Congratulations, Kamala

Dear Miss harris,

Yes, this is something I’ve always known i would be doing, writing a letter in my blog to you. I want to first congratulate you for winning the election because little girls, especially brown and black ones, will be extremely proud to have a girl like them on top. Almost. But here’s what you need to do. These are things you and Joe need to work together on, and some of this overlaps with Joe’s letter i threw at this blog.

First and foremost, work with Congress on corona virus relief. We need our IHOP and other restaurants to stay open and prepared for the crowds. In order for this to happen, we need a national mask mandate, period. No ideological weirdness or anything.

Work with Joe on ending the Muslim ban. Joe will certainly do this because the Muslim ban is racist bullshit designed to prevent so called terror attacks, which it only made white supremacy worse. We can’t have these white supremacists messing about in our country, especially the Boogaloo Boys and other groups that purport to be American and patriotic. They’re not. They will target you and Joe and others, so just be on your toes.

Please make sure Congress confirms all the cabinet positions Joe wants. He needs an education secretary that doesn’t sell kids to Bethany Christian services. This is serious business, and we need to black history the hell out of education, so to speak. What I mean is that we need to teach black history, LGBTQI+ history and other histories through the eyes of historians who live it. We’re all historians, and Joe’s pick for education secretary is important in this case.

Please, whatever you do, make sure the disabled are top priority for considerations we need to initially work on. The thing we need to do is mentioned in Joe’s letter. Please raise the resource limit for SSI and SSDI recipients, give them the right to marry without penalty, and don’t mess with Medicaid because disabled people are married. We need family medicaid plans that help us maintain health, especially for us females who’ve been abused most of all. As a woman who is blind, I was abused emotionally and psychologically for fifteen years, lawyers tricking me into not fighting the abusive guardianship that was put on me. Guardianships by the way should be illegal, period. Please, Kamala harris, whatever you do, don’t enable these abusers to continue their abuse. Females of color with disabilities are counting on you.

You and Joe need to fix the entire foreign policy situation, but you also need to reverse the policies on disabled immigrants. Many countries require all their citizens to work or don’t have resources to educate their disabled kids or help disabled veterans of their wars. We in America have opportunities we should be sharing, not denying, disabled people. Please beg the Congress to consider what needs to happen to make America truly safe and diverse again.

As a blind woman, people might think it is impossible for me to have kids without risking the kids’ sight. Well, let’s put things in perspective. As a blind person who knows, I know that my blindness was not caused by genetic things that could be passed down to another offspring. The chances of having a baby who’s blind are slim, slim to none. Therefore, I’d encourage you to look at disabled women as women, period, and promote policies that allow such women to decide when and whether to have children. Disabled women are counting on you as well. Disabled men can be good fathers, and I’d encourage you to set up policies that encourage disabled men to be responsible fathers, and the nondisabled partners of such men to not block these men out of their kids’ lives. I have a friend who sadly doesn’t support you that needs a policy like this. I have other friends who have not been allowed countless hours of parenting time with their kids. Here we have disabled dads and moms denied the chance to parent, so please, protect disabled people’s right to parent.

Reverse Buck Versus Bell, whatever you do. Do not allow this caselaw to continue unchecked. My partner and I want babies, sure, but we don’t want a Carrie Buck to happen to me. Trenton would be upset if someone removed our baby.

Anyway, I’d like to thank you for accepting the victory and Joe is going to be awesome. They say in Africa, behind every successful man, there’s a successful woman. I want you to do something to make sure Obama’s legacy is not ruined either. That means healthy lunch items, no more Trump posted cafeteria foods either. No more of the Donald’s hateful crap. I’d like to draft a way to get something done about hate groups driving our opposition too.

While I have lots to share, I have to end here. Please accept my thank yous and be the best vice president you can be.

Beth Taurasi

The Bad Boys Have Been Here For a While, But They’ve Got to Go!

