Oration for the American People

Dear American Readers and others around the world who actually care about us,
We just suffered, as of right now, a total of four losses due to Isil. Four. Four is four too many. Who knows what the last hostage was doing in that cell on the day she was killed? We don’t. A photo recently surfaced of her with trauma injuries. I have some words for the guys who did this: get out of town. What you guys did to her was nothing short of bad and evil. As we enter Arizona’s statehood anniversary and Valentine’s Day and V Day and all that, we must remember Kayla. Yes, we are all Kayla Meuler. We are all the same: all of us have a piece of her. We are Stephen Sotloft, We Are Peter Kassig, we are the Americans like James Foley. We are, especially now, Kayla Meuler. The same words we used to echo a French magazine, I use now to espouse the love, beauty, and loyalty of Kayla, and we must remember her in all the things that happen around us.
Remember Kayla when your son or daughter goes off to do something in a foreign country which is a war zone, like Syria. Remember Kayla when your daughter comes home from said war zone unharmed, or when she’s kidnapped by the enemy groups. Remember her when she is abused by a husband she doesn’t like or want to like after so much loving him, or when she’s walking down the street. When your son or daughter comes home from the wars, and he or she is a veteran of the military, always going into harm’s way, remember Kayla Meuler. We are Kayla Meuler. Just as we stood in solidarity with the French, all of us must stand in solidarity with the American people. Obama couldn’t say it better. I am a patriot. I am a warrior. Not only do I have the most passion and care for those who are in harm’s way, but those who, for one reason or other, can’t go out there and serve. Blind women are most undesirable for work, mating, and so on according to statistics. Marriage and relationships are closed to us so often. What would Kayla want for us? She stood in solidarity with a people who are supposed to be tolerant with each other, Muslim and Christian alike. She wanted these people, like all of us do, to have their dreams come true. Let’s do something in her memory.
Those of you who are on my Facebook page, go like my radio show page. I have a surprise for all of you. Look at the most recent post. Yes, I did not mention her name in the post, but there’s a link I want you to check out: The V Day initiative is ending violence against women. In the Middle Eastern countries, we see a pattern of violence that does not seem to end. Kayla would have wanted us to think before we act, and in doing so, she would have been spearheading projects to end violence against women in Syria. Isis in Syria and Iraq has ruined it for all of the women who want the right to walk out without a veil on, the right to marry who ever she chooses, and so on. Again, I say this, and I won’t stop until we hear the resounding words I write here in this blog post: we are Kayla Meuler, Steven Sontloft, James Foley, and Peter Kassig. We are the world. We are its children, and today, we are kayla Meuler.

Do Not Try This At Home, … Or At School, Especially Georgia Academy for the Blind

While sitting on a Skype call with Jennifer, Blake, and myself, I decided to go ahead and tell a funny story about Jen’s recent ex. I hope, that is, if this guy is reading this post, he falls over fainted and doesn’t try to get up and blow up my computer screen. So here goes:
What do you get when you cross a bored teenager with a computer? Well, here’s what you would get if said bored person sat at the computer and did not do his homework on it.
One day, Jason had the courage to do something incredible, and it was stupid. I remember times my athletic director at school would say, “Don’t do anything stupid.” Well, stupid is as stupid does. And while Jason was typing or being bored, either one, he did the following:
1. First, he got into the whole network in JAWS. Bad idea, because …
2. He got into the speech dictionary. This is what he did to the dictionary.
3. He changed the word “log” such that if read, would be pronounced “jack.” Now, this may sound like a funny way of getting back at the teachers, but it’s not funny at all. Because, while this may make laughter happen, it ended with suspension. Here’s the result:
While the computers were logging off, JAWS said, “Windows is currently jacking off, jacking off, jacking off.” Excuse me? While this may be funny, I think this should never be done at home. Hence the title of this post. So, if you have any ideas on how to stave off boredom, do comment. But, please be advised, this prank pulled by Jason should NEVER be done to a professional network of computers or at home. Especially with little ones in the home where you are at. Case in point, don’t talk to the little ones about this post. It may disturb their minds and their poor senses of being themselves might be destroyed.
