Done with Work Adjustment Hopefully No Trials, Just Employment

Dear Diary,

Well, I”m done.  Work adjustment is so over, so yesterday.  I’m so done with having to go to BAyaud.  I”m so done having to deal with Access A Ride, and not getting paid.  Oh yeah, oh yeah.  It’s RJ’s birthday too, in Florida, midnight.  Holy crap, I’m happy.  Blake had a beer, a root beer from Taco Bell.  RJ doesn’t know what he wants for his birthday, and he needs a new computer.  Holy God, I’m so going to party all weekend and all through June.  Look out, Shelton I’m on my way.

My audition was welcomed by the ladies, Richele and Jessey, and they were like, “Oh my God.  That is so cool.”  They were happy.  Jessey knows I can make progress, but I’m so done with trying to have to demonstrate stuff, I just wanna be free of all the bonds that hold me in a box.  I need Blake, and marrying Blake is the only thing I really want to do that is significant.  I’ll try for a job, but I won’t be surprised if I’m turned down.  Blind people are not always hired.  Mentally ill people are never hired.  However, I need benefits with the job.  I don’t know quite what will happen.\

My real career goal is perhaps to record music, but if that’s not possible, I’ll try the teaching technology to others, or to teach Braille.  The Braille cert isn’t hard to get if you know your slate and stylus.  Plus I have to teach UEB or something.  I don’t know what else to do now.

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