Dear readers,

Unfortunately, there are bad boys messing with the Denver Women’s Chorus efforts to raise money for itself and keep going. There was an incident involving a security guy from 9 news who was taken into custody by Denver Police, and worse off, I got an email from the president of the chorus stating that our fellow chorus member’s event could not be used to sell shirts, so she changed the location twice on Facebook. I want to say that this whole Proud Boys, Boogaloo Boys, whatever thing is so dangerous that it is now hurting DWC’s efforts to encourage the human rights of LGBTQI+ individuals in the vote. Voting is so important, and let’s explain the logic here.

If we don’t vote, imagine yourself unable to purchase your own goods and services because you’re female and can’t own property. Why do you wonder? Because a government official in the Boogaloo Boys might have been elected over your choice of candidate. This man might be sexist enough to say that women are property, and can therefore hold no property.

Imagine a world in which you were good for nothing but cooking, cleaning, sex, and having babies. Imagine the Proud or Boogaloo groups taking over the country’s economic infrastructure, taking away a woman’s right to work outside of home and shopping jobs. Imagine that you’re the maid in a rich white man’s house, or you could picture yourself as a handmaid. Even if you have a no dick policy, that doesn’t matter to the creepy old man who insists you have sex with him every week during a sacred brutal ceremony. For more, read the Handmaid’s Tale. Atwood’s predictions are scary, and they seem to be coming true in some areas, but not others. But here’s what I want as far as the voter stuff.

I want to own property, not be the property.

I want to type this blog and not be the one for whom everything is typed. I want to be the one expressing her thoughts, whether content or discontent, of the government. I don’t think violence is the answer, but what I want to see is a peaceful resolution, but moreover, arrest of all the Proud Boys and Boogaloo Boys involved in messing up my friends’ rally. DWC wants to raise money for itself, and it’s a community chorus. Women should have the right to sing nonsacred works, but in a Gileadean or Gilead like society, women will only be aunts, supplicant aunts singing praises to a patriarchal God. The Lord God Almighty this or that will be the only thing passing a lady’s lips.

Also, I am wondering why so many guys would ruin a rally for my friend in the DWC in the first place. These guys made it unsafe to sell t-shirts at the event downtown, so … and I heard gunshots in the distance. Who’s shooting who??? Here’s more about my rights though.

I want the right to marry the man of my choosing, not some stupid commander dude.

I want the right to be with Trenton, regardless of race or ability.

I want the right to access any social media or streamed media I want. This means Hulu, Netflix, Disney Plus, Prime Video, etc. No more of this thinking that females should never have access to that plus money and food stuffs.

I want safety in my own home and community, a safe place where the police don’t brutalize my friends and partners, where I can walk around and greet the warm and friendly people about me. Please, if you go vote, think about the world you want for yourself and your daughters and granddaughters and especially what you want to tell your sons. He or they will need the best information on being good to women, consent, and so on. Black men are the best type of men in my experience, and my current is the best because he looks at me, regardless of my color, like a queen. I’d rather be treated like a queen rather than a handmaid. Think about this for a few moments. If you’re a lesbian, you should think first about the rights of your friends, your fellow butches and fems, whatever you identify as. Think of what kind of world you want your daughters and sons and grandkids to live in. I doin’t want my daughter stolen from me, made into a wife, and not allowed to read or write books and blogs. So, this is all of why voting is so important, and why the rallies and all that are so important. I want to encourage the DWC girls to look carefully at the writings here in this entry, and if you want to steal it, just give credit where credit is due.

Thank you all for your support in this blog, and please for goodness sakes, go out and vote.


Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Dear readers,

I can’t write much about Ruth Bader Ginsburg, not because I don’t know or respect her, but because she did all the things I expected a woman justice to do. Mrs. Ginsburg was proud of her womanhood, and she fought for women’s equality in all manner of things. She even fought Rutgers University on the whole pay front for women professors, and she didn’t even let a husband’s income stop her from earning equal pay. Mrs. Ginsburg had so much to offer, and she gave it out to all of us. She’s amazingly well loved by all, and I’m concerned that Trump, in all his infinite idiocy will try to fill the post with someone who isn’t quite qualified.