Those side effects are common in homes like this, where “jacking of, jacking off” is heard quite frequently. Slang that is vulgar should never be done. Not in front of someone like … uh, Kathy or someone. But don’t let anyone steal your harvest. Now, when the “jacking off” incident occurred, and when I got wind of this, I laughed. However, it just isn’t nice with little kids, hence why Mr. Jason was punished such times and so on. I found a better way to stave off boredom:
I was watching America’s Funniest Home Videos. Again, don’t try this at home. I heard a Cassio keyboard with a doorbell or Celeste sound being used on a guy’s mom. The mom asked, “Who’s there?” The boy kept playing the keyboard like a doorbell rang. It just got so bad the mom was driven nuts. The boy, lucky though he was, won a million dollars or something for that video he took, without the mom knowing no less.
Anyway, that’s the two best and worst ways to stave off boredom.

Jasons and Text Lingo

Dear readers,
I have seen more of another name showing up on the bad list than the good books of many a woman I’ve come across. I have now got me an old friend back, and I won’t say why. But she suggests, maybe she hasn’t, but at her suggestion, maybe I should consider calling all bad guys Jasons. “That’s such a Jason thing to do.” “What a big bad Jason.” “What a really ugly Jason.” This doesn’t apply to all guys, but the ones who are real … well, dicks. But the sad thing is that Dick isn’t always a bad name. Like I mentioned earlier in another post, we’ve distorted our language so much that Dick has lost its formal stance as a real good name. Dick is short for Richard. Richard was a king’s name, remember the Lionhearted?
Well, here’s Jason’s name definition and this is gonna shock you all: it means “healer”. Funny how it means this, and I have a psych doc by this name, and I’ve had a couple friends by this name. The good guys, that is. But there are quite a lot of big bad Jasons out there, Jasons who need to hear their name mispronounced by computers perhaps to make them think, “Why did I even bother treating my girlfriends badly?” We know who you are, guys. So this post is dedicated to you all.
Jason should be put in the dictionary, the Urban dictionary as something like this:
Jason: Noun. A bad boy, similar to other nouns: Dick, Harry, or Hairy Dick …
Verb. To treat someone badly, to totally jip somebody off.
Adjective. Really Dickish, jerkish, stupid, weird.
In a bad way that is.
That’s how it should look even in Miriam Webster’s Dictionary. I’m sure my friends would love to see this. Now, I don’t think ALL Jasons are bad. There are good guys called Jason, like my friend Jason M. from Pennsylvania. Like my friend Jason T. from Iowa. Like, yeah, there are some good Jasons out there. But Jason seems to have a negative discharge and I am repelled by it. If you’re trying to date me and your name is Jason, I’m gonna run right away. Now, there are better names for me, like … yeah, Blake. Right?
In other news, regarding the distortion of the English language, I think we should say this other thing too. We’ve distorted sentence completion and grammar and replaced it with this:
Beth. Hay, how r u?
Somebody else: Fine, & u?
Beth: Nm. Ok, that’s just a sample of what you’d see in … yep, Text message crap. b/c it’s cool, you’d say. No, if you’re going to write a paper for college, I’d suggest using because instead of this b/c crap. Ok, so what about w/this and w/that? Whatever happened to the phrases “with this” and “with that?” I’m sorry, but it’s really important to learn your language first before you pick up your electronics and text all day in this weird abbreviated crap. You could write, for instance, “Hello, it’s Beth, how are you?” Ok, remember the capital letter at the beginning of sentences? And periods? Sheesh! It’s a trend that hurts our linguistic skill more than it “saves space on the phone.” That’s what Voice Input or Dictation is for. You can pull out your I thing and say to it, “I’m hanging around. Weather’s nice. It’s like eighty degrees out there.” See? That wasn’t bad. I have nothing against Text Language in Text Messages, but not in a really good college paper.
