Dear Justina Pelletier

Dear Justina Pelletier,
Yes, I’m writing you a note because I want to give you some encouragement and a bit of praise for what is going on inside. You had the courage to stand up for what was right when you penned a note to your parents. Why the state wouldn’t let you speak to them I don’t know, but it was the same issue with Jenny Hatch, a lady with Down’s Syndrome recently freed from a guardianship that rendered her unable to make social decisions. Even with a job, she still had to reside in a group home and wouldn’t be allowed a laptop or cell phone. The group home didn’t allow her to see her dear mother figure, Kelly Morrison. It really pained Jenny not to be able to see her friends, and her parents were behind all this. That is bad. As a teenager in a hospital, Justina, you have suffered enough. It’s time to get up, man up, and tell the docs and the state you aren’t and never were being abused or neglected by your parents. Hell, you lived an active lifestyle which included ice skating competitions and so on. Now you can’t even stand up? Your sister’s concerned. Of course, your parents would act the way they did. Linda and Lou Pelletier would be proud to know they have a daughter who really knows what family support means. So what if you do have a mitochondrial disorder? So what? you have family that actually like you. My story is different, but similar in character to Hatch’s. Must I remind you that Jenny, with the Down’s Syndrome has an intellectual impairment? I do not. I have more intelligence, and maybe the world oughta see it this way. I’m not a victim anymore, nobody’s fool. I’m going to try and advocate for myself and Blake, my undying boyfriend, well, my loving boyfriend. We’re going to try. We’re really going to try and marry and have a life together, which I deserve because I’ve worked too hard for my independence, and no sense of entitlement here, you narcissists. It’s called, God, reward me for what I’ve done in this world, and tell my parents they will be given an account they need to read back to you. I suppose that your parents and you will have to give an account to the Almighty that says exactly what you and them did in their lives. My mom and dad will have to do the same, and if they fail, they will have their bodies and souls cast into the lake of Fire. It says right there in Revelation, and that’s what it says. There’s nothing wrong with this, but we’re all pretty sure it’s in the Bible.
Justina, if there are any questions you have for me, you can ask. I’d like to reach out and tell you that I’m praying for you as well as my bf Blake, and all the rest of the Christians and Jews out there. Muslims and Boco Haram can all go fall somewhere else down the mountain. Gotta run. Blake is messaging me!

Dear Niki

Dear Niki Wunderlink,
I feel for you and almost want to crush the people around you who aren’t allowing you to speak with me and RJ and Blake. We’ve all been friends to you, but all you’ve done is not allow yourself to be unisolated, and the guardians you have are isolating you. Use of isolation is a common tactic for the guardians at the present, and that’s what they decided. IF there was a word I’d say to describe what you’re going through, it is simple: abuse. I don’t stand for this, nor will I stand for this in your afterlife. You will be in Heaven and in a kingdom someday where inhibitions to talking or speaking to others are not allowed by the Lord God Almighty. The Lord God is more powerful than any guardian, and we are all his children. We are free in the blood of Christ who died for us, and you should live forever in that. But Niki, you don’t understand. I’m going through the same things, and I had an isolatory incident where my dad told me not to talk to a certain guy in California.
Henry, aged 30 years at the time, or somewhat 34, was the first boyfriend I eventually had and broke up with. Henry was a correspondence like RJ is right now, and Henry was in another world, raising a teenage son. I didn’t know this till I called him, but I’ll never forget the ringer on his phone at the time I first called. It was Bob Dylan, Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door. When I heard the song next time on the radio, I remembered. I remembered HEnry’s beautiful voice, his audible smile, and his consideration. But what I did not count on was my dad’s isolation, his taking away of the Internet and phone so I couldn’t talk to anyone outside the locale. This was abuse. This is abuse. I will not stand for this. Abuse is horrific, and either my parents or the state are advocating abuse of the blind and physically handicapped. Niki, I will pray that you come back to us, and I will continue to think about the things we discussed on Twitter. I”m sorry we had to end it like this, but RJ and Blake are really concerned. RJ is concerned you’re being isolated, and we all know that this is not what’s best for you. IF I were President, I’d change the law for you. I’d do what I could to set you free. That’s what I intend to do.