For one thing, I think Neil Gorsich is mad as hell, and Brent Cavanaugh should not have been on the bench because of what he did to those girls. He makes disabled people look bad, just as anyone else does. We can’t confirm just any woman to the Supreme Court, it has to be a woman who fights for women’s rights and equality and won’t reverse all the history Ginsburg put out there. Example, LGBTQI+ rights must be acknowledged, period. We can’t have a Conservative on the court any longer, and hopefully, Biden or whoever else is elected other than Donald Trump will do something about the indecency he brought to the courts. He wanted Ruth Bader Ginsburg to die, just so he could put more clout in the justice system which is supposed to protect everybody, not just Trump family members. We need a justice who understands what is supposed to happen.

May the memory of Ruth Bader Ginsburg be a blessing, and let her spirit carry on in the next justice to succeed her.


Don’t Call Me Bitch

Dear readers,

For those of you who are male, you might want to read this, unless you’re the type who is misogynistic, so if you are the gatekeeper of misogynistic thinking, skip this immediately and think a while before reading this. Either way, you will read this blog post and it will enlighten you to why I, and many other women in government, leadership, and life itself, are very very sick and tired of being called a “bitch” or a “fucking bitch” to our faces. I’ve been called worse: “loonbag”, “moron”, and other HIPAA based attacks. All over the stupid family guardianship that was put in place in 2004. This guardianship could have ended my career in all things, but instead, I’m a champion for women’s rights and disabled people’s self determination rights. This must be a federally recognized thing, so let’s delve into the meaning of this vulgarity.

Fucking bitch. First, the fucking part. What is this word? The word “fuck” may be used to strike someone, as it is derived from the German word “to strike”, but when paired with the wrong word, could mean a sex act with a female dog. This leads to the word “bitch”, which could of course, in show dog terms, is a female dog. Yes, bitches are female dogs, got it? They are not, under any circumstances female human beings, and those female human beings are a hell of a lot more than the dogs you are referring to us as. Female dogs somehow communicate with each other, sure, but they don’t invent things, didn’t build the space shuttle, and sure don’t drive cars or join the military except as trained by humans. Female dogs can’t lead this country, but female humans? Yes. So why isn’t the female experience for us women any better than that of a dog? This is so dehumanizing to talk about, but it must be discussed.

While the fucking bitch comment that Ted Yoho made to Alexandria Ocasio Cortes was indeed vulgar and stupid. I have been called worse. I’ve been dehumanized for having been in the mental health system, and I have a message for the gatekeeping idiots who think I’m the village idiot: shut up and get your heads right. Your HIPAA based attacks are not warranted, and they are illegal. IF you attack me on this blog, on this page, or on the other platforms I’m on, you will be warned. I can’t let the HIPAA based attacks go on, and you do this stuff behind my back. You attack me on my partner’s Twitter account, he sees the attacks and doesn’t say a word. It hurts. It really hurts because men like the ones who attack me using illegally obtained HIPAA based information should not be supported or given careers. These men are familiar faces you know in the blind community, and in response to AOC’s comments, which went live on NBC Nightly News, I’m gonna say this. Keep your mouths shut and zip those lips closed because your comments incite violence against women and myself included. I won’t name the people who talk about me on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and so on, but I blocked a familiar name on Facebook after eleven long years of being used and abused by this misogynist. I won’t talk to him again, nor anyone else who indulges themselves in misogyny. If you think that calling me a “fucking bitch” is cool, what the hell do you think you’re doing! AOC won’t have this, and neither will I.


Ask What We Can Do For Our Country: My Concerns About Elections This Year

Dear readers,

Imagine a world that was modern, except for the race relations being that of the nineteenth century, when Africans were enslaved in AMerica, when they became the property of whites so much so that they were bred like cattle, sold like property, and the women? They had to wear dresses, skirts, and corsets, but could not vote, speak in public, or do anything to make themselves established. Imagine that you had to worship the KKK or be a member of a similar group, the Proud Boys, Daughters of the Confederacy, or similar neo-Fascist groups. Imagine you, a woman in her thirties, had to have sexual relations with a man you didn’t like, all because he was the higher bidder of your genitalia. This is a world I don’t want to see, where I wouldn’t be allowed to exist. We have a buttload of changes to do, including the removal of white supremacy from every corner of our culture, but I’ll give you an idea of what we must do if Biden gets elected.