Ok, what if I used text and emogi faces to write a novel? What would happen if this actually got off the ground? What would happen if I took smiley faces, sad faces, and a thousand pics of emogi things and composed a novel and strings of words with them? Along with that, I’d use text lingo and you get a crazy bit of fun. A dime novel hidden in your corn crib for instance.
Jasons and Text lingo. What a post. I hear sirens outside my window. Ugh.
Hope the sirens aren’t coming for me.

The Most Loved and Hated Name On the Planet and Why

Dear Readers,
For some of you, this may sound obscure. However, I’ve noticed a really disturbing trend. The name Dick has been less and less popular among babies named Richard these days. Nobody seems to get it: Dick is not always a slang word referring to a man’s body part. It’s short for Richard, which is a good king name, and there are rarely a few guys who are called Dick to mean Richard, not the other word. Most people use the word Dick in a slang fashion, similar to Cock, muff, and other words. Words like this are becoming so popular and almost too often used to describe other parts of a man’s body or woman’s body. You can’t have a team in football called the Cocks. What does this message send? Because of the fact that Trojan is a condom brand, you can’t say that you’re talking about the soldiers from Troy, right? Same thing applies to the word Dick. Dick has been loved, hated, reviled, revered, for most of the twentieth century. Let me give a classic example of the proper use of Dick: Dick Clark, the host of New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, long since passed on. Dick, a ham radio operator friend of Blake’s, long since passed on as of last year. Dick Tracy. Dick van Dyke. How many others can we name from here? Dick the plowboy from Black Beauty. Dick in every other kind of word and in every sense of the word. But not a man’s sexual organ. All of these uses of Dick imply but one thing: it can be a good thing to bring back the banning of slang words without the written laws. We need to name our babies Richard, and let them choose to be called Dick. Rick is now the proper way to address Richards, but why? What is the problem with Dick? We keep using it in such a vulgar manner that we’ve forgotten its formality in the gentleman’s name back in the day. There was a simpler day when slang words like the word Cock weren’t used so often in the days that men and women actually respected each other. Like the Cock flew over the hen house. You could read the poem with that word in it and not worry so much. Kids and their nursery rhymes had the word in it, but now, you can’t say, with great reverence, “Hey diddle diddle, hey diddle diddle, the cock flew over the moon.” What does one word say about this? A cock, meaning a man’s you know what, flies over the moon? Um, no. In this case, we’re talking about Cock-a-doodle-doo. Like the bird, the male chicken. Yes, game cock has some significance in football team mascots. Cock fighting is still mentioned in some lingo. Like if you’re an animal rights investigator, you’d go out there and see cockfights and say, “Oh no, it’s a bunch of messed up roosters.” At least some people get what I’m talking about.
However, we’ve gotten so caught up in ordinary words turning into slang, vulgar and cruel definitions that some people forget what they are. I can say, “Don’t act like a dick.” But I’ve forgotten what Dick actually may refer to. Am I saying that Richard is a jerk? No! There’s just too many bad uses of Dick that people are afraid of that word. I say, bring back the good words, bring back Dick in its proper form. Don’t say the word Dick. Not when referring to men who are jerks. Dicks should be known only as short for Richard and that is the only use I’d advocate. If I named my baby Richard, I’d still call it Dick. Here’s something funny we talked about: what if I named my son Harold Richard? what could you do with that? That’s pretty disturbing, but try Dicky Lee. Not bad, huh?

Savage rape/murder, disabled woman, new protests over sexual violence in India – James Toner Story

The title just popped out at me. India has no laws to protect a woman, especially that with a disability. I”m not traveling to India at all, regardless of whether I have friends there. Blake must be safe as well, and if somebody, God forbid, tried to do his wife like this or girlfriend, and if the girlfriend was an American and blind, God knows this could make headlines. But as Blake’s significant other and a disabled woman, I have to choose a country if we go international that respects the rights of the disabled woman, including the right to sexual integrity.

Isis Strikes again: What Can WE Do To Combat Terrorists?