My Days at Work

I was at work.  And it’s a great place.  I’d like to say just one thing: I’ll be writing something else later.  At the moment, I am worried about a few things: psych test results, my cholesterol levels, etc.  Great.  It’s like this: you always hear the doc tell you that you need to treat the high cholesterol, but there’s something else. Medications are not always appropriate for young women of my age, so I always hear the advertisements say the same thing, “Not appropriate for women who are nursing, pregnant, or may become pregnant.” The psych test has to be the best, of course, but hopefully I can stay here. This test could determine the end of my natural life as a free person living in the United States. As far as I know, there are a lot of people who are isolated and so on who can’t talk to any disabled person living outside of Florida or their state of residence. That sucks.
At work, however, things aren’t so bad. My supervisor is amazing. Her son is adorable, and she is super tall. She has a really loud laugh, but I must say, I love the way she walks on thin air. Just kidding. Maybe not walk on air, but she walks on water, and she has a way of doing things that make you think. I’m now doing practice exams for the Comp TIA A Plus exam, and uh oh. I’m not scoring well at all. Somebody help me! I want to take a course in the A Plus Exam Prep so I can possibly get an IT job, but there has to be one open for blind individuals with no experience. Not a lot of blind folks have experience in work, and the shifts are not compatible with transit. I want an employer who will work with me, and that will allow me to use public or private transit given the times that are available and the fact that I’m a woman should be obvious. I don’t want to travel past six p.m. at night no matter the daylight savings issue. I have an issue being a woman and traveling at night, late at night. I’d rather tell you this right now: I don’t want to be pregnant and raped like that at night.
I’ve heard people talk about being pregnant as a result of rape, and strangers will look for both a victim and an opportunity. As a lady, I don’t want to be the opportunity or the victim of a crime. I personally don’t want to have to spend millions of dollars on baby items right now, and millions more if the baby has Autism or special needs. As a result of the medications I’m on, baby could be in bad condition. Neural tube defects are a side effect of the medication I’m on. That is a bad idea for Baby and me.
Blake would need to keep off until we get the meds straightened out, but I don’t want to use contraception if we marry. It would mean that Blake and I are preventing a possible life from entering the womb, and that according to Catholics, is bad. I’m not Catholic as I had been for 23 years, but there is a Christian tradition there still in me. A Muslim can’t use contraception either, but they have no consideration for women who are blind and don’t trust anybody. I don’t trust men, I only trust God. God has found me a proper man, and that man is Blake, at least I hope so.
I’m going to write two letters in the Blog about two different people. I should say that one is for Niki, an old friend of mine who recently emailed a friend of mine, RJ. Niki was told she could not speak to RJ or anyone who doesn’t know her in person. She went so far as to delete me, Blake, and RJ. Her guardians are abusive, isolating her. I think NASGA should help. I’m not kidding. The guardians who had Niki for the longest are not good to her as guardians often aren’t. The guardianship of Niki Wunderlink is a common thing, a whirlpool she can’t get out of. See next two posts. One other post I will write is for Justina Pelletier, and she needs the love of God to get her out of the abusive state home she’s in. The wild child, Jeanie, is also a victim of abuse by guardians or the state where she resides.

