Letter to My Would Be Mom In Law

Dear Miss Cathy,
Hi. It’s Beth. Yes, it’s Beth, who else would be writing you this letter? I want to tell you that Blake and I are doing just fine, but there are a few things I’m worried about. I have heard you say things like that I am possessive if Blake, which isn’t true, and that I’m a sick and dangerous person, which I’m not either. I have some myths and facts about mental health issues to share, and I need to share these things on account of what I heard Blake say you said about me. I”m trying to lay out the facts. So here goes:
1. Someone with mental illness is just as likely to commit a crime as anyone else, but the ones you see in the headlines like James Holmes are sick and dangerous guys who get off their meds. He’s now on trial for multiple murder counts in Aurora.
2. Mentally ill people who are properly diagnosed and treated have less of a chance of going to jail or being hospitalized for anything. That’s surprising. One dollar spent on mental health treatment, behavioral health stuff like counseling and such, is $7 less a taxpayer is paying to put the guy in prison.
3. Not all mentally ill people are sex offenders. I’m not, at least.
4. Mental illness is more common than diabetes and heart disease. More than two thirds of America’s citizenry are mentally ill or on something. Just ask your friends, “What are you doing today?” At some point, they may bring up some OTC medication they’re on, a prescription they’re on, etc. Hey, my dad takes a heartburn med too, and I heard that a lot of other people do. We Americans are pretty sad. That’s a fact. A lot of us are depressed, and half the problem is fitness, but sometimes the chemical imbalance in the brain is not helped a lot by trauma.
What I’m really asking is that I be included in the family. I want a more inclusive family unit where everyone can talk to everyone else, no matter what the problem is, without being judged for being obsessive or ill in any way. My family would never let anyone talk to me because of obsessions they deemed inappropriate and the worst thing is that they thought I was in obsession when I was in love. They were clearly not comfortable with my desires, not comfortable with a normal daughter. They wanted the cute, sweet, cuddly little pet dog instead of a daughter. My parents did not want me dating or having a relationship with anyone, and yet they claim they want me to have a man who treats me right. What is the definition of “treat me right?” Give me stuff, according to Dad. “Where’s the ring?” people ask as they peruse my Facebook, wondering where Blake’s engagement ring for me is? I have to embarrassingly say, in one way or another, “We can’t afford the rings.” what is that? Blake can’t afford the ring because he doesn’t see his check. HE never sees it, and that’s another need. I want a man who can buy me an engagement ring, but I don’t want to push Blake to do it now. Blake should have needs too. He should be able to save up some money in a bank, not have to use it for any “necessities”, and be able to purchase a pearl engagement ring for me. No diamonds allowed, and that’s because the diamond is overrated and is some frenemy of mine’s birthstone. Don’t ask me further, please.
I really want a family who won’t do injustice to my talents, won’t make me look savant, won’t expect me to perform for them like a show dog. I’m not one of my friend’s dogs, and she has lots of them all about. The dogs run about the yard, act like … dogs, no less. You have dogs, right? So you play with them, right? I’d play with mine if I had any. Blake thinks he’s a dog. Ha ha. I don’t know about that, but Blake is just as playful as any dog, but he’s not a dog. A question that comes between us is, “What are you barking about?” I always say, “Nothing, what are you barking about?” Blake is the sweetest thing in the world, but I’m not his property. The way my dad defines dating relationships is that the man buys a girl food, flowers, and a ring. Well, again, I say this, let Blake save money and buy the ring. I won’t expect any more from him except for the ring, but I want some form of physical contact. If we don’t have physical contact, where’s the “relationship?” Mental illness should not dictate what happens between me and Blake.
My needs don’t exactly require a ring. I don’t think the wedding will happen in a church, but I want you to support the marriage because Blake is a grown man and can make his own decisions. I know that scares you, but it scared my parents enough for them to take rights away from me. I’m not gonna tolerate such bull from them. I don’t tolerate any bullcrap from anyone at this point. Blake is sweet enough not to do that either.
Lastly, I want you to define the dating relationship. Yes, Blake and I are dating, in this way. Marriage is love. Christ is love. God is love, and all who live in love live in God. You might think me nuts to write this, but Christ is love. Blake loves Christ, and that’s why we’re together. I prayed on this letter, and there it is. I prayed on writing this letter to you, and hope that you are going to be ok.
I realize you’re a busy woman, and it helps with some of the mental stuff you yourself are going through. I realize Chad was murdered, and I wish I could have stopped it. If I could, I’d wring Heather by the neck and hang her on the laundry line for good. Either that or me and Chad should’ve thrown the girl out the window. I could call her worse, but alas, I don’t wanna write something like this in a blog. Heather murdered your son because she was not properly diagnosed and treated. Boy, wish we humans had a diagnostic tool inside our heads that allowed us to diagnose mental problems before they got started. Alas, however, Heather did not. Yes, she seemed nice, but I’m sorry to say that if she’d been to counseling, and … uh, substance abuse issues, and rehab, maybe this wouldn’t have happened. I am lucky that I have professional help, but right now, I have no period which is unusual for a 28-year-old woman to have. Maybe it could’ve been psychological from my ex being stupid and saying mean stuff about me and “period blood.” Mr. “O. oughta be ground into hot dog meat for that one, and if he doesn’t stop starting bullcrap and stirring acid soup, don’t worry. He’ll be investigated by a police department and found guilty of a crime he did indeed commit. Cathy, I empathize with you. So let me ask: Why don’t you empathize with me? You yourself have PTSD and depression, and you have hard sleepless nights wondering what could I have done! I realize all this, and it’s all gonna be ok. Look, if you want to look at me for a second, do so. I’m not sick and dangerous. I’m not possessive. I don’t define relationships with material shit. Like rings, bracelets, dresses, or even the wedding of the century. It’s all a matter of time before Blake and I have to pack our stuff and get married somewhere, whether in Arizona or Colorado, and it won’t be soon, but it must be sooner rather than later when I’m forty, unable to carry, and so on. Cathy, you’re lucky you have a son. You’re so lucky you have Joe. And Joe is lucky he has you. AT least the two of you sleep in the same bed. Do you know how many times I wished Blake were in my bed? Lots of times. I slept with the wrong men, and now, I’m regretting it. My ex calls me evil and says I associate with guys who have STD’s. Jason Owens said my ex, Deq, had STD’s. That’s not true at all. Deq is perfectly fine, except for blindness. Deq is fine. And he and Blake and I are still talking whether by Skype or other means. Miss Cathy, I want you to see that I am a kind person, and that I am NOT sick or dangerous. I need to see Blake. I’ve missed him enough. Just think this over, ok? Don’t worry, everything will be ok.