Dear Readers,
As many of you know, an American woman from … Arizona, Blake’s native state, was killed not by an air strike, but by Isis trying to cover their butts. Isis and other radical terrorist groups have really done us all in, and they’re gonna do it again. We’ve tried banning items on airplanes, things like liquids, canes, etc. I have to give up my walking cane when I go through security on an aircraft because of groups like Al Qaida and Isis. I’m so sick of the way security handles us blind people. I’ll go back a few stories and relay what I’m thinking right now:
I was in high school shortly after 9/11. We were going to New York for a little R and R with the band. My band and chorus program wanted to do stuff there, go to the Empire State Building, and go to Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy’s, etc. It would’ve been great to go to these places, but what bothered me was the way the security person treated me as a blind person. I was walking through the metal detectors, oh well, and the lady goes, no less to my own MOTHER, “You have to guide her through. This has to go through.” I had no clue how to tell the lady, “Shut up. You talked around me. Now talk to me, again, say what you want to say. Let’s try this again.” It shouldn’t be up to me to train that stupid woman how to be sensitive to blind individuals and their needs. The first and most important need we have is that we need to be talked to, not talked around when you’re doing something. Case in point, a waitress did this to me once at a Valentino’s restaurant location. The waitress said, “What would she like?” This was said to a mobility teacher. What? Does the waitress realize I’m sitting RIGHT FREAKIN” THERE! Do you not see that, ma’am?
Well, the security screener was no different. She talked through and around me as though I didn’t exist in body and spirit. This, President Obama and other Presidents past, is offensive. Downright stupid and offensive, this is, right, Master Yoda? Yes, it is downright wrong, degrading, offensive, you choose the word. Get out a thesaurus and you’ll see.
That little incident scarred me for a while from going on planes and flying with sighted friends and family. I had to do this again several more times when we went to New England, Massachusetts, for Papa Taurasi’s wake, then again for a Gravina wedding that took place in Cohassett. I”m done with weddings, of course, with family involved because I’m not the bride and will never probably be. Sadly, I had to fly out of Florida and the security was awful.
Now, I travel on my own. The last time I flew was to Arizona to see someone I truly cared about. My security screeners have been trained, sensitive, and great! However, with Isis and their attacks on Americans, what can we as Americans expect now? Will the screeners and TSA offend us who are blind again? What will Blake, me, and thousands more expect from TSA? Yes, they have a TSA Cares thing, a disabled hotline of sorts, but Isis is ruining things. I predict, not trying to be synical, that Isis will use disabled folks as bombs. This is something we know they did with kids. Boko Haram in Nigeria used ten-year-old girls, and they could use disabled orphans and widows. This is outrageous.
When I heard the news about the hostage that died from Arizona, I just wanted to throw stuff around my apartment, or throw the phone down. I wanted to say, “Bryan Williams, you are lying, right? Did this really happen?” I was stunned. Stunned to outrage. Isis really doesn’t get it. When they take foreigners and girls as wives, they think they’re getting somewhere. This is something you can’t ignore. As I was told to ignore the recent attacks on me, you can’t ignore terrorists. They want attention, well, they’ve got it. The whole world is after the Isis fighters, and they’re bullying young boys and girls to join their so called Holy War against us Americans.
What can we do? Here are a few remedies:
1. We need to outlaw parts of Islam, as weird as it sounds, we must outlaw some of Islam’s teachings and Hadithic teachings. Some include covering of the woman’s body from head to toe, arranging marriages, forcing women to marry only Muslim men, and the whole thing about how to resolve a marriage by beating a so called unfaithful wife must be outlawed. I don’t care what the Qur’an says. It should be banned here and in the entire Western hemisphere and elsewhere where the Muslim immigrants can take their weird ways.
2. Women in Islam should be given a second chance to marry someone they truly care about. AS a former convert, I know for sure that men think they can rule us, browse us like web pages with nice pictures on them, and think they can buy us like they do their cars or their pots of gold. Women must be able to mingle with men, not separated by a curtain.
3. IF a woman chooses to wear any form of head covering, it should be redone so that faces are shown. That means the niqab must be illegal in all countries of the world. We live in an ID driven society where the face is essential. Fingerprints can’t always be a part of us sometimes. We need faces, so women must be told to show their faces.
