sources. Under a Biden or similar Democrat administration, I want to see this type of praise go to green groups, but the other colors mean the group has hints of bigotry and hate in it. Example, most churches might go under green registry colors if they can prove that they can welcome gay and trans folks, but if they are homophobic and transphobic, they will fall under a code yellow or code orange, which is a step below yellow, but orange would mean no racial hatred, but still it would be hatred of a different lens, hatred of LGBTQI+ and disabled people. People should also be able to rate orgs so that grant writers can zero in on the groups receiving more than 3 stars. I’d rate both Soar and DWC 5 stars, but St. Teresa’s Catholic Church would have to be exempt from the U.S. rating system because their church doctrinal headquarters in Rome is located in Italy, not the U.S., but Italy doesn’t have the same law structure we do. In any case, STS and the attached Catholic parrishes would have to fall under an orange color registry unless the Pope makes a serious change to policy surrounding gay marriage and married and female ministry. The Catholic church can’t escape revolutions of any kind, and must conform to human rights standards, whether their headquarters is in the Vatican in Italy or any other nation besides. I would have to subject certain Diocesan housing things to a green registry color because if they follow the teachings of Jesus they have to welcome everybody. Plus federal housing law, blah blah blah blah blah. Whatever, it gets better.

I would like to see an end to neofascism groups like Boogaloo and KKK and the Proud Boys because personally, my partner, who is African American, would not feel safe. He already doesn’t because of masks, pandemic garbage, and so much other stuff. The police killing of Elijah McClane doesn’t help matters either. I don’t wat to live in one of Margaret Atwood’s weird predictions as in the Handmaid’s Tale, I want to live in a world where I can go out and feel safe equally with my partner as well. I want no penalty from church or goverment if we marry, and I want to have children in a place of safety for all, and we need to ask ourselves many questions. JFK Sr. wanted to say this, and he said it quite eloquently when discussing moon landing prospects: “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” What can we do for this country right now? First, we need to shoulder the responsibilities. We have the power of opinions, opposing viewpoints, and many debates, but we want to keep that power. As Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben once said, and I’ll say it again, “With great power comes great responsibility.” We need to hae that responsibility, and learn to coexist with our fellow man, whether black or brown, pink or polka dotted, and we need to realize MLK Jr.’s dream sooner rather than put it off till later. I have his vision, his dream, where I can wake up in a world where my kids one day will not be judged by the color they give off on their flesh, something they won’t be able to change, but by their character and what they can do for the country and the greater human race. When you go vote, whether by mail or in person, remember these things, remember that your safety and responsibilities comes first, remember that all of us are different. Ask not what the government can do for you, but ask what you can do for the government … right, JFK? Yes, the guy was a total washout, a womanizer, but whatever. His words ring true when I think of what is coming for us in a few months. What would JFK do and say if he were able? Well, honestly, I’d like to quote the words of Patrick Henry: “Give me liberty or give me death.” Well, there’s more: give me safety, responsibility, or freedom to be myself and life without penalties for who and when I get married to or whatever, or move me somewhere else. Canada probably, but I don’t see why the U.S. can’t shape itself up in November, get rid of neofascism, and start thinking about ways it can rebuild after this pandemic and racism struggle, and avoid a second civil war.