Dear Mr. Biden, I’d write, I understand freedom of speech allows people to associate with whomever they want, but the responsibility isn’t there anymore. When I was in civics classes and social studies in fourth grade at Imperial Estates Elementary, I ended up learning that with great power, rights, and freedoms comes great responsibility. Right, Uncle Ben? I’m talking about the dude from Spiderman, not the rice bowl guy.

I’d like to propose something to my Congress peoples, but I want the President to work with Congress to establish a registry of all groups and orgs that do business in the U.S., and color code them based on bigotry and hate, which by consequence could lead some to say, but that’s against freedom of speech. I don’t care anymore because freedom has a cost, responsibility being that cost, and nobody wants that anymore. Nobody wants to shoulder the responsibility to keep your hateful thoughts and violent compulsory crap to yourself, but if you don’t, tragedy could strike. For instance, how many mass shooters write manifestos on 8chan, 4chan, and other sites before committing their crimes? I wouldn’t be surprised that the recent ones did, but these mass shooters, including the Columbine High shooters, wrote evil manifestos about their actions and why they committed their crimes. The El Paso mass shooter wrote on 8chan, a hotbed for white Supremacy, that he hated the Latinx community obviously, and he was irresponsible and hateful. It doesn’t help that you have a president that hates people from Africa, and I won’t let Trenton be deported there because it would mean no Internet contact, no sexual relationship, no nothing. However, a Norwegian immigrant, according to Trump, is more acceptable. Well, I’d like to propose that any Trump supporting hate group fall under two different color codings: yellow and red. Red means that the group might commit the most violent acts, believes in racial purity and hatred, is bigotrous towards disabled and LGBTQI+ individuals, and cannot receive government support. IF a group is yellow, all the other things I mentioned above but violence would be considered in that category. Biden would have to put aside a racist past, barring none, and work with congress to get rid of the KKK, and classify it as a Terrorist organization, which could then open the door for prosecutions of domestic terrorism for anyone who utters a single word, boogaloo. The boogaloo boys, as I like to call any followers of this, could face maximum of ten year prison sentences, spend time being monitored for life, and not be allowed to be associated with one another or the group they had ties to. LEt’s take a typical domestic terrorist, and I’ll show you what it would look like if he was even found to be associated with any fascist groups here.

Once a tie is detected, this person would have to spend years in jail, or be monitored by the FBI, watched by the CIA, and interrogated on every move he makes. Wire taps would be placed on his phone, the same thing we did to the Muslims but this time, it’s time for white people to be surveillance taped and stuff. Yes, it would have court challenges, but I would hope Biden would figure out the truth behind these stupid groups. I believe the KKK should be a terrorist group for several reasons: Trenton, my family, and others would not be safe. My dad might be Bostonian Italian, but his wife is part Irish, German, and others who aided the blacks to freedom. There were Germans who did that bravely, and for this we should bless their memory. My mother’s family has a slave or child of a black slave somewhere in it, but still, she’d not be safe in a world ruled by the Proud Boys, Boogaloo Boys, and other groups that want to divide our nation.

What can we do to stop these neofascists? I know the registry is only half the battle, but a green group which means the group does not advocate violence or bigotry would receive government grants and suport if applied for. For example, I’d like to applaud Soar and Denver Women’s Chorus, the Rocky Mountain Arts Association, and all other GALA orgs for their great good work and their steadfastness against bigots who want to torment their funding sources. Under a Biden or similar Democrat administration, I want to see this type of praise go to green groups, but the other colors mean the group has hints of bigotry and hate in it. Example, most churches might go under green registry colors if they can prove that they can welcome gay and trans folks, but if they are homophobic and transphobic, they will fall under a code yellow or code orange, which is a step below yellow, but orange would mean no racial hatred, but still it would be hatred of a different lens, hatred of LGBTQI+ and disabled people. People should also be able to rate orgs so that grant writers can zero in on the groups receiving more than 3 stars. I’d rate both Soar and DWC 5 stars, but St. Teresa’s Catholic Church would have to be exempt from the U.S. rating system because their church doctrinal headquarters in Rome is located in Italy, not the U.S., but Italy doesn’t have the same law structure we do. In any case, STS and the attached Catholic parrishes would have to fall under an orange color registry unless the Pope makes a serious change to policy surrounding gay marriage and married and female ministry. The Catholic church can’t escape revolutions of any kind, and must conform to human rights standards, whether their headquarters is in the Vatican in Italy or any other nation besides. I would have to subject certain Diocesan housing things to a green registry color because if they follow the teachings of Jesus they have to welcome everybody. Plus federal housing law, blah blah blah blah blah. Whatever, it gets better.