4. We need a whole new way to settle marriage conflicts. Let’s say that Jason and Daneen, two of my good friends, ran into some problems as a married couple. With the current Qur’anic teachings and Hadithic wisdom that Islam is following, Jason would beat Daneen because he feels she is not doing things the way he wants them done. However, Jason would say, in my proposed marriage conflict formula, “Hey, Daneen, I feel like you’re being really unfaithful.” Daneen has to say, “I would never do this to you.” IF she is being unfaithful, she could counter with, “Jason, you don’t give enough personal attention.” Etc etc. When I, for instance, tell Blake that what he says sometimes makes me feel invalid and unworthy of a man’s company or a friendship or relationship, sometimes Blake doesn’t care or acts like he doesn’t, but in the end, we resolve said conflicts with a “Beth, I really care about you. I really love you, and if there’s anything I can do to help I will do it.” Blake would never beat a lady because she’s ill or perceived to be unfaithful. Infidelity is no excuse to stone a woman. Stoning a woman to death in those countries where it’s popular would in my view be banned. In America, we would have to tell the immigrants who are Muslim, you must not stone your wives and daughters for whatever reason.
5. Women must be allowed out of the house. I would, if I were Queen of Jordan, pass a law that told men that if caught harassing a woman in the workplace because of a veil or for whatever reason, he would get so much jailtime and a fine. If the man kills a woman for being “unfaithful” to her husband, he must be stoned himself. Or, better yet, let’s eliminate the death thing and go with life without parole. As Queen of Jordan, which I will never be, I would have to counter terrorism with these laws about men and women interacting in the workplace because of terroristic actions that do not really reflect the true nature of Islam. Sadly, Islam has taken some of its Qur’anic teachings way too far.
6. We need to reread the Hadith and see if there’s any excuse to “kill the infidels.” IF not, and if not so, we must correct this. IF there is anything in Qur’an or the Prophet’s Hadith that points to killing as a solution to infidelity to Islam, we must condemn such things. I personally condemn the Terroristic actions of all radical groups. Isis and other Terrorists should be classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. For one, these groups hate women. They hate Americans, and they absolutely do not respect blind people. My ex, as loving as he is, could be used as a bomb if he is not careful. Deq is a sweet guy, and Isis might have plans if he doesn’t watch out. Deq wants to help women get out of violent situation, but how ironic it is that most of his fellow Muslim men have no clue about so many cases of domestic violence involving Muslim families with sons in them.
It’s going to take a lot of cultural changes, but here are some of the sweeping things I’d do to all Muslim countries:
1. Veils will be banned and if they cover the face, especially. Just like I said before.
2. Arranged marriages with force or coercion must be banned and all marriages of girls under eighteen must be banned unless both parties are under eighteen and agree to the marriage THEMSELVES.
3. Men and women must sit together in Masjids, restaurants, public malls, buses, etc.
3. All Arabic speakers must learn English and other trade languages in order to seek employment. Do not expect any person at this stage of the fight against Terrorism to speak Arabic. It’s like nobody in the ’40s spoke German outside the Nazi occupied states.
4. Nobody in Arabic schools may use radical textbooks, and if the textbooks mention that women must submit, they will be thrown out.
5. Teachers of all children with special needs must understand and recognize the achievements of disabled people. If they do not recognize the life and the value of disability in people, they will be fired.
6. Bombs and other heavy packs on backs will be detonated and thrown out.
7. IF you carry a hiking backpack, it must be searched, and if you carry a bomb, you and the bomb will go off. Maybe the last item wasn’t so good, but I am getting sick of hearing, “Suicide bomber does this, kills x people.” To put a stop to this, we need to put radicals and those who follow them under strict house arrest and curfews right and left.
8. All young girls in families where honor violence is prevalent will be removed from the home for their own safety.

\On a more international level, we need to combat the foreign fighters who will breed more Jihadists. Here’s how:
1. We did a good job with Ms. Shanon Whatshername in Denver, but we need to keep doing that. Question all folks when they show up with a veil on. You can question me, I’ll say, “Those Isis bastards don’t practice real Islam.” Yes, I hate to write that response there, but it should show I am extremely patriotic and love my country.