Reforming the Juvenile Justice System: Teens Charged as Adults and Other Matter of Peace and Prosperity

I just heard that the stabbing murderer in Pennsylvania was charged as an adult.  Well?  Teenagers are not sometimes old enough or even allowed to understand the consequences of their actions.  Why should we take revenge on our children?  Children are supposed to be the best things we have, our precious resource.  IF they aren’t that precious to us, then yeah, revenge would be the proper way to deal with it.  I was reading a story once about a guy who is so excited about aliens.  The aliens are about to talk to him, and this guy is so excited, but then the aliens send one of their own to him.  The alien says, “You humans are always in conflict with each other.”  He says this in so many ways, giving examples of wars and revenge tactics we take as a race of human beings.  We want revenge, and there’s nothing the Alien said that would stop him from killing the human race in the ship.  This was a story written by a brilliant young person, further proof that the children we have are the most precious things we  have to offer.  This brilliant young man in the Stone Soup magazine wrote this back in 1995 I think, or it could be about 1997.  The story portrays the aliens as peace loving creatures, but they have their own telepathic language.  With the aliens present, the captain of this space ship says he doesn’t like what the alien plans to do, and kills the representative of that race.  Then, the Council of the alien race meets, deciding to kill off the ship and its rank and file staff.

What can we learn from this?  What does it have to do with our system?  Well, if I were an alien, there are some things I would say.  There are some outside observations I’d have to make:

1. Humans are quarrelsome, and always fight with one another.  As in the story, the cone-shaped alien thing says to the captain, “You’re thinking you’re in charge of another person?”  I don’t like ranks and so on, but ranks are an important part of the human class structure.  If I were an outsider, I’d see the Adolescents ranked below adults, but I’d say what my race had in regards to rank.

2. IF I visited a prison as an alien outsider, I’d say, “Look what you’re doing!  And to your own teenagers?”  I’d be upset with the way teenagers are charged as adults in criminal cases.  Can you imagine if aliens saw what was going on?  They’d kill us off and tell us we can’t come back!  What else?

3. I’d be appalled by the ranking of women below men in so many subclasses of human beings.  Let’s say I landed my space ship in the middle of the FLDS compound.  Sound weird?  Yes, it’s weird, but listen.  I’d say, “What is this?  Women have to wear those weird dress things and men have more of them around him?”  I’d be appalled by the teachings of plural marriage and so on.  Yes, I would be.  I have friends in Utah, but face this fact, if I were an alien, I’d say to those weird people who think it ok to marry more than one woman, “What is all this about?  My race never does this.”

4. I’d ask questions of courtship and love and the way it evolved in a humanoid race.  As a space alien, I’d ask many questions, but let’s revert back to a human perspective.

I’d never want to take revenge on my children for their wrongdoings.  God doesn’t like that, this whole taking revenge on children who do wrong.  Why should teenagers be charged as adults for crimes they either didn’t commit or they didn’t understand?  I’m sorry, but if it were my dad’s house, he’d not do that.  He knows a teenager’s place is in the home, under the care of the parents, but being able to become independent.  But oh, … wait, that is if the teenager is healthy and sighted.  Let me say something real quick that could shock you, so just read on.

My parents had a guardianship for ten years of my life which should have been spent doing adult things.  My dad, according to some people, does not believe I am an adult.  That guardianship, according to guardianship groups, is like a whirlpool, I got sucked in, and I’m going to be pulled out.  I’m working on a case that could possibly mean the end of my parents’ reign of terror.  As an adolescent, I was not permitted to do anything, was mocked and made fun of for my disabilities and desires to overcome those disabilities, and was so highly hated or loved whichever way you could put it that my own mother’s family got nothing from me.  For me, there was no multiple birthday presents after I turned 17 or 18.  I wasn’t allowed to celebrate a marriage that should’ve been, and it was with my ex, Deq Ahmed.  Thus, Deq and I broke up.  There was no where for us to go with our relationship, and Deq accepted what lay ahead, no marriage, a break in our relationship, etc.  But as Blake points out, he doesn’t get over me.  He wanted me, but now Blake is my match made in Heaven, but I’m determined to put an end to this pattern.  I want marriage, kids, serious relationship, all that.  The courts do not deem me fit for marriage because they were simply ignorant and stupid, using ignorant and stupid examiners to determine my fate.  I’m blogging mainly because of this and other things.  I want people to see me as a fiery woman who doesn’t give up.  And uh uh, I don’t give up.  I want to be paid, married, and so on.  I want my life back, and I’m going to never extinguish my flames until the road is over, until the day I drop dead.