I would like to see an end to neofascism groups like Boogaloo and KKK and the Proud Boys because personally, my partner, who is African American, would not feel safe. He already doesn’t because of masks, pandemic garbage, and so much other stuff. The police killing of Elijah McClane doesn’t help matters either. I don’t wat to live in one of Margaret Atwood’s weird predictions as in the Handmaid’s Tale, I want to live in a world where I can go out and feel safe equally with my partner as well. I want no penalty from church or goverment if we marry, and I want to have children in a place of safety for all, and we need to ask ourselves many questions. JFK Sr. wanted to say this, and he said it quite eloquently when discussing moon landing prospects: “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” What can we do for this country right now? First, we need to shoulder the responsibilities. We have the power of opinions, opposing viewpoints, and many debates, but we want to keep that power. As Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben once said, and I’ll say it again, “With great power comes great responsibility.” We need to hae that responsibility, and learn to coexist with our fellow man, whether black or brown, pink or polka dotted, and we need to realize MLK Jr.’s dream sooner rather than put it off till later. I have his vision, his dream, where I can wake up in a world where my kids one day will not be judged by the color they give off on their flesh, something they won’t be able to change, but by their character and what they can do for the country and the greater human race. When you go vote, whether by mail or in person, remember these things, remember that your safety and responsibilities comes first, remember that all of us are different. Ask not what the government can do for you, but ask what you can do for the government … right, JFK? Yes, the guy was a total washout, a womanizer, but whatever. His words ring true when I think of what is coming for us in a few months. What would JFK do and say if he were able? Well, honestly, I’d like to quote the words of Patrick Henry: “Give me liberty or give me death.” Well, there’s more: give me safety, responsibility, or freedom to be myself and life without penalties for who and when I get married to or whatever, or move me somewhere else. Canada probably, but I don’t see why the U.S. can’t shape itself up in November, get rid of neofascism, and start thinking about ways it can rebuild after this pandemic and racism struggle, and avoid a second civil war.


How Not to Be A Dick, … And My Audition Day is Here At Last

Dear Diary,

I”m really looking forward to my audition.  Let’s face it.  I’m really looing forward to seeing what others think of my singing, but I’m not looking forward to the total jerks who think blind people should not sing on television.  I’m sorry, but a blind person is usually the juggernaut of paperwork, the burden to their families, and some parents believe they are not to be grown up.  Blind people are often treated like this by dicks, total dicks.  We can’t even name our children “Dick” for fear of what people will say.  Imagine if I named my son “Harry Dick”.  Can you imagine that?  I’d be mortified by a son named that, so I think I’ll go a step further and try naming him “Sue.”  Sue.  Perfect.  Johnny Cash would be proud of me if I named by little man Sue.  But Blake would probably go nuts, nuts and all.

Blake and others should take note: Blind people are often forced to work in call centers, enslaved by a Rehabilitation agency that doesn’t understand what they really want to do, and doesn’t take into account what they are capable of without thinking, I’ll get lots of moola out of the poor blind population.  Rehab agencies are a bane of blind people’s existence, to name one thing they are.  My audition could be a point of light for others, someone could indeed decide to audition.  What if I’m turned down though because of disability?  I knew this would be a problem.  The producers might make me pass a test with psychologists, and they’re going to think I’m out of touch with “reality.”  Geez, Mom, you should have thought before you didn’t let me be a child, so you got rid of every child’s thought in my mind.  Reality is not real.  There’s no such thing as reality.  Reality is whatever you make of it, and the reality I have faced all this time up to now is one of harrowing emotional difficulties and some abusive moments.  By the way, this week, my ex, the biggest bully in the entire United States, Jason D. Owens, yes, I’m not afraid to name you, pulled the biggest stunt with my friend Carol.  Jason said he wouldn’t hurt her, but Carol reported to me last night that Jason said she’d signed a death warrant by being freidns with me and my bf Blake.  Wrong, Mr. Owens.  You need to cool your top.  If you don’t, you’ll get charged with bullying.  I’ll have to report your accounts to Cyber Tip Line, and picking on Carol was wrong.  Carol blocked you for a reason, and she’s not gonna back down.  So don’t even think about contacting me or Blake while you’re behind.  We’re gonna confront you about this issue.