Scotland – A Video, A call to Arms! This is our time, we must take it

I”m fiercely proud to be a Scotts-Irish girl, but let’s face it. What the Scotts went through with the English was absolutely horrendous. Rape, torture, murder, etc. Prima What? Excuse me, Ed the Long Shanks, you’re dead, long dead. So what else has the English done with the Scotts? Let’s see if we can get the Scotts their independence. πŸ™‚

Living to help other disabled people, and people in need, Change the sign!! And Earth


”I’m fiercely proud to be Scottish”


β€œYou cannot run away from a weakness; you must find some time to fight it out or perish; and if that be so, why not now, and where you stand?”


Scots, wha hae wi’ Wallace bled,
Scots, wham Bruce has aften led,
Welcome to your gory bed
Or to Victorie!
Now’s the day, and now’s the hour;
See the front o’ battle lour!
See approach proud Edward’s power,
Chains and slaverie!
Robert Burns


Β Scottish by birth, British by law,
Highlander by the grace of God.


We come here with no peaceful intent, but ready for battle,
determined to avenge our wrongs and set our country free.
Let your masters come and attack us: we are ready to meet them beard to beard.
β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”William Wallace———————————–



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Let Me Set the Record Straight

Dear Diary,
Let me set the record straight: Blake and I ARE NOT BREAKING UP! We’re going to be married, and I was never the one to force jason to marry. If I did, let it be a sign that men are dumber than women. The age old battle about men versus women is obvious: women rule. I don’t care what you guys think, but ladies are smarter. We have more complex bodies, therefore we are smarter. We have wombs and stuff, and what do you guys have? Yeah, as Blake would say, a d*** and balls. Otherwise, a dick and balls. I am so happy I’m a girl. I know the problems of this world always revolve around girls. Yeah, we’re sold like the cows in the field, for cows nonetheless. Blake would never do this. But men’s brains aren’t as complex as ours, but that doesn’t mean they’re stupid. Men think we’re dumb, that our place is in bed or in the kitchen, but hey, that’s wrong. Blakc women are awesome. So there you go. Also, the petition is gone. Gone gone gone. And Jason took Carol away from me. This is obviously stupid. I”m not associating with someone who bears false witness against me. Blake and I are just gonna settle down to some fantasy football. Yes, my fantasy football is awesome.

The Day Is Almost Here

Dear Diary,
It really makes me sick that anyone would do what Carol and Ashley are doing to each other. Seems Ashley and Carol aren’t getting along. I’m a bit worried. But more so, I’m worried that friends are saying that I abuse Blake. What? Excuse me, but I thought Blake loved me, and people don’t realize that I love Blake more than the world itself. Blake is just one little star in the sky, but to me, he shines brighter than all of them. Blake is something that I love, someone I love, somehow the only person who I will trust myself with. I’m done with men after II supposedly lose Blake. He said, and I quote, “If this escalates to drama, I will ask for my freedom back.” What? You imply that the relationship I wanted with you is like a prison. Well, Blake, you don’t seem to get it. You don’t seem to get it all. You’re not being confined to prison, not unless your mother and dad exploit your blindness as a disabling condition that disables you from taking care of yourself, takes away your civil rights, then tells you that they don’t wanna hear anything about civil rights for the blind. Well, mom and dad, after you don’t wanna hear about my civil rights, I think it would be best to cut you guys out. You did not express interest in coming to see me on the basis of hanging out or wanting to know more, and you didn’t see what was here. I’m doing my darndest to keep food in the fridge and pantry, food on my table, food, food, and more food. I’m doing my darndest to keep the money from going too far in the negative, but you can’t put enough in my account. I don’t give