As for all the teenagers who are disabled, I am honestly going to pray that their parents see that guardianship is a bad alternative to any thing else.  There were other ways to solve the problem, but my parents, like most Americans, wanted a “quick and instant fix.”  Quick fixes don’t work; they ruin lives.  IF I were President, I’d reform the justice system so that guardians who hold the key to people’s adult lives would be prosecuted … all of them.  They deserve it.  Sorry, but then I’d also say that EIGHTEEN is the maximum age for people to be put in jails for adults.  Maybe, there could be an executive order that says that 25 should be the minimum age for all men and women convicted of crime to be put in jail.  The brain stops developing at that time.  As a disabled adult, I think that we should allow disabled people their rights, and as someone who represents the blind community, I think particularly the blind should be treated as regular citizen people.  We are citizens, never second class.  I am done with being a second class citizen of the United States, and I’m not gonna stop fighting till the day Blake or me drops dead.  IF I have to, I’ll play lotto, but if I am rich enough, I’ll buy a house for me and Blake, then donate the rest of my riches to the Ayaan Hirsi Ali foundation, and maybe the NFB and other disability orgs that have some sort of influence and fight for people’s rights.  I’d destroy Autism Speaks, after all Autism Speaks wants autistic children in institutions.  I’d say they can go to Hell with their campaigns.  LaVonnya Gardner is the best autistic source of info I have, and she has an autistic daughter.  Vonnie, you’re wonderful, awesome, everything else.  Also, my friend LeeAnnis high functioning autistic, and I can accommodate her too.  But to see her and Vonnie in institutions would kill me altogether.  Institutes don’t allow intimate time for couples, and make fun of the people there as well as neglect or abuse them.  Blake’s grandfather, Grandma Gayle’s husband, always has to be looked out for, and I’d be happy if Gayle could keep her husband in the home so they could have that time together.  It’s important, and I hope they can do something.  But no, Michael, Blake’s uncool dad, had to throw that poor old man in a group home where abuse and neglect are a common thing.  Not that it’s at this one group home, but group homes are generally full with abuse and neglect, and I’m about to say something quite shocking: Dad said I ought to go to one.  What?  A group home sucks, and I’m not about to lose my freedom and go live with other wards of Florida, and I will not go back.  No matter what the judge rules.  My parents cutting off my benefits will altogether ruin me.  I will not go back.  Florida is closed, a cold place in spite of its warm weather.

I’ve written enough now, and feel I should probably publish this Great American Novel.  So here I am, letting loose my fire and whatever else I might have hidden here.  I’m not going to stop till the day I drop dead.

School Shootings and a Pennsylvania School Stabbing. Omg.

April 20, 1999

I was sitting there in my school, St. Teresa’s Catholic school and in Colorado, Dylan Cliebold and Eric Harris had shot up the school.  This was in 1999.  Those two had killed 13 students and some teachers, including a young woman who said she believed in God.  Then the killers took their own lives.  That was it.

Fast forward to April 9, 2014.  We now have a stabbing in Pennsylvania with 20 students.  I’m listening to AM760 and Gloria Neale, my favorite person in the whole wide world, is sweet.  She said though, with a somber expression in her voice, that 4 students in the school were life flighted to a hospital and they will be ok.  At least I hope.  But what happened to Claire Davis?  She was shot at Arapaho High School.  There was a lot of stuff in all the school shootings.

There is a book I’d recommend.  Ceremonial Violence: the Psychological Effects of School Shootings.  It’s a good book, but still, I don’t know.  I’d have to see more of the serial killers’ names in that book to say more.