And speaking of Jason and his bullying, we’re gonna talk about a book.  Yes, a book that could help people such as Jason learn basic etiquette.  How Not to Be A Dick By Meghan Doherty.  Yes, it is the absolute best damned etiquette book out there, simple, not as complicated as Emily Post.  The Internet etiquette section  is pretty basic, but simple and to the point.  Whatever you or I post in public blogs IS public.  It’s all public.

I had a weird dream, and it was the night before my audition.  I was with my friend Jessica, and I was hoping to meet Blake there.  Blake came over, and … well, I was holding his hand, and we hugged, then I woke up.  I want something more than that, though.  If not for the dicks in our lives, we wouldn’t’ve been in this position.  A dangerous killer, an overprotetive and overdoing it mother, a dangerous predator on my side of the family or should we say a pair of them?, and a dangerous set of predators in Florida who aren’t related to me.  There you go.  The situations are clearly blocking me from seeing Blake, and I will not be blocked from seeing Blake.  IF anyone decides to do this, they will have to face my rath.  God’s rath be upon you who try and act like a total dick, and don’t let me see Blake.  Blake is mine, my significant other, and from a distance, seems nice, but I want a devout and strong man who understands about blindness and can work with the emotional abuses I’ve suffered, the tortures I’ve been through, etc.  I was caled spoiled and selfish by another friend, who thought he’d cared, but he didn’t.  Whining like a baby wasn’t what happened when he decided to block me on Skype.  I really did have a haunting, a flashback, and it was the same thing that occurred in Parochial school when the kids accused me of making threats.  Let them think this, now I say to myself, for they were never true friends.  Only Kristen was, but she’s gone.  Gone from my life, and forever gone from society’s high ranks.  She went to Japan, I didn’t.  She had a Japanese man; I did not.  Kristen is no longer messaging me for some reason, and that means she’s gone.  If you don’t message me for a long time, you’re gone.  There’s no way I can contact you, and you’re possibly uninterested in contacting me.  Kristen was only one of two people who fell to the steps of disinterest in contacting me.  I’m sorry, but anyone else in the teacher precious’s homeroom did not have the same interests, did not live Christ’s teachings, etc.  Using the R word was another crime they committed against me all because I was blind.  I had to wear a puke plaid uniform, and this was all my parents’ wishes.  Sorry, but Catholic education is not the best thing at all for someone blind.  Catholics don’t like birth control, and want to deny women that coverage.  Birth control isn’t just to prevent pregnancy, it helps with other conditions.  Guess what?  SAndra Fluke was right.  If you’re not sure of what I’m saying, google it.  She talked about why birth control was totally important, and Rush Limbaugh, a radio demagogue who is, for lack of a better way to put it, a dick, said she was being paid to have sex.  Medicaid now covers birth control, which si a good thing for poor women who need it.  I’m not spending hundreds of dollars on contraception.  I need it sometimes, and Blake may need it too.  IF we marry before the psychiatrist approves a medication change, then Blake and i will need to use condoms and birth control pills.  BC pills need to be gotten with Medicaid or insurance, and even $2 could hamper the grocery bill.  I don’t care what you politicians think, but BC coverage is important.  IF I’m raped, that’s another thing.  Blake will be upset, and I don’t want to see a baby before he marries me.  My mother would take the baby away and sign it to a stranger couple.  I can’t have that.  Not at all.

To summ things up, those who so wish to tell me what is and has to be are to me total liars.  I want my life back, and I want someone who can help me get it back.  Blake has done this, and he will get his eternal reward.  God be with Blake, and that’s all I can say.