2. Psychologically analyze in three minutes each passenger who boards planes bound for Syria, Turkey, Jordan, and other Middle Eastern countries. The first thing to do is ask the questions one asked Shannon. “What are you doing? Where are you going? What you going to do?” Be casual about it. That kind of thinking will target more of the Shannons out there, not all of them are bad, but any Jihadists out there can certainly say something if the questions are calm and casual. Don’t try and be too tense about it.
3. Muslim men with beards longer than six feet or some inches should have the beards cut shorter. This way, the TSA can look for explosives hidden in hair follicles and other parts of the man’s body.
4. Women must not wear the niqab on board an aircraft for the sake of ID and matching the identification of the passenger and the other pic they show.
5. IF you’re wondering why Muslim men should have a short beard, I’ll say this: I personally hate long and scruffy beards. I expect that all passengers on board an airplane bound for these countries must have a beard two inches or shorter. Clean shaven will be preferred. Any man with a beard longer than a certain number of inches and hiding stuff in there will have to be either arrested or have their beards cut completely off and shaved. Yes, this may be morally offensive, but look at what Muslims do to us. They expect us to convert or die or something.
6. As always, TSA should take all shoes off. They should analyze other stuff on the man or woman’s feet.
7. If a man is Jewish and has a big beard, still, I don’t care what religion you are, you should still have a shorter beard. But here’s another idea. If you’re going to Syria, Jordan, or any other Muslim centered country, your Facebook should come into question. You should bring a sample of your profile in and if they deem some of your writings to be “Islamic and Isis related propaganda”, you will be denied entry to the aircraft. We don’t know what Ms. Shannon’s facebook page looked like, but if we did, we might see a lot of that sort of thing. There was an American guy who died fighting for the Jihadi cause, and his Facebook reflected this. He wrote things about joining Isis on Facebook. If we did a profile analysis on him, especially if the FBI took some measures there, we might save more lives.
8. To do a profile analysis, we need to watch each other’s back. IF a friend of mine notices I don’t post much on FB, he can say, “Hey, Beth, are you ok?” Casually, without intensity, we can ask each other if we’re ok. If I wrote something about how Allah is great, how infidels should do this or that, then that’s the time for friends to report such posts. We need to start by reporting all FB posts to the FBI if we feel it has to do with Islamic propaganda.
Now, I’m not trying by any means to be a total Islamophobe. I dated a peaceful Muslim guy at one time. However, Isis has totally worn out the welcome rug in my book. All these Muslims who did all this stuff to us should realize that the welcome wagon is stopping right back at their own places. We need to take as many security measures as we can, and I think Obama should be willing to initiate something where citizens become counterterrorism forces. Ordinary people can do the following:
1. Read your Facebook pages. Look carefully for the Islamic propaganda, and comment on it. You can ask things like, “Going to Jordan or Syria? What for?” Just be casual about it.
2. IF the response is, “Yes, I’m going to help the fighters win the Holy War” or something like that, you need to act as your own counterterrorism agent and call your nearest law enforcement agency. For instance, Denver Police will be alerted if the next Shannon C. comes up and says what I just mentioned before. as a real peaceable person, though, we need to enlighten Muslim around us to better ways of practice. Islamic best practices may go against what they feel the Prophet wants, but Muhammad does not condone child molestation, forced marriages, FGM, and other women’s sufferings. The true Prophet in my view should have never thought that his image is bad, or shouldn’t be used in a cartoon. French magazines can do whatever they want, and they’re not Islamophobes either. However, we need to somehow distinguish between the bad ones and the good guys. Deq is not a fighter in such a bad cause. I am not either. However, some other guy might be. You never know.