This raises the question: should weapons be given to teachers?  Well, what has this world come to?  You got teenagers shooting each other, stabbing each other, hacking limbs off of each other.  What in the world!  Must I say that we need to cover healthcare for these poor people who got stabbed and shot.  Republicans will do what they can to repeal Obamacare.  They’re nuts.  Oh, my radio sure went out.  Why?  Oh, she’s back.

Well, I want guaranteed coverage for preexisting conditions such as mental illness, heart disease and so on.  What if my daughter’s raped?  She needs or would need counseling and other things, healthcare so she doesn’t have a baby too young and so on.

Now I’m on my way to work for the morning.

the Hunger Games: Thoughts

What I’d like to do now is review the Hunger Games book and movie thing.  I was watching a little bit of the Hunger Games this morning, thinking of how best to approach Mockingjay, the third book in the trilogy.  If you really wanna know how Katniss is, she is a mess by that book.  Peeta is a real mess.  He’s so much of a mess it’s not even funny.  He was tortured about a rebellion he didn’t know about, so the capitol decided to make him hate Katniss, which made Katniss almost dead by the middle of the third book.  Which is it gonna be, President Snow?  You want to kill Katniss?  You’re nuts, I kept saying.  When you read Mockingjay, you feel like you’re there with Katniss for all the things she’s going through: for every hospitalization, every gun drill, etc.  It gets better.  Prim, Katniss’s sister, trains as a medic.  She’s good too.  Prim’s mom, also Katniss’s mom, is really nice, and she’s also a medic of sorts.  district 13 is amazingly militarized as we learn by the beginning of Mockingjay.  It’s amazing.  But I must say, if you read this book, you’re going to feel like it’s over half the time.  But it doesn’t work that way.  I”m sure that President Snow has to die at some point.  This whole thing with the hunger Games makes me sick.  I would never do that if I ruled the world.  Question to all my readers: what would you do differently than our current government if you ruled the world?  I don’t know, but I know that I’d champion a few causes here and there.

1. I’d make it so that disabled folks could get jobs.  I’d hire Jason Milyo as my IT person in the white house, of course.

2. Guardianship would no longer be an option to “reign in” a disabled person’s fiery spirit.  That isn’t the way to do it.  IF I were ruthless enough, I’d execute anyone who even thought of getting a guardianship over a disabled person.  But I’m not that ruthless, and execution should never be allowed.  I’d end the Death Penalty, so that just won’t happen.

3. I’d never sacrifice human beings, and I’d be against any form of animal sacrifice as well.  I’d have to pass ordinances in all cities, federal laws, etc. banning all forms of human and animal sacrifices for selfish reasons.  IF you practiced Wicca, for instance, you could not sacrifice a goat or two for the new year.  You’d have to find another way to celebrate.  Hey, I’d do this so that religions could evolve and anyone could practice anything without fear.

4. I’d be tough on puppy mills.  Yes, I’d be so tough on puppy mills that if anyone is caught puppy milling, and oh, Theresa, are you reading this?  I’d throw the bad breeder in jail for life.  I’d increase the value on animals in this nation.  In the whole world, there’d be an end to animal cruelty.  I’d never allow bestiality of course, and if any man slept with his guide dog, I’d kill him.  Well, banning the Death Penalty would not go so far.  But I’d go so far as to throw a man like this guy Allan, name not his actual name, in jail for committing bestiality with his guide dog.  I have a Canadian friend who loves his dogs, but if you really cared about your dogs, you would never go astray and sleep with the dog sexually.  I’d ban that practice ever more.

