Say Yes to Giving a Dress?????? Stimulus Check could Determine Whether I Do

Dear readers,

I am only able to do a love ceremony, but I’m going to tell you all this right now: not in my birthday suit. And I won’t wear regular clothes to a courthouse to do it because my partner’s healthcare will be lost. Human Services is already playing tricks on us to try and stop fraud and abuse, which is stupid. As a blind bride to be, I will never be considered for charities like those who donate wedding gowns and such because I’m not doing a legal wedding per se, and i don’t want to take my partner’s last name. I will bow to no one, even a bad old guard style patriarchal God. Why? Because I’ve been excluded and called a whore at churches, and nobody believes this story. I’ve been voted out of a church and nobody believes this story. As a blind bride to be who will never be able to do the front line work for the pandemic, I will be excluded further. I am begging my readers to believe my story, and take action. Why? Read on.

As Congress sits there debasing any argument for disability care, chipping away at our rights, I am wondering if I’ll even get a stimulus check of $1200 from Congress and the IRS to make up for the lost money that I could have earned from the pandemic. That money is quite helpful, and I can use it to get food delivered, get food period, and have good food in my home. However, we planned to use the next check on getting rid of the smelly nasty old mattress we have to sleep on, that we’re constantly covering with febreze and we’re constantly having to air out because it smells. Ugh. And we want to get a groom’s ring, and a dress for me. The dress is the most important expense I’d say we would use it for. Nobody wants to support us in getting the dress, so if Congress doesn’t believe my story and doesn’t want me to have a good so called love ceremony, they can go straight down there because I don’t know what to do. There was one boutique we found, but they’re in Westminster, where my old church is built. Ugh. I am not happy with the church’s decision, and the doctrinal guidelines of many religious institutions say that you have to be legally married to live with your partner, that it has to be a heterosexual relationship. Boo on the homophobia, and I won’t be in need of a male pastor or celebrant. I’d prefer a female of all things, and someone I’m close to that can deal with the situation as is.

As for the dress, I am not raising money for the dress. I’m not raising money and getting attacked. That’s all I get is attacks and so on. I’ve even tried calling the KUSA team at Nine News, but no response. Ugh. Am I really supposed to believe I’m a nobody who deserves nothing? This pandemic is killing a whopping 150,000 plus people, and I know it, but I’m sick of being a nobody that nobody wants to support. I want friends who actually give a damn and people who won’t attack me for saying my family sucks and they are so toxic they don’t deserve to come to the love ceremony. Ugh. Spiritual marriage only, that’s the route we’re taking because of the SSI program and the SSDI program’s mandated restrictions, and that’s just wrong. Plain wrong. I hate to be a beggar, but I have to say, please, if you want to send me a dress at all, it has to be red, not white, not off white. Red. Please, no white lacey gowns with bows or ribbons that make it look like a toddler’s nightgown. Please make sure you send the dress if you’re interested, if you care, or if you want to be the one to make this ceremony happen. Please, if you read this, I’m not a front line worker because of my disability, but disability should not stop me from getting the kind of help I need right now. And it’s not just the dress either. I wish I didn’t have to do this thing online, but we have to. Point the camera here, point the camera there. I am unable to see where to point. So if you are in Colorado, know me well at all, and you’re reading this, please, feel free to drop by the house/apartment. Feel free to help point the camera because I should not have to. Decorate my place because we can’t have it in the park, or in a public space. Ugh. Okay, but please help decorate the place because I’m not that great with that, and visually stunning? This apartment is shabby and crappy, though there are some nice pieces in it, it is still crappy. No matter what you do with this, it is crappy.

Thank you for your help in advance.