Ok, I think I might start by reading some of my good Muslim friends’ posts. I know for a fact that my friend Ginny isn’t one of those bad ones. She is peaceful, and I love her dearly. Her husband doesn’t sound like that sort of guy. But we need to keep radical Islam out of this world, this country and all over the place. I think the beard cutting measure might save lives because terrorists might find new ways of injecting bombs into hair follicles, skin cells, heck they do it to cell phones and remote controlled devices such as a laptop. That’s why TSA does what it does. Terrorists tried an underwear bomber, but that didn’t work because he acted crazy or excited maybe. I wasn’t there, but the underwear bomber was weird.
I don’t like the idea of body scanners, so please, citizens of the U.S., be careful and mindful of what we write on Facebook. I’m not saying all Muslims are bad, but after this Isis thing, we all have to be vigilant. Muslims can write Islamic phrases like “Masha’Allah” and “Insh-Allah.” That’s fine. But don’t make me believe you want to join a Terrorist group. It was obvious on the dead American guy’s profile he was doing this, and the news said it best. To Bryan Williams and others at NBC news, you guys rock. I listen to your stories, and I learn a lot, and grow so much from your reporting. To the president and others, I’m not trying to be a fearful American, but I really want my country to be safe, and for the men out there, that may mean a clean shaven face, no weird robing, and for women, no weird veils and robes. Maybe that would’ve stopped Elizabeth Smart’s captivity had the weirdos with her flown her to California. Anyway, gotta run. My night is almost over.

It All Starts with Toys: Girls and Boys and the Career Gap

Dear Readers,
I’ve often thought about how we can make our nation better. Well, first of all, please elect a female president. Sounds weird, but all the other countries are doing it. Even Africa did it. Will the females in the Arab world catch on? Well, Islam says that females should have some form of status in the world. Here’s the thing though: girls don’t often get the kind of attention that boys get a lot. Boys get toys, toys that teach daring, bravery, valor, and so on. Has anyone noticed the next door neighbor’s kids playing guns and good guys bad guys? Happens all the time, and you see most male oriented things have to do with science fiction movies like Star Wars. Yeah, I had a Darth Vader action figure for crying out loud, but … let’s see … a Tie fighter from the imperial escorts was doled out to my brother. I had a few Princess Leia things, a pewter thing that I bought at Disney. But, let’s see, a death star action set was still doled out to a brother of mine. Then, you had weaponry that boys possess such as the light sabers. What about more practical stuff? Still, more trucks, cars, and other things are again doled out to boys. There’s a reason for this: people think boys are “better” than girls. Well, girls have a better odor in my humble opinion. Young men seriously depress me if they are not cleaned and washed and if they don’t take care of their areas around them. Just a confession I had to make, couldn’t resist.
There are some things I would suggest that toy companies take note of, and they are that girls want to be able to strive for better career paths in life. The purpose of toys is to foster a child’s imagination, make a child more ready to imagine, and allow the player or user of said toys to imagine life in the future. There’s a problem with girls’ toys and costume sets. They are limited to waitress, princess, cook, etc. While I can’t be a waitress, I’m not born into a family for a princess to be possible, and cooking is not my profession as it is a hobby, I think this is offensive. Train engineer, racecar driver, astronaut, and aviator are all viable careers for girls. The thing is that I don’t see, and have never seen, any pilot Barbies or Fighter Pilot Barbies at this. We even have to reach the girls in places like Yemen, African Republics, and so on. Let’s use Fullah as an example for how to reach girls in that country. Fullah dolls are like Barbie dolls, but we should indeed have a more universal Arab woman doll that tells other women, “Yes, you can.” Jalila would be the name I’d pick, and that’s because she’s a superhero in the cartoon world. She fights terrorists, doesn’t wear a veil, etc. Unfortunately, hijab and male dominance plague the Arab world like nothing ever happened before that. Should boys in those countries be given toy guns? No. Why? One word: Isis.