5. Education would be transformed.  There are lots of things Ii’d do to education to make the economy better.  Read the Smart Kids, Bad Schools by Brian Crosby.  He rocks!  Love his book, and he loves young people.  HE has a lot of ideas in his book from field trips to Fridays off that I’d use.  The only thing is that I don’t know how much he knows about blind students not reading Braille.  Uh, Mr. Crosby, you don’t know that blind people do not have a very good prospect for being literate or employed.  Wheelchair students have to be able to access school too.  I’d make it my mission to not only transform the way the regular ed students are educated, but to transform the special ed students’ education.  I’d change the labeling system so that special ed would cover true disabilities only.  IF you have Learning Disabilities, I’d work with those students.  Yes, but blindness is more important because of the 90% illiteracy rate.  We’re supposed to be able to read Braille, and Braille is the only thing that makes us literate.  I’d never forget that.

But what do the Panem rulers do to control its people?  Bad, bad, bad.  Tributes and sacrifices should never be allowed.  Fighting to the death should never be allowed.  Denying districts food and water would never go far with anyone here in this real world.  I’d have to do something ensuring all children have an equal access to the best education ever!  That’s my promise, and I will keep that promise.

Took Medicaid long enough.

Dear Medicaid,

As a poor blind woman who can’t get a job or health insurance, I find it odd that now after years of this bullcrap that “we don’t cover dental work”, you’re finally going to do dental stuff.  I needed a dentist in Denver so I could get the heck away from my parents and all that stuff.  I wanted to take better care of my teeth, but oh no, you didn’t provide dental care except “extractions only.”  Bullcrap.  I don’t just loathe insurance companies who make you pay hundred dollar copays, I loathe having to pay those things because I’m blind, a woman, etc.  Thank you, Obama, for making it possible for me to get my teeth cleaned.  Preventative care is better than having to go in and treat the symptoms much later.  Ok, let me move on.

Medicaid, if you noticed, however, some people have behavioral or mental illnesses because parents don’t know anything better than to abuse their kids, or sometimes the kids themselves are antisocial.  I’m not antisocial, thank God, but to leave me abandoned and no natural father to my name?  Give me a break.  Ok, I’ll say later why I wrote that.  But I said preventative care, right?  That means, Medicaid, you must cover shots for my kids, and maybe you should be billed for physical activity like Tai Kwon Do because it’s good for the kids, and if I have a blind kid, at least not the whole “Let’s Move” stuff with the ball sports.  I hate ball sports, doing them that is.  They make me sick.  Ball sports make me so sick if I do them, I’d rather pop the ball and vomit all over the backyard rather than be told to do them.  I’ll never forget the time I was registering for freshman high school classes with my parents, and they were told I shouldn’t have to do phys ed.  What?  After seeing Blake do tai kwon do, I beg to differ, but if there waqs a martial arts training option, I’d do it rather than a stupid basketball class.  Why should I do basketball or football or whatever if I don’t have the skill to manipulate a stupid ball?  Tai kwon do is just your body, you, the floor, whatever.  And this is coming from someone who IS NOT a fighter.  I’ve seen Blake try it on someone, no doubt because that person deserved it.  Well, lesson here is don’t mess with Blake or me or you’ll get a nice little dent in your butt by way of a kick or something.  But medicaid, should you pay for physical activities the kids need so that they can stop being mentally ill?  Physical activity should be seen as preventative care, too, you know.  It took you long enough to see the benefit of dental cleaning, so why can’t you see the benefit of karate?  Come on, do you know how much money Blake and I WON’T be able to spend on the karate or physical training of my children?  Blake and I need to be able to prevent mental illness, something that I couldn’t have gotten because of the cruel abuse.  I’ll go ahead and explain myself now.

