Okay, trying my hand at something new

Dear readers,

My brain is on fire. I’m falling hard for someone special. Now, I’m looking at something I shouldn’t. … Who cares? Below, I’m about to write down this poem I’m envisioning in my mind at this hour.

There is no rose in Iowa,

More wild and beautiful than you,

There is no ocean so deep,

Than your beautiful eyes crystal blue,

There is no golden sun the brighter

Than your golden smile is deep,

When you aren’t with me, or in my arms,

I feel as though I should weep.

Come sit beside me, my love,

Let me hold you close by,

As the sound of the mourning dove

Becomes clearer and echoes louder, and I die,

A thousand deaths in your arms, full of passion,

Your kiss being as sweet and cool as the rain,

I hope that one day you will never fall out of fashion,

So as I take off in my desert bound plane,

Remember me, let me remember you,

And let me love you again,

Because there is not a wilder and more beautiful place

Than in your heart, and no mountain or valley

Can erase the space between me and your beautiful face,

And I hope not one thing finds us in an alley,

Alone in the night, I sit here and write,

These words that call out and fall out of me,

Because you are the one I think of each and every night,

And each and every solitary day,

You are on my mind.

Beloved one, as I type this,

This isn’t the first time I will say this,

But believe me you aren’t the only thing I’ve loved so deeply,

But just wait until you kiss me so sweetly,

You are the one I dare to say I wouldn’t live without,

And I love you truly and without a single doubt.

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