a care about finances at this point because all you want me to have is SSI and food stamps. YIou neglect seeing me and don’t support me as well as you did Danny and Tommy in their adolescent years. You spent over thousands of dollars on track stuff, a trumpet for Danny, and athletic shoes and … you all’s obsession with fitness has taken me out of the picture. You love to go running, and that’s not an activity I enjoy. You obsess about NASCAR, football, basketball, and so on, without including me in conversations. That is unacceptable. Blake watches baseball and football and NASCAR and basketball, but does he exclude me from his life to go trash his living room and watch sports all day? Well, no. I have a rule: if the guy is obsessed with videogames, sports, and violence, I don’t take him. Case in point, Ben and Aaron. No, not Ben Bloomgren, Blake, but Ben Breen. NOthing against Breen, but he and Reed, Aaron Reed, are obsessed with videogames. How many hours does Breen clock in with his Xbox and play Injustice? Does he have a job? No to the job, and many hours to the videogames. What is wrong with this picture? Aaron Reed is a twenty something grown adult, doesn’t have a job, and does not do anything with his life but date women and not even think about using Kentucky’s Rehab resources to get a job. Sadly, this is a prevalent problem with so many people who are blind, and males are affected most of the time by this thing. Jason Owens, the subject of harassment cases and a bully himself, is obsessed with porn, violent acts, and depraved online sex with women. Look at the sounds he puts into SpongeBob edits and episodes. Some of those edits have to do with “sexual intercourse”, “sex with children”, etc. While some of these are funny, they do not exactly constitute someone who is not supportive of a violent culture or sexually depraved culture. Well, Mom and Dad, you advocate a fit culture that excludes the disabled, and do not support my relationship with Blake. Therefore if you act any further in a negative way toward me and Blake, we will disown and cut you off and won’t let you see our kids. Blake and I want to have kids naturally and save money on adoptions from China and India and such. Blake and I wouldn’t be able to afford an adoption from Vietnam even. Only Vietnamese families it seems are allowed to adopt blind girls, and so many of them are left in orphanages. We want kids, and the only way to do it is to do it naturally, good old conception and pregnancy and all. Don’t like it, Mom, Dad, and others? Too bad. And Blake, I would never confine you to anything, so don’t ask for freedom, and there’s no freedom in this world for us. We don’t have freedom to do anything easily. Open a sighted person’s eyes and they automatically have access to a world of knowledge and books and research materials. For us, PDF files have to be made accessible, webites have to have everything labeled, and there’s no way to learn cooking unless hand over hand is used. Some parents are not qualified for the discovery method. Forget it. I don’t think any parents who are sighted and have never had blind kids in their entire lives are qualified, except for Cathy Babcock, who among other things cares about people with specialties. Needs like blindness are always on Cathy’s mind. I love that lady, even if she does not love me. I don’t care if she cares, I care. It doesn’t matter. Other parents, like my mom and perhaps others, are not qualified because they don’t have exposure to groups like ACB and NFB who can help. Blake and I really need to be supported by others, and it seems nobody cares at all about our cause. We want to end bullying online in all states, but we want to start in Georgia and the South. Sounds weird, but true.
As I write, I’m not able to get too much sleep, and I swear if I sleep during the day, I’m dead. Dead. I wish I was able to sleep at night and at night only, EVERY DAY! But alas, I’m blind and have no light perception. I don’t want to take a med that has the side effect of nightmares and hasn’t been studied in preconception and pregnant women. Forget it.
That’s all I have to say at this moment.


