My New Phone and Other Matters

Dear Diary,

I got a new phone.  Shoot, I can’t even set up voicemail, so Idk what to do.  I”m really having problems trying to answer cals, and that will have me screwed, so all anyone can do is text me.

I can do voice input for texts and stuff, so it’s like, oh ok.  Blake understands, he’s that sweet, and he doesn’t ever fail me.  I just want to set up my voicemail and get over things.  The new phone is an Android for those of you who don’t know, but it was $50 at the store, plus I changed the plan.  I”m on the forty dollar plan, but since I’m a new Cricket customer no more, I don’t get the rebate, but I don’t pay that much.  I just had to pay the first bill, the phone price, and then the case.  $106 total!  Whoa.  Then I had to buy stuff for my audition.  Great.  I want more money to help with the bills.  Somebody, oh God, I better get help with bills.  I need the bills to be paid on time.  I’ll have to cut back on all restaurant expenses, but food stamps are down low.  So I can’t necessarily cut back on food and supplies.  I always had Melaina shopping for a few things, not a lot, because of the food stamps and limited income.  Shoot, it’s not funny to tout that much income.  Wells Fargo didn’t send me Braille statements so I’m totally behind on accounting stuff.  What the hell am I going to do!  But with this new phone, I don’t know what to do.

I hope Melaina and I can help get voicemail set up and have it set up so that I can do speaker and so on so that the dial pad is right there and I can access the Nine key when the door calls.  That sort of thing.

Art says he should’ve just loaned me a couple hundred bucks, but Cricket will charge full price for an iphone, and there’s no way I can get it, so it’s Droid for me right now.  My phone is nice, but it needs work on accessibility issues.  We took all the security off so that I didn’t have to unlock the phone using a hard stroke of the screen.  I might change that as I get better at this, but no one is qualified to train me on my own phone.  I feel embarrassed and frustrated all at the same time.  Plus I can’t let Skype mess around with my call features.  Oops.  Waht the hell am I going to do!

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