First, should Medicaid pay for unwed mother’s care?  Yes.  Especially if you were raped and pregnant as a result of a creepy bum on the street.  Half the time, you know who attacked you though.  If I was as brave as Cathy and killed him with the gun I could carry as personal protection, then a baby would not be in the question.  But oh no, I’m blind, and being blind, I can’t carry a gun because of your stupid ideas and attitudes toward not only the blind, but mildly mentally ill.  This is something unmanageable to some people.  But I’d never kill anybody who didn’t cross me.  What kind of provocation could make me do it?  Well, you touch me when I told you no three times, right?  And you’re a creepy bum who said, “I want sex.”  Well, if you cross me, I’ll shoot you because it’s cheaper than having to have baby screaming in my ear, “Mommy, gimme a cake.”  I’m not dragging an ill fated toddler through a grocery store, WIC approved foods in hand.  WIC?  Ewwwww.  I don’t want to think about it right now.  I’d rather spend thousands less on firearms, honestly.  That or just say I could count on my dear sweet Blake to protect me for absolutely nothing.  Blake could kick the dude in the balls, and then leave him to lie in pain, wondering why he didn’t get some.  Well, you crossed me and Blake, so you will get the pain of knowing you tried to do it.

But alas! If I became an unwed mother because of someone else who didn’t do the right thing, I’d need care.  Period.  Medicaid needs to pay for that stuff, and the baby too.  When the baby is born, though, the laundry list of things begin to ebb and flow: diapers, bottles, formula, physical care, etc.  Shots, dentists, doctors, etc.  Then, there’s the idea that your baby could be a special needs baby, a baby that could need a hundred million surgeries to survive, an IV fluid thing to stay alive, and all that stuff.  IF I don’t get off trileptol, baby could get neural tube defects, neurological deformities, autism, etc.  Who knows?  The baby could be bad news for the rapist, and I’d sue him right and left for the baby’s care and such, whether he has the money or not.  I’d justify the suit as, “You raped, so you pay.”  But Blake would never do that, so I would hope by the time we agree to have kids, those kids are healthy, happy, and all that.  But even still, I was born to a single mom, and that single mother didn’t know how to survive except with job money.  Thank God she had college under her belt, and then she got a job.  Not all unwed mothers are like that.  Mom, you really needed, however, to take better care of me and yourself.  Just because I was blind does not make it ok to abuse and abandon for hours, your place with me was compromised because of the job.  Experiments are wrong.  I don’t want to be anything like you, in fact.  I want to have the babies in a stable home with a married husband and Blake and all that.  Blake would be the husband, and he’d be the best and most loyal father ever.  I told him once he was that responsible.

Should Medicaid cover for mentally ill children?  Well, with the prevalence of preschool depression, yes.  I’ve read an article or two about preschool depression, and preventative care could work, but early intervention works wonders.  Yes, Autistic babies are more prevalent, but why?  I’d have to go to LaVonnya Gardner, who is autistic and her daughter Bree for some help on parenting an autistic child.  I want the best for my children, and I could care less, even if my mom says my kid is weird. Danny and his kids might be out and better than mine, but my brother could also ostracize my children or child for being autistic, Down’s Syndrome, etc.  Yes, even if my baby has Down’s, I’m not leaving this child to die in the hills as in Gathering Blue.  Oh, by the way, I’m thinking of seeing the Giver movie if it’s in theaters sometime in September or a couple weeks after it opens.  That’s just me though.

The Giver raises the question of whether “newchildren” should be “released”, or killed as we later learn, due to their weight.  The answer is obvious, and Mrs. Mary Lou Miller, my English teacher, had a great analytical essay question about it when we finished it.  Mrs. Miller was awesome, though I admit her handwriting sucked.  I enjoyed reading her handwriting, and she had vocal opposition to a lot of stuff, but our debates in class were obvious, and I could care less what anyone says at this point, Mrs. Miller standing on her desk was never seen.  But oh captain, my captain, whatever the case may be, she’s probably staring around the corner.  She’ll probably see this movie, and maybe even show it to her daughter.  Maybe someone who actually includes this book in their curriculum will show it.  Using weight as an excuse to kill newchildren is wrong in my opinion.  In the same communities, there’s no such thing as blind children.  Blake and me?  We’d be dead because of blindness in both the Giver and Gathering Blue, and health insurance or not, we’d be gone in the field of leaving.

That’s just me though.  Medicaid, you took too long to get dental care, so look at my smile.  I should put a picture of me up here, but still I won’t.