Israel needs to stop this barbaric attack on Muslims altogether. If you want to be tolerant, don’t tolerate the bad stuff: forced marriage, FGM, so on. But do not obliterate all of Islam. As a former Muslim myself, I’m free to leave it as I’m an American, but let’s face this fact: not all Islam has to be bad. There are liberal Muslims and there are the radicals. Hammas is radical, and they think that helping blind Palestinians will endear them to blind folks and people in general, but they are not endearing to me. Hammas uses suicide bombers and violence to get their point across. Anyone caught using violence to get their point across should be banned from governing a country, period. I would highly recommend, for instance, my boyfriend as President of the United States. Why? He had many role models who did not use tae kwon do in its physical aspects to confront a bully. If someone picked on Blake, he quietly walked away, which is a tae kwon do discipline. The first thing you’re taught to do is confront the person with words, actions, etc., and not violence. That’s great.

New Link for Petition


This is a new link for the petition. I’m posting this as a reminder for all those who haven’t signed. Criminal is just too strong a word to describe Jason, so I decided to go with “perpetrator.” I don’t want a misworded headline to go to the sheriff’s department and they think Jason has a prior criminal record. That’s just all I have to say here.

A Petition … And Some Business

Dear People Who read This Blog,
I’m going to post a link here, and I hope you all can sign this. Let me give a bit of background. In a previous post, I wrote about why I’m not speaking to my ex, Jason Owens, again. Honestly, the guy was a “prick” as my friend Clint likes to put it. He likes to put virus infected files in people’s computers, then today, he denies the trackware. Carol has all the files, I’m sure at least. But Blake doesn’t like what’s going on. I want to tell you guys that only 11 people signed my petition to put an end to cyber harassment between Jason and all his victims. But we have an enemy in a lady, someone named K.E. I won’t identify her because of privacy reasons. The reasons I won’t identify her are that she’s already on the page. I’m sorry, but there’s no need to harass or bully anyone else. Jason has a lot of weird stuff in his page. I should have a video on why this petition is valid, but I can’t put pics and videos on here because I’m blind. We don’t listen to blind people often, and that’s because nobody seems to care about us. We’re vulnerable and nobody wants to help us stay safe online. Jason is stalking people, and even I was accused of having an illegitimate relationship with Blake. I won’t wait any more to see Blake, and I want to see him because we’re supposed to be dating, no, married. Why did I even date Jason? Anyway, I’ve got files of him bullying and making Jennifer Weaver cry. Jennifer Weaver cried like crazy a lot when she was dating Jason. Sadly, Carol was the same way. I cried a bunch when I dated the man. Well, all I can say is big Bubba is on his way. lol
Here’s the link:

Hope this helps