I would never buy my son by a Muslim husband a toy gun or any boy oriented thing. All because I’m afraid that I as the mother would be encouraged to let my half Somali son go to Isis or some terrorist group overseas. I wouldn’t want him back, not if he went, because he’d be too radicalized for me to associate with. Sadly, I wouldn’t want this to happen to even Blake’s kids. The boys in our family won’t be playing with too many war toys. I wouldn’t mind if the guns had something to do with patriotism, and the boys wouldn’t know anything about the word “patriot” before they pick up such a fake weapon. However, I would have to teach all my kids the power of rifles, body parts, etc. This means tai kwon do, rifle practice, etc. Even archery would be used as a means to teach respect and the power of life itself to do away with other lives. Not by killing, but they must be able to use arrows, guns, knives, etc. correctly. Even Blake’s family would have to realize that the girls are not going to be exempt from this. Girls need this more than guys do because they are at risk of getting pregnant as young as twelve. Weird? Believe me, it can happen. I saw a show once about a seventh grade girl who was pregnant. Girls as young as twelve in Africa and the Arab World get married and are forced to please the husband. In Yemen, there’s an old proverb about marrying a nine-year-old, and it stems from aisha, the Prophet’s wife, being that young. Well, times have changed. A nine-year-old girl is not young or old enough to marry, but young enough to be a child, play, learn, grow.
I have a lineup of toys I’d sell to such girls, and there’s going to be a sweeping change to toy stores. Here’s how the toy store would look with my direction in it:\
You walk into Toys R Us, and this is the first thing you’d see: new items, clearance stuff, brand new toys. By type, they would be arranged not by “boy” and “girl” due to the limits of gender definitions of both. Instead, I’d go like this: animal toys, Barbie and Ken, Movies and still more Barbie and Ken, Cars, other dolls, figurines from movies, etc., and sets from Fisher Price. I’d go with all sets by brand: Game Boy, Fisher Price, Thomas Land, etc. Yeah, I’d do that. Imagine the stuff I’d put in the Barbie section though.
You’d walk to the Barbie and Ken section of my store, and this is what you’ll find: Aviator Barbie, fighter pilot Barbie, Zen Buddhist Barbie, Kumari Devi Barbie, Patriotic Barbies of all types, including but not limited to Presidential Barbie, Senator Barbie, House Rep. Barbie3, etc. I think House speaker would be cool too. Bartender Barbie wouldn’t be too appropriate, but maybe Hostess would be cool. But we still need to do Train Engineer Barbie, Racecar driver Barbie, News Reporter Barbie, and many more. The movie character barbie dolls would be placed in the Movie figures section of the store. No Ken characters would be sold unless it comes with the Barbie. For instance, Bride and Groom dolls etc. That’s all. I’d probably throw in a G.I. Jane and Joe couple set. Who knew that would be coming?
In the other sections, you’d find cars, animals, etc. The animal toys would be your usual collection of wild and domesticated stuffed bears, dogs, cats, tigers, etc. What I’d like to see is a sort of thing where you buy stuffed animals like the stuffed bear or tiger, and some money from your purchase goes directly to endangered animals. Like a Conservationist group would take said money and user it to preserve the White Tiger, White Elephant, or perhaps the Koala. Aussies, you hear me! Koala bears need to be preserved. Elephants, you people of Africa and beyond, need to be kept alive, not poached. Ok, so even there would be a nice thing for movie sets. But nowhere in my toy shop would be a label for “boy” or “girl” toys. There’s a huge reason for it. The pink and blue signs would make the children easier to differentiate, but I think all those aisles I just mentioned and the way they’re set up would make it better for parents who have daughters who play with cars to buy the cars for them. Not just Barbie’s fantastic convertible Mustang wannabe. The girls would be able to purchase matchbox lories, cars, trucks, whatever. Maybe the bigger trucks would be great. What about the girls who want something other than a doll or something?
I imagine in Yemen, a figher pilot version of their famous Fullah dolls would make headlines, and yes, would sell out like nuts. I bet I know a few Yemenis who’d play with Fighter Pilot Fullah. Fire Captain dolls for a girl to play with would be cool too. Football player? Hmmm, I think I’d go with Powder Puff Barbie that comes with pads, football, the whole bit. Wonder what that would do to the NFL. What’s next? the WFL? Women’s football has been played before, but a world where women can imagine and expand their options as girls is a better world for all of us.
